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 Mercur Hill Cemetery

Wysox, Bradford County, Pennsylvania

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Read and Typed by Dick McCracken

Photo by Bill Klauk June 2000

Name of Cemetery:    Mercur Hill Cemetery
Read By:  Dick McCracken
Date Read:   11-Jun-2000
Typed By:   Dick McCracken
Location:  SR1012, in the village of Mercur; Wysox Twp; Bradford Co, PA
Other comments: Well maintained.  Under court order for the Township Supervisors to maintain.
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Daugherty Sarah C.   1 Jun 1851 2y, 8m, 10d d/o Ranseelar & Caroline Daugherty
Gorsline Pomeroy 10 Jun 1790 17 Feb 1860    
Gorsline Caroline 26 Dec 1804 4 Aug 1874   his wife. On same stone as Pomeroy Gorsline
Daugherty Theodore 28 Jun 1854 11-Jan-1901   h/s Father
Daugherty Viola 2 Oct 1856     his wife.
Frink John S.   17 Mar 1891 60y 2 f/s, J.S.F, lying on ground. Co I, 141 P.V. GAR f/h
Frink Mary E. 29 Dec 1834 24 Nov 1895   his wife. Same side, same stone as John S. Frink
Frink Leslie S.   29 May 1895 20y Same stone as John S. Frink
Frink Johnie G.   1 Jan 1868 8m Same stone, same side as Leslie S. Frink
Frink Ida E.   16 Apr 1862 2y, 4m, 19d d/o J.S. & Mary E. Frink. This and the above 4 burials are contained within a fenced area.
VanNess Julia NEWELL 24 Dec 1846 11 Nov 1894   w/o M.P. VanNess. f/s J.N.V.
VanNess M. P. 10 Apr 1843 28-Jan-1911    
Unknown         Huge stone, fallen on face.
Lloyd Almon J. 11 Jun 1830 20-Aug-1910    
Trumbull Henry L. 21 Apr 1845 27 Apr 1890    
Trumbull Lillian M. 26 Apr 1881 25 Feb 1896   Same stone, same side as Henry L. Trumbull
VanScoten Joseph 1834 6-Jan-1914   County stone. GAR f/h
VanScoten James   26 May 1893 57y Co G, 57 Regt, PA Vols. H/s J.V.
Teel Elizabeth Daugherty 30 Jul 1853 16 Jul 1891   Daugherty is probably not her birth name. See below.
Teel Ella 30 Oct 1822 4 Nov 1890   d/o Frances & Elizabeth Daugherty. H/s Mother. Same stone as Elizabeth Teel above.
Teel Rob't G.       County Stone. Co E, 203 P.V. GAR f/h
Hart George   22 Mar 1886 80y f/s Father
Hart Elizabeth   16 Feb 1896 62y f/s Mother. On same stone as George Hart above.
Chamberlin Charles   17 Oct 1854 1y, 2m, 6d s/o Samuel & E.M. Chamberlin
Chamberlin William   7 Jul 1863 21y, 4m, 6d s/o Samu… Cha… (stone broken, center missing). Killed the Battle of Gettysburg July 7th, 1863. Co *, 141 P.V. "Tell our folks I odne all I could do. F/s W.C. GAR f/h.
Nichols George 1824 1864   Killed at North Ann River. GAR f/h.
Nichols Eliza 1819 1862   his wife. Same stone as George Nichols.
Lenox Edward J.   23 Feb 1850 1y, 6m s/o John & Eliza A. Lenox.
Lenox John   27 Sep 1887 72y, 1m, 9d f/s Father
Lenox Eliza A.   15 May 1860 35y, 10m, 1d w/o John Lenox. F/s Mother.
Trumbull Lyman   9 Sep 1882 29y, 2m, 10d f/s L.T.
Trumbull Mary    1 Sep 1860 10y, 9m d/o Lyman & Lurana Trumbull. Same stone as Lyman Trumbull above
Trumbull Joseph P.   8 Sep 1872 26y, 9d Same stone, same side as Mary Trumbull above.
Trumbull Lurana   28 Sep 1885 72y, 7m w/o Lyman Trumbull. F/s L.T. Same stone as Lyman Trumbull above
Trumbull William W.   3 Sep 1851 20y, 2m, 2d s/o Lyman & Lurana Trumbull
Trumbull Joseph N.   25 Mar 1886 5m, 23d  
Eddy William M.   ? Oct 1853 1y, 3m, 6d s/o J.B. & Zurinda Eddy
Hinds Agnes L.   19 Jan 1834 15y, 2m, 28d d/o John B. & Sarah E. Hinds
