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This is a  Listing taken from Secondary records such as obituaries in addition to Primary records such as Tombstone readings and office records.
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This is a very, very large cemetery of over 20,000 burials, and is the major burial place for most residents who die at this time and for many of our early settlers as well. Eloise FRANTZ Wilson has collected information from many obituaries, death records, history books, and other records over a lifetime of historical research. Much of this you will find on file at various local libraries. She has given generously of her expertise and is one of our most respected and loved local historians. She has recently made her files available to the Tri-Counties Site, and we are very grateful to her for that.
Tioga Point Table of Contents Page

Section Last name First name birth date death date Comments
PB4 Wiles James B. 1937 2000  
    Ronita M. 1942    
G Wiles Victor A. 1907 1954  
DD Wildrick Andrew A. 25 Apr. 1913 3 Feb. 1945 Pfc. Co. K, Div. 7 Inf. Killed in action W.W.-2 Born Sayre, Pa. Died Alsace, France. Son of Luther and Orie Wildrick. 
    Anna 1907 1977 Married 1936
EE Wildrick Arnold 1931 22-Jul-44 Died Sayre, Pa. Of polio. Son of Harold and Nina Wildrick.
PB1 Wildrick Charles W. 1881 1953  
    Elda C. 1882 1971  
EE Wildrick Harold John 27 Nov. 1904 4 Sept. 1986 Born Wilkes - Barre, Pa. Son of William and Alice Cheriott Wildrick.
    Nina Mae 9 Mar. 1902 5 Dec. 1993 Died Gillett, Pa. Dau. Of John and Charlotte Shultz Millard.
PB1 Wildrick Harry G. 23 Feb. 1912 3 Mar. 1997 Born Sayre, Pa. Died Bradford County Manor. Son of Charles and Edna Kitson Wildrick. U.S. Army W.W.-2
    Ruth B. 3 Jan. 1922 30 Mar. 1990 Born Dushore, Pa. Died Lakeland, Fla. Dau. Of John and Catherine Everling Bird.
J Wildrick John Charles 1953 1957 Son of Harry and Ruth.
PB1 Wildrick John Wesley 20 Mar. 1915 13 Oct. 2001 Born Sayre, Pa. Died Ithaca, N.Y. Son of Luther Curtis and Orie Croop Wildrick.
    Helone M. 9-Jun-16 9 Mar. 1998 Born Rummerfield, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Dau. Of Willis and Mary Coe Green. Marr. 54 yrs.
  Wildrick Luther 1876 19 Mar. 1916 Born Wilkes - Barre, Pa. Hit by train in Coxton, Pa. Brother to William L.
    Orie E., wife 1882 11 Sept.1950  Born Bardwell, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa.
    Luther C., son 1910 18-Jul-76 Born, died Sayre, Pa. W.W.-2 U.S.A.F. Wife; Laura Semans Wildrick, her grqave not found.
  Wildrick Marguerite   28-Jun-05 Born Mehoopany, Pa. Died N. River St. Sayre, Pa. Death book # 2 No age listed or cause of death.
EE Wildrick William L. 1873 5 Feb. 1940 Died Sayre, Pa. 
    Kathryn C. 1875    
PB3 Wiles Anna L. 5 Mar. 1913 17-Jun-83 Born Monrieton, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Dau. Of Pearl and Inez Johnson.
  Wiles James B. " Slick" 29 Apr. 1939 13 Aug. 2000 Born Nichols, N.Y. Died Sayre, Pa. Son of Victor A. and Anna Johnson Wiles. Wife of 35 yrs; Ronita
C Wiles Victor A. 1907 1954  
PB1 Wiles Victor A., Jr. 18 Nov. 1931 9-Jun-97  
  Wiley Marble E.   25-May-37 Died Sayre, Pa. 72 yrs.
G Wilhelin Joseph D. 27 July 1855 28 Mar. 1958 1/c Pvt. Co. M 1 Regt. U.S. Vol. Engrs Spanish American War.
H Wilkerson Millie H. 1883 1967  
P Wilking Fred S. 22 Apr. 1865 25 Dec. 1888  Son of John L. & Marion.
