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Name of Cemetery: Oak Hill Cemetery
Read By: Sarah Edsell
Date Read: Spring 2002
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Location: Towanda, Bradford County, PA
Other comments: If you need to locate a grave in this cemetery, 
Sarah did a map and numbered all graves.
Copies are at the Bradford County Library in Burlington, PA
Additional Info: Plaque on left wall reads: Oak Hill Cemetery Incorporated Sept. 18, 1882
Plaque on other wall reads: In memory of Joseph Powell born in Towanda June 23, 1828-died April 24. 1904
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Dayton Henrietta 1896 1915    
Matthews Emma M. 1847 1929    
Moore Charlotte E. 1858 1945    
Dayton Jeanette 1868 1917    
McIntyre Ezra Apr.8.1840 Mar.25.1918   Co E 14 NY Inf. Vol. Military Flag & marker
Eilenberger Marian G. 1889 1951    
Eilenberger Raymond E. 1889 1951    
Bennett Mary   July 1858   OR may say July 5.1866-no other info
Eilenberger Julius Jan.22.1855 May.12.1894    
Eilenberger Oliver B. Oct.16.1885 May.18.1903   On stone w/Julius
McGill Frank L. Aug.21.1857 Mar.22.1906    
McGill Fannie 1861 1944    
McGill Lena G. 1888 1964    
Baker Eugene S. Jun.11.1857 Feb.20.1891    
Vanauken Lottie M.   Mar.16.1926 63yr  
Stevens Catharine   Dec.20.1913 60 yr w/o Edward
Stevens Edward   Apr.23.1911 71 yr Co K 141 Regt NY Vol - Flag & Vet Marker
Dimock Charles W. Jul.8.1844 Jul.20.1890    
Dimock William L. Jan.22.1836 Jan.27.1918   On stone w/Charles W.
Dimock Mary E. Jul.19.1836 Aug.5.1913   On stone w/Charles W.
Tidd         No other marks or dates
Blight Matilda Moore Apr.24.1829 Sep.2.1921   w/o Isaac O. - elongated stone casket on top of ground
Blight Isaac Oliver Oct.29.1830 Aug.6.1899   Elongated stone casket on top of ground
Blight Matilda P. Nov.30.1858 May.30.1942    
Blight Mary Valerie S. Apr.23.1861 Mar.21.1952    
          Next 7 stones form a circle
Dimock A. W. Jul.27.1825 Dec.5.1895    
Dimock Sarah A. Jul.15.1834 Dec.29.1913   On stone w/A. W.
Heath Grace D. 1878 1960   On stone w/A. W.
Searles Maude D. 1887 1967   On stone w/A. W.
Stevens Charles Dimock 1928 1942   On stone w/A. W.
Dimock Maud G. 1854 1876   On stone w/A. W.
Peterson Wirt R. 1856 1945   On stone w/A. W.
Peterson Elsie 1854 1939   On stone w/A. W. - w/o Wirt R.
Searles Howard Aug.20.1897 Aug.3.1962   NY As USNRF WW1 - Flag & Vet. Marker - Stone lying flat
Blight William Harris Mar.11.1855 Aug.1.1935   elongated casket
Spalding John J. 1848 1921   Flag & Vet marker
Spalding Aurissa A. 1847 1909    
Davies William T. Dec.20.1831 Sep.21.1912    
Davies Mary Watkins 1837 1920   w/o William T. Davies
Davies Thomas W. Jan.23.1866 Jan.24.1891    
Davies William T. Jr. Jul.31.1872 Mar.4.1915    
Davies         Stone only - no other markes
Davies Irene M. 1862 1918    
Davies Guy Hulett Jul.17.1869 May.22.1952    
Davies Annie Hench Aug.13.1878 Feb.3.1948   w/o Guy Hulett
Harkness Mary Davies 1877 1918    
McGill John W.       207 PA Inf - Flag & Vet Marker
Lilley Sarah M. 1863 1940    
Lilley C. Sumner 1860 1943    
Hatton George L. Jun.8.1850 Jan.17.1939    
McCormack Jerusha Ann Dec.23.1853 Oct.4.1929   On stone w/George L.
