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Granville Township Page
Bradford County Cemetery Addresses
Photos of Granville Center Cemetery 
by Joyce M. Tice October 31, 1999
Name of Cemetery:   GRANVILLE CENTER
Read By: Marcia Martin and Martha Jeane Baxter Wood
Date Read:  2-14-2002
Typed and Audited By:  Elaine Frey
Location: Along Route 514 in Granville Center, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Other comments: Lower Third - below first drive and big pine tree, divided into 2 parts Old Part and New Part.  This is the Old Part.
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Newland Joseph   3-31-1851 74y  
Newland Lorenda   12-20-1890 78y Marker Fallen
Newland Frances Miriam   3-5-1858 1y,9m,8d Daughter of Austin and Lorenda - Could not read Marker
Newland John H.   9-21-1851 23y,11m,6d Son of Austin and Lorenda
Parker Infant Child   7-4-1842   Child of C. J. and Harriet Parker
Parkhurst Abraham   2-14-1755   Revolutionary War Vet
Parkhurst Orpha   5-23-1838 39y,1m,25d Wife of Abraham
Perry O.D.   9-27-1865 6y,7m,7d Son of Oliver D. and Lemira M.
Perry A. D. Castello       Daughter of Sam and May
Perry Celinda I.   9-2-1848 2y,11m,17d Daughter of Oliver and Lemira M.
Perry Elton   5-27-1852 1y,1m,22d Son of Oliver and Lemira M.
Pratt Charles H.   3-17-1836   Son of Thomas and Lucy
Pratt Susan Dorlesta   10-4-1841 7m,18d Daughter of Lewis and Polly
Putnam Henry   11-24-1855 52y,1m,15d  
Putnam Martha   5-16-1834 6m,7d Daughter of Isaac and Abigail
Putnam Infant Son   6-16-1832   Son of Isaac and Abigail
Putnam John   5-31-1844 76y Rev. War Vet
Putnam Lendy   4-3-