P Wilking James Nimmo 1870 1950  
P Wilking John Lehn 1834 1904  
{ Wilking Lois A. Lowman 1873 8 Sept. 1965 Born Brainbridge, N.Y. Died Cuba, N.Y. Wife of James. Twin sister to Mrs. Herman Bolich.
P Wilking Marion Weaver 1837 1912  
DD Wilkinson Bertah   no dates Dau. Of William
U Wilkinson Craig David 1895 1907  
DD Wilkinson Elizabeth L.   no dates Wife of John
DD Wilkinson John   no dates Son of William
H Wilkinson Millie H. 1883 29 Mar. 1967 Born, died Athens, Pa.
PB1 Wilkinson Sanford W. 14 Jan. 1915 2 Nov. 1992 Born Ulster Twp, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Son of William and Hettie Brown Wilkinson. 
    Myrtle M. 1918   Married 56 yrs.
U Wilkinson Viola B. 1860 1945  
DD Wilkinson Wells 1811 1875  
    Minerva, wife 1815 1906  
    William 1885 19-Jul-38 Died Athens, Pa.
    Emma, wife 1872 1898  
BB Willcox Ellen 1847 1937  
BB Willcox Eva L.   1971  
FF Willcox Huston D. 1843 1923  
FF Williams Abram 1837 14 Feb. 1908 Co. C, 141 Pa .Vol.
FF Williams Albert  3 Apr. 1914 23 Aug. 1986 Born Taylor, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Son of Albert and Bessie James Williams. W.W.-2 U.S.M.C.
    Dorothy J. 28 Sept. 1915 9 Sept. 2004 Born Taylor, Pa. Died Binghamton, N.Y. Dau. Of Albert and Edith Calvert Weisentfluh. Marr. 11 Apr. 1935 
CC Williams Anna M. 1899 1904  
Q Williams Arthur S. 1852 1925  
    Mary E. 1860 1927  
  Williams Baby Twin Boys 18-Jun-61 27-Jun-61 Born, died Waverly, N.Y. Children of David Fracis and Virginia Brown Williams
CC Williams Bertha Baker 1874 11 Mar. 1960 Born Troy, Pa. Died Athens, Pa. Wife of George H.
Q Williams Brian D. 30 Mar. 1947 2 Apr. 2001 S/Sgt. U.S.A.F. Vietnam
PB4 Williams Brian Orin 9 Mar. 1962 13 Dec. 1999 Born, died Sayre, Pa. Of cancer. Son of Paul and Betty Jean Smith Williams.
GG Williams Bruce 1869 6? Sept. 1951 Born Troy, Pa. Died Athens, Pa. Wife of George H.
    Ella   12 Mar. 1954 81 yrs.
PB1 Williams Catherine H. 23 Apr. 1907 2 Mar. 1984 CY.M.R.L. Next to Floyd Williams
FF Williams Charles E. 1889 1964  
  Williams Charles Ralph 25-May-32 7-Jul-97 Born Towanda, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Son of Leo C. and Harriet L. Rose Williams, Sr. Cpl. U.S. Army Korea Wife; Marsha K. Morley.
  Williams Charlotte   23 Dec. 1939 Wife of M.J. Died Prospect, N.Y. no age, birth date in obit.
II Williams Clara E. 1877 1922  
AA Williams Clareence R. 1878 1955  
DD Williams Cortez R. 10-Jul-23 1 Jan. 1999 Born Athens, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. W.W.-2 U.S. Army Son of Martin and Cora Huffman Williams. 
    Vivian C. 31-Jul-24   Married 20 yrs.
PB5 Williams David F. 6-Jun-36 21-Sep-94 Born Burlington, Pa. Son of Levi and Carrie Bennett Williams.
    Gail Hatch     Married 10 Aug. 1963
Q Williams Donald Gordon 22-Jun-11 7-Mar-67 Died Endicott, N.Y. W.W.-2 AAC
    Madge A. 1916    
O Williams Edward D. 1837 18 Aug. 1905 Born in the South Died Athens, Pa. Listed as colored. Died of " Chro? Hemmorage" Death book # 2 Co. 1 126 Reg. U.S. Cav.
