Sheshequin  Cemetery

a.k.a. Universalist Church Cemetery

Sheshequin Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania

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Photos of Sheshequin  Cemetery by Joyce M. Tice September 18, 1999

Cemetery Read September  by Pat Raymond and Ken and Kevin Chapman and Charlotte Stevens

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Sheshequin Cemetery Obituaries
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Name of Cemetery:    Universalist Cemetery of Sheshequin
Read By:  Ken & Kevin Chapman, Pat Raymond, Charlotte Stevens
Date Read:   September. 1999
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Cross bridge in Ulster off Rte. 220 turn left about 3 miles, next to and behind the Universalist Church
Other comments: Many Vet Markers on wrong graves or dates don't match w/age for that war - Many field stones
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
??? Jeremia 1837 1918    
Abbott Mary H. Sep.18.1850 Mar.6.1903    
Allen Gerald F. 1898 1968    
Allen Margaret B. 1898 1986    
Alliger Dewitt Jan.13.1842 1910    
Alliger Sarah E. Aug.12.1843 1905   w/o Dewitt Alliger
Alliger Jennie Jun.15.1868 Jun.15.1888   d/o Dewitt & Sarah E. Alliger
Alliger Lida 1866 1947   w/o C.H. Sweet
Ames Mary J.   Feb.20.1843 29 yr w/o G. S. Ames
Ames Emma   Apr.22.1858 16 yr d/o Rev. C.S. & Mary "Exchanged this for a Higher life
Ames Mary    Sep.25.1853 78 yr w/o Nathan Ames
Ames Harriet Feb.11.1828 Jun.9.1894    
Ames Capt. C.H. Jun.20.1819 Oct.30.1879   Co. D 17 Pa Calv.
Ames John H. Apr.5.1859 Jan.7.1860   s/o Capt. C.H. & Harriet Ames
Anthony Mortimer       Co. H 11 Pa Inf. GAR Marker & flag
Anthony Stephen       Co. K 6 Pa. Res. GAR Marker & flag
Arnold C.Bern 1878 1967    
Arnold Earl B. 1899 1960    
Arnold Rose S. 1903 1950    
Arnold Raymond E. Oct.13.1927 Jan.7.1981   Pvt. US Army Korea
Note from Spouse in August 2005 says birth year is 1925.
Astin Sallyan   Apr.27.1824 36-5-27 w/o Earl M. Astin -- AmnowsoumustBpreparetodieandfollowme (Note: On Sallyan Astin stone translated by Charlotte -Am now so u must be prepare to die and follow me)
Ayer Francis S. May 12.1818 Oct.7.1897    
Ayer Sarah A. Dec.6.1819 Sep.30.1868   w/o Francis S. Ayer
Ayer Mary J. Apr.30.1836 Dec. 1896   w/o Francis S. Ayer
Ayer F. Omerva Oct.2.1864 Nov.23.1892    
Ayer Lena M. 1872 1874    
Ayer Oscar F. 1840 1914    
Ayer Anna M. 1843 1923   w/o Oscar F. Ayer
Ayer Charles F. 1871 1874    
Ayer F. O. Mera 1864 1892    
Ayer Harry E. 1922 1996    
Ayer Dorothy Lee 1926      
Baker James R.   May 19.1873 65-3-5  
Ball Elias B. May 29.1821 Dec.28.1906   Co C 76 Reg. Pa. Vol. GAR Marker & flag
Ball Almira   Apr.25.1878 57 yr w/o Elias Ball
Ball Guy D.   Jun.18.1864 19 yr Co. I 187 Reg't. Pa. Vol. S/o Elias & Almira - killed near Petersburg, VA.
Barnett Howell H. 1880 1967    
Barnett M. Belle 1883 1973    
Barnum Laura 1837    The record is for Laura Barnum b. 1837, daughter of Burgess Barnum (1812-1873) and Sylvia Quale (1815-1901), 
Bartlit Timothy   Feb.1.1821 31 yr  
Bartlit Timothy   Feb.19.1831 10 yr s/o Timothy Bartlit
