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Name of Cemetery: Oak Hill Cemetery
Read By: Sarah Edsell
Date Read: Spring 2002
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Location: Towanda, Bradford County, PA
Other comments: If you need to locate a grave in this cemetery, 
Sarah did a map and numbered all graves.
Copies are at the Bradford County Library in Burlington, PA
Additional Info: Plaque on left wall reads: Oak Hill Cemetery Incorporated Sept. 18, 1882
Plaque on other wall reads: In memory of Joseph Powell born in Towanda June 23, 1828-died April 24. 1904
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See also - Bradford County Cemetery Addresses

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Nobles         No names-Next four stones form circle around it
Nobles Mary Coolbaugh 1840 1911    
Nobles Henry Wells 1831 1896    
Williams Robert Henry 1864 1918    
Nobles Jonathan 1791 1873    
Nobles Hila 1799 1842   On stone w/Jonathan
Noble Levi Mar.12.1809 Mar.8.1902    
Noble Diana Feb.24.1812 May23.1889   w/o Levi - On same stone
Noble John A. Aug.21.1897 Dec.26.1980   On stone w/Levi & Diana
Noble Elvira Park Jun.1.1917 Sep.1.1995   On stone w/Levi & Diana - w/o John A.
Noble Frank W. 1842 1907   On stone w/Levi & Diana
Noble Ellen Adamson 1862 1902   On stone w/Levi & Diana - w/o Frank W.
Noble James 1894 1904   On stone w/Levi & Diana
Abell Mary L. 1890 1979   Surname not on stone but seems to belong to Abell
Abell Caleb T. Mar.24.1843 Aug.12.1897    
Abell Harriet E. Ball Jan.15.1855 Feb.16.1941   w/o Caleb T. - on same stone
Abell George C. Jun.15.1881 Sep.24.1896   s/o Caleb T. & Harriet E. - on same stone
Abell Clara L. 1886 1974   Surname not on stone but seems to belong to Abell
Chernosky Abe 1909 1977   Pvt. US Army WW 2 - stone lying flat - Flag & Vet marker
Powell Hannah Tracy 1833 1925    
Powell Joseph 1828 1904    
Powell Henrietta P. 1859 1957    
Powell Mary 1874 1967    
          The next 8 stones form a circle around a sundial "Blessed is their memory"
Stevens Charlotte H. Aug. 1865 May. 1938    
Stevens Mary Eyer Nov.8.1840 Jun.22.1898    
Stevens George May.10.1826 Oct.2.1897    
Stevens George Nov.1873 Dec.1918    
Stevens Frances Turner April. 1872 May. 1961    
Kaufmann Mary Stevens Oct.24.1900 Jun.17.1982    
Stevens George Oct.14.1902 Apr.16.1966    
Stevens Lucille Morris Dec.20.1901 Sep.28.1983    
Powell Hannah 1873 1906    
Powell Frances Theresa 1861 1892    
Powell Joseph Jr. 1863 1892    
Powell Helen Mary 1862 1949   d/o Percival & Orage
Powell Percival 1818 1885    
Powell Orage 1832 1911   w/o Percival
Powell Orage Louise 1874 1924    
Powell Julia Elizabeth 1859 1925    
Fox George H.       No other info.
Yeager Mary A. Sipe 1849 1902   w/o John H.
Yeager John H. 1849 1911    
Patterson Sophia Marsden Yeager 1863 1949    
Myer Sarah Young Jan.12.1906   Rest embedded in ground - This is probably a death date but not sure
Myer Henry Bassett Sep.9.1805 Jan.22.1892    
Green Mary Gertrude       No other readable info
Myer H. W. 1870 1934    
Rogers Marsden W. Jul.17.1888 Sep.19.1960   Oregon SFC Mech Sch Det Air SVC - WW1
Yeager         No other info
Myer Capt. Geo. V. Aug.5.1841 Jun.24.1897   Co K 50 Regt. PA Vol.
