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Obituaries from Vroman  Hill

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Name of Cemetery:    Vroman Hill Cemetery
Read By:  Marolyn Cole, Ken Chapman, Pat Raymond
Date Read:   Oct. 15. 2000
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  West Burlington Twp. Vroman Hill Road to Pratt Road
Other comments: A Lot of Fieldstone Markers - This is in order from Rear of Cemetery toward Front
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
King Gordon B. 1898 1918   WW 1 Pvt. U.S. Marines
Perry Seth 1853 1928    
Perry Emma M. 1858 1941    
Pratt John   Feb.20.1881 78-3-21  
Pratt Eunice   Jul.1.1879 75-4-20 w/o John
Guild Allie Pratt 1867 1918    
Tice Lizzie May Jan.20.1893 Jan.28.1896    
Tice John G. Dec.28.1814 Apr.3.1896    
Tice Eudora J. 1854 1927    
Tice J. Wallace 1851 1904    
Tice Lizzie May 1893 1896   Home made slate slab
Tice Ada Viola 1894 1908   Home made slate slab
Smith William Nov.17.1811 Feb.14.1905   GAR Marker
Smith Margaret Apr.15.1815 Jan.28.1889   w/o William
Grist Thomas Oct.29.1840 May 15.1915   Co. E 52 Reg. Pa Vol GAR (2 stones)
Grist Carrie Dec.28.1847 Sep.8.1893   w/o Thomas
Grist Infant   Jan.27.1873 10 da s/o Thomas & Carrie
Grist Adolphus Feb.2.1835 Nov.17.1913    
Rockwell-Grist Eliza Grist Apr.18.1837 Jan.14.1916    
Robinson Dennis 1849 1925    
Robinson Ida A. 1855 1910    
Curtis Theodore May 4.1813 Nov.26.1887   FATHER
Little Mercy Jul.4.1787 Jan.15.1884 Jan.15.1884   w/o Robert Little/MOTHER (Same stone as T. Curtis)
Pratt John   Apr.16.1851 90-7-11  
Hagar Elizabeth   Jul.12.1843 88-1-?? w/o John Pratt-Rev.War marker & Flag-Bronze marker by DAR--Elizabeth Hagar Pratt "Betsey the Blacksmith"
Larcum Mary S.   Dec.8.1859 28-6-28 w/o Luther
Smith Child   ?Feb.13.1861 ?-11-13 c/o ?? & Susan
Ballard Lury E.   Jun.12.1857 10-7-21 d/o Wm. & Clarissa
Ballard Infant son   Jun.18.1852   s/o Wm. & Clarissa
Ballard Charlotte C   Jan.30.1866 40-1-11 w/o Myron
Ballard Deloss P.   Dec.18.1860 3-8-7 s/o Myron & Charlott C.
Ballard Emma A.   Dec.27.1860 7-8-25 (7 or 2 yr?) d/o Myron & Charlotte
Ballard Annetta L.   Aug.20.1860   d/o Myron & Charlotte
McKean J. Lee 1867 1944    
McKean Alvina Spencer 1837 1912    
McKean Esther 1869 1927   d/o D.T. & A. McKean
Manroe Delos  1874 1954    
Manroe Addie O. 1876 1942    
Manroe George 1879 1963    
Manroe Laney Decker 1879 1944    
Johnson David B. 1829 1910    
Johnson Abigail Jane 1839 1909   w/o David B.
Spencer Horace   Oct.8.1882 71-5-12  
Spencer Hannah   Aug.15.1891 82-5-9 w/o Horace
Spencer Nancy   May 14.1876 28-3-5 d/o Horace & Hannah
Thacker Charles W. May 27.1832 Feb.13.1908    
Thacker Sarah A. Aug.18.1838 Jan.5.1892   w/o Charles W.
Thacker Lyman Apr.3.1806 Aug.24.1876    
Thacker Sarah  May 15.1806 Dec.17.1865   w/o Lyman
Thacker Lyman   Aug.24.1876 70-4-21  
Thacker Sarah   Dec.17.1865 59-6-2 w/o Lyman
Davis Jonathan May 10.1823 Jun.8.1865   Died at Raleigh, N.C. Co. C 97th Reg. P.V.
Davis Marie E. Jan.10.1830 Aug.5.1873   w/o Jonathan & only d/o Lyman & Mary Thacker
Davis J. Wesley   Feb.12.1860 2-2-3 s/o Jonathan & Mary
Potter Esther   Oct.3.1847 22-6-3  
Ballard Clara Bell   Aug.24.1873 6-5-14 d/o A.L. & Eliza E.