CC Williams Edward E.Dr. D.D.S. 14 Mar.1870 8 Dec. 1954     Born W. Franklin, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Married Elizabeth M. Wallace of Wilkes - Barre, Pa. In 1903
CC Williams Edward F. 1891 29-Jun-62 Born New Era, Pa. Died of heart attack.
    Armita Cox Harris 1897 26 Feb. 1984 Born Long Valley, Pa. Died Bradford County Manor.
I Williams Edward Overton 1841 26 Nov. 1915 Co.M, 2 Regt. 2 U.S. Cav.
PB1 Williams Effie M. 15 Mar. 1928 7 Jan. 1983 Born Sayre, Pa. Died Monroeton, Pa. Dau. Of J. Bruce and Hilda Schults Allen.
CC Williams Ella A. 19 Oct. 1871 26 Oct. 1958  
GG Williams Ella G. 1872 1954  
  Williams Ella T. 19 Oct. 1871 26 Oct .1956 Born Watersvale, N.Y. Died Endwell, N.Y. Dau. Of Mr. & Mrs. E.M> Thompson. Wife of Joseph Williams
AA Williams Ellen B 1849 1922 Wife of Isaac
KK Williams Emma Berdine 1863 1928  
  Williams Emma M. 22-Jul-11 6 Apr. 1995 Born Laquin, Pa. Dau. Of James and Catherine Trobridge Covey. Wife of Hopkins Williams
DD Williams Evan L. 16 Mar. 1879 18-Jun-61  
PB1 Williams Floyd C. 1900 1984 Y3 U.S.Navy W.W.-1 next to Catherine H. Williams
G Williams Frank B. 24 May 1869 18 Mar. 1934 Died Barton, N.Y. Son of Daniel and Harriet Berry Williams.
    Ethelind Bartin 1870 1932  
PB2 Williams Frank W. 1922    
    Helen M. 1922    
E Williams George 1873 1 Dec. 1951 Born Sugar Run, Pa. Died Waverly, N.Y. Spanish - American War standard on grave.
    Maude E. 24 Oct. 1887 11 Oct. 1982 Born Colley Twp., Pa. Died Bradford County Manor. Dau. Of Daniel and Eva Edger Rea.
CC Williams George H. 1873 16-May-45 Died Athens, Pa.
KK Williams Hazel L. 1894 1960  
DD Williams Hopkins L. 20 Apr. 1912   Next to Emma M.
Q Williams Hugh H. 1887 1953  
    Nina L. 1890 1966  
  Williams Inez E.  10 Sept. 1911 22 Apr. 1989 Born Laceyville, Pa. Died Elmira, N.Y. Dau. Of Isac and Inez Salsman Vanderpool.
AA Williams Insaac A. 1846 1918  
    Ellen B., wife  1849 1922  
GG Williams Infant Son 1927   Son of J.T. & G.B.
CC Williams Infant Son   1913 Son of R.D. & M.
D Williams Jack, son 1917 1980  
CC Williams James A. 1844 1920  
DD Williams Jerusah Bowman 30 Jan. 1827 27 Mar. 1922  
CC Williams Jessie 1876 9 Sept. 1899 Born E. Smithfield, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Of Bright's Disease. Dau. Of Louis and Martha Kitchen.
PB4 Williams Joel J. 28 Feb. 1920 14-May-00 Born, died Sayre, Pa. Son of Martina nd Cora Huffman Williams. Pfc. U.S. Army W.W.-2 
    Dorothy M. 1925   Married 28 Nov. 1940
  Williams John H. 13-Jun-17 12-Jul-80 Born Sayre, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. Son of Evan L. and Sara Hughes Williams.
  Williams John Sedgnick   13 Feb. 1894 Born, died Athens, Pa. Of Bright's Disease. 67 yrs. Deah book # 1
GG Williams John T. " Jack" 19 Aug. 1900 20 Jan. 1992 Born Ovid, N.Y. Died Sidney, N.Y.
    Guila C. 23 Dec. 1899 16 Feb. 1997 Born Franklin Twp., Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Dau. Of William and Elizabeth Benjamin Cranmer. Marr. 29 Dec. 1922
    Infant Son   1927  
II Williams Joseph L. 1905 1932  
CC Williams Joseph P. 1868 1914  
    Orris, wife 1845 1899  
GG Williams June E. 1923 1944  
J Williams Kathryn H.  23 Apr. 1907 2 Mar. 1984 CYMRU engraved on marker
AA Williams Kathryn R. 1884 1927  
W Williams Lawson D. 1848 12 Mar. 1926 Cied Sayre, Pa. Co. E, 191 Regt. Pa.Vol.
