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Name of Cemetery: Oak Hill Cemetery
Read By: Sarah Edsell
Date Read: Spring 2002
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Location: Towanda, Bradford County, PA
Other comments: If you need to locate a grave in this cemetery, 
Sarah did a map and numbered all graves.
Copies are at the Bradford County Library in Burlington, PA
Additional Info: Plaque on left wall reads: Oak Hill Cemetery Incorporated Sept. 18, 1882
Plaque on other wall reads: In memory of Joseph Powell born in Towanda June 23, 1828-died April 24. 1904
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See also - Bradford County Cemetery Addresses

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
VanFleet Herman Sep.27.1882 Feb.11.1981    
VanFleet James Nov.11.1953 Jan.1.1993    
VanFleet Richard Oct.28.1915 Sep.10.2000    
MacLaren Stanley D. Mar.22.1888 Jun.3.1967   DDS
MacLaren Elizabeth H. May.21.1886 Mar.17.1978    
Kelley Regis Joseph 1905 1982    
Kelley Gertrude Nesbitt 1906 1996    
Fulda Fred William Jr. Sep.18.1913 Dec.17.1992    
Fulda Edith M. Jacoby Dec.3.1925     On stone w/Fred William Jr.
Beatty Robert 1901 1967    
Beatty Alice G. 1902 1984   On stone w/Robert
VanFleet         Stone only - no other info
MacLaren         Stone only - no other info
Landon George D. 1894 1972    
Landon Grace L. 1894 1986   "Together Forever" - On stone w/George D.
MacLaren Robert J. Feb.6.1913 Dec.31.1976    
MacLaren Alice Beal Nov.10.1918 Jul.23.1996    
Cregier Verrene Betty        
Sheffey Edwin G. Nov.2.1903 Jan.8.1986    
Sheffey Sarah Smith Dec.22.1913     On stone w/Edwin G.
Brutzman John A. 1911      
Landon H. Eugene 1923 1978   husband of Helen Pease Landon - Sgt. US Army WW2 - Flag & Vet Marker
UNKNOWN         Stone lying flat - matches stone of Landon
Coe Francis J. 1918 1957    
Coe Shirley L. 1919     On stone w/Francis J.
Rosenfield William M. 1892 1957    
Rosenfield Muriel E. 1901 1980   On stone w/William M.
Essenwine J. Stuart 1886 1981    
Essenwine Katherine L. 1888 1980    
Hieber Jean Urquhart 1901 1957    
Hieber John Theodore 1900 1967    
Foster Elwyn I. Nov.19.1893 Sep.30.1956   PA Cpl. Co G 314 Inf WW1 - Flag & Vet Marker
Foster Nellie B. 1894 1979    
Rosenfield William Maxwell 1948 1957   President Judge of Bradford County Courts (Second stone for this person)
Rosenfield Muriel E. Carner 1901 1980   w/o William Maxwell (Second stone for this person)
Culver Margaret E. 1916 1991    
Dannemann Charles J. 1909 1984    
Dannemann Janice M. 1915     On stone w/Charles J.
MacDermott Robert B., Jr. 1911 1977    
MacDermott Dorothy D. 1907 1974    
Dawsey Wilfrid L. "Jack" 1903 1975    
Dawsey Eva Gowen 1904 1978    
Fairchild Arthur Clay 1889 1969    
Fairchild Ethel Hower 1892 1971   On stone w/Arthur Clay
Potter G. Victor 1902 1979    
Potter Janet B. 1902 1988   On stone w/G. Victor
Decker Vincent P. 1917 1976   Flag & Vet Marker
Decker Marian H. 1918     On stone w/Vincent P.
Coolbaugh F. Richard Aug.13.1944 Aug.2.1991    
Dawsey         A bench w/inscription "Rest. Look to the hills from whence cometh my help"
Spencer Charlotte R. 1923 1992    
Spencer Jay R. 1923     On stone w/Charlotte R.
Judson Howard M. Jun.21.1906 Jan.4.1987    
Judson Dorothy L. Oct.10.1913 Mar.22.1990    
Bloss Beverley F. May.17.1926 Mar.18.1989   WWII - PFC US Marine Corps - Flag & Vet Marker
  Linda L       Only information
Coolbaugh Aaron Paul Aug.12.1972 Oct.25.1972    
Cazassa Debra   1969   Believe this is death date
Cazassa Geobatta 1898 1969   On stone w/Debra
Foster George Elwyn Jun.8.1921 Mar.18.1998   Cp. US Army WW2 - Flag & Vet Marker
Carey Carol Lou MacDonald Feb.9.1938 Dec.4.1998   Married June 15. 1957 forever
Carey Robert Eugene Dec.19.1932     On stone w/Carol Lou
Montgomery Scott W. Sep.15.1974 Apr.17.1998    
Young Jack F. 1936 1996    
Young Elaine M. 1940     On stone w/Jack F.
Hackett Herbert L. 1924 1996   Flag & Vet Marker
Hackett Mary G. 1931 1997   VFW Ladies Aux flag & Marker - On stone w/Herbert L.
Breen Jack F. 1895 1952    
Breen Hilda 1895 1983    
Madigan Michael B. 1883 1958    
Madigan Ellen Scully 1880 1953    
Diltz Lyle M. 1892 1967   Flag & Vet Marker
Diltz Sarah S. 1889 1991   On stone w/Lyle M.
Ritter G. Harold 1910 1952    
Ritter Priscilla Bennett 1920 1989    
Breen         No other info
Barron         Crypt Vault
Keiper James H. Jan.5.1935 Jul.15.1994    
Keiper Karen N. Jun.8.1937 Sep.30.1979    
Smith Richard C. 1958 1982   "Always in our hearts"
Munkittrick Bill 1956 1977   "beloved son" - centerfield No 5
Myer Anna Ritter 1884 1962    
Kline Raymond H. Mar.23.1910 Nov.5.1979   Flag & Vet Marker
Kline Virginia L. Nov.17.1908 Feb.26.2001   On stone w/Raymond
Abbott Shirley N. 1924 1989   "beloved Mom & Gram"
Munkittrick Milton W. Oct.12.1928      
Munkittrick Norma S. May.14.1931     On stone w/Milton W.
Titchen Judson E. 1910 2000    
Titchen Hilda G. 1916     On stone w/Judson E.
Wilson William L. Dec.26.1916 Apr.25.1963   PA 1st Lt. 685 Ord Ammo Co WW2 - Flag & Vet Marker
Jayne William B. 1905 1965    
Jayne Mary M. 1913 1995    
Prusack Nicholas O. Dec.18.1906 Dec.28.1966   PA Capt. 301 Base Unit AAF WW2-Flag & Vet Marker
Prusack Ruth E. Parks Jan.13.1918      
Wilson Margaret Evans Dec.4.1915 Jan.19.1982    
Wilson William Leonard Dec.26.1916 Apr.25.1963   On stone w/Margaret Evans--This is second stone for him(see above)
Patten Stanley H. 1922 1992   Flag & Vet Marker
Patten Phyllis R. 1928     On stone w/Stanley H.
Prusack         Stone only - no other info
Bailey Frederick A. 1921      
Bailey Gordon J. 1933 1960    
Moore Dorothy Hosmer 1899 1984    
Wood George Edwards 1914 1973   Flag & Vet Marker
Prusack Adrian Charles Aug.30.1993 Dec.21.1996   "Budded on earth to bloom in heaven"

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 10/7/2002
By Joyce M. Tice