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Millport Cemetery G-H

Town of Veteran, Chemung County, New York

A-B C D-E-F G-H I-J-K-L M N-O-P Q-R S T-U V-W Typed by Callein McDougall and J. Manwaring
Last Name Given Name Birth Death Age at Death Connection Comment
GARDNER ELLIS D. 1878 1940   "Husband"  
GARDNER JENNIE C. 1865 1953   "Wife"  
GARLOCK HOWARD 1909 1972      
GARLOCK MARGARET 1911       No death date.
GASKELL LORENTUS J. 1840 1914   "Father"  
GASKELL ALICE D. 1841 1912   "Mother"  
GASKELL JOHN H. 1862 1864   "Brother"  
GASKELL JUST         This is a handwritten entry in the listing.
GASKELL LEON J. 1874 1893   "Brother"  
GASKELL LEONORA A. 1869 1941   "Sister"  
GASKELL LORENTUS J. 1869 1869   "Brother"  
GEARHART A. D.         This is a handwritten entry in the listing.
GEARHART REBECCA   6/13/1858 22y 4m 11d daughter of Aaron D. & Pamela Gearhart  
GLOVER JAMES E. 1917     "Son" No death date.
GOODWIN DORA B. 9/22/1878 3/16/1946   "Mother" This tombstone stands next to one to Emmet Phynehart.
GOODWIN MARHTA J. 12/1/1861 9/22/1864      
GOODWIN JAMES E. 10/12/1873 10/19/1893     Children of Robert S. & Mary E. Goodwin. Both epitaphs on a shaft type monument with Robert S. Goodwin.
GOODWIN MATHEW C. 7/26/1858 3/8/1903      
GOODWIN MARY J.       wife of Mathew C. Goodwin No dates.
GOODWIN ROBERT S. 2/19/1829 3/2/1906     Co. G, 80th Regt., N.Y. Vol. He was a farmer with 50 leased acres in the Town of Veteran in 1868.
GOODWIN MARY E. STUART 1/4/1841 1929     Both on a shaft type monument, but both have individual headstones.
GOOLD LAVERNE 8/28/1892 10/31/1917     Co. L. 3rd N.Y. Regt.
GOOLD RALPH W. 1865 1917      
GOOLD MYRREEL H. 1877 1957      
GRAVES FRED H. 5/8/1877 2/17/1916      
GRAVES WILLIAM 1849 1913      
GRAVES JOSEPHINE 10/19/1855       No death date.
GRAY HARRIET H. 10/24/1822 7/15/1887   daughter of Benjamin C. & Eshter Gray A large brown shaft type monument.
GREEN FRANK J. 1840 1908      
GREEN MANTIE B. 1859 1911      
GREENE NANCY P.         See entry for W. MORGAN HILL
GREENE NELIA   8/16/1887 24y wife of Melvin Greene  
GREENO LATON M.   5/6/1870 46y   He was a lock tender on the Chemung Canal and a farmer with 50 acres in the Town of Veteran. In 1868.
GREENO LOVE E.   1/17/1871 56y 7m wife of Laton M. Greeno Her tombstone and her husband's tombstone stand uprigth back to back on one base.
GUNN JNO.         No dates. Co. G, 50th N.Y. Engrs.
HACKNEY BEN         This is a handwritten entry in the listing.
HACKNEY JANE   10/13/1840 3y 11m 22d daughter of Benj. & Helen Hackney  
HAINES MARY B. 1842 1903      
HAINES JAMES         This is a handwritten entry in the listing.
HALL CHARLES 1833 1897     He was a lumber merchant, owner of a sawmill, and a boat builder in the Town of Veteran in 1868.
HALL CLARINDA J. 1838 1917      
HALL HENRY 5/5/1807 4/24/1859      
HALL EMULINE 10/30/1812 1/26/1892   wife of Henry Hall  
HALL REBECCA 6/25/1841 2/13/1900     A shaft type monument.
HALL MAUD         See entry for MAUD HALL MOSHER.
HALL SCHUYLER 5/1/1830 12/7/1886     He has a separate headstone which states: "Co. B, 107th N.Y. Inf." He was a ship carpenter and caulker in the Town of Veteran in 1868.
HALL MARCHE C. 12/17/1832     his wife No death date. She has a separate headstone with no dates
HALL SAFRONIA L.   6/15/1863 10y 9m daughter of S. & M.C. Hall She also has a small metal marker. All entries appear on a shaft type monument.
HALL URIAH 1835 1907      
HALL HULDAH 1837 1902      
HALL LUTHER LEE, Jr. 1924 1935      
HALL MUNSON         This is a handwritten entry in the listing.
HALWICK JOHN   7/19/1895 75y   Co. D, 107th N.Y. Vol.
HALWICK MARY A.   3/27/1907 72y his wife A shaft type monument.
HAMMOND EDWIN W. 1842 1903   "Father"  
HAMMOND EVELYN         This is a handwritten entry in the listing.
HAMMOND FRED B. 1857 1912      
HAMMOND JOSEPHINE A. 1863 1936   his wife  
HAMMOND ETHEL E.   3/17/1886 1y 8m 14d daughter of F. B. & Josie Hammond A small shaft type monument.
HAMMOND HARRY E. 1882 1969      
HAMMOND GRACE C. 1888 1953      
HAMMOND J. HENRY 1853 1901      
