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Photos of Union Cemetery  by Joyce M. Tice 
March 7, 1998 and May 15, 1999
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Name of Cemetery: Union Cemetery
Read By: Sherry, Chrissy, & Stacey Nichol, Charlotte Stevens, Ken Chapman, Pat Raymond
Date Read: May, June 1999
Typed By: Stacey Nichols. Proofed by Pat Raymond
Location: East Smithfield, from Main Street cross Church Street, Cemetery is on top of Hill
Comments: Organized 1862 - Incorporated 1866
A - Bo
Cl - E
F - G
H - J
K - Me
Mi - Pr
R - Sl
Sm - V
Smithfield Township
Union Cemetery Obituaries
Yawger Phillip A. 1874 1960     On Stone with Cora
Yeomans Alan L. 1951     s/o of Carl & Gloria  
Yeomans Baby Boy   1948      
Yeomans Baby Boy   1949      
Yeomans Carl L. 1905 1954     On Stone with Lillian
Yeomans Carl L. Jr. Dec. 16, 1927 Apr. 8, 1991     S2 US Navy WWII
Yeomans Carl L. III 1957     s/o Carl & Gloria  
Yeomans Diana L. 1952     s/o Carl & Gloria  
Yeomans Diana Leslie 1952 1955      
Yeomans Ellen L. 1953     d/o Carl & Gloria  
Yeomans Evelyn L. 1959     d/o Carl & Gloria  
Yeomans Gary L. 1961     s/o Carl & Gloria  
Yeomans Gloria Woods          
Yeomans Lillian A. 1906 1994     On Stone with Carl L.
Yeomans Linda L. 1947     d/o Carl & Gloria  
Yeomans Wendy L. 1955     d/o Carl & Gloria  
Youmans Edward L. 1877 1966     On Stone with Maude F.
Youmans Maude F. 1884 1963     On Stone with Edward
Young Damon R. 1908 1977      
Young Darius 1855 1947      
Young Ella 1855 1941      
Young Hope Dec. 22, 1854 June 5, 1885   wf of Darias  
Young Hope 1859 1885      
Young Horace   1881      
Young Marcia 1883 1927      
Young Marian K. 1909     wf of Damon  
Young Robert    Dec. 5, 1930   son of Damon & Marian  
          Notes: From Cemetery Records, Mason Beals and A.R. Dutton are probably also buried here.
The History Center on Main Street, 83 N. Main Street, Mansfield PA 16933
Published On Tri-Counties Site On 9/26/99
By Joyce M. Tice