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Millport Cemetery C

Town of Veteran, Chemung County, New York

A-B C D-E-F G-H I-J-K-L M N-O-P Q-R S T-U V-W Typed by Callein McDougall and J. Manwaring
Last Name Given Name Birth Death Age at Death Connection Comment
CAIN JOHN J. 1882 1950      
CAMPBELL LEON H. 1897 1958      
CAMPBELL HELEN M. 1911       No death date.
CAMPBELL WILLIAM   8/20/1853 3y 7m son of P.M. & Elmira Campbell  
CAPRON BENJ., Rev.   7/13/1869 74y 11m   This tombstone was dug out from beneath the sod. It lays face-up and broken through the age line.
CAPRON JANE C.   3/10/1903 85y 7m wife of Rev. B. W. Capron Tombstone dug out of the ground and lays face-up.
CAPRON JUDSON B. 6/16/1850 5/23/1875     Tombstone broken into two pieces and both portions lean against the base.
CARPENTER J.M.     53y "Father" No death date. Co. A, 89th NYVI, Brg. 1, Div. 9 AC
CARPENTER HELEN M. 4/1/1849 2/23/1938 89y "Mother"  
CARPENTER JOHN M., Jr. 1877 1918      
CARPENTER EDITH W. 1879 1952      
CARPENTER JOHN L. 1913 1915      
CARPENTER Mrs. J. M.         handwritten entry at bottom of page.
CARR EDGAR EBENEZER 1841 1910   "Father" He was a salonn-keeper and tobacco dealer in the Town of Veteran in 1868.
CARR OLIVE GREENO 1846 1912   "Mother"  
CARR SADIE & WILLIE       Children of E.E. & O. Carr No dates.
CARR EVANS POTTER 1812 1852      
CARR PHILOMA L. TUTTLE 1821 1907      
CARR GRANGER TUTTLE       son of E.P. & P.L. Carr No dates.
CARR ENION E.   7/16/1849 8m 16d son of E.P. & P.L. Carr The mother's initials are reversed on the tombstone.
CARR GEROGE H. 1888 1939      
CARR ARILLA A. 1892 1970      
CARR HARRY BURR   2/14/1891 22m    
CARR LEWIS C. 1839 1879   "Father"  
CARR PHEBIE A. STERLING 1843 1931   wife of Lewis C. Carr  
CASTON CHAS. C.         No dates. Co. G, 50th N.Y. Engrs.
CASTON JOHN G.     1y son of Charles & Mary M. Caston A nice, small shale tombstone standing in bushes.
CASTON MARY M.         This is a tombstone face-up in the ground and covered with dirt and sod. It is broken into four pieces and cannot be read. It may be the grave of Mary M. Caston.
CASTON GEO.         No dates. Co. G, 50th N.Y. Engrs.
CHILSON GEORGIA ANN 1952 1973     No tombstone. Data from a funeral director's plaque on the grave site.
CLARK B.B.   1/25/1881 68y 3m 16d   A shaft type monument.
CLARK ELLIS 1865 1951      
CLARK GERTRUDE 1868 1936      
CLARK FLOYD E. 1897 1964      
CLARK VELVA E. 1897 1964      
CLARK DONALD LYNFORD 1925 1926      
CLARK HOMER L. 1904 1976      
CLARK GERTRUDE C. 1906       No death date.
CLARK LORENA         See entry for W. WARD COOLBAUGH.
COE MARY E.         See entry for FRANK M. BANKS
COE WESLEY 1826 1902     He was a farmer with 100 leased acres in the Town of Veteran in 1868.
COE SARAH 1830 1913   his wife.  
COE MYRON 1851 1920      
COE SARAH 1855 1896   his wife.  
COGSWELL ALZADA   9/5/1865 30y 10m 20d wife of G.S. Cogswell Tombstone lays face-up on the ground.
COGSWELL GOULD S. 10/20/1831 3/3/1893      
COGSWELL ELIZA 4/3/1840     his wife. No death date.
COGSWELL ADA J. 2/10/1854 3/3/1893      
COLE JENNIE B. 1848       No death date. This epitaph appears on a shaft type monument which bears the name of Abijah Cole.
COLE JOHN     90y "Grandfather" A very small tombstone which bears no dates.
COLE JOHN F.       son of M.A. & M.A. Cole A very small tombstone which bears no dates.
COLE JOHN M.   10/12/1901 75y   He was a highway commissioner, owner of a pile-driver, and a farmer with 8 acres in the Town of Veteran in 1868.
