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Granville Township Page
Bradford County Cemetery Addresses
Photos of Granville Center Cemetery 
by Joyce M. Tice October 31, 1999
Name of Cemetery:   GRANVILLE CENTER
Read By: Marcia Martin and Martha Jeane Baxter Wood
Date Read:  2-14-2002
Typed and Audited By:  Elaine Frey
Location: Along Route 514 in Granville Center, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Other comments: Middle Section
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Putnam Elizabeth Gilman 8-8-1846 12-4-1912   Wife of Harvey
Putnam Mollie M. 11-22-1884 1-29-1912   Daughter of Harvey
Putnam Howard 9-27-1886 11-20-1891   Son of Harvey
Putnam Merton A. 1859 1951   Same Marker as Jeanette
Putnam Jeanette  1868 1932   Wife of Merton A.
Putnam Nellie 9-1890 10-1890   Infant Daughter of Merton 
Putnam Milan 3-25-1869 12-31-1915   Same Marker as Maggie - Same Marker as Alexander Shedden
Putnam Maggie 6-15-1870 12-23-1911   Wife of Milan - Same Marker as Alexander Shedden
Reynolds Betsy A. 3-1827 1912    
Rikert Elsie 3-21-1881 7-24-1882   Daughter of G.W. & Belle Bush Rikert - Same Marker as John Bush
Rhodes E. O.       No Records - No Marker
Roby Arthur B. 6-21-1862 4-19-1892    
Roby Lillian 1925 1927   Daughter of E. C. & Charlotte
Roby Elkanah 1815 1889    
Roby Phebe S. 1825 1884   Wife of Elkanah
Roby Serena 1853 1928    
Roby Dunnam T. 5-25-1844 8-28-1869   Civil War Vet - Son of Elkanah & Phebe
Roby Laura   1878 33y Wife of Dunnam 
Roby Claudie   11-19-1871? 5y Son of Truman & Lola - Marker is Broken
Roby Shedrick 1831 10-17-1898   Civil War Vet - Sgt. Co. I 15th Regt. NY Vol.
Roby Louise Hagar 1842 1921   Wife of Shedrick
Rockwell J. C. 3-12-1857 6-2-1927   Same Marker as Josie with a smaller separate stone
Rockwell Josie Morse 12-19-1870  5-23-1897 27y Wife of J. C. - Same Marker as J. C. with a smaller separate stone
Ross Charles D. 12-16-1821 11-16-1892 70y,11m Civil War Vet
Ross Lydia    8-13-1904 77y,6m Wife of Charles D.
Ross Abigail Beach 2-14-1814 3-2-1883   Wife of Harrison - Same Marker as Harrison
Ross Orlando L. 10-19-1881 4-3-1907    
Ross Lischer 1861 1933   Brother of Ida Ross Vroman
Ross Ada L. Saxton 6-7-1861 1-14-1912   Wife of Lischer
Ross Infant Son   2-6-1893    Infant of Lischer and Ada
Ross     Two infants of Lischer and Ada
Ross Infant Daughter   4-12-1884   Infant of Lischer and Ada
Ross Richard M. 6-5-1841 8-24-1904   Civil War Vet
Ross Linda Streeter 9-5-1853 11-5-1881 28y,1m,20d  First wife of Richard - No Marker
Ross Phebe J. 3-11-1866 7-16-1901   Second wife of Richard M.
Ross Harrison 5-29-1813 6-14-1893   Lieut. Co. E. 72 Regt. Pa. Vol. - Same Marker as Abigail
Saxton Benjamin 1846 3-21-1925   Same Marker as Ann, Cora & Daisy
Saxton Ann Gilman 1850 1932   Wife of Benjamin
Saxton Cora 1872 1875   Daughter of Benjamin
Saxton Daisy E. 1876 1970   Daughter of Benjamin
Saxton Burton 1838 1920   Co. F. 11th PA Cav. - Civil War Vet
Saxton Mary Bailey 1843 1938   Wife of Berton
Saxton Gordon F. 1869 1870   Son of Burton and Mary 
Saxton Daniel L. 1816 1884   Same Marker as Abbie
Saxton Abbie A. 1829 1871   Wife of Daniel L.
Saxton Franklin 1845 1916   Same stone as Solon J.
