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Granville Township Page
Bradford County Cemetery Addresses
Photos of Granville Center Cemetery 
by Joyce M. Tice October 31, 1999
Name of Cemetery:   GRANVILLE CENTER
Read By: Marcia Martin and Martha Jeane Baxter Wood
Date Read:  2-14-2002
Typed and Audited By:  Elaine Frey
Location: Along Route 514 in Granville Center, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Other comments: Upper Middle Section.
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Granger C. Edward 1856 3-20-1920   "Egbert"
Granger Caroline 1850 1930   Wife of C. Edward
Hensle E. B.       Baby - No Marker
Hulslander Harriett Bolt 12-31-1921 12-11-1987   Wife of Frank 
Hulslander Frank P. 4-11-1923 1-6-2000   Same Marker as Harriet
Johnson Dallas 3-8-1846 3-8-1913   Brother of Wildras Johnson Boothe
Larcom Charles F. 1857 1926    
Larcom Hattie Baxter 1862 1937   Wife of Charles F.
Larcom Ivan 1894 1895   Son of Charles F. and Hattie B.
Larcom Max   11-24-1908   Son of Floyd B. and N. K. Larcom
Larcom George W. 5-14-1831 9-9-1904   Co. D 67 PA Vol Inf. Civil War - Same Marker as Clarissa A.
Larcom Clarissa A. 12-18-1839 3-15-1923   Wife of George W.
Larcom Caroline M. 6-15-1820 1-25-1897   Wife of Orrin L.
Larcom Ashley 1890 19--   Has marker here but not buried here
Larcom Emery J. 6-3-1874 7-26-1957   Same Marker as Matie and Minerva
Larcom Matie H. Fairbanks 8-2-1873 10-12-1911   First wife of Emery - Same Marker as Emery and Minerva
Larcom Minerva J. 9-27-1876 8-4-1936   Second wife of Emery - Same Marker as Emery and Matie
Laun Victor 1866 1944   Same Marker as Mary
Laun Mary 1873 7-23-19--   Wife of Victor
Laun Emma H. 1901 1920   Daughter of Victor
Madden Samuel H. 1871 10-24-1913    
Madden Marion E. Bunyan 5-6-1875 11-4-1917   Wife of Samuel
Manley Rev. Ernest E. 1858 1948   Same Marker as Ella
Manley Ella A. McElroy 1862 3-31-1937   Wife of Rev. Ernest
Manroe Burt       Same Marker as Kate and Claude
Manroe Kate 1871 4-13-1919   Same Marker as Burt and Claude
Manroe Claude C. 4-25-1890 1-15-1908   Son of Burt and Kate - Same Marker as Burt and Kate
May Leland D. 1860 1922   Same Marker as Rush Wright
May Sarah Belle Catlin 1864 1937   Wife of Leland D. - Daughter of Philemon - Same Marker as Rush Wright
McDonald  Lucy E. 1874 1957   Daughter of Henry and Sarah Arnold
McElroy Wallace W. 11-3-1837 10-15-1913   Civil War
McElroy Helen Bassett 5-23-1835 5-28-1913   Wife of Wallace
Meeker Arthur R. 1847 1927   Same Marker as Martha
Meeker Martha J. 1851 1943   Wife of Arthur
Miller C. Fremont 6-27-1856     Same Marker as Elizabeth
Miller Elizabeth 8-12-1861 4-21-1913   Wife of Fremont
Miller Paul F.   11-29-1898 6y,3m,29d Son of Fremont and Libbie
Morrison Amos 1872 1-1-1920    
Morrison Lenora 1874 12-30-1952   Wife of Amos
Morrison Ralph 1910 1-29-1911  
Pelton Violet 1896 5-28-1985    
Pepper David S. 1851 1927   Same Marker as E. Odessa
Pepper E. Odessa Baxter 1860 9-1-1919   Daughter of Uriah D., Wife of David
Peters Harvey E. 1841 5-19-1901   Co. A 14 Regt.U. S. Inf., Shot and Wounded
Porter Frank A. 1910 1995   Ashes
Porter Harriett L.(Pete) Baxter 1914 1974 Daughter of Wilber, Wife of Frank
Pratt Leland D. 1909 1971   Son of Horace - Same Marker as Anna E.
Pratt Anna E. 1907 1990   Wife of Leland D. 
Pratt Ephraim N. 1838 1914   Same Marker as Lucy F.
Pratt Lucy F. 1842 10-1-1915   Wife of Ephraim - Same Marker as Cora
Pratt Perlie M. 1878 1968   Son of Ephraim - Same Marker as Cora
Pratt Cora M. 1880 1940   Wife of Perlie M.
Pratt Perlie M. (Infant)   2-18-1903 18d Infant son of Perlie and Cora
Randall Stephen 1842 1906   Civil War - Co. C 132 Regt. PA Vol U
Randall Emily 1841 3-9-1932   Wife of Stephen
Rockwell Sylvester 1850 1932   Same Marker as Wealtha E.
Rockwell Wealtha E. Vorman 1850 1937   Wife of Sylvester
Rockwell Lemuel 12-25-1826 5-28-1895   Same Marker as Harriet
Rockwell Harriet M. 6-24-1832     Wife of Lemuel
Rockwell Merrick H. 1854 1925    
Rockwell Carrie V. 1855 1940   Wife of Merrick H.
