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Name of Cemetery: Oak Hill Cemetery
Read By: Sarah Edsell
Date Read: Spring 2002
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Location: Towanda, Bradford County, PA
Other comments: If you need to locate a grave in this cemetery, 
Sarah did a map and numbered all graves.
Copies are at the Bradford County Library in Burlington, PA
Additional Info: Plaque on left wall reads: Oak Hill Cemetery Incorporated Sept. 18, 1882
Plaque on other wall reads: In memory of Joseph Powell born in Towanda June 23, 1828-died April 24. 1904
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See also - Bradford County Cemetery Addresses

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Bailey         Stone only - no other info
Canfield Lewis D. 1922      
Canfield Laura V. 1921 1974   On stone w/Lewis D.
Lund Harry E., Sr. 1903 1967    
Lund Lida Sill 1906 1997   On stone w/Harry E., Sr.
Lund H. Edmond Jr. 1923     On stone w/Harry E., Sr.
Bailey John A. 1890 1961    
Bailey Lillian M. 1889 1975    
Smith Leonard A. 1909 1999    
Smith Olive W. 1912 1995   On stone w/Leonard A.
Maxson Roxanna Marie 1947     No other date
Maxson Walter David 1942 1995   On stone w/Roxanna - Flag & Vet Marker "original green arrow"
Lewis Raymond L. 1929      
Lewis Doris B. 1930     On stone w/Raymond L.
Fisher David A. 1951 1972    
Woodward Edwin Delevan 1896 1987   Lt. Col US Army Artillery - Flag & Vet Marker
Woodward Mariquitta Smelker 1896 1983   On stone w/Edwin Delevan
Gike Michael J. 1898     Sgt. US Army WW2 - Flag & Vet Marker
Gike Sabel Jan.7.1896 Sep.22.1992    
Lewis Charles R. 1900 1971   Pvt US Army WW1 - Flag & Vet Marker
Lewis Ethel M. 1895 1982    
Smith Harold E. 1913 1996   Flag & Vet Marker
Smith Marietta F. 1913 1973    
Russell Warren W. 1920 1991   Flag & Vet Marker
Russell Sally M. 1922     On stone w/Warren W.
Hillyard Harry William Jul.20.1931 Oct.16.1979   Flag & Vet Marker
Hillyard Darlene Slater Feb.11.1929     On stone w/Harry William
Smith Beatrice E. 1920      
McGrath John H. 1905 1989    
McGrath Carrie H. 1905 1990   On stone w/John H.
Williams John "Jack" Aug.20.1925 Dec.29.1990   Flag & Vet Marker
Williams Mary Potter Jul.7.1929     On stone w/John
Ward James W. "Jim" Nov.23.1922      
Ward Alice B. Jul.15.1929     On stone w/James W.
Corbe Joseph Sep.16.1914 Nov.19.1994    
Corbe Grace C. Aug.5.1917     On stone w/Joseph
Meredith Dean 1912 1999   Flag & Vet Marker
Meredith Marian M. 1912 1992   On stone w/Dean
Shallenberger Paul H. Jun.22.1926 Jun.24.1999   Tec 4 US Army WWII - Flag & Vet Marker
Shallenberger Lois L. Feb.20.1930     On stone w/Paul H.
Wanch Robert F. 1910 1980    
Wanch Teresa K. 1914 1972   On stone w/Robert F.
Tulk A. Stuart 1918 1991    
Tulk Margaret I. 1921     On stone w/ A.Stuart
Pedro Rudolph A. May.25.1935 Dec.31.1990    
Wood Neilson Jun.24.1919 May.23.1994   Flag & Vet Marker
DeAncona Raymond W. Aug.19.1929 Nov.3.1994   Flag & Vet Marker
DeAncona Janice C. Aug.30.1933     On stone w/Raymond W.
Tuthill Harold R. 1897 1979   Flag & Vet Marker
Tuthill Norma M. 1903 1981   On stone w/Harold R.
