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Millport Cemetery I - L

Town of Veteran, Chemung County, New York

A-B C D-E-F G-H I-J-K-L M N-O-P Q-R S T-U V-W Typed by Callein McDougall and J. Manwaring
Last Name Given Name Birth Death Age at Death Connection Comment
JACKSON ANDREW 4/30/1897 7/22/1949     N. Y., Pfc, 90th Inf., 20th Div.
JACKSON ARTEMUS F. 1823 1887      
JACKSON LOVINA M. 1826 1887      
JACKSON J. MARION 1862 1914      
JACKSON MYRA 1866 1915      
JACKSON KENNETH K. 1903 1916      
JACKSON MILDRED 1893 1894      
JENKS ANN ELIZA 1847 1941      
JOHNSON CLAUDE D. 1875 1954      
JOHNSON WANDA A. 1886 1954      
JOHNSON DAVID   1/6/1868 63y 4m 28d    
JOHNSON CAROLINE   11/15/1885 67y 7m 19d "Our Father & Mother" A shaft type monument.
JOHNSON ELDEN L. 8987 8/18/1976     Pvt., U.S. Army, World War 2.
JOHNSON EMMA E.   3/20/1884 34y 8m 2d wife of Henry H. Johnson, formerly wife of Nelson Rogers  
JOHNSON LOUISE 1846 1889     Tombstone lays face-up on the ground.
JOHNSON STELLA D. 1869 1913   "Mother"  
JOHNSON WM. A.         No dates. Co. K, 49th Mass. Vol.
JOHNSON CATHERINE 1846 1919   wife of Wm. A. Johnson  
KEACH CHARLES M. 1910       No death date.
KEACH ZOE STARR 1912 1967      
KEACH CLARENCE M. 1885 1967      
KEACH OLIVE T. 1886 1953      
KELLER LOUISE   8/13/1874 60y   Elmira Death Register says: born Germany; d.8/13/1874, aged 59y 10m, on John Street, Elmira. A widow.
KELLER STEPHEN   10/29/1852 1y    
KELLER JOSEPHINE   5/5/1853 1y    
KELLER MARY   5/1/1855 1y 5m children of F.J. & Eliza Keller.  
KELLER FRANCIS J.   12/24/1873 67y 3m   The above epitaph appears on the reverse side of the tombstone to the Keller children.
KELLER E.I. 1872 1924      
KELLER FLORENCE L. 1879 1899   his wife  
KELLER ISAAC   12/22/1886 69y 9m 17d   Spelling of the surname is as it appears on the shaft type monument. He has an individual tombstone with a different spelling.
KELLER ISAAC         Co. G, 50th Engr's. He was a tinsmith in the Town of Veteran in 1868.
KELLER SARAH A. 1819 1901   his wife Spelling of the surname is as it appears on the shaft type monument. A shaft type monument.
KELLEY HOLLIS C. 1848       No death date.
KELLEY MARGARET A. 1848 1892   his wife  
KELLEY CLARA E. 1860       No death date.
KELLEY SARAH L. 1885 1887      
KELTON C.G.   5/19/1872 74y 11m   Tombstone lays face-up on the ground.
KELTON POLLY   5/26/1864 61y14d wife of C.G. Kelton  
KENDALL IRA         This is a handwritten entry in the listing.
KENDALL JEROME 1847 1939   "Father" Co. H, 50th Engr. Corp
KENDALL LURA E. 1849 1929   "Mother"  
KENDALL JUDSON   8/9/1870 9m son of L.B. & H.E. Kendall A shaft type monument.
KING GLENN P. 1878 1919   son of James B. & Estellie King  
KINGSLEY ALBA T. 1840 1907      
KINGSLEY MARY J. 1832 1919   his wife  
KINGSLEY JOHN         This is a handwritten entry in the listing.
KINGSLEY EDWARD 1857 1941      
KINGSLEY ADA G. C. 1869 1934      
KINNEY ALFRED J. 1858 1941      
KINNEY MARY LOUISE 1859 1906   wife of A.J. Kinney  
KINNEY ANNA M. RICE 1869 1945   wife of A.J. Kinney  
KINNEY ELMER CLAIRE 4/2/1883 5/25/1965      
KINNEY RUTH JOSEPHINE - STERLING 5/8/1887 5/1/1955      
KINNEY CLAIRE BRIGGS 1/16/1924 1/20/1924   son of Ruth & Claire Kinney  
KINNEY LORENA C. 1887 1960     This tombstone is located on the J. M. Carpeter plot.
