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Granville Township Page
Bradford County Cemetery Addresses
Photos of Granville Center Cemetery 
by Joyce M. Tice October 31, 1999
Name of Cemetery:   GRANVILLE CENTER
Read By: Marcia Martin and Martha Jeane Baxter Wood
Date Read:  2-14-2002
Typed and Audited By:  Elaine Frey
Location: Along Route 514 in Granville Center, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Other comments: Upper Middle Section
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Ammerman Milton L. 1946 1970   Son of Millard
Ammerman Randy M. 10-14-1967 2-15-1994   Son of Milton
Ammerman Johnson 2-13-1874 10-15-1907   Horse kicked and killed
Ammerman Sadie Walborn 2-20-1873 3-14-1956   Wife of Johnson - No Marker
Arnold Henry C. 7-4-1840 5-9-1918   Born in New London Ct.- Civil War Blacksmith - Put leg irons on Jefferson Davis at Fr. Monroe, Va. 1865
Arnold Sarah K. Scully 2-10-1844 10-23-1927   "County Kildare Ireland" Same Marker as Henry C.
Arnold Judson I. 1884 1968    
Arnold Lua M. 1878 1931   Wife of Judson
Arnold Mary Donna 1917 1919   Daughter of Judson
Arnold Lee C. 1872 1910   Same Marker as Henry C.
Arnold Clara E. 1880     Wife of Lee - Same Marker as Henry C.
Bailey Jefferson T. 6-28-1826 10-12-1905    
Bailey Sarah Jane Mason 12-25-1833 6-28-1908   Wife of Jefferson - Same Marker as Jefferson
Bailey Julia 1869 1931   Same Marker as Jefferson T.
Bailey Grace 6-9-1895 6-30-1912    
Bailey John  1869 1940   Son of Julius - Same Marker as Jefferson T.
Bailey Matie E. Rockwell 1877 1964   Wife of John - Same Marker as Jefferson T.
Bailey Orrin F. 1859 2-26-1934    
Bailey Georgiana 1862 1950   Wife of Orrin F. - Same Marker as Orrin F.
Bailey Dottie Pearl 1886 3-31-1956   Daughter of Orrin
Bailey Robert A. 1886 1947   Same Marker as Sylvester Rockwell
Bailey Clara J. Rockwell 1888 1942   Wife of Robert A. - Same Marker as Sylvester Rockwell
Baldwin Georgia Martin 1854 1-29-1924   Wife of William - Same Footer as William
Baldwin William 1855 1948   Same Footer as Georgia Martin Baldwin
Baldwin Howard Martin 1888 1966   Son of William - Same Marker as Achsah 
Baldwin Achsah Granger 1890 1977   Wife of Howard
Barnes George 11-15-1846 4-7-1926   Same Marker as Grace, Albert, & Donald
Barnes Grace Martin 3-18-1850 1-9-1929   Same Marker as George, Albert, & Donald
Barnes Albert 10-17-1884 4-25-1908   Son of George and Grace - Same Marker as George, Grace, & Donald
Barnes Donald 4-25-1887 12-10-1901   Son of George and Grace - Same Marker as George, Grace, & Albert
Bassett Harriet Ross 3-30-1888 1911   Wife of A. E., Jr.
Bassett Francis M. 1870 1959    
Bassett Ina M. 1868 1944   Wife of Francis
Baxter Claud 1879 1961   Same Marker as Jennie Boyce Baxter
Baxter Jennie Boyce 1884 1965   Wife of Claud 
Baxter Lester 1912 1914   Son of Claud & Jennie
Baxter Ralph 1909 1911   Son of Claud & Jennie
Baxter Wilber 1872 1937   Second oldest son of Orceleus - Same Marker as Carrie
Baxter Carrie Allen 1874 1946   Wife of Wilber
Baxter Martha   2-9-1895   Infant Daughter of Wilber & Carrie - Burned in house fire
Baxter Infant Twin Daughters   9-27-1924   Twin Daughters of Myron and Dorothy
Baxter Orselus 1849 1917   Son of Uriah D.