Saxton Fred A. 1861 1948    
Saxton Nellie Andrews 1858 1950   Wife of Fred
Saxton Ruth G. 1889 1951   Daughter of Fred and Nellie
Saxton Rollin   11-24-1885 4m Son of Fred and Nellie
Saxton Solon J. 9-11-1834 8-27-1914   Civil War Vet - Co. F. 11 Regt. PA Cal. - Same Marker as Harriet
Saxton Harriet B. 10-11-1844 9-30-1906   Wife of Solon J.
Saxton Harry E.   3-23-1871 4y,3m,15d Infant son of Solon J. & Hattie
Saxton Charles M. 3-8-1872 7-28-1908   Son of Solon J. - Same Marker as Solon
Saxton Franklin W. 1845 12-2-1916   Co. F 11th PA Cav. - Civil War Vet
Saxton Ella Rockwell 1852 12-16-1915   Wife of Franklin W. - Same Marker as Franklin W.
Sayles Alvin 10-26-1889 8-27-1890   Son of J. T. and Eva - Same Marker as Anson
Sayles Anson J. 10-26-1889 8-29-1890   Son of J. T. and Eva
Sayles Jerry T. 1852 1923    
Sayles Eva L. 1856 1923   Wife of Jerry T.
Sayles Charles G. 1-7-1843 9-7-1898   Sgt. Co F. 11th PA Vol - Civil War - Same Marker as Olivia
Sayles Olivia Innes 1-1-1853 6-11-1911   Wife of Charles G. - Daughter of Adam Innes
Sayles C. N. 7-27-1811 7-3-1893   Father of Charles G.
Sayles Margaret A. 11-19-1816 2-12-1852    
Sayles David   3-9-1886   Co. E. 52nd Vol. PA - Civil War
Sayles Clara Bailey 1859 1939   Wife of David - No Marker
Sayles Knowlton   2-28-1887 1y  Infant son of David and Clara - No Marker
Sayles John 1815 2-13-1885 75y,8m,19d Same Marker as Olive
Sayles Olive  1815 8-27-1897 82y,7m,15d Wife of John
Selleck Raymond F. 1867 1934   Same Marker as Nellie S.
Selleck Nellie S. 1868 10-1-1932   Wife of Raymond F.
Selleck Harry   4-8-1888   Infant son of Raymond F. & Nellie
Shedden  Alexander 1-1-1832 4-22-1895   Same Marker as Euphemia
Shedden  Euphemia 1-22-1831 12-15-1907   Wife of Alexander
Shedden  Charles R. 1885 1913    
Shedden  Robert E. 1873 1957    
Shedden  Infant   5-19-1880   Infant - Daughter of A. & M. V.
Shedden  Jennie M. Van Buskirk 1875 1968   Same Marker as Robert E.
Shedden  Robert E. 1875 3-24-1957   No Marker
Shedden  Jennie 1875 1968   Wife of Robert E. - No Marker
Shedden  William       No Marker
Shedden  Harriet B.       No Marker
Shedden  Ellen       No Marker
Shedden  Raymond        No Marker
Shepard  Omeara 3-30-1847 8-27-1914    
Shepard  Jeanette B. 1849 1938   Wife of Omeara
Shepard  Mary S. 1870 1953   Wife of George
Shepard  George B. 1876 1944    
Simpson Matie   9-25-1892 23y,10m,24d Wife of Wilson Simpson
Smith Ezra O. 3-20-1843 3-10-1930   Civil War Vet - Same Marker as Mary, Ida O. & Austin - CO E. 52 Reg Pa Vol
Smith Mary A. 10-8-1847     Wife of Ezra
Smith Ida O. 8-25-1871 12-20-1892   Daughter of Ezra and Mary
Smith Austin O. 10-3-1868 8-29-1870   Son of Ezra and Mary
Smith Ida M. 1894 1894   Daughter of Ezra and Mary
Smith Willard P. 1867 9-28-1917   Same Marker as Ida M. and Reckie Swain
Smith Reckie Swain 1870 1914   Wife of Willard P.
Smith John       No Marker
Smith Lena   9-2-1896 16y No Marker
Smith Oscar G.   12-7-1879 14y, 9m Son of Elias C. and Emma

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 6/26/2003
By Joyce M. Tice