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Name of Cemetery: Oak Hill Cemetery
Read By: Sarah Edsell
Date Read: Spring 2002
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Location: Towanda, Bradford County, PA
Other comments: If you need to locate a grave in this cemetery, 
Sarah did a map and numbered all graves.
Copies are at the Bradford County Library in Burlington, PA
Additional Info: Plaque on left wall reads: Oak Hill Cemetery Incorporated Sept. 18, 1882
Plaque on other wall reads: In memory of Joseph Powell born in Towanda June 23, 1828-died April 24. 1904
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See also - Bradford County Cemetery Addresses

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Ransdell Frederick D. 1839 1894   On stone w/Henry & Matilda
Ransdell Jeannie S. 1838 1924   w/o Frederick D - On same stone
Scott H. Lawrence Jun.11.1824 Sep.11.1891    
Scott Catharine A. Jan.27.1828 Jan.21.1897   w/o H. Laurence - on same stone
Scott Harry L. 1864 1928   On stone w/H. Lawrence & Catharine
Scott Anne C. Warford 1852 1936   On stone w/H. Lawrence & Catharine
Scott Lydia Helen Stevens Jan.5.1829 May.3.1857   w/o H. Laurence - on same stone
Rockwell W. George 1860 1937    
Rockwell Henry E. 1850 1924    
Rockwell Anna Gore 1856 1941    
Godcharles Ralph H. 1877 1964    
Godcharles Helen R. 1878 1958    
Rockwell George E. 1888 1942    
Rockwell Ruth C.   1972   No other info
Gore Frederick C. Dec.16.1845 Jul.17.1907   Erected by Postal Clerks who were under his supervision (Front says Rockwell)
Gore Sara E. 1845 1883    
Gore Geneva M. 1873 1900    
Gore Frederick C. 1845 1907    
Kingsbury         Next five stones form Kingsbury area
Kingsbury Burton Mar.30.1805 Jun.15.1871    
Kingsbury Rowena Scott Apr.23.1807 Jun.24.1893   w/o Burton
Fischer Rowena Kingsbury Jun.2.1837 Feb.21.1887   b. in Towanda - died in Philadelphia
Kingsbury Edward Jun.27.1835 Mar.2.1862   b. in Towanda - died in the service of his country in Louisville, KY
Kingsbury Anna Nov.19.1843 Aug.28.1850    
Baldwin O. A. 1842 1911    
Baldwin A. L. 1841 1917    
Frost Nellie Allis 1903 1971    
Frost F.Wyatt 1874 1954    
Frost James Otis Nov.26.1820 Mar.30.1900    
Frost Chloe Dec.22.1822 Nov.20.1906   w/o James Otis
Frost Ellie??Nellie       Small spiral infant stone - Hard to read
Frost Little Herbert        
Baldwin G. L. 1871 1918    
Baldwin E. K. 1870 1929    
Sherman Robert J. 1842 1880    
Sherman Elsie M. Frost 1844 1917   w/o Robert J.
Skiff Mary 1848 1889    
Skiff Maud 1873 1893    
Skiff John 1875 1895    
Skiff Ellen 1860 1918    
Bostley Richard A. Dec.13.1844 Nov.15.1889    
Bostley Mary M.   Feb.10.1930   w/o Richard A. - on same stone
Skiff Fred N. 1850     stone toppled over - no death date
Skiff Margaret 1880 1917    
Skiff Fred D. 1894 1918   Cor Co C 314 Inf 79 Division - Flag & Vet Marker
Camp Margaret 1837 1918   w/o B. W.
Chamberlain Adah L. 1860 1942    
Lathrop Gilbert C. 1863 1946    
Lathrop Amanda 1857 1912   w/o Gilbert
Ladd Lydia Fox Jun.28.1887 Dec.21.1912   born at Saranac Lake
Curran Daniel May.15.1798 May.7.1868    
Curran Willie May.11.1867 Aug.11.1867    
Curran Hugh Aug.10.1871 Feb.6.1873    
Curran Thomas Feb.4.1831 Dec.31.1908    
Curran Joanna O'Keefe May.15.1846 Sep.21.1899   w/o Thomas - on same stone
Curran Willie May.11.1867 Aug.11.1867   On stone w/Thomas (has 2nd stone see above)
Curran Hugh Aug.10.1871 Feb.6.1873   On stone w/Thomas (has 2nd stone see above)
Curran Dottie Aug.11.1876 Nov.18.1881   On stone w/Thomas (has 2nd stone see below)
Curran Paul Oct.14.1878 Sep.29.1887   On stone w/Thomas
Curran Helena Dec.25.1883 Oct.4.1887   On stone w/Thomas
Curran Teresa Jul.15.1881 Oct.5.1887   On stone w/Thomas
Curran Daniel May.15.1789 May.7.1868   On stone w/Thomas (has 2nd stone see above)
Curran Joanna Nov.6.1839 Feb.17.1863   On stone w/Thomas (has 2nd stone see below)
Curran Joanna Nov.6.1839 Feb.17.1863    
Curran Dottie Aug.11.1876 Nov.18.1881    
Curran Thomas A. Jan.12.1889 May.3.1925    
Gerould Lewis H. C. Oct.1.1880 Jan.11.1953   PA PFC Co C 153 Depot Brig WWI
Tracy         Next 13 stones encircle this one
Tracy F. Louise 1879 1936    
Tracy E. Frances 1850 1932    
Tracy Charles Lockwood 1845 1910    
Tracy Infant   1874   s/o C. L. & E. F.
Tracy Charles Holcomb 1875 1929    
Tracy Ulilla R. 1810 1887    
Tracy Guy 1805 1867    
Tracy Helen A. 1843 1903    
Holcomb Judson 1819 1903    
Holcomb Maria Nobles 1824 1913    
Holcomb Infant Son   1846    
Hall Louis M. 1857 1905    
Hall Ulilla Tracy 1870 1935    
Hall Frances 1900 1985    
Lane Daniel 1835 1922    
Lane Katherine S. 1878 1956    
Duggan Thomas J. Jul.5.1868 Dec.10.1908    
Waters Sarah Feb.4.1816 Apr.3.1847   w/o Morgan
Waters Sarah J. Oct.19.1844 Jun.10.1850   d/o Morgan & Sarah - on stone w/Sarah
Waters Mary A. May.10.1842 Mar.20.1871   d/o Morgan & Sarah - w/o H. W. Brown - on stone w/Sarah
Ennis George W. Apr.29.1842 Nov.16.1887   Co C Ind L't Art PA Vol - Flag & Vet Marker
MacNulty C. Winifred Duggan 1904 1964    
MacNulty David James 1899 1983   On stone w/C. Winifred
Bailey Howard L. 1879 1939    
Bailey Sarah E. 1886 1933    
Young Robert S. 1884 1956    
Young Ella B. 1883 1941    
Young Roy W. 1890 1971    
Young Angeline B. 1889 1980    
Bailey Wallace W. 1856 1923    
Bailey Addie H. 1859 1954    
Ennis Leon A. 1889 1948    
Ennis Richard L. Mar.7.1922 Sep.23.1999   S Sgt US Army WWII - Flag & Vet Marker
Ennis Anna C. 1889 1933    

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 10/7/2002
By Joyce M. Tice