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Millport Cemetery M

Town of Veteran, Chemung County, New York

A-B C D-E-F G-H I-J-K-L M N-O-P Q-R S T-U V-W Typed by Callein McDougall and J. Manwaring
Last Name Given Name Birth Death Age at Death Connection Comment
MacDOUGALL EDWIN P. 1860 1930   “Father”  
MacDOUGALL MARY A. 1864 1933   “Mother”  
MacDOUGALL HELEN E. 1891 1899      
MacDOUGALL JOHN F. 1867 1948   “Father”  
MacDOUGALL KATHRYN 1871 1954   “Mother”  
MacDOUGALL FLOYD 1894 1948      
MacDOUGALL NETA 1894       No death date.
MACORMIC AMANDA T.   1/29/1853 49y Wife of E. Macormic  
MACORMIC GEROGE W.   3/18/1860 26y    
MacWHORTER JENNIE DOYLE 1891 1950      
MAGEE P. Q.(?)   3/19/1871 49y   The middle initial is eroded and difficult to read. It may be recorded here in error.
MAHLER ADOLPH, Rev. 1886       No death date.
MAHLER MABEL M. 1888 1963      
MAHLER CRAIG ALAN   1945   "Our baby" Only date listed.
MALETT ALLANSON 1807 1851      
MALETT POLLY 1810 1848   his wife  
MALETT MINNIE I.     1y 7m   No death date.
MALETT EPHRAIM N. 1840 1913     Co. d, 107th Regt., N.Y.V. Inf. He was a cooper in the Town of Veteran in 1868.
MALETT MARY 1841 1928   his wife  
MALETTE ERRA C. 1803 1873   "Father"  
MALETTE SARAH M. 1810 1892   "Mother" Tombstone lays face-up on the ground.
MALETTE FRANK A. 1843 1911      
MALETTE MARIA A. SINCLAIR 1851     His wife No death date.
MALETTE GEORGE 1833 1831   "Brother" The years are listed this way in the listing.
MALETTE SARAH M. 1841 1848   "Sister"  
MALETTE WILLIAM H.H. 1836 1923     Sailor, Gunboat "Seneca", USN
MALLETTE MARIA   4/22/1817 25y 2m wife of I.S. Mallette No tombstone. Data is from Staver record of 1931, which record contains many error. The deathe date may be "1847".
MALLETTE WM. S. 1837 1910     Co. F, 50th N.Y. Engr's. He was a Deputy Postmaster, and a dealer in pictures, frames, and groceries in the Town of Veteran in 1868.
MANEY BESSIE B. 1875 1969      
MAPES GEORGE R. 5/12/1851 10/23/1926      
MAPES MARY E. 4/7/1857 4/12/1931      
MAPES JOSEPH 9/7/1887 3/29/1888   son of Geroge R. & Mary E. Mapes  
MAPES HORACE D. 1877 1951      
MARICLE BEVERLY ANN 4/3/1898 11/29/1952      
MARICLE CHARLES 6/12/1898 10/15/1973     N.Y., Corp., U.S. Army World War 1 and 2
MARICLE JAMES J. 1845 1914   “Husband” Co. K, 109th N.Y. Vols
MARICLE DELIA L. 1863 1930   Wife of James J. Maricle  
MARICLE DAWN JEAN 1965 1973     No tombstone; grave marked with a funeral director’s plaque.
MARICLE MINA 1891 1973      
MARICLE  JOANNE LYNN 1960 1973     No tombstone; grave marked with a funeral director’s plaque.
MARICLE  JULIE DEA? 1966 1973     No tombstone; grave marked with a funeral director’s plaque with a part of the middle name missing.
MARSH HARRISON A. 1883 1968      
MARSH BESSIE M. 1886 1968      
MARSH SELVIN H. 1858 1938      
MARSH JOSEPHINE A. 1861 1943      
MARSH LYNN O. 1888 1945      
MARSHALL RAYMOND 1891 1911      
MARTIN HARRIET B. 1877 1897      
MARVIN HENRY E.   8/29/1847 1y 4m 17d Son of Rice & Eliza M. Marvin. An excellent shale tombstone.
MARVIN RICE   3/19/1847 28y 10m    
McCANN HYLE ANN   8/29/1847 19y 6m 7d Daughter of John & Clarissa McCann  
McCANN LEVI 1824 1896     He was a farmer with 40 acres in the Town of Veteran in 1868.
McCANN POLLY M. 1827 1901      
McCANN MYRA G. 1847 1955   Their daughter.  
McCONNEL CLARSA   1/25/1855 65y 8m 1d Wife of Ichabod McConnel.  
McCORMIC ?         This is a handwritten entry in the listing.
McDOUGAL JACOB Al. 11/10/1833 4/19/1906     The A.I. could be Al
McDOUGAL C. URSULA 10/25/1836 11/21/1918     The C. is for Cynthia
McDOUGAL Mary A.   4/9/1845 29y 17d Wife of Cyrus McDougal  