Lewis Cedric A.       T Sgt WW2-Combat Vet-US Army Battery B 68th Anti Aircraft Art. Anti Tank & Inf. Support 5th & 7th Army from N. Africa to Germany..Invasions: N.Africa, Sicily, Italy, Anzio, Southern France
Baker Frank J. 1898 1957    
Baker Maude L. 1897 1967   On stone w/Frank J.
Anderson Hans Christian F. 1908 1967   On Front
Anderson Charis M. Signor 1917     On Front
Wells Herbert W. 1904 1976   On Back
Wells Elizabeth A. 1914 1989   On Back
Lewis Cedric A. Apr.6.1923 Aug.7.2000   Second stone (see above) - Flag & Vet Marker
Lewis Doris B. Jun.18.1924 Oct.14.1995   On stone w/Cedric A.
Chamberlain Donald 1920 1988   Flag & Vet Marker
Chamberlain Grace A. 1921 1974   On stone w/Donald
Chamberlain Donald G. Jun.23.1920 Nov.14.1988   PRC-US Navy WW2-Korea-vietnam--Flag & Marker (same person as above on back)
Dennis Mary P. 1940 1974    
Martin Malin D. 1898 1983    
Martin Emma H. 1901 1974   On stone w/Malin D.
Baker Joseph R. May.20.1921      
Baker Doris C. Jun.16.1924     On stone w/Joseph R.
Chamberlain Donald Jr. Feb.10.1945 Mar.13.1978    
Chilson Leona L. Jul.16.1909 Sep.18.1998    
Donovan James G. Mar.14.1938 Feb.7.1997    
McGee John J. May.25.1965 Sep.4.1995   "Our beloved Jack"
Haggerty Jamie 1981 1991   small stone & funeral director marker
Kesnow Douglas J. Nov.2.1948 May.14.2000    
Kesnow Richard Feb.20.1953 Jan.5.1970    
Kesnow Joseph F. Sep.25.1919      
Kesnow Rosalie Bunn "Bunny" Jun.23.1922     Married Dec.28.1946 - On stone w/Joseph F.
Roberts Glenn H. Apr.11.1926     US Navy WWII
Roberts Anna M. Apr.21.1931     On stone w/Glenn H.
Roberts Nancy A. Jun.17.1953     On stone w/Glenn H.
Benson Newman W. Jan.23.1921     Veteran WWII Normandy, France
Benson Myra Jean Dec.17.1919 May.24.1995   Married Dec.14.1944 - On stone w/Newman--Humanitarian of year 1968
Buffington Walter M. Aug.5.1926 Feb.16.1997   Flag & Vet Marker
Buffington Beverly Ann Benson Aug.24.1929     Married May.26.1951 - On stone w/Walter M.
Unmarked         Flag & Vet Marker
Maynard Michael C. 1962 1992    
UNMARKED         Has flowers and an angel
Vanderpoel Harold A. "Pepper" Sep.3.1924 Dec.7.2000   Flag & Vet Marker
Vanderpoel Doris Benjamin "Doty" Mar.29.1924     Married Dec.21.1943 - On stone w/Harold A.
Henry Raymond A. 1917 1983   PFC US Army WWI - 1 Ranger Batallion
Henry No other info        
Henry No other info        
Miller George H. Jul.31.1926 Nov.30.1995   Cpl US Army WWII
Slife William Aug.6.1898 Mar.15.1988    
Slife Ida P. May.17.1905 Jan.4.1969   w/o William
Miller Josephine Mar.2.1925 Apr.12.1971    
Schmeckenbecher Guy B. Apr.17.1893 Jul.23.1966    
Brown Howard Jul.25.1882 Nov.15.1975    
Schmeckenbecher Mina R. Dec.10.1894     No other date
Brown Mabel L. Feb.9.1901 Feb.13.1973    
Schmeckenbecher Charles K. Jul.7.1918 Dec.26.1968    
Jackson Clyde R. Feb.6.1896 May.9.1965    
Jackson Lucy V. Jul.6.1885 Jul.23.1968    
Schmeckenbecher Fay Apr.1.1890 Jul.12.1976    

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 10/7/2002
By Joyce M. Tice