Parkhurst Luman 1827 1907    
Parkhurst Charlotte  1836     w/o Luman
Parkhurst Elsie P. 1860 1863    
Parkhurst Alice E. 1865 1871    
Cunningham Henry       Co. C 7th Pa Cav (Gov't Stone) GAR Marker
No Name   1820 1909    
MOTHER         No other information
Monroe Charles  1843 1920    
Monroe Louisa 1845 1936    
Taylor Elsie  Jan.3.1845 May 14.1929   w/o Allen Woodin
Woodin Allen Dec.18.1843 Aug.30.1914   Co. I 15 Reg. N.Y. Vol. GAR Marker
Woodin Harvey E. 1871 1910   Separate stones-Name on one-date on other
Woodin Allison C.   Mar.31.1876 0-11-27 s/o Allen & E. L.
Baxter Ellen M. Oct.6.1865 2-2-22
Woodin J. L. Jan.3.1830     GAR Marker
Woodin Jane Apr.14.1825     w/o J. L.
Woodin Billy   May 11.1871 18 yr  
Woodin Eugene   Dec.18.1875 25 yr  
Shaver Hellen E.   Jan.1.1851 20-3-2 w/o Pasco
Pratt Joseph   Jan.6.1875 82 yr  
Pratt Phebe   ?? 5, 1855   w/o Joseph (Stone broken off)
Parkhurst Austin   Jul.7.1858 23-4-4 s/o Isaac & Orpha
Taylor Charles   Dec.19 ?? 61-1-28 Stone broken GAR Marker
Taylor Harriet N.   Mar.15.1859 37-7-11 w/o C. Taylor
Taylor Alasco   Apr.9.1848 27 da s/o Charles & Harriet
Taylor Hattie May   May 9.1862 1-4-4 d/o Charles & Ann B.
Swartwood Clara  Jan.16.1862 Sep.16.1863   d/o Charles & Celinda
Swartwood M. C (or G) Apr.4.1864 Jan.28.1937    
Swartwood Stella Jun.13.1869 Sep.28.1904   w/o M. C.
Swartwood Milton   May 27.1895   Inf. Son of M. C. & Stella
Swartwood Charles P. Sep.13.1822 Sep.5.1886    
Swartwood Celinda R. Nov.6.1825 Jan.15.1894   w/o Charles
Swartwood Clarissa   Sep.15.1864 1-8-0 d/o ???
Pratt Corydon 1857 1928    
Pratt Lucina 1841 1913    
Pratt Burzilla 1837 1914    
Pratt Sylvester H.   Dec.12.1860 26-0-21 s/o Horace & Harriet
Pratt Prudence 1845 1906    
Pratt Harriet  1814 1911    
Pratt Horace 1807 1886   GAR Marker
Johnson Elmer H. 1889 1939    
Johnson Lena S. 1897 1989   Same stone as Elmer
Johnson William E. 1849 1930    
Johnson Hettie W. 1862 1943    
Johnson G. A.   Mar.16.1875 54-9-22 GAR Marker
Johnson Lemira M.Ballard Oct.13.1821 Dec.22.1904   w/o G. A. Johnson
Johnson Infant son       s/o G. A. & L. M. (Stone broken)
Spencer Lura   Dec.7.1867 2 da d/o Horace & E. A.
Spencer Horace 1841 1930    
Johnson Elvira A. 1845 1917   w/o Horace Spencer
Spencer Alfred C. 1872 1956    
Spencer Myra 1874 1950    
Davis Mary    Nov.2.1882   w/o James
Williams Otto Oct.15.1891 Jul.4.1892    
Williams Lesley C.   Dec.18.1877 2-9-5 s/o John & Polly
Williams Jesse Philip   Nov.17.1906 28-3-10  
Northrup Ettie Dec.14.1876 Mar.12.1896   w/o Fred (Space for husband-never used)
Andrew George W. 1833 1908    
Decker Ann Eliza   Oct.9.1862 45-2-27 w/o Jeremiah
Decker John M.   Sep.16.1862 21-0-28 s/o Jeremiah & Ann E.