Myer Ella Myer Bissell Sep.25.1848 Jul.20.1912   On stone w/Capt. Geo. V.
Mahone Bernice E. 1895 1990    
Mahone Morris A. 1904 1976   On stone w/Bernice E.
Hall Susan B. 1889 1973    
Hall Alvin R. 1891 1971   On stone w/Susan B.
Rogers Mary M. 1865 1917    
Marsden William C. 1841 1923    
Marsden Hannah E. 1844 1928    
Rosenfield Mary L. Mar.14.1844 Jun.13.1917   w/o Morris E.
Rosenfield Morris E. Dec.29.1847 Oct.23.1914    
Little William 1851 1921    
Little Ella Louise MacFarlane 1852 1922   w/o William - on same stone
Little James MacFarlane 1885 1948   On stone w/William
Little Evelyn Clymer 1891 1949   On stone w/William
Little Esther Louise 1881 1950   On stone w/William
Little William Hobart 1892 1971   On stone w/William
Montanye E. D. Sep.12.1812 May.7.1863    
Montanye Celinda E. Apr.5.1817 Feb.9.1893   w/o E. D. - On same stone
Overton Mary Aug.9.1857 Sep.7.1869   On stone w/E. D. Montanye
Overton E. Monte Apr.4.1870 Mar.4.1874   On stone w/E. D. Montanye
Overton Lizzie Nov.13.1858 Jul.12.1890   On stone w/E. D. Montanye - w/o James R. Macfarlane
Overton Helen Jun.24.1877 Aug.4.1907   On stone w/E. D. Montanye - w/o C. L. Humphrey
Montanye Rosalthe D. Nov.3.1838 May.15.1843   d/o E. D. & C. E.
Overton D. A. Jan.18.1829 Apr.19.1899   On stone w/Rosalthe D. Montanye
Overton Eliza Montanye Jul.16.1836 Dec.12.1917   On stone w/Rosalthe D. Montanye - w/o D. A. Overton
Humphrey D. A. O. May.19.1903 Feb.10.1906   On stone w/Rosalthe D. Montanye
Rosenfield         Family Stone - no info
Eilenberger/Semon         Eilenberger on Front-Semon on back-Next 10 stones circle this one
Eilenberger S. Bacon 1842 1910    
Semon Elida Virginia Eilenberger 1864 1905   w/o Joseph Semon
Semon Joseph 1865 1954    
Semon Fred Joseph 1890 1891   s/o J. & E. V.
Semon Hannah Jaconson 1841 1911   w/o S. H. Semon
Semon Simon H. 1835 1910    
VanFleet James Morgan 1912 1934   s/o H. & C. E. VanFleet
Eilenberger Frederick Delano 1867 1872   s/o S. B. & M. M.
Eilenberger Matilda M. Chamberlain 1844 1935   w/o S. Bacon
VanFleet Christine L. Eilenberger 1883 1959   w/o Herman VanFleet
Fairchild Willis B. May.19.1855 Apr.19.1914    
Fairchild Lelia E. McIntyre Apr.16.1865     w/o W. B. Fairchild
Dickerson Roger B. Jul.13.1917 Nov.30.2000   C M Sgt. US Air Force WW2, Korea, Vietnam
Dickerson Edna M. Oct.20.1886 May.8.1942    
Moore Amelia C. 1820 1890    
Moore Hopkins Porter 1816 1888    
Updyke Hampton 1811 1899    
Updyke Ulilla M. 1850 1907    
Moore Isabell S. 1871 1941    
Moore George H. 1866 1938    
Moore Oliver 1783 1861    
Moore/Updyke         Family stone-no other info
Moore Kate N. 1861 1861    
Moore Charles Porter Aug.29.1842 Jan.6.1889    
Moore Lizzie Louise Mar.7.1844 Jul.14.1878   w/o Charles P.

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 10/7/2002
By Joyce M. Tice