COLE JANE   9/18/1904 68y    
COLE MOSES   6/5/1875 74y   He was a justice os wessions and a peace justice in the Town of Veteran in 1868.
COLE SOPHIA   9/5/1884 84y wife of Moses Cole  
COLE SAMUEL   7/25/1882 74y 3m 1d   A carpenter in the Town of Veteran in 1868.
COLE MALINDA   4/17/1890 74y 5m 6d wife of Samuel Cole  
COLE EVALINE   10/2/1856 1y 3m daughter of Samuel & Malinda Cole A shaft type monument.
COLLINS MYRON   8/6/1840 39y    
COOLBAUGH W. WARD 1915 1976      
COOLEY HATTIE         See entry for MARTIN DOYLE
COOLEY JENNIE L.         see entry for ALLISON BUNN
COOLEY SAMUEL S. 12/25/1826 4/7/1902     He was a blacksmith in the Town on Veteran in 1868.
COOLEY JANE 5/18/1827 1/2/1913   his wife  
COOLEY SAMUEL L. 10/27/1855 6/19/1898      
COON J. BRADLEY 1866 1939      
COON EVA S. 1870 1918   wife of J. Bradley Coon  
COON KELSEY P. 1820 1911      
COON PHEOBE J. PIERCE 1830 1863   his wife  
COON PETER 4/14/1802 7/12/1880     He was a farmer with 112 acres in the Town of Veteran in 1868.
COON MARY A. 1828 1908      
CORNELL C.V.D. 1829 1906 76y   This epitaph appears on the Wm. Weed shaft type monument. A small headstone on this plot bears the name "Cornelius".
COSTON C.C.         This is a handwritten entry in the listing.
COULTER JOHN. M. 1869 1901      
COULTER MARY E. 1867 1892      
COULTER MALINDA 1839 1922      
COULTER WM.         No dates. Co. D, 107 N.Y. Vol.
COX ELLA 3/6/1855 2/8/1948     Tombstone stands next to one to Charles W. Sleeper.
CRANDAL ERASTUS   1/25/1872 81y 5m 1d   Surname is spelled as it appears on the monument. He was a mechanic in the Town of Veteran in 1868.
CRANDAL NANCY   9/20/1868 78y 3m 7d wife of Erastus Crandal A shaft type monument.
CRANDAL ERASTUS   1/4/1839   son of Erastus & Angeline C. Crandal Spelling of the surname is as it appears on the tombstone which is sunk into the ground.
CRANDAL OSMOND A.   9/15/1846 1y 2m 27d son of George R. & Aeur J. Crandal Tombstone is eroded and the mother's name may be in error.
CRANDALL E.O.   6/12/1892 77y   A shaft type monument.
CRANDALL MARION ANGELINE   3/9/1836 1y 8m daughter of Erastus & Nancy Crandall An excellent shale tombstone.
CRANDALL WILLIAM eroded eroded 3y 27d son of Erastus & Nancy Crandall A shale tombstone with most of its face scaled off.
CRANDELL AMOS W. 1/22/1836 1/30/1926      
CRANDELL FRANCES E. EASTON 5/18/1850 3/30/1938      
CRANDELL AMOS W. 10/2/1877 1/31/1938      
CRANDELL CHARLOTTE S. 1881 1927      
CRANDELL CHARLES E. 1876 1950      
CRANDELL CHARLES H. 12/20/1818 7/28/1837      
CRANDELL HENRY   3/9/1882 86y    
CRANDELL ELIZA H.   10/17/1867 68y wife of Henry Crandell  
CRANE ROANA         See entry for JESSE H. BRIGGS
CRANMER JOHN N.   7/23/1849 26y 11m 6d    
CROSS ANN E. 1837 1909      
CROUCH ADA BANKS 1864 1946      
CROUCH ARTHUR G. 1904 1975      
CROUCH VERA I. 1905       No death date.
CROUCH EARL E. 1896 1957      
CROUCH HENRY J. 1865 1934      
CROUCH EMMIY J.   10/30/1895 9y 3m 10d daughter of C.W. & F.C. Crouch Given name is spelled as it appears on the tombstone.
CROUCH FRANK J. 1894       No death date.
CROUCH HAZEL PAGE 1891 1958      
CROUCH H.T. & W.         This is a handwritten entry in the listing.
CROUCH WILLIAM 1831 1922      
CROUCH PRISCILLA K. 1838 1918      
CROUCH WILLIAM H. 1872 1945      
CROUCH MARY E. 1879 1965      
CUMMINGS JOHN 1837 1921     Co. D, 107st N.Y. Vols.
CUMMINGS NANCY M. 1834 1920   his wife  

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11/7/98
By Joyce M. Tice