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This is a PARTIAL Listing taken from Secondary records
This is a very, very large cemetery of some 20,000 burials from at least 1868 to the present. It is the major burial place for most residents who die at this time and for many of our early settlers as well. Eloise FRANTZ Wilson has collected information from many obituaries, death records, history books, and other records over a lifetime of historical research. Much of this you will find on file at various local libraries. She has given generously of her expertise and is one of our most respected and loved local historians. She has recently made her files available to the Tri-Counties Site, and they will be prepared for presentation here. Please be patient as this will take some time. These records still represent only a partial listing of the burials in this cemetery. Hopefully at some time in the future we will have the local labor resources to do a reading of this cemetery. Those of you who need information from this cemetery are encouraged to be patient and to respect the resources and time of the local people who are doing all they can to make this and all Tri-County cemetery listings available to you. (May 2001)
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See also - Bradford County Cemetery Addresses

I am adding the notes from guests exactly as they are written to just this one page so that changes can be recorded. At some point I will try to find time to go in and make individual changes, but this is the best I can do at this time.

 Subj:  Tioga Point Cemetery
Date:  8/27/2001 8:58:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Phyllis House)

Heard from Linda Puterbaugh about this web site and the errors listed for me and my husband.  They must have gotten this info from the Bradford County Historical Society book and a lot of it is wrong and was never proof read after typing.  I have been in contact with them (both with two letters of correction) but the last I knew they never put out a correction.  They just ordered more books and did not correct them because it was too expensive to do.

I will appreciate it if you would correct this web site to read as follows -

Wm. Howard House  was born August 12, 1930.
Wm. Howard House died Feb. 5, 1970

I am Phyllis Jean McCarroll House.    Not McConnell!

My parents are  Charles Harrison McCarroll and Cora Alvesta Hunsinger McCarroll.!!
The reason I used my mothers middle name is because there were two maiden name Cora Hunsingers and only the middle name differenciates them.

These corrections need to be made under H4.  I am going to go in under the McCarrolls and see if that is listed right.

Thanks for your help.  Hope you get this.

 Subj:  Tioga Point Cemetery M2
Date:  8/27/2001 10:04:20 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Phyllis House)

Clarence McCarroll - my uncle and per Death Certificate
Born   Oct. 25, 1892.
Died  Dec. 14, 1944.
Wife - Ella Rogers McCarroll married August 4, 1928.
I haven't found where Ella is buried but her family being local my guess is Tioga Point.

Another correction -

They have a listing of  Clarence Harrison with info as listed for Charles & Cora McCarroll.    There is no such Clarence Harrisonl.  I don't even know Uncle Clarence's middle name.  This is a duplication under a wrong name and should be deleted.

If you wish to correct this small error -  M2
Dicae!!!   wife of Harry McCarroll.   Just the  e  was left off Dicae(my grandmother)

Subj:  Tioga Point Cemetery, etc.
Date:  12/6/2001 9:50:11 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Charlotte Sullivan)

Good Morning Joyce,

There is a listing in the Tioga Point Cemetery, Athens, PA  that is not correct and the information should be removed.  Alice Marjorie Saxon was a sister to my mother and when I saw this info during the night in my search through your files, I just happened upon the info looking for Gowin info, it got my attention.  At your convenience, please remove her from the Tioga Point Cemetery file:

Tioga Point Cemetery, Athens, PA
McEwell, A. Marjorie Saxon June 25, 1923 Terry Twp, Pa. - Apr. 20, 1996 Terry Twp, Pa. Dau. of Cameron and Carrie Johnson Gowin. Wife of Joel Saxon, predeceased.

Correct Info:  Marjorie is buried in the Powell PA Cemetery.  There was a graveside service on Thursday, April 25, 1996 at 11:00 AM.  Rev. Alan Hulslander officiated.   Mother looked up the newspaper clipping to confirm this information.

Have a great day!  Char 

May 2006
Dear Joyce,
I am not sure how to submit corrections. But I hope this is the way to do it. My grandfather Joseph Walter Merritt is buried at Tioga Point Cemetery with my grandmother Lois Louise (Eberlin). Grandma's information is listed, but Grandpa's is not. He was born 10 Nov 1924 in Greens Landing, PA. and passed away in May 1995 at his home in Center Lisle,Broome Co., NY due to a heart attack. Also at the same location that my grandparents are buried there are 3 babies buried, but with no stones or markers. The babies are Joseph and Lois's son Walter Allen Merritt b: 8 Feb 1949 in Sayre, Bradford, PA and died 30 May 1949; Joseph and Lois's granddaughter Gloria Jean Elder; and also their grandson Joseph Leon Eaton.(my brother) who was born 13 Dec 1975 at Ideal Hospital, Endicott, Broome, NY and passed away 14 Dec 1975 at Wilson Memorial Hospital, Johnson City, Broome, NY.
I just thought that this information would make your records more accurate. Thank you for such a wonderfully informed site full of so much information.
Best Wishes,
Tina A. Wilford

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