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This is a  Listing taken from Secondary records such as obituaries in addition to Primary records such as Tombstone readings and office records.
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This is a very, very large cemetery of over 20,000 burials, and is the major burial place for most residents who die at this time and for many of our early settlers as well. Eloise FRANTZ Wilson has collected information from many obituaries, death records, history books, and other records over a lifetime of historical research. Much of this you will find on file at various local libraries. She has given generously of her expertise and is one of our most respected and loved local historians. She has recently made her files available to the Tri-Counties Site, and we are very grateful to her for that.
Tioga Point Table of Contents Page
Section Last name First name birth date death date Comments
Z Walter Charlotte Teeter 1936 1971
PB3 Walter Clarence " Jack" 24-Jul-18 23-Jun-79 Born Jamica, L.I., N.Y. Son of Clarence and Josephine Muller Walter.
    Harriet 30 Sept. 1920 14-Jun-02 Born South Hampton, L.I., N.Y. Died Waverly, N.Y. Dau. Of John and Hattie Ryder Bonn. Married 3 June 1946 Elk, Md.
LL Walter Donald Mark 16-Jun-43 24-May-86 Son of Lewis and Ruth Wilcox Walter. U.S. Navy Vietnam
    Joan A. 1948   Married 11 July 1968
EE Walter Glen B., Rev. 1896 22 Dec. 1959 Died Wilmington, Del. Heart atack. Son of Harvey P. Walter.
    Helen M. Pearson 14 Mar. 1903 1-Jun-87 Died Lewes, Del. Marr. Nov. 1931 Clatyton, N.Y.
    Glen B., Jr. 6 Aug. 1921 11 Mar. 1938 died Sayre, Pa. Of " throat condition "
Z Walter Lewis C. 1848 1924  
    Mary L. 1856 1919  
Z Walter Lewis M. 1910 2001  
    Ruth O. 1915 1963  
  Walter Louis R. 19 Sept. 1937 11 Dec. 1998 Born Sayre, Pa. Died Spencer, N.Y. Son of Richard and Alice Griffing Walter. U.S. Army Wife; Kay Tester
    Cecelia Kay 20 Nov. 1939   Marrried 26 July 1958
O Walter Mattie 1881 1906  
Z Walter Michael Scott 12 Jan. 1963 6 Mar. 1963  
EE Walter Paul A. 1897 1941  
  Walter Sarah J. 2 Mar. 1861 22 Nov. 1937 Died Waverly, N.Y. Dau. Of William and Elizabeth Hinkley Campbell. Wife of Zebulon Walter
CC Walters Charles . 1879 1923  
T Walters Estella M. 22 Feb. 1858 16 Aug. 1935 Born Wysox, Pa.
KK Walters Evalena 14 Mar. 1874 31 Jan. 1942 Born Jackson City, Mich. Died Waverly, N.Y. Dau. Of Chauncey and Pehobe Rathbun Stevens.
CC Walters John 17 Oct. 1845 11 Sept. 1896  
    Margaret M. 12 Nov. 1851 10 Mar. 1943 Born Germany. Died in oil stove explosion. Lived in Athens, Pa. Since age 18.
    John L., Jr. 12 Dec. 1889 2 Aug. 1892  
    Baby 22 Feb. 18 __??    
A Walters Mark S. 1956    
    Vickie I. 1952   on marker with Lee and Gert Jordan.
GG Walters Leonard H. 1880 2 Oct. 1962 Died Sayre, Pa. Of broken hip.
T Walters Winifred R. 25 June 1867 5-Jul-33 Born Tovistock, Devonshire, England.
CC Walters William M. 1882 1920  
O Walther Mattie 1881 1906  
EE Waltman Clatyon L. 1897 1957  
    Helen J. 10 Jan. 1900 30 Apr. 1994 Born, died Sayre, Pa. Dau. Of Arthur and Edith Springer Merrill. D.A.R.
  Waltman Connie Irena 18 Sept. 1937 21 Sept. 1937 Died Waverly, N.Y. Dau. Of Herman and bertha Meeker Waltman.
