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Mackey/McKee Cemetery

The Mackey Cemetery (sometimes called McKee Cemetery) is located in Windham Township in Bradford County, Pa. Mackey Cemetery was established in 1874 and the charter for Mackey Cemetery Association was recorded Jan. 20, 1896, but has since been disbanded. The grave of Mexican War Veteran Gen. William Mackey is in this cemetery.
Directions: Travel from N. Orwell to Windham on SR187N. At Windham Center, turn right on to Rt.1049 (Windham-Warren Road) Turn left on to Reagen Hill Road (T879). There is a brick house on that corner. However at the present year - 2003, there is no road sign on this turn. Reagen Road is the last left hand dirt road before the West Warren Township line. . Travel a short distance up this dirt road, about 0.2 mile, and turn left on to the road (path) which goes up into the cemetery.
Submitted by Florence Ellis - June 2003
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Surname Given Name Birth date Death Date Age Comments / Incscriptions
Ackley Mary Ann 1831 1891    
Babcock Alonzo Nov.7.1845 None    
Babcock Harriet E. Feb.6.1849 None    
Bowen Chloe 1766 Mar.17.1814 48 yr w/o Alonzo Babcock
Bradley Clara 1868 1919   Clara Rogers Hotchkiss Bradley
Brant Almira Aug.1836 Feb.9.1857 20y6m d/o Abram & Almira Brant
Brant Angelo F. Mar.29.1851 None    
Brant Charles H. Jan.18.1855 None    
Brant Elmer Eugene 1852 Dec.17.1854 2y4m2d s/o Peter & Mary Brant
Brant Fanny A. 1836 Jan.31.1904 67y6m  
Brant George H. Jun.20.1825 None    
Brant Hannah E. 1828 1894   w/o George Brant
Brant Hannah M. 1854 Sept.5.1884 30y6m8d w/o Angelo Brant
Brant Peter 1852 1854   s/o Peter 
Brant Phebe A. Feb.25.1869 None   w/o Charles H. Brant
Brant William H. 1824 Oct.14.1903 79y4m14d  
Coffin Georgie Mar.31.1860 Jan.14.1861 9m15d s/o Geo. & Cynthia Coffin
Dean Mary A. 1850 Mar.28.1880 29y11m w/o John E. Dean
Dickerson Bathshebe 1801 1896   w/o John Dickerson
Dickerson Hamilton 1831 1871    
Dickerson Ida A. 1851 1926   w/o Jay De Lafayette Dickerson
Dickerson Jay De Lafayette 1845 1916    
Dickerson John 1801 1867    
Elsbree Elmira 1801 Feb.7.1877 76 yr w/o Manson Elsbree
Elsbree Geo. Frank 1854 Aug.18.1856 2m29d s/o James & Caroline Elsbree
Elsbree James 1834 Jul.1.1860 26y7m10d  
Elsbree Joseph 1790 Feb.19.1856 65y7m  
Elsbree Manson 1799 Apr.17.1879 80 yr Husband of Elmira Elsbree
Elsbree Mary 1793 Jul.14.1877 84y5m24d w/o Joseph Elsbree
Elsbree Nelson C.       Bottom of stone embedded in dirt
Hamilton Helen Mar       d/o Otis & Mary E. Hamilton
Hamilton Mary Elsbree Jul.3.1824 Aug.8.1896   w/o Otis Hamilton
Hamilton Otis Apr.20.1821 Jan.30.1876    
Hinkley Clara M. 1869 1890    
Hinkley Nellie 1874 1881    
Hotchkiss Charles B. 1828 1900    
Hotchkiss Clara Rogers 1868 1919    
Hotchkiss Hannah M. Oct.27.1824 Feb.19.1892   w/o Charles Hotchkiss
Kingsland Elmira 1819 1866 47y11m w/o John Kingsland
Lyons Adanijah Aug.3.1811 Feb.16.1897    
Lyons Martha R. Apr.2.1848 Jul.29.1876    
Mackey Benjamen C. 1789 Feb.18.1853   Died in his 64th year
Mackey Charlotte M. Jul.18.1856     Birth or death date? D/o Wm. & Julia Ann Mackey
Mackey Elizabeth 1770 Mar.25.1834 63y9m w/o William Mackey
Mackey Julia Ann 1797 1895    
Mackey William H. 1797 1860   Mexican War Veteran