Baxter Martha Morrison 1848 1-6-1917   Wife of Orselus
Baxter Silas Oliver 10-22-1870 7-18-1929   Oldest son of Orselus
Baxter Roland O. 9-14-1882 9-22-1911   Same Marker as Mary
Baxter Mary  3-18-1886     Wife of Roland O.
Baxter S. Ira 1854 1937   Son of Uriah D. - Same Marker as Eliza J.
Baxter Eliza J. Merry 1851 1935   Wife of S. Ira
Baxter Harley 1884 10-1-1917   Son of S. Ira
Beardslee Henry F. 1859 1952    
Beardslee Vesta M. 1863 1946    
Benjamin George 1898 1951   Brother of Ella Willaims
Bolt George G. 1892 1972   Same Marker as Delphine
Bolt Delphine Larcom 1896 1947   Wife of George G.
Boothe Oliver E. 4-10-1840 9-4-1911   Civil War - Co. F. 1st NY Artillary
Boothe Wildras        
Bower Gertrude M. 1875 1941    
Bower Rev. Bryon A. 6-28-1849 8-1-1910   Same Marker as Sarah 
Bower Sarah A. 1850 1932   Wife of Rev. Bryon A.
Brundidge Oliver  1830 11-3-1907   Same Marker as Nora & Zoa
Brundidge Nora Henson   6-5-1882   Wife of Oliver - Same Marker as Oliver and Zoa
Brundidge Zoa M.   11-25-1901 15y,10m,14d Daughter of Oliver - Same Marker as Nora & Oliver
Bunyan Miles J. 7-20-1877 1-1-1963   Same Marker as Matilda
Bunyan Matilda Belle Morse 8-7-1876 2-6-1955   Wife of Miles J.
Bush J. M. (Jay)   2-15-1896 48y  
Bush M. L.   3-25-1937 93y Wife of J. M.
Case John       No Marker
Case Emeline   11-1924   No Marker
Case Nellie   10-29-1929   No Marker
Cooke Oscar       No Marker - Husband of Bailey Washburn
Daily Lyman       No Marker
Daily         No Name, Dates or Marker - Daughter os Samuel and Julia Case
Darrow Frank E. 1871 5-31-1937   Same Marker as Bertha
Darrow Bertha E. Selleck 1873 1938   Wife of Frank E.
Delancey Robert A. 1899 1918   Live-in Bessie Vroman - Same Marker as Margaret Spencer
Depew (Mrs.)       No Marker
Dodge Mable 1886 1911    
Eddy George A. 1854 1921   Same Marker as Etta, Dewey & Bertha
Eddy Etta M. Larcom 1866     Wife of George A. - Same Marker as George, Dewey & Bertha
Eddy Dewey G. 1898 12-4-1914   Son of George A. - Same Marker as George, Bertha & Bertha
Eddy Bertha B. 1895 4-11-1914   Daughter of George A. - Same Marker as George, Bertha & Dewey
English Paul R. 1887 1949    
English Helen Selleck 1890 11-27-1934   Wife of Paul
English Ruth Thelma 9-2-1916 10-6-1916   Daughter of Paul & Helen
Finney Melinda E. 1818 11-3-1908 90y Mother
Foote Olive A. 1848 1910   Mother
Gee  Samuel   2-14-1918   Co. K 106 PA Inf 
Genung Benjamin W. 8-31-1903 4-25-1905   Son of Benjamin and Harriet
Gilbert Orville C. 11-21-1848 12-27-1925   Same Marker as Margaret
Gilbert Margaret T. Messing 1847 3-18-1920   Second wife of Orville C.
Graham Margaret  1845 1915    
Graham Mary Ann   12-18-1901 64y  

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 6/26/2003
By Joyce M. Tice