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This is a PARTIAL Listing taken from Secondary records
Research By Eloise FRANTZ Wilson
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This is a very, very large cemetery of over 20,000 burials, and is the major burial place for most residents who die at this time and for many of our early settlers as well. Eloise FRANTZ Wilson has collected information from many obituaries, death records, history books, and other records over a lifetime of historical research. Much of this you will find on file at various local libraries. She has given generously of her expertise and is one of our most respected and loved local historians. She has recently made her files available to the Tri-Counties Site, and we are very grateful to her for that.
LL Quatrini, Ethel B. Mar. 13, 1913 Lopez, Pa. - Aug. 22, 1987 Dau. of Marshall andRuth White Ryman. 
L Quatrini, George P. 1918 - 1973 
Beulah M. 1924 - ______
LL Quatrini, Peter Arthur. Oct. 15, 1918 Sayre, Pa. - July 22, 1994 Bath, N.Y. Son of Joseph and Mary DePaul Quatrini W.W.-2 U.S. Navy 
Wife; Anna Manzek Quatrini July 27, 1918 Binghamton, N.Y. - Aug. 30, 1984 Dau. of Stephen and Helen Kosth Manzek.
  Quattrini, Louis M, Sr. b Sayre, Pa.- May 20, 1996 no age given or b.d. Son of Thomas and Ethel Ryman Quattrini. 
  Quattrini, Thomas Nov. 1, 1917 Sayre, Pa. - Sept. 7, 1989 Barton, N.Y. Son of Joseph and Maria DePaul Quattrini. 
  Quattrini, Thomas R. June 4, 1964 Sayre, Pa. - May 24, 1991 Son of Thomas and Marlene Shaffer Quattrini. 
HH Queer, Henry E. 1851 - 1926
HH Queer, Susanna 1851 - 1945
Z Quick, Arthur L. 1941 - 1941
HH Quick, Arthur " Father" 1897- 1952
  Quick, Baby Boy Mar. 23 - 24, 1941 Waverly, N.Y. Son f Henry and Edith Williams Quick. ( Barton ) 
S Quick, Catherine, wife of J.S. 1866 -1900
F Quick, Erastus 1893 - 1965 
Minnie M. Dec. 29, 1892 Perry Co., ILL. - Oct. 22, 1976 Roanoke, Va. Dau. of John and Katherine Lust Clark. 
Z Quick, Fred 1873 - 1951
Lizzie M. 1877 - 1943
L Quick, Harry H. Sept. 16, 1893 Millport,, N.Y. - May 4, 1977 Sayre, Pa. Son of Fred and Lizzie Northway Quick. Wife; Edna Malloy Apr. 18, 1908 Monroeton, Pa. - Sept. 28, 1979 Wellsville, N.Y. Dau. of Charles T. and Flossie Dorfier Hollenback. 
S Quick, J.S.. " Father" 1858 - _______
Z Quick, Marion L. 1916 - 1919
HH Quick, Myrtie " Mother" 1898 - 1975
B Quick, Walter " Daddy" 1924 - Oct. 2, 1956 Wildwood, Pa.W.W.-2 U.S. Army Purple heart. W.W.-2 U.S. Army Son of Arthur and Myrtle Tonge Quick. 
Wife; Dorothy H. " Mother" 1928 - Oct. 2, 1956 Wildwood, Pa. dau. of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Clymer. both killed when hit by train 
  Quick, Walter E. May 6, 1947 Sayre, Pa. - July 14, 1992 Flat Lick, Ky. Son of Walter and Dorothy Clymer Quick. 
Wife; Reva 
F Quick, Wallace A. 1924 - 1956
EE Quigley, Lucy M. June 6, 1890 New Era, Pa. - July 11, 1985 Brad. Co. Manor Dau. of George B. and Anna E. Hansell Richards. 
EE Quigley, John H. 1883 - 1935 husband to Lucy
EE Quillman, Louis A. 1865 - Sept. 21, 1938 Sayre, Pa.
Wife; Betha L. 1871 - Nov. 10, 1950 Sayre, Pa. 
  Quinn, Arlie W. Oct. 26, 1922 Ontario, N.Y. - Aug. 31, 1998 Towanda, Pa. Dau. of Jacob and Sara Nichols Case. 
Sister, Iris Kitchen d. 1998 ( burial site unknown to writer )
O Quinn, Amy Marie June 24 - July 7, 1977 Dau. of Joseph and Nellie Wade Quinn.
II Quinn, Edward N. 1904 - 1956
DD Quinn, Helen Elliott, wife of Michael 1847 - 1907
DD Quinn, Joseph H. " Husband" 1869 - 1908
  Quinn, Joseph James. W.W.-2 U.S. Navy May 11, 1918 Brooklyn, N.Y. - Dec. 22, 1990 Athens, Pa. Son of William and Irene Flannigan Quinn. 

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 08/26/2001
By Joyce M. Tice & Eloise FRANTZ Wilson