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Bradford County Cemetery Addresses
Photos of Granville Center Cemetery 
by Joyce M. Tice October 31, 1999
Name of Cemetery:   GRANVILLE CENTER
Read By: Marcia Martin and Martha Jeane Baxter Wood
Date Read:  2-14-2002
Typed and Audited By:  Elaine Frey
Location: Along Route 514 in Granville Center, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Other comments: Middle Section.
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Casteline Rosalia 10-26-1864 1941   And Children
Casteline Irving E. 8-14-1864 19??    
Casteline Children       Children of I. E. & R.
Catlin Philemon J. 9-22-1838 8-6-1896   Civil War Vet - Co. D 57 PA Vol. - Same Marker as Marion
Catlin Marion Bailey 2-13-1841 6-13-1921   Second Wife of Philemon
Churchill Lafayette 6-22-1828 5-28-1919   No Marker
Churchill Susan Vroman 2-27-1830 2-22-1922   No Marker
Churchill Mary Mona   10-22-1854   No Marker - Infant Daughter
Clark Noah W. 8-22-1828 9-23-1915 78y Civil War Vet - Co. I 15th NY Eng. - Same Marker as Sarah & Minerva
Clark Sarah 4-27-1837 10-15-1885   Second Wife of Noah W.
Clark Minerva   4-18-1897   Wife of N. W. 
Clark Tyra Holcomb 1881 1902    
Clark Sid       No Marker
Clark Rev. Woodward 8-26-1901 11-25-1968   No Marker
Clark Rex Woodford 1901 1968   Same Marker as Laura
Clark Laura Taylor 7-22-1902 4-29-1980   Wife of Rex
Clark Robert W. 1933 1935   Son of Rex
Close Andrew J.   12-21-1902 71y,9m  
Close Delia A. 7-11-1830 4-18-1919   Wife of Andrew - Same Marker as Andrew
Close Sybil L. 1-20-1862 8-12-191?   Daughter of Andrew
Close Sybil M. 1800 3-3-1893 92y,5m Wife of Nathaniel - Same Marker as Andrew
Crain Margaret 1897 1977   Daughter of Hugh and Stella Baird
Crayton Herbert H. 11-11-1842 4-12-1919   Same Marker as Esther & Walter
Crayton Esther M. 3-26-1843 10-20-1898   Wife of Herbert
Crayton Walter   12-11-1889 22y,3m,8d  
Davis David   2-1-1872 81y,5m  
Dickinson Charles 1824 1880    
Dickinson Minerva Case 1835 1918   Wife of Charles
Fleming Luella M.   1-19-1891 2y,5m Daughter of Charles and Lettie
Foster Hiram H. 2-8-1837 7-23-1904   Co. F. 11 PA Cav. - Civil War - Same Marker as Julia
Foster Julia A. 1-7-1843 5-9-1926   Wife of Hiram R.
Foster Clara   9-7-1887 15y,2m,7d Daughter of Hiram R. and Clara
Fowler L. D.   6-16-1882 71y,1m,11d Same Marker as Minerva
Fowler Minerva A.    4-27-1893 78y,9d Wife of L. D.
Fragin Gladys V. 1910 2002    
Fuller Orrin N. 2-2-1830 2-11-1879   Same Marker as Emily & Lillie
Fuller Emily 3-18-1833 7-31-1911   Wife of Orrin A.
Fuller Lillie 4-23-1854 4-22-1972   Daughter of John.
Gardner Horton 2-5-1798 6-15-1875   No Marker
Gardner Hannah       First Wife of Horton - No Marker
Gardner Phebe   3-3-1874   No Marker
Gee Julius   7-27-1845    
Gee James   8-26-1875 55y,6m  
Gee Mahitable 5-7-1824 8-30-1910   Daughter of Julius and Sally - Wife of James Gee
Gee Carlinda 5-14-1848 10-7-1920   Wife of Julius
Gilbert Emeline Morrison   4-17-1881   First Wife of Orville C. - Broken Marker
Grenell Lindrof 1873 1939   Same Marker as Jennie
Grenell Jennie Bower 1873 1942   Wife of Lindrof
Grenell Lynn Thomas 1902 1940 38y  
Grenell Baby       No Marker
Griffin Caleb P.   11-11-1870 83y Marker is Broken
Griffin Julia   5-6-1885 78y,1m,10d Wife of Caleb P.