Hatton Harland Howe Sep.18.1881 Mar.18.1917   On stone w/George L.
Hatton Laura H. McLaughlin Apr.19.1878 Mar.14.1945   On stone w/George L.
McCormack Mercy A. Apr.16.1832 Feb.25.1901   On stone w/George L. - w/o Edward McCormack
Hatton Roscoe W. Aug.27.1875 Jul.19.1893   On stone w/George L.
Hatton George M. Aug.17.1887 Jun.16.1888   On stone w/George L.
Hatton George L. 1850 1939    
Hatton Jerusha 1853 1929    
McLaughlin Laura H. 1878 1945    
Reese Clara H. 1895      
Hatton Harland H. 1881 1917    
Hatton Henrietta 1884 1932   w/o Harland
Morrow Paul Dudley Feb.17.1828 Dec.14.1890    
Morrow Harriet K. Oct.19.1836 Mar.31.1900   w/o P. D. Morrow - On same stone
Morrow Charles S. Oct.30.1868 Dec.31.1893   On stone w/Paul Dudley Morrow
Braund Joseph 1864 1947    
Braund Alice E. 1858 1929   On stone w/Joseph - w/o Joseph Braund
Braund Earl M. 1888 1888   On stone w/Joseph
Braund Harry A. 1890 1890   On stone w/Joseph
Braund Sterling L. 1893 1893   On stone w/Joseph
          Next 4 names on Back of Above Stone
Stoneman John 1852 1917    
Stoneman Mira Kinyon 1856 1920   w/o John Stoneman
Stoneman Nora E. 1878 1917   On stone w/John & Mira
Stoneman Mary G. 1895 1918   On stone w/John & Mira
Scovell Madeline H. May.21.1910 Jul.7.1983    
Scovell C. Laurence Sep.7.1905      
Scovell Rowena M. Nov.1.1878 Sep.21.1964    
Scovell J. Wayne Nov.20.1874 Mar.8.1958    
Royse L. T. 1826 1917   (Lemuel)
Royse Louesa H. 1833 1899   w/o Lemuel T. Royse
Ayers Lemuel D. M.D. 1873 1951    
Wheeler Lula Ayers 1882 1955    
Royse Anna F. 1864 1953    
Scovell M.R.S. 1838 1891    
Scovell G.W.S. 1834 1916    
Ayers Lottie L. Aug.10.1875 Aug.23.1884   d/o J. M. & Sarah M.
Ayers James Monroe Jul.23.1849 Jul.30.1924   On stone w/Lottie Ayers
Ayers Sarah Royse Jul.18.1852 May.9.1936   On stone w/Lottie Ayers - w/o James Monroe
Royse Louesa H. Aug.19.1833 Sep.17.1899   w/o Lemuel T. Royse-On stone w/Lottie Ayers
Myers Clara L. Mar.17.1878 Jan.13.1914   w/o Claude N. Myeers - On stone w/Lottie Ayers
Myers Claude N. Jul.28.1877 Mar.22.1943   On stone w/Lottie Ayers
Scovell Mace H. Dec.30.1907 Jan.10.1993    
Scovell George M. Nov.24.1900 Feb.19.1965    
Scovell B.G.S. 1847 1903    
Scovell M.D.S. 1813 1891    
Scovell S. S., Jr. 1808 1852    
Lyman Joseph W. 1823 1882    
Burnett James P. Jul.4.1893 Jun.5.1961   PA BN Sgt. Maj ASC - Flag & Vet Marker
Burnett Della J. Mar.19.1892 Jul.31.1980   Nurse Army Nurse Corps WW 1 - Flag & Vet Marker
Griswold Mary May Feb.19.1855 Dec.20.1947   w/o J. H. Griswold
Burnett James P., Jr. 1930  
Burnet Joseph R. Aug.7.1923 May.14.1981   PVT US Army WW 2 - Flag & Vet Marker

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 10/7/2002
By Joyce M. Tice