McKINNEY Elvira   4/23/1880 34y 7m 3d Wife of Monroe McKinney.  
McKINNEY Robbie   8/13/1880 3m 21d Son of Monroe & Elvira McKinney.  
McMATH Mary & Eliza   4/10/1855      
McSCHOOLER Wm. E.   8/5/1869 49y   He was partner in McSchooler &Tanner, groceries and provisions, in the Town of Veteran in 1869.
McSCHOOLER Mary   1/24/1894 73y Wife of Wm. E. McSchooler.  
McSCHOOLER Ada   11/15/1862 17y 5m 8d Daughter of Wm. E. & Mary McSchooler. A shaft type monument.
McWHORTER David         No date. Co. G, 50th N.Y. Engr’s
McWHORTER Leonard D.   6/9/1878 53y 11d    
McWHORTER Susan   3/16/1882 56y 4m 20d Wife of Leonard D. McWhorter.  
McWHORTER Charles 1849 1918      
McWHORTER Mary 1865 1942   His Wife  
McWHORTER Leonard M.     4m   No dates. A shaft type monument.
MEDDAUGH JOEL         This is a handwritten entry in the listing.
MEEKER E.         This is a handwritten entry in the listing.
MEEKS Alfretta         See entry for Charles Burch.
MEEKS Edward 1823 1905      
MEEKS Anrenet 1834 1906   His wife.  
MEEKS Gertrude 1861 1905   Wife of Frederick Meeks.  
MEEKS William H. 1890 1955      
MEEKS Lorraine E. 1910       No death date.
MEYERS Harold L. 1931 1948   “Son”  
MILLER Alfred S.   8/21/1849 40y 20d   Tombstone lays face-up on the ground.
MILLER A.S. & T.T.         This is a handwritten entry in the listing.
MILLER CHAS. D.         This is a handwritten entry in the listing.
MILLER Fred   6/11/1930      
MILLER Alice   1/31/1942   His wife  
MILLER JACOB 5/6/1824       No death date. He was a cabinet-maker and joiner in the Town of Veteran in 1868.
MILLER MARGARET M. 11/10/1831 9/22/1891     A shaft type monument.
MILLER THOMAS J.   7/7/1854 40y 5m   Tombstone lays face-up on the ground.
MILLSPAUGH KENNETH C. 1904 1967      
MILLSPAUGH IDA E. 1905       No death date.
MITCHELL GEO         This is a handwritten entry in the listing.
MITCHELLS ROZINA   9/11/1862 44y wife of George A. Mitchells  
MORGAN ADELIA T. BREWIN 6/7/1832 9/11/1889   wife of Samuel B. Morgan This epitaph appears on the Edward Brewin family monument.
MORGAN MARY G.   2/22/1846 4m 10d daughter of Jonas (?) & Margaret Morgan This is a small tombstone laying face-up on the ground. The father's given name is eroded and may be in error in this record.
MORGAN & McDONALD         This is a handwritten entry in the listing.
MORGAN S         This is a handwritten entry in the listing.
MORGAN WARNER   2/11/1856 41y 4m 3d   Tombstone lays face-up on the ground.
MORGAN WM.   6/19/1846 70y    
MORGAN MARY   8/2/1832 50y wife of Wm. Morgan  
MORRIS AMELIA   7/14/1870 51y 6m 14d wife of George Morris Tombstone is eroded and lays face-up on the ground.
MOSHER CHARLES C. 1844 1904     194th Regt., Co. C, N.Y. Vols
MOSHER MARY E. FRENCH 1851 1939   his wife She also has an individual headstone which says: "On her Birthday".
MOSHER CLARK   3/14/1852 9m 7d son of J.B. & M.T. Clark  
MOSHER JOSEPH   8/21/1849 36y 4m   Tombstone is broken into two pieces.
MOSHER JOSEPH BURNHAM   3/17/1851 3y 4m 14d Son of Joseph, Jr. & Clarissa Mosher  
MOSHER MAUD HALL 1878 1904      
MOSHER RUFUS 1796 1849      
MOSHER AMY 1801 1881      
MOSHER SAMUEL M. 1827 1874      
MOSHER ELIZA H. 1834 1895      
MOSHER SENECA   6/7/1848 15y 9m 28d son of J.B. & M.Y. Mosher Tombstone was dug out of the dirt and sod and lays face-up in three pieces.
MOTTRAM BARBARA F. 1/18/1917 2/3/1907      
MOWRY MARSHALL J. 1865 1943      
MOWRY FLORA G. 1866 1944      
MUNSON OLD OAK LODGE         This is a questionable handwritten entry.
MURPHY J.M.         No dates. Co. G, 50th N.Y. Engineers

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11/7/98
By Joyce M. Tice