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Name of Cemetery: Oak Hill Cemetery
Read By: Sarah Edsell
Date Read: Spring 2002
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Location: Towanda, Bradford County, PA
Other comments: If you need to locate a grave in this cemetery, 
Sarah did a map and numbered all graves.
Copies are at the Bradford County Library in Burlington, PA
Additional Info: Plaque on left wall reads: Oak Hill Cemetery Incorporated Sept. 18, 1882
Plaque on other wall reads: In memory of Joseph Powell born in Towanda June 23, 1828-died April 24. 1904
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See also - Bradford County Cemetery Addresses

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
McKee Robert 1829 1891    
McKee Elmer B. 1859 1910   s/o R. & J. E.
McKee Fanny M. 1859 1911   w/o E. B.
Frost Lester Raymond 1849 1936    
Frost Elizabeth Wyatt 1852 1927    
Frost Helen Wyatt 1876 1944    
McKee Robert A. 1873 1915   s/o R. & J. E.
McKee Jane E. 1834 1923   w/o Robert - on same stone
Rogers Jeremiah Jul.4.1789 Mar.10.1869   On back of Robert McKee Stone
Rogers Margaret Apr.30.1813 Aug.9.1878   w/o Jeremiah - on same stone
Frost Lester R.       No other info
Lintern Emmett Ellithorpe 1895 1976   Flag & Vet Marker
Lintern Virginia Frost 1883 1960    
Young William Jesse 1837 1907    
Young Harriet Felton 1853 1935    
Lane Wilfred A. 1893 1909    
Lane C. Henri, M.D. 1854 1912    
Lane Jennie S. 1866 1915    
Bailey Howard N. Apr.7.1907 Jan.18.1977   S2 US Navy WWII - Flag & Vet Marker
Bailey Archie J. 1879 1952    
Bailey Charlotte M. 1880 1968    
Bailey Leonard A. Jan.24.1909 May.11.1909    
Young Charlotte Louise 1883 1919    
Kuhns Jennie Young 1877 1945    
Head Robert P. 1898 1975   PVT US Army WWI - Flag & Vet Marker
Head Madelane A. Apr.1.1897 Sep.2.1996    
Head Charles Arthur Jul.20.1883 Jan.12.1899   Stone toppled over - Flag & Vet Marker
Head Lewis Hillis Aug.1.1885 Aug.29.1886   s/o Arthur & Mary
Head Thomas Woodruff Aug.31.1897 Jan.22.1899    
Head Francis Peter Dec.30.1899 Jan.14.1901    
Head Arthur Jul.31.1851 Aug.17.1926    
Head Mary Gertrude Frink Feb.14.1854 Aug.17.1885    
Head Frances C. Woodruff Oct.3.1861 Apr.25.1909   w/o Arthur
Head Theron Sep.17.1901 Dec.26.1902    
Frost Edward O. Jul.3.1886 Nov.1.1915    
Frost Sarah H. Jul.25.1850 Apr.7.1925    
Frost Edward Sep.8.1846 Mar.18.1910    
Frost C. Herbert Mar.28.1871 Sep.13.1873    
Frost M. Maude 1878 1952    
Humphrey Jennie F. 1874 1967    
Humphrey Walter F. 1873 1959    
Blasdell Levi S. Sep.10.1833 Aug.3.1910   Co D 50th PA Vol - Flag & Vet Marker
Blasdell Mary C. VanDyke Apr.23.1846 Aug.14.1928   w/o Levi S. - on same stone
Mishler Charles T. 1879 1967    
Mishler Elizabeth B. 1875 1939    
Blasdell Emma A. 1873 1948    
Blasdell Grant C. 1869 1932    
Mingos Leonard M. M.D. Dec.20.1853 Nov.3.1910    
Mingos Helen E. May.11.1884 Mar.2.1935   w/o Leonard M. - on same stone
Aronstein Leanore M. Feb.5.1881 Aug.6.1935   On side of above stone
Mingos Joseph H. Jul.12.1888 Jun.12.1926   On back of above stone
Mingos Bessie A. Jan.26.1886 Apr.7.1976    
Newell Oliver S. Apr.2.1842 Nov.12.1913    
Newell Lucy A. Oct.19.1846 Jan.21.1915   w/o Oliver S - on same stone
Ferrell Malinda B. 1843 1920    
Layton Harry W. 1879 1982   Flag & Vet Marker
Layton Catherine P. 1895 1978   on stone w/Harry W.
Layton Lawrence W. Jul.2.1924 May.2.1989   PVT US Army WWII - Flag & vet marker
Newell John K. 1843 1919    
Newell Adelaide Passmore 1843 1907    
Buck Agnes Elizabeth Jun.12.1884 Jul.10.1981    
Buck Perley Henry Jan.13.1887 Jul.31.1917    
Buck Amelia Glen Nov.18.1856 Jan.30.1916    
Buck Samuel Ward Jun.9.1855 Jan.26.1892    
Newell James Monroe Jun.26.1881 Oct.14.1887   s/o John & Adelaide
Buck John Howard May.22.1883 Jan.15.1888    
Newell Henry P. 1876 1931    
Newell Bertha E. 1876 1963    
Miller Adelaide Newell Aug.19.1913 Jun.14.1998    
Dusenbury Lucy Apr.8.1850 Jun.1.1919    
Dusenbery Dr. G. S. Jul.12.1833 Apr.22.1904    
Gordon Ruth E. 1881 1960    
Gordon Alfred S. Feb.3.1856 Sep.6.1937    
Gordon Mary Margaret Aug.4.1854 Apr.19.1914   w/o A. S.
Gordon George marcellus Jan.1.1894 Jul.9.1904   s/o A. S. & M. M.
Pentz Francis R. 1912 1990   Flag & Vet Marker
Pentz Helen M. 1916 1970   On stone w/Francis R.
Browning Eustace I. Oct.2.1851 Apr.11.1916    
Browning Dell VanNess Oct.10.1848 Jul.19.1921    
Lane John E., Sr. 1905 1981    
Lane Kathryn L. 1905 1975   On stone w/John E., Sr.
Lewis Holden A.   Jan.15.1876 1y3m27d s/o J. W. & Delphine
Lewis Harry Jun.16.1879 Oct.16.1882   s/o J. W. & Delphine
Lewis Delphine Smith Oct.26.1850 Jan.20.1912   w/o James W.
Lewis James W. Sep.13.1834 Nov.21.1892    
Patterson John Leroy 1845 1912    
Patterson Belle Eastabrook 1855 1925    
Patterson Charles William 1887 1944    
Patterson Elizabeth Cook 1905 1996    
Davidson Charles H. 1874 1961    
Davidson Charlotte L. 1881 1983   On stone w/Charles H.
Dunn Janet D. 1916 1990    
Dunn Henry E. 1910 1969   Flag & Vet Marker
Epstein Charlotte E. 1921 1992    
Patterson James Connor 1957 1959    
Patterson Juanita Connor 1930      
Patterson James Larue 1929      
Kline Helena L. 1885 1949    
Kline Dock E. 1884 1940    
Griggs E. Z. Sep.7.1852 Nov.2.1931    
Griggs Annie S. Kinney Mar.22.1861 Jul.23.1891   w/o E. Z. - on same stone
Dayton Anna Griggs 1885 1976   daughter - on stone w/E. Z. & Annie
Mercur Robert J. 1868 1928    
Mercur Anna Hubbard May.16.1832 Oct.7.1901    
Mercur Mahlon Clark Feb.6.1816 Oct.17.1905    

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 10/7/2002
By Joyce M. Tice