  Williams LeGrand   10 Aug. 1904 Born, died Sayre, Pa. 25 das. Of convulsions. Son of Jessie P. and Goldie M. Williams Death book # 2 
KK Williams Leon R. 1890 18 Jan. 1961 Born Apalachin, N.Y. Died Sayre, Pa.
    Ruth L. 1886 Dec. 1975 Born Scranton, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Dau.of Benjamin and Mary Leonard Myers.
PB1 Williams Leslie O. 1894 1968  
    Loretta K. 1897 7 Jan. 1967 Born Trucksville, Pa. Died Sayre, pa. Dau. Of Peter and Magdalina Heck Staub. Marr. 1917
S Williams Mahlon Henry 10 Aug. 1853 29 Apr. 1929 Born W. Franklin, Pa. Died of fractured hip. Son of John andElizabeth Vroman Williams.
    Polly Ann  28 June 1854 12-Jul-13 Died Sayre, Pa. Dau. Of Philip and Laura Bouton McKeel. Marr. 24 Apr. 1873 in Alba, Pa. 1995 Bradford County History
    Jospehine R.      Wife # 2 marker not found Dau. Of James and Mary O'Neil Foyle. Marr .2 Mar. 1918 Elmria, N.Y.
G Williams Martin 1893 1924  
    Cora 1893    
GG Williams Max B. 1895 7-Jul-23 Born Troy, Pa. Died Athens, Pa. Son of Bruce Williams.
CC Williams Merton J. 1874 1931  
D Williams Milton B. " Bucky" 1 Aug. 1922 1 Sept. 1998 Born, died Sayre, Pa. Son of George and Maude Ray Williams. U.S. Army W.W.-2
    Dorothy 17 Jan. 1919   Celebrated 50 th anniversary in Feb. 1998.
Q Williams Orlando A. 24 May 1891 28 Mar. 1965 Pvt. N.Y. Co. A, 103 Machine Gun Batt. W.W.-1
S Williams Otto Mahlon 5-Jun-00 16 Jan. 1965 Born Weston Station, Died Sayre, Pa. Son of Jesse Phillips and Lettie Bailey Williams. Raised by g parents, Mahlon and Polly Ann McKeel Williams. Wife; Ada Heathcote pred.
FF Williams Priscilla J. 1849 1918 Wife of Abram.
PB1 Williams Ralph A. 30 May 1899 14-Jul-74 Born Starlight, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Son of LeRoy and Clara Surine Williams. Wife; Eva Every Williams.
AA Williams Ralph C. 1882 1957  
CC Williams Robert D. 1876 1968  
    Maud  1878 8 Jan. 1962 Born Pittston, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Dau. Of George and Julia Bolton Lull. Belonged to First M.E. Church Sayre more than 60 yrs. In newspaper clipping dated 8 June 1962
D Williams Sally, dau. 9 Jan. 1914 8 Aug. 1947  
D Williams Sara Jane 22 Dec. 1881 29 Dec. 1947  
P Williams Sarah J.   12 Mar. 1898 87 yrs.
CC Williams Stanley E. 15 May 1896 19 Nov. 1954 Died Binghamton, N.Y. Son of Joseph R. and Ella A. Williams Wife; Dorothy.
FF Williams Wesley L. 1874 8 Nov. 1956 obit date. Marker; 1874 - 1955
    Lillian L. 1881 24 Mar. 1962 Born Standing Stone, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa.
PB2 Williams William F. 12 Sept. 1899 11-Jun-83 Born Lodi, N.Y. Died Waverlly, N.Y. Son of William S. and Delia Ellis Williams.
    Lucinda L. 9 Sept. 1900 11-Jun-83 Born E. Smithfield, Pa. Died Waverly, N.Y. Dau. Of William and Deborah Osborne Burlingame.
Published on Tri-Counties Site on 11/3/2005
By Joyce M. Tice