West Peter B.   Jun.29.1864 59-5-22  
Pratt Betsey   Oct.1859*   d/o Thomas & Lucinda *Date From old reading
Holt William E.   Jan.17.1864 15y 7d s/o D?? & Abigail
Vroman Little Clarence   Jan.7.1857 0-4-7 s/o Barna & Dorinda
Vroman Amanda O.   Feb.15.1854 8 mo. d/o John & Polly Ann
Vroman Miles V.   Apr.14.1864 12-11-6 In Memory of Miles V. Oldest s/o John & Pollyann
Vroman Peter I.   Jul.5.1866 71-7-29 GAR Marker
Vroman Polly Mar.23.1800 Jan.27.1889   w/o Peter
Vroman Julia Maria   Aug.5.1840 1-8-28 d/o Peter & Polly
Vroman William  1820 1904    
Vroman Sibil   Nov.24.1857 30-3-13 w/o William
Vroman Floyd   Feb.18.1863 7-9-6 s/o W. & Sibil
Vroman Esther   May.14.1852 3-1-3 d/o Wm. & Sibil
Vroman Arminda   Jan.9.1892 53-6-22 w/o William
Vroman Olive   Feb.22.1863 2-6-27 d/o Wm. & Arminda
Compton Sylvester    Dec.2.1899   GAR Marker (Year Might Be 1896)
Compton James A.   Aug.13.1875 72-5-6  
Compton Mary Ann   Apr.13.186?   w/o James A. (Stone hard to read)
Compton Martin   Jan.20.1866 31-6-13  
Bolt Fremont Sep.30.1856 Feb.8.1923    
Bolt Alice  Apr.22.1894 Jul.16.1985   Same stone as Fremont
Smith Diantha   May 13.1877 43-2-28 w/o G. W.--Stone unreadable/Info from prev. Reading
Pratt Polly   Mar.10.1895   Year may be 1893
Pratt Lewis   Dec.4.1882 76 yr  
Coon William R. Jan.5.1842 Aug.29.1886    
Perry Jerome L. 1860 1928    
Perry Harry E.   Oct.10.1884 3 mo. s/o Jerome & Addie
Jacoby Addie   Nov.28.1884 22-8-14 w/o Jerome Perry & d/o E.H. Jacoby
Perry George  1823 1897    
Perry Rexiville Allen   May 25.1863 17-0-25 s/o George & Betsy
Perry Guy   Aug.18.1862 5 mo s/o J.H. & Sarah
Pratt Mary Ann 1846      
Pratt Luman   1904    
Smith Nelson Oct.8.1848 Oct.4.1887    
Swain Dorleska E. May 8.1850 Apr.20.1907   w/o L. D.
Swain Lorenzo D. Dec.17.1817 Oct.5.1903    
Swain Mary C.   Apr.19.1876 57-8-14 w/o Lorenzo
Pratt Infant son   Dec.2.1868   s/o David & Cecilia
Pratt Infant son   Nov.18.1871   s/o David & Cecilia
Pratt L. D.       No dates
Pratt Daniel W. 1840 1916    
Pratt Cecelia R. 1846 1916    
Pratt L. D. 1871 1904    
Taylor Sarah   Jan.27.1899    
Taylor Horace E.   Sep.7.1893 46 yr  
Coon Sylvester 1866 1895    
MOTHER   1876 1934   No name
Coon Nina May 1891 1901    
Hayden D.       No dates
Collins James  1844 1915    
Collins Roxa 1850      
Robinson Adeline Feb.6.1854 Dec.27.1914    
Robinson Rensler 1845 1928   FATHER
Robinson Frances 1843 1890   MOTHER
Allen Melisa L.   Feb.19.1872 20-1-7 w/o David Allen
Robinson Albert Jul.13.1841 Jan.10.1871   Member of Co. C 171 Regt. Pa Vol.
Robinson Eunice P.   Dec.12.1888 68y 1m w/o Andrew J.
Robinson Andrew J.   Feb.11.1874 54-11-8  
Monroe Perry Levi 1902 1973    
Monroe Myrtle Smith 1903 1967   Same stone as Perry Levi
Jenkins Little Perry   Aug.9.1867 2-6-5 s/o Ellnor Jenkins (Part of reading from prev.list)
Manroe Wm. 1828 1896    
Manroe Alzina 1834 1878   w/o Wm.
Manroe Mary 1858 1880   d/o Wm. & Alzina
Boyce Willard 1890 1917    
Boyce R. Sep.9.1827 Aug.8.1894    
Boyce Lydia Jun.4.1836 Jul.28.1904   w/o R.
Boyce Edith Sep.14.1872 Dec.31.1882    
Boyce Orrin E.   Jan.28.1869 4-11-6 s/o R. & Lydia
Boyce Clarence W.   Apr.4.1860 1-5-15 s/o R. & Lydia
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Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 10/21/2000
By Joyce M. Tice
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