Rockwell Hattie B. 6-13-1892 9-9-1895   Daughter of Merrick H. and Carrie V. - Same Marker as Lemuel and Harriett
Rockwell Raymon L. 1881 1955    
Rockwell Maude Larcom 1881 1964   Wife of Raymon - Daughter of Aton Larcom
Ross Harry T. 12-5-1883 6-25-1927    
Ross Cora Smiley 4-20-1887 4-22-1952   Wife of Harry
Savelle Charolette Jean   10-25-1940    
Saxton Adolphus 9-22-1834 4-27-1907   Same Marker as Jennette
Saxton Jennette Catlin 11-23-1836 3-26-1923   Wife of Adolphus - Daughter of George
Saxton Henry W. 1873 1963   Same Marker as Cora
Saxton Cora VanHorn 2-23-1876 9-4-1957   Wife of Henry W.
Saxton Franklin W. 3-28-1905 4-25-1932   Son of Henry W. and Cora
Saxton Oscar 7-11-1832 1-25-1915   Civil War Vet - Co. I 15 Regt. NY Eng.
Saxton Persis Morse 2-4-1840 12-14-1908   Wife of Oscar
Sayles Luther F. 5-15-1854 4-29-1897   Infant Son of John and Olive
Selleck Clarence C. 6-14-1865 7-12-1927   Same Marker as Cora and Lena
Selleck Cora E. 4-9-1868 4-23-1938   Second wife of Clarence E. - Same Marker as Clarence and Lena
Selleck Lena B. 3-15-1869 12-27-1896   First wife of Clarence E. - Same Marker as Clarence and Cora
Selleck Edward R. 1839 2-25-1913   Co. E 52 Regt. PA Vol. - Same Marker as Angeline L.
Selleck Angeline L. 1837 1909   Wife of Edward R.
Selleck Luzerene 1870 1951    
Selleck Jessie 1875 1928   Wife of Luzerne
Severance Clarence S. 2-21-1858 11-5-1932   Same Marker as Eliza 
Severance Eliza Shedden 9-30-1863 7-24-1946   Wife of Clarence S.
Severance Charles W. 1900 1959   Son of Clarence S.
Severance Robert L.. 7-12-1894 7-21-1913 19y,10m,14d Son of Clarence S. - Same Marker as Clarence
Shedden  Zoe J. 1887 1964  
Shedden  Nellie L. 1885 1964    
Shedden  Howard  1889 1976   Same Marker as Abbe
Shedden  Abbe M. Phinney 1890 1984   Wife of Howard
Shedden  Neuman 1889 7-17-1926   WW I Vet - 105th Co. 8th Reg. 1st Sgt. USMC 1919
Shedden  Oakley 1899 4-24-1946   (Mason)
Shedden  John 1857 1932    
Shedden  Betsy Ingraham 1858 1901   Wife of John
Sheldon Blanche Streeter 1883 4-8-1912   At Rest
Smith Burton 1860 12-?-1938   Same Marker as W. J. Smith
Smith Carrie E. Gray 1861 5-11-1926   Wife of Burton - Same Marker as W. J. Smith
Smith  Durand 2-18-1872 11-13-1945   Son of William and Elvira - Same Marker as Minnie
Smith  Minnie J. Bush 11-17-1872 12-3-1904   Wife of Durand
Smith William E. 1847 9-26-1917   Same Marker as Durand
Smith Elvira B. 1853 1929   Same Marker as Durand
Smith J. Roland 7-24-1883 12-1-1965   Same Marker as Mary
Smith Mary A. Simpson 6-13-1883 12-1-1964   Wife of J. Roland
Smith Harold B. 3-28-1904 1-?-1947   Son of J. Roland and Mary
Smith Warren (W. J.) 1834 1911   Same Marker as Mary
Smith Mary Anna 1843 1924   Wife of W. J.
Spencer Jay (J. E.) 1880 1961   Same Marker as Margaret Spencer
Spencer Bessie E. Vroman 1882 1965   Wife of J. E. - Daughter of Ritner - Same Marker as Margaret Spencer
Spencer Margaret 1901 1903   Infant - Same Marker as Robert A. Delancy
Storrs Jonas   3-13-1917   Civil War Vet - Co. G. 6 Regt. PA Reserves - No Marker
Storrs Alice       No Marker
Storrs Iona       No Marker
Taylor Encell 5-4-1863 2-8-1940   Same Marker as Euphamie
Taylor Euphamie Shedden 1-11-1859 1-8-1962 103y Same Marker as Encell
Walborn Aaron 1841 2-25-1913   Co. E. 11 Regt. PA Vol - Same Marker as Lura
Walborn Lura Putnam Wilcox 1841 1-30-1918   Wife of Aaron
Washburn Frank E. 2-2-1866 6-19-1895   No Marker - Just an Urn and Funeral Home Marker
Washburn Eliza Bailey       Wife of Frank - No Marker
West Martin S.   11-3-1896 65y,11m,19d Co. D 132 Regt. PA Vol
West Mary       No Marker
West Stanton U. 1867 1927    
Wilcox James       No Marker
Williams  Lucian 1851 1908   Same Marker as Ella
Williams  Ella A. McElroy 1862 1929    
Wooster Charles Lafayette 1863 1937    
Wooster Helen Baxter 1863 1936   Wife of Charles - Sister of Sollie
Wright Rush J. 5-8-1871 11-1-1939   Same Marker as Cora and Phil
Wright Cora D. Catlin 9-3-1874 4-30-1937   Wife of Rush J. - Daughter of Philemon - Same Marker as Rush and Phil
Wright Phil J. 9-26-1899 2-26-1951   Son of Rush J. and Cora - Same Marker as Rush and Cora
Wright William 1860 1917   No Marker
Wright Edith 1873 1921   No Marker

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 6/26/2003
By Joyce M. Tice