LANE DELILAH PERRY 1824 1906   "Mother" Tombstone is located on the Simeon Perry plot.
LATTIN AGUSTUS B. 1817 1860   “Father”  
LATTIN CHARLOTTE C 1827 1900   “Mother”  
LATTIN AUGUSTUS B. 1878 1932      
LATTIN GRACE 1885       No death date.
LATTIN CARMI 1839 1916     (He was a farmer with 136 acres in the Town of Veteran in 1868.)
LATTIN MARY C. THOMPSON 1840 1914      
LATTIN GRANT         This is a handwritten entry in the listing.
LATTIN JULIUS 1840 1915     (Sgt., Co. D, 64th N.Y. Vols. He was a farmer with 28 leased acres in the Town of Veteran in 1868.)
LATTIN REBECCA 1840 1921   His wife  
LATTIN Mrs. A.         This is a handwritten entry in the listing.
LATTIN WILLIAM H. 1853 1928     (Section A Lot 26 South)
LATTIN ANNA E. 1858 1925      
LAWRENCE CHARLES E., Sr. 1872 1961      
LAWRENCE LUELLA LOVELL 1873 1926   “Mother”  
LAWRENCE HAROLD M. 1914 1923      
LEAVENWORTH RUSSEL B. 12/19/1809 12/15/1877     Given name is spelled as it appears on the tombstone.
LEAVENWORTH SARAH 1811 1901     A shaft type monument.
LEE FRANCES M. WOODWARD 1842 1924   Wife of Henry W. Lee This tombstone stands on the Royal A. Woodward plot
LENT GRACE DAVENPORT 3/1892 1/1940      
LEVENWORTH JONAS C.   7/23/1842 7m 1d son of P.C. & Ihial (?) D. Levenworth Tombstone located under trees at the south edge of the cemetery. The mother's first name is badly eroded.
LEWIS EMMA J. 9/18/1935 17382      
LEWIS MERTON E. 1900 1968   "Father"  
LEWIS NELLIE M. 1907 1967   "Mother"  
LIVERMORE A.         This is a handwritten entry in the listing.
LIVERMORE MALINDA M.   2/14/1870 5y 5m 12d Daughter of J.H. & Elenor Livermore.  (The mother’s given name is spelled as it appears on the tombstone.)
LOBDELL HENRY A.   3/11/1841 9m 8d son of James H. & R.A.Lobdell  
LOCKE JAMES 1/28/1778 8/1/1849     ##########################################################################################################
LOCKE JAMES S. 1/22/1814 9/13/1898     He was a lumberman, a boat builder, and farmer with 180 acres in the Town of Veteran in 1868.
LOCKE DOROTHY L. 1902 1919   daugher of Edw. S. & H. B. Locke  
LOCKE EDWARD D. 1898 1898      
LOCKE MARY H. 1900 1901   children of Edw. S. & H. B. Locke  
LOCKE EDWARD S.         This is a handwritten entry in the listing.
LOCKE ERR S.         This is a handwritten entry in the listing.
LOCKE LEWIE   7/14/1840 2y son of Charles T. & Lena Locke  
LOCKE MARY L. 1856 1917      
LOCKE SARAH C.         See entry for THOMAS C. SLEEPER
LONGSTREET E.W.   7/4/1840 39y    
LONGSTREET D. W.         This is a handwritten entry in the listing.
LONGSTREET MARY 3/10/1809 3/3/1881   wife of E.W. Longstreet "Mother"  
LONGSTREET JOSEPHINE   6/20/1853 19y 4m 5d daughter of E.W. & Mary Longstreet  
LONGSTREET MARSHALL NEY   4/18/1852 10y 7m son of E.W. & Mary Longstreet  
LOVELL EMMETT J. 1845 1920   "Father"  
LOVELL MARY G. 1848 1928   "Mother"  
LOVELL GEORGE W. 4/8/1835 6/17/1888     He was a mechanic in the Town of Veteran in 1868.
LOVELL ORCELIA 7/5/1833 3/4/1885   Wife of Geo. W. Lovell A shaft type monument.
LOVELL HENRY 1838 1882   "Father"  
LOVELL HARRIET E. 1845 1923   "Mother"  
LOVELL N. FLORENCE 1880 1904      
LOVELL LUELLA         See entry for CHARLES E. LAWRENCE, Sr.

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11/7/98
By Joyce M. Tice