Griffin Benjamin   1-28-1899   Infant - Grandson - No Marker
Heald Horace H. 8-10-1844 5-7-1927   Same Marker as Hattie
Heald         Infant Children of Horace & Hattie
Heald Hattie A. 8-25-1846 6-3-1909   Wife of Horace - Same Marker as Horace
Heald Laura H.   4-15-1886 6y,8m,19d Daughter of Horace & Hattie
Hemenway Elmer 1853 1932   Same Marker as Mertie
Hemenway Mertie C. 1866 1917   Wife of Elmer
Holcomb Rush   12-18-1880 3y,5m Son of K. Jay and Ida
Horton Gardner 2-15-1798 6-15-1875    
Horton Hannah       Wife of Gardner
Horton Phebe   3-3-1874 73y Wife of Gardner - Broken Marker, almost buried
Huff Dan D.   2-23-1905   Civil War Ver - Co I. 111th NY Vol. - No Marker
Huff Maria   6-8-1883 45y,8m,17d Wife of Dan D.
Ingraham Orange 4-1857 9-8-1889 32y,6m  
Ingraham Emma       No Marker
Ingraham Lewis N.   11-22-1897 11y,2m,27d Son of Orange & Emma - Same Marker as Orange
Innes A. Robert 5-12-1874 12-10-1899    
Innes Helen A. 9-28-1880 10-6-1956    
Innes Adam 4-10-1820 3-10-1886   Musselburch, Scotland (Granville Center - Scotia Tannery) - Large Red Monument
Innes Helen McNeil 4-17-1821 2-23-1888   Wife of Adam - Linlithgow, Scotland
Innes Daniel T. Sr. 1887 1958    
Innes  Gertrude P. 1889 1981   WW I Dietician - Daughter of John
Innes James D. 1909 2-11-2002   Son of Anson - Same Marker as Imogene
Innes Imogene Bull 1907     Wife of James
Innes  John A. Sr 1855 1925   Son of Adam
Innes Jennie E. 1854 1916   Wife of John A.
Innes Paul E.   4y,5m,26d Son of John & Jennie E.
Innes Ralph D.   8m,8d Son of John & Jennie E.
Innes Robert 7-27-1845 2-12-1911   Son of Adam - born in Linlithgow Scotland
Innes Betsy A. 9-21-1844 4-5-1934   Wife of Robert - born at Granville Center
Innes Agnes   7-12-1876 18d Daughter of Robert and Betsy
Innes Judson Kierwood 1862 1933   Son of Adam - Same Marker as Jeanette
Innes Jeanette Catlin 1867 1943   Wife of Judson
Innes Anson J. 1877 1964   Son of Robert T. - Same Marker as Alice
Innes Alice Calvert 1882 1959   Wife of Anson
Innes Robert E. 3-21-1906 1-10-1981   Son of Anson - Same Marker as Eleanor
Innes Eleanor E. 11-28-1909     Wife of Robert E.
Innes Philip Gardner 4-10-1939 11-3-1939   Son of Robert E.
Innes John A. Jr 1886 1940   Son of John A. Sr.
Innes Jane Shaffer 1888 1964   Wife of John A. Jr.
Johnson Julia 1833 4-2-1916   Wife of Harry
  Julia       That is all that is on Marker - Is possibly Kittle
Kenyon Charles R. 11-29-1838 6-11-1906   1st Leut. Co E 52 PA Vol. Inf - Same Marker as Susie
Kenyon Susie Saxton 11-5-1843 5-25-1916   Wife of Charles B.
Kenyon Frank       No Marker
Kenyon Luman P.   3-27-1875 2y,19d Son of Theodore?

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 6/26/2003
By Joyce M. Tice