Hinds Charles H.   30 Dec 1849 6m, 24d s/o John B. & Sarah E. Hinds.
Hinds Charlotte   1 Jun 1854 3y, 23 d  
Hinds John B. 16 Feb 1816 30 Dec 1895    
Hinds Sarah E.   14 Apr 1883 67y, 1m, 14d w/o John B. Hinds. Same stone as John B. Hinds above.
Wood Nathan   2 Apr 1862 69y f/s J.W. (Not Nathan).
Wood Betsy   10 Feb 1864 66y w/o Jonathan Wood (see f/s above)
Scranton Charlotte   1 Oct 1849 26y, 4m, 8d w/o Oliver Scranton. F/s C.S.
Wood Ann E.   1 Jan 1842 1y, 5m, 13d d/o J. & Betsy Wood
Wood Mary E.   7 Dec 1845 20y, 1m, 9d d/o Eseck & Abagail Wood
Wood Grace M. 22 Apr 1881 9 Aug 1881   d/o Frank & Libby Wood
Wood Morgan L.   3 May 1853 21y, 3m, 20d s/o Jonathan & Betsy Wood
Wood George A. 11 Jan 1836 7 May 1894   h/s Father
Wood Mary S. 26 Jun 1841 - 5 Jan 1916     his wife. Same stone, same side as George A. Wood. H/s Mother
Wood Norman L.   10-May-1918 37y h/s Son Same stone as George A. Wood. This and the above stone are contained within a fence.
Wood Henry L.   9 Dec 1899 80y h/s Father
Wood Mary WATERS   30 Sep 1899 78y w/o Henry Wood. H/s Mother. Same stone as Henry Wood above.
Weaver Isolina T.   22 Apr 1859 2y, 3m d/o G.H. & Mary Weaver.
No Name     27 Nov 1886 44y County stone.
  Ella       Stone very close to that immed above. 
Sullivan Sarah A.   4 Mar 1832 7y, 11m, 21d d/o Patrick & Mary J. Sullivan
Frink Willm   Jan 1847 11y s/o Curtis & Mary Frink. Stone leaning against cemetery boundry wall.
Frink Elizabeth   Jul 1851 12y d/o Curtis & Mary Frink. Same stone as Willm above.
Lamphere Benjamin H.   10 Jan 1847 1y, 6m d/o Zelwin & Delila Lamphere.
Compton Joshua L.   7 Mar 1854 8m, 15d s/o Wm and Jennet Compton
Compton Selinoa J.   5 Feb 1860 1y, 10m, 7d s/o Wm and Jenette Compton.
Heath Derius 9 Feb 1837 25-Jan-21   Co D, 171 PA Vols. GAR f/h.
Heath Sarah E. HATHAWAY 20 Feb 1842 9 Jun 1881   f/s Mother. On same stone as Derius Heath above.
Heath Darius 1837 1921   Co d, 171 PA Inft. County Stone.
Carl Israel 1 Jul 1831 7 May 1898   Co B, 210 Regt P.V. Federal heastone, upright granite.
Carl Rebecca   26 Sep 1856 40y, 7m, 15d w/o William Carl. Stone lying flat on ground, will soon be completely buried.
Heath Janey P.   23 Dec 1892   d/o C. & A. Heath
Tuttle Margaret   3 Jul 1850 406, 4m, 21d w/o Harrey Tuttle
Tuttle Hannah E.   10 Jan 1889 82y, 6m w/o Alford Tuttle.
McGregor James   15 Feb 1850 67y, 10m, 11d a native of Ayr Scotland
McGregor Margaret   10 Apr 1871 86y, 3m, 12d his wife. A native of Ayr Scotland. Same stone, same side as James McGregor.
McGregor James   6 Jun 1879 65y, 7m s/o Jas. & Margaret McGregor. A native of Ayr Scotland. Same stone, same side as William s. below.
McGregor William S.   4 May 1862 40y s/o Jas. & Margaret McGregor. A native of Ayr Scotland. Wounded aat Battle of Pea Ridge * Mar 1862. GAR f/h.
McGregor James 24 Aug 1830     s/o Jas. & Margaret McGregor. Born N.Y. City. Same stone as James McGregor.
McGregor Elizabeth   20 Jun 1869 64y, 1m, 5d. sis/o Jas. McGregor. A native of Ayr Scotland.
McGregor Alexander   21 Jan 1876 55y, 8m, 15d s/o Jas. & Margaret McGregor. A native of Ayr Scotland. Same stone, same side as Elizabeth above.
          Note. F/s H.E.T. and M.T. flank the sides of the stone above. They are grossly out of place. They are the stones of Hannah E. & Margaret Tuttle.
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