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Bradford County Cemetery Addresses
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by Joyce M. Tice October 31, 1999
Name of Cemetery:   GRANVILLE CENTER
Read By: Marcia Martin and Martha Jeane Baxter Wood
Date Read:  2-14-2002
Typed and Audited By:  Elaine Frey
Location: Along Route 514 in Granville Center, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Other comments: Upper Top Section
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Allen David L. 11-11-1905 1985   Same Marker as Margaret E.
Allen Margaret E. 1904 1976   Wife of David L.
Baxter B. Frank 1884 1971   Fourth son of Orcelus
Baxter Grace Mason 1886 1-26-1986   Wife of B. Frank - Same Marker as B. Frank
Baxter Harold S. 1910 10-24-1918   Son of B. Frank and Grace
Baxter Edith M. 1914 4-24-1921   Daughter of B. Frank and Grace
Baxter Margaret Rogers 2-17-1906 10-28-1997   Wife of Laurence
Baxter Mitchell L. (Sam) 12-11-1929 4-21-1999   Son of Laurence
Baxter Silas J. 1923 1925   Son of Laurence
Boyce Archie W. 1892 1921    
Boyce Fred 1865 1957    
Boyce Nora M. 1869 1942   Same Marker as Fred - His Wife
Bunyan Sarah 1882 1956   Daughter of George - Same Marker as Ruth & Rush
Bunyan Ruth 1892 1989   Daughter of George - Same Marker as Sarah & Rush
Bunyan Rush 1890 1963   Son of George - Same Marker as Sarah & Ruth
Butcher Kay       No Marker
Cole Katie A. Walborn 11-3-1919 6-16-1994   Wife of Kenneth
Cole Kenneth   2001   No Marker
Coon Howard 1922 1923   Son of William and Lena Smith
Dickinson Mary 1901 1915   Neice of Odessa Dickinson Storrs
Dunbar Ellsworth 1906 1959    
Dunbar Lula 1916 1944   Wife of Ellsworth
Figart John Charles 1877 1941   Same Marker as Elsie
Figart Elsie Manley 1881 1963    
Huff William D. 1862 1927    
Huff Helen 1866 4-26-1946    
Jennings Lawrence 1910 1980    
Jennings Ellen Baxter 1909 1990   Daughter of Wilbur - Wife of Lawrence
Jennings Wilbur A. D. 2-14-1938 4-22-1993   Son of Lawrence and Ellen - CPL US Marien Corps
Jennings Alice Joy 1-13-1938   Wife of Wilbur - Same Marker as Wilbur - m. 6-18-1960
Manley S. Taylor 9-30-1883 9-21-1962   Son of Rev. Ernest
Manley Elnora L. 5-12-1888 2-4-1921   First wife of S. Taylor
Manley Eleanor L. Clark 7-21-1897 7-14-1970   Second wife of S. Taylor
Manley C. Manville 1926 1927   Son of Taylor and Eleanor (Clark on Side of Marker)
Manley Walter S. 1871 1917    
Manley Lucy K. 1869 1913    
Pratt Paul     No Marker
Putnam Leslie F. 1857 1919    
Putnam Anna     No Marker
Robinson Paul     No Marker
Selleck Edward M. 1893 6-22-1924    
Selleck Grace Wright 1895 1993   Wife of Edward M.
Shaylor James H. 1847 7-4-1915    
Shaylor Florence 1853 12-14-1923   Wife of James H.
Storrs Everell O. 1844 9-4-1919   Same Marker as Odessa
Storrs Odessa Dickinson 1855 1930   His Wife
VanNoy Carlyle F. 3-22-1921 10-7-1980   Son of Alfred - "Pogie" - Same Marker as Eloise
VanNoy Eloise May 3-30-1923 6-24-1997   Wife of Carlyle
VanNoy Ida Mae Yonkin 1950   Wife of Wendell R. - m. 8-29-1970
VanNoy Wendell R. 1948 1974   Son of Carlyle - Same Marker as Ida Mae
Walborn Lula 1916 1944   No Marker
Walborn Ellsworth 1906 1995   No Marker
Walborn Allen 1885 1940    
Walborn Cora 1885 9-30-1957   Wife of Allen
Walborn Lawrence 4-28-1911 6-29-1969   WWII Vet - Purple Heart - TEC 5 Co 1 134 Inf Regt
Walborn Charles     No Marker
Walborn Louis 1914 1928    
Walborn Lura 1906 1925    
Walborn Charles H. 1870 1914   No Marker - Same as Lura?
Walborn Infant   1931    
Ward Elizabeth I. 1911 2003   Wife of George
Ward George H. 1906 1975   Same Marker as Elizabeth
Williams Sarah Boyce 3-21-1916 7-20-2001   Daughter of Archie and Rebecca
Woodward Clinton L. 1906   He is not buried here but his wife - Lois - is.
Woodward Lois E. Figart 1910 1973   Wife of Clinton L. - Same Marker as Clinton L.

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 6/26/2003
By Joyce M. Tice