  Waltman Delphine 20 Aug. 1854 13 Nov. 1944 Born New Albany, Pa. Died Waverly, N.Y. Dau. Of Richard H. and Charlotte DeLong Richards. Wife of Edward Waltman.
PB3 Waltman Edwin L., Sr. 20 Dec. 1920 12 Aug. 1994 Born Sayre, Pa. Died Wilkes - Barre, Pa. Son of Clatyon and Helen Merrill Waltman. U.S. Army W.W.-2
    Alma A. 1927    
  Waltman Florence M. 1859 20 Mar. 1940 Died Grover, Pa. 80 yrs.
EE Waltman Fred L. 1876 7 Mar. 1938 Died Towana, Pa. 
    Mary E.  1876 1960 Another source says 30 Mar. 1875 - 22 Oct. 1960 Dau. Of Charles Platt and Sarah Ann Elliott. Marr. 14 Aug. 1895 in Norwood Hotel, Waverly, N.Y. by Rev. Charles DeWoody. From Marie Platt Post. 
S Waltman George L. 10 Nov. 1853 19 Jan. 1912  
    T. Delphine 20 Aug. 1854 13 Nov. 1944  
    Harry H. 19 Jan. 1891 20 Jan. 1912  
LL Waltman Guy H. 23 Aug. 1944 29 Dec. 1984 Born Waverly, N.Y. Died Sayre, Pa. Son of Herman and Bertha Meeder ? Waltman.
    Ammanae J. 30-Jul-46 16 Dec. 2002 Born Waverly, N.Y. Died Sayre, Pa. Dau. Of Alva, Sr. and Louisa Lattimer Chandler. Marr. 12 Sept. 1964
BB Waltman Grace E. 1889 22 Mar. 1934 Born Falls, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Pneumonia Dau. Of J.A. and Florence Waltman
Z Waltman Herman M. 1917 9 Jan. 1961 Born , died Sayre, Pa. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Lee H. Waltman. Wife; Bertha Meeder.
Z Waltman Lee H.   7-Jun-32 43 yrs, Died Sayre, Pa. 
    Susie G.   1971  
Z Waltman Maurice A. 1861 1920  
    Jennie M. wife 1867 1921  
S Waltman Orren F. 1885 6 Feb. 1966 Born New Albany, Pa. Died Norfolk, Va. Son of George and Delphine Richards Waltman.
Z Waltman Raymond E. 25 Dec. 1947 20 Aug. 1983 Born , died Sayre, Pa. Son of Herman Waltman and Mrs. Bertha Gregory.
S Waltman Villa B. 1885 1966  
CC Wanamaker Correll J. 1874 3 Jan. 1954  
    Addie E. 1878 7 Dec. 1967 Born Falls, Pa. Died Athens, Pa. Dau. Of Hiram and Mary Detrick Elllis. Marr. 24 Dec. 1893
C Wanamaker Elizabeth H. 1850 1917  
C Wanamaker Jacob I. 1841 25 Aug. 1919 Co. G , 141 Reg. P.V.I.
C Wanamaker John E. 1884 1943  
C Wanamaker Joseph DeWitt   24 Mar. 1898 Born, died Sayre, Pa. 11mos. Of bowel difficulty. Son of Correll and addie Wanamaker. Death book # 1 marker reads; Joe D., son of F.C.J> & A.E. 1835 - 1898
PB5 Wanamaker William Lee 5 Apr. 1955 16-Jun-92 Born Hanover, N.H. Died Redondo Beach, Calif. Son of John and Dorothy Wanamaker.
A Wandell Alonzo P. 1874 1946  
    Lulu E. 1876 1950  
  Wandell Bertha    5-Jul-59 Born Towanda, Pa. Died Athens, Pa. First wife of Harry F. Wandell.
A Wandell Gerald F. 1944 20 Jan. 1952 Born, died Sayre, Pa. Sonof Harry and Bertha Wandell.
  Wandell Harriet   15-Jun-31 Died Athens, Pa. Aged 54 yrs.