HAMMOND NELLIE E. 1860 1926      
HAMMOND JOHN A. 1826 1912      
HAMMOND EMELINE   1/15/1878 48y 8m 25d wife of John A. Hammond A shaft type monument. On this plot is a small headstone which bears only the name "IDA".
HAMMOND MINOR B. 1872 1930      
HAMMOND EVA E. 1882 1973      
HAMMOND LESLIE   2/2/1907   infant son Only date.
HAMMOND RAYMOND B. 1893 1952      
HAMMOND BERNICE I. 1896 1973      
HAWLEY ROY G. 1884 1953      
HAWLEY JESSIE RHODES 1880 1956   his wife  
HAYNES BERT R. 1895 1963      
HAYNES JAMES A. 1861 1940   "Father"  
HAYNES CLARA 1859 1926   "Mother"  
HEWIT NANCY M.   5/19/1851 1y 7m 16d daughter of Lewis & Maria Hewit Surname is spelled as it appears on the tombstone.
HEWITT OSCAR L. 1851 1922      
HEWITT SARAH 1852 1918   his wife  
HEWITT LEW         This is a handwritten entry in the listing.
HI ? TAMMY LYNN 1974 1974     No tombstone. Data from funeral director's plaque with part of the surname missing.
HILL BEULAH MORGAN   5/1890 8y    
HILL CHARLES         A very small tombstone with no dates.
HILL CHARLES T. 1836 1899      
HILL CARRIE L. 1860 1910      
HILL MARY L. 1883 1916      
HILL HENRY 1818 1892   "Father"  
HILL MARIA 1821 1905   "Mother"  
HILL PORTER 4/11/1814 6/28/1875     He was a farmer with 160 acres in the Town of Veteran in 1868.
HILL MARY M. 6/22/1817 11/21/1892   his wife  
HILL LISHA WARD 1/8/1800 1/8/1876     A shaft type monument.
HILL W. MORGAN 1838 1908      
HILL NANCY P. GREENE 1842 1922   his wife  
HILLEARY SYLVESTER S. 1844 1918      
HILLEARY ROSE E. 1850 1932   his wife  
HILLEARY Mrs. R. H.         This is a handwritten entry in the listing.
HINE EVA A. 1873 1936      
HINMAN ERWIN 1800 1876   "Father"  
HINMAN PHEBE A. 1816 1886   "Mother"  
HINMAN J.         This is a handwritten entry in the listing.
HOFFMAN GOTTLIEB   8/23/1886 68y    
HOFFMAN EVA   12/23/1887 72y his wife  
HOKE ADELINE   8/18/1861 34y wife of Geo. E. Hoke, MD Tombstone lays face-up on the ground and is over-grown with wild grape vines.
HOKE PHEBA A. PIERCE   10/26/1885 45y 7m 4d wife of George E. Hoke  
HOKE LENA H. ELLIS 1/30/1862 7/29/1892   daughter of Dr. Geo. E. & Pheba Hoke  
HOKE ADALINE 10/6/1862 5/4/1866   daughter of Dr. Geo. E. & Pheba Hoke A shaft type monument.
HOKE GEO. E.         This is a handwritten entry in the listing.
HOLDEN ALICE E. 1852 1909      
HOLDEN FREDERICK         No dates. Co. A, 194th N.Y. Vol.
HOLMES GRACE         This is a handwritten entry in the listing.
HOLMES MERL W. 1896 1974      
HOLMES GRETA L. 1900       No death date.
HOLMES FORD V. 1894 1923     Pvt., U.S. Army
HOLMES WESLEY L. 1857 1923      
HOLMES SUSIE V. 1868 1936      
HOLTZ RICHARD M. 1906 1923     BSA A small Boy Scout plaque on the grave gives his name and - "Millport, 1st Class, Troop #1. Born 5/16/1906; died 12/27/1923".
HORNING GEO         This is a handwritten entry in the listing.
HORNING JACOB 5/17/1810 11/21/1874      
HORNING ANN M. 12/29/1809 7/28/1881   his wife A shaft type monument.
HORTON MARY E.         See entry for WILLIAM WEED
HORTON OSCAR L.   8/5/1844 aged 11 days son of Thomas & Catharine M. Horton  
HORTON FROST         This is a handwritten entry in the listing.
HOWELL E.W. 1824 1896   "Father"  
HOWELL MORIAH E. 1822 1895   "Mother"  
HOWELL NETTIE   5/29/1858 6y 9m   Tombstone lays in two pieces face-up on the ground and is eroded.
HOWELL J.P.   12/7/1861 60y 3m 22d    
HOWELL SUSAN   2/17/1885 81y 1m 26d wife of J.P. Howell A shaft type monument.
HOWELL CLARINDA 1829 1918      
HOWELL CLARA 1832 1924      
HOXSIE JOSHUA 1845 1932     A small tombstone embedded face-up in the ground.
HOXSIE MARIA E. 1853 1923     A small tombstone embedded face-up in the ground.
HULIEN JULIA   3/15/1868 18y daughter of James & Diana Hulien  
HULTZ R. B.   3/25/1865 23y 10m   Killed near Winchester, Va. 1st Sgt., Co B, 21st N.Y. Cav.
HURD HAROLD 1903 or 4       No death date. Birth year has typed over 3 & 4 in list.
HURD LUTHER H. 1871 1948   "Father"  
HURD CORA H. 1873 1956   "Mother"  

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11/7/98
By Joyce M. Tice