Manning Charlotte M. Jan.23.1886 90y9m19d w/o George Manning
Manning George  1788 Feb.22.1877 88y7m12d  
McKee Elizabeth 1795 May.17.1884 7m17d  
Newell James Mrs. 1831 Sep.2.1857 26y10m Broken marker
Rogers Arthur LaVelle 1859 1951    
Rogers Belle R. 1874 1965    
Rogers Dellphine 1853 Oct.1.1855 2y2m17d d/o George & Harriet Rogers
Rogers Dorcas A. 1844 Sep.18.1883 39y w/o H. C. Rogers
Rogers Edmund C. Oct.25.1861 Mar.18.1881   s/o James & Melissa Rogers
Rogers Edmund D. 1849 1916    
Rogers George 1823 Jan.31.1891 68y Husband of Harriet Brant
Rogers Harriet E. Brant 1833 1924   w/o George Rogers
Rogers Hiram William 1857 1931    
Rogers James May.21.1833 Jun.21.1913    
Rogers James D. Sep.17.1807 Dec.6.1885    
Rogers John C. 1855 1945    
Rogers Judd 1877 1891   s/o George & Harriet Rogers
Rogers Leon 1890 1941   Bronze Plate
Rogers Mabel A. 1876 1886    
Rogers Melissa Jan.7.1834 Jan.1895   w/o James Rogers
Rogers Olive A. 1851 1923   w/o John Rogers
Rogers Sarah Dare Mar.10.1810 Jul.31.1893   w/o James D. Rogers
Rogers Sarah G. Aug.2.1875 Oct.20.1891   d/o James & Melissa Rogers
Rogers William  Oct.3.1836 Oct.18.1868 32y15d  
Rogers William H. Apr.17.1869 Oct.25.1891   s/o James & Melissa Rogers
Scovill Minnie Rogers 1870 1936    
Smith Hannah 1788 May.25.1861 73 yr  
Smith Paul  June.1773 Nov.28.1846 73y5m28d  
Taylor Ellen D. 1825 Jun.30.1883 58 yr w/o Oliver P. Taylor
Taylor Oliver P. 1820 Nov.19.1888 68y3m  
Willson Betsey 1793 Aug.22.1879 86y w/o Robert Willson
Willson Gibson W. Apr.1870 May.5.1871 1y1m10d s/o David & Jane Willson
Willson Jane C. 1831 Oct.1.1877 46 yr w/o David Willson
Willson Robberd 1786 Aug.8.1878 92 yr  
Wilson Henry Jan.22.1827 Apr.21.1903    
Wilson Hiram  1834 1911    
Wilson Marcus R. Feb.11.1847 Dec.31.1898    
Wilson Margaret A. Mar.28.1827 Oct.16.1878    
Wilson Nancy E. 1843 1931   w/o Hiram Wilson
Wilson William H. 1855 1938    
 Subj:  Mackey Cemetery - Windham
Date:  6/29/2003 8:28:32 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Glen Ellis)

Dear Joyce,
   Glad that you were able to make sense and order out of the Mackey Cemetery listing that I sent last week.  I have no clue what all takes place to put info, such as this, on the web site.  This afternoon,  I checked and cross checked all the info that I had from the Mackey cemetery and I found 3 discrepancies  from  what I and you had copied.  Not knowing  if it is possible at this point,  I  wondered if  these 3 items can still be corrected??  Or is it just too late?   Here are the 3 errors:
         1)  Hamilton Dickerson was born 1831 instead of 1801.    My mistake when I copied it.
         2)  Missed putting in  the list:
                Lyons, Arietta      Born Dec.15, 1818   -  died Oct. 10, 1897   - wife of Adanijah Lyons
         3)   Charlotte Mackey - No birth date    -  July 18, 1856 is her death date
I'm glad that maybe I have been able to contribute to your much appreciated Web Site.
                                                                                                      Sincerely yours,
                                                                                                       Florence Ellis

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 06/262003
By Joyce M. Tice

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