GG Wandell Jessie B. Mace 1895 1935  
PB2 Wandell Karen L.  1962   only date on lot with Burton and Lucine Comfort.
BB Wandell William Frank 1876 27 Nov. 1953 Born Sheshequin Twp., Pa. Died Cincinnatus, N.Y. Sonof Billings and Martha Prince Wandell.
    Ethelyn Christine 1876 1931 Dau.of William, Sr. and Harriet Knowles Williams. ( 1995 Bradford Co. History )
I Wanzer Benjamin   22 Jan. 1901 82 yrs,. 9 mos. Gangarene. Death book # 2 obit; born 10 Mar. 1818 Lansing, N.Y. U.S. Navy helped rig the frigate " Congress" Served on " Floying Clous " and battleship " Onio" Discharged spring 1850
II Warburton Arthur T. 1883 20 Dec. 1957 Born Leroy, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa.
AA Warburton Frank T. 1866 19 Apr. 1944 Born Leroy, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa.
    Carrie E. 1871 19 Jan.1950 Born Leroy, Pa. Died Montclair, N.J. Dau. Of Charles W. and Rose Wilcox Coon.
II Warburton Kittie M. 1870 1927  
P Ward Anna M. 23 Nov. 1848 23 Nov. 1898 Wife of J.J.
PB4 Ward Carlton A. 23 Apr. 1921 29 Apr. 1996  
    Jacqueline L. 2 Dec. 1923   Married 3 May 1942
D Ward Dora  1881 26 Oct. 1956 G250Born Towanda, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Wife of Frank O. Ward 
  Ward Edward   7 Sept. 1893 Born Orange Co.,N.Y. Died Wilawana, Pa. Of heart disease 63 yrs. Death book # 1 
BB Ward Eldred O. 1906 1959  
    Carol G. 1915    
D Ward E. Eugene 15 Dec. 1925    
    Vivian A. 26 Oct. 1925    
D Ward Frank O. 1874 24-May-58 Died Sayre, Pa. Son of Charles and Evelyn Ovenshire Ward. Wife; Mabel
O Ward Fred G. 1862 1907  
    Eliza C. 1865 7-May-40 Died Sayre, Pa.
CC Ward John D. 1822 1893  
    Eliza L. 1820 1900  
P Ward John J. 2 May 1842 17 June 1898  
    Mabel H. 1884 1961  
BB Ward J. Franklin O. 1874 1958  
PB4 Ward Leon John 18 Nov. 1915 25-May-00 Died Sayre, Pa. Son of George and Minnie Ward.
    Tillie 24 Feb. 1919   Marr. 29 July 1939
KK Ward Levi 1864 1944  
    Sara P. Dibble 1872 1962  
BB Ward Margaret  1880 1935  
AA Ward Orlando L. 1901 1923  
PB5 Ward Ralph  1 Nov. 1925 2 Sept. 2001 Born Athens, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Sonof Fred Ward and Cora Chandler. U.S. Navy W.W.-2 Wife; Yvonne.
X Ward Sally M. 19 Sept. 1937 27-May-01 Born Sayre, Pa. Died Coventry, Conn. Dau. Of Robert and Betth White Mitchell.
KK Ward Sarah P. 1872 1982  
PB1 Ward Thomas Earl 9-Jun-00 16-Jun-92 Born Wysox, Pa. Died Waverly, N.Y. Son of Elmer and Susan Vargason Ward.
    Nellie K. 28-May-03 7 Nov. 1994 Born Greenville, Tn. Died Athens, Pa. Dau. Of Jasper and Victoria Johnson Suttles.
PB1 Wardrop David 4-Jul-71 4 Feb. 1991 Born Bloomsburg, Pa. Died Athens, Pa. Suicide. Son of David and Gail Lanning Wardrop. 
A Warfield Aaron N. 1868 1946  
    Martha M. 12 May 1881 2 Sept. 1961 Born Toronto, Canada Died Waverly, N.Y. Dau. Of Thomas Black. Marker says 1880 - 1961
  Warfle Infant son   10 Apr. 1914 Born, died Waverly, N.Y. Son of Rex and Sarah Waterman Warfle.
T Waring John J. 1880 1955  
T Waring Lucy J. 1885 1933  
T Waring Marguerite 1914 1916  
T Waring Marjorie 1917 1918  
  Warner Benjamin S.   18? Apr1950 84 yrs. Apalachin, N.Y. Wife; Ruth
EE Warner Charles  1859 1950
T Warner Charles A. 1908 1-Jul-51 Born Beverly, N.J. Died Waverly, N.Y. 
    Dorothy  1911 22-Jul-75 Obit; born 3 Apr. 1910 N.J. Died Sayre Rd, Pa. Dau. Of Harry and Martha Budden Smith.
X Warner Charles B. 1842 1890  
T Warner Clarence 1864    
    Bertha, wife 1874    
    Rebecca, dau. 1898 1939  
    Ralph A. 1894    
A Warner Edward W. 1851 1939  
A Warner Eldon G. 1908 1944  
X Warner Emma E. 1846 1905  
X Warner Harriet Smith 1808 1889  
X Warner Harry P. 1881 1921  
X Warner Jane Brague 1844 1912  
X Warner Leadom " Jim"   23-Sep-03 72 yrs. Son of Charles and Dorothy Smith Warner. 
    Vina Silkman     Wife of 53 yrs.
  Warner Lee M. 9 Jan. 1899 10 Nov. 1977 G300Born Elmira, N.Y. Died Waverly, N.Y. Son of Merville and Nellie Gates Warner.
    Wilda Jarvis, wife      
PB2 Warner Lee M. 23 Sept. 1911 10 Nov. 1977 Born Elmira, N.Y. Died Waverly, N.Y. Son of Merville and Nellie Gates Warner.
PB1 Warner Lester C., Sr. 27 May 1895 5-Jun-78 Born Laceyville, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Son of Charles and Rose Manning Warner. Cpl. U.S. Army W.W.-1
    Florence E. 18 Apr. 1905 27 Apr. 1992 Born Hollenbeck, Pa. Died Odessa, N.Y. Dau. Of William and Isabelle Hoover Evans. Marr. 14 Apr. 1923 in Binghamton, N.Y. No marker for her
    Mildred E.   5-Jun-78 Born Wilkes - Barre, Pa. Died Bradford Co. Manor. Dau. Of Charles and Stella Carey Hawley. Wife of Lester C., Sr.
S Warner Maria 1836 1917  
II Warner Maria R.  1863 1956  
X Warner Myron S. 1808 1895  
PB3 Warner Ralph " Red" 1 May 1897 3 Mar. 1976 Born Laceyville, Pa. Died Waverly N.Y. Son of Charles and Rose Manning Warner. W.W.-1 Machine Gun Co. 109th Inf.
    Winifred  3 Oct. 1918 29-Jul-82 Born Elmira, N.Y. Died Sayre, Pa. Dau.of Charles and Einifred Rogers White.
  Warner Ralph G. " Bud" 9 Oct. 1945 28 Sept. 1996 Born Waverly, N.Y. Died Sayre, Pa. Son of Ralph and Einifred E. White Warner. SP U.S. Army Vietnam
    Candice A. 6 Oct. 1946   Married 28 yrs.
  Warner Sarah J. VanCise   24 Nov. 1973 48 yrs. Born Corning, N.Y. Died Sayre, Pa. Wife of Lee Warner.
H Warner Slevenus   no dates  
    Harriet   no dates  
H Warner Stephen B.   28-Jul-45 87 yrs. Died Athens, Pa.
    Alice M.   10 Dec. 1936 Died Athens, Pa.
EE Warner Wesley D. 1895 1937 services held 1 Jan. 1938. 
    Anna M. 1861 1944  
U Warren Bertha K. 1878 1909  
  Warren Eleanor  10 Oct. 1892 21Sept.1988 Born Sayre, Pa. Died Bradford County Manor.
  Warren Kathryn L. 4 Mar. 1906 20 Apr. 1994  
Published on Tri-Counties Site on 11/3/2005
By Joyce M. Tice