Bartlit Samuel   Jul.1.1810 64 yr  
Bartlow Walter M. 1885 1949    
Bartlow Pearl J. 1886 1943    
Bartran William    Jun.6.1845 27-9-24  
Bartran Elizabeth   Aug.5.1853 66-9-5 w/o James Bartran
Baxter M. Taylor   Jul.30.1858 15 yr  
Bedford Wallace C. 1866 1916    
Bedford Ora L.       w/o Wallace C. Bedford
Bidlack Horace G. 1850 1923    
Bidlack Sarah E. 1854 1924   w/o Horace G. Bidlack (Sarah E. Chaffee)
Bidlack Daniel M. Apr.23.1823 Apr.25.1905    
Bidlack Carolina Feb.16.1831 Dec.16.1903   w/o Daniel M. Bidlack
Bidlack Anson   Apr.14.1865 60-11-23  
Bidlack Esther   Aug.28.1863 76-3-12  
Bidlack James   Apr.30.1828 49-7-8  
Bidlack James Mar.3.1814 Feb.4.1818 3-11-1 Departed this life Feb. 4. 1818
Bidlack Stanley L. Dec.5.1913 Apr.13.1992   Married May 16. 1936
Bidlack Marie Morley Jun.8.1918 Jun.16.1986   w/o Stanley L. Bidlack (Marie Morley)
Billings Sylvia L. Sep.8.1850 Jul.10.1910   w/o Martin R. Payne 
Bishop Sarissa M.   Sep.29.1832 1-8-5 d/o Wm. H. & Sarah Bishop
Bonde Peter 1901 1973    
Bonde Anita 1904 1984   w/o Peter Bonde
Boyce Henry   Jul.21.1821 54 yr  
Boyce Ocon   May 21.1812 10 yr  
Boyce Louie 1873 1956    
Boyce Orrin W. 1869 1948    
Brink Elizebeth 1834 1918    
Brink John H.   Nov.23.1874 76-9-15  
Brink Amanda    May 26.1892 86-1-0 w/o John H. Brink (Amanda Segar)
Brink Charles   Jan.16.1852 16-6-0 s/o John & Amanda Brink
Brink Julia       "Their Children"
Brink Charles        "Their Children"
Brink Benjamin Jr.   Dec.28.1830 37-7-16  
Brink Phebe   Feb.10.1861 1-7-12 d/o James & Mark Brink
Brink Alfred   Apr.15.1846 2y24d s/o T.W. & Martha Brink
Brink Benjamin    Dec.31.1845 82 yr  
Brink Elizabeth   Jan.31.1830 65-6-2 w/o Benjamin Brink
Brink Henrietta   Aug.13.1831 3 mo d/o T.W. & Martha Brink
Brink Alonza   Jun.19.1845 6-1-25 s/o T.W. & Martha Brink
Brown Oliver   Jun.9.1839 78-5-6  
Brown Esther   Apr.10.1849 86-5-25 w/o Oliver Brown
Brown Sophia Dec.7.1803     w/o Jesse Brown
Brown Charles J. Jun.9.1835 Feb.24.1901    
Brown Mary R. Jan.11.1840 Nov.3.1913   w/o C.J. Brown
Brown Seely J.   Sep.22.1865 1yr24d s/o C.J. & M.R. Brown
Brown Jesse D.   Oct.12.1865 2-3-29 s/o C.J. & M.R. Brown
Brown Jesse D. Apr.25.1797 Nov.21.1882    
Brown Mariah Apr.8.1798 Jul.16.1849   w/o Jesse Brown (Possible same person?)
Brown Maria    Jul.16.1847 49-3-13 w/o Jesse Brown (Possible same person?)
Brundage William K. Jun.29.1836   Co. D 56th N.Y. Vol. GAR Marker & flag
Brundage Sabra A. Mar.1.1842   w/o William K. Brundage
Buffington Wm. J. 1921 1996    
Buffington Joyce 1927      
Burton Paul May 4.1911 Sep.10.1914    
Campbell Adellia L.   Jul.30.1866 34-11-0 w/o W.B. Campbell Oldest d/o Harry & Polly Shaw
Campbell Willet W.   Apr.1.1853 1y 22d s/o Wm. & Jane Campbell
Carman Diantha E   Dec.11.1898 43 yr  
Chaffee Sarah E. 1854 1924   w/o Horace G. Bidlack
Chaffee W.B. Jan.30.1826 Apr.25.1907    
Chaffee Lucy Ann Apr.8.1832 Mar.11.1896   w/o W. B. Chaffee
Chaffee A.G. Feb.28.1853 Feb.22.1930    
Chaffee Sarah J. Jul. 27.1860 Mar.1.1930   w/o A.G. Chaffee (Sarah J. Haige)
Chaffee Walter F. 1895 1982    
Chaffee Ethel J. 1894 1975    
Chamberlain Joseph  1873 1945    
Chamberlain Josephine 1909 1917   w/o Joseph Chamberlain
Chandler Caty   Jan.6.1860 69-6-0 w/o John Chandler
Chandler Chloe   Dec.30.1847 74-1-15 "John's wife"
Chandler Leland E. Jun.3.1922 Dec.24.1995   Cpl. US Army WW II
Charles M.  Jan.16.1845 Dec.13.1847    
Charles Mortimer May 21.1849 Aug.20.1852    
Charles Amelia V. Jul.30.1837 Oct.23.1839    
Charles Marion A. Oct.8.1841 Nov.25.1843    
Childs George Dec.18.1830 Oct.9.1916    
Childs Debora Oct.23.1830 Oct.13.1914   w/o George Childs
Childs Gracie D.     25-9-21  
Childs Gracie G.   Oct.1.1878 26y (?) w/o John Childs d/o L.S. & Sarah Kingsbury
Childs Jesse L. 1887 1964   Enclosed in separate plot surrounded by fence.
Childs Lou S. 1887 1962   Enclosed in separate plot surrounded by fence.
Childs John H. 1853 1930   Enclosed in separate plot surrounded by fence.
Childs Nettie Fish 1859 1934   Enclosed in separate plot surrounded by fence.
Childs Nettie  1856     w/o Guy L. Smith 
Clark Nancy   Oct.18.1827 25 yr d/o E. & L. Clark
Clark John L. Mar.4.1852 Jun.1.1906    
Clark Amelia A. Sep.13.1850 May 25.1917   w/o John Clark (Amelia A. Tuttle)
Cole Eva Haywood 1892 1986    
Conrad Belle  1858 1919   w/o Miles Tompkins 
Corner Wealthy Ann   Apr.8.1833 33 yr w/o Luther Corner d/o Col. John & Wealthy Ann Spaulding
Coutant Mabel M. 1896 1970   w/o Ray R. Perry
Crammar Alberta 1881 1918    
Cranmer Alberta 1881 1918    
Cranmer Julia Kinney 1857 1916   Same stone as Alberta Cranmer
Cranmer Marcus A. 1860 1945   Same stone as Alberta Cranmer
Cranmer Horace Kinney 1883 1951   Same stone as Alberta Cranmer
Cranmer Gertrude D. 1895 1985   Same stone as Alberta Cranmer
Cranmer Orrin Day 1895 1958   Same stone as Alberta Cranmer
Crane Edna 1913 1969   Edna Crane Horton
Crawford John L. 1822 1906    
Crawford Maria 1828 1904   w/o John L. Crawford
Crawford Jessie 1856 1876   d/o John & Maria Crawford
Crawford E. Julia 1858 1878   d/o John & Maria Crawford
Crotsley John   Aug.21.1874 49 yr  
Crotsley Harriet   Nov.1.1851 19-3-26 w/o John Crotsley
Crotsley John W.   Aug.15.1870 24-8-0 s/o John & Harriet Crotsley
Crotsley Louisa Oct.2.1831 Sep.26.1903    
Culver Helene 1876 1915   Helene Schnippe Culver
Culver Sybil Park Feb.19.1834 May 16.2875    
Cunningham George   1961    
Cunningham Edith A.   1971    
Davidson Donald A. Jun.3.1919 Nov.24.1922    
Deats A.C. 1837    
Deats S.E. 1872   GAR Marker & flag
Deats Clayton A. 1897 1914    
Deats Margaret M. 1830 1913   w/o Daruis Tompkins 
Decker Hattie E. Aug.7.1870 Sep.20.1872   d/o George L. & Mary Lent Decker
Derpuy Sarah E. 1807 1887   w/o B.F. Watkins 
Dickinson Grace   Apr.19.1863 2 Mo "Our Darling"
Dingman Lucretia   Feb.21.1881 52-2-0 w/o Abraham
Dingman Abraham 1824 1901   Co. E 51 Reg. 3 Div. 9 Corps GAR Marker
Dordiska Sarah Apr.14.1839 May 14.1909   w/o Samuel H. Heavener 
Duggan Gomer A. 1872 1958    
Duggan Marion F. 1870 1949   Same stone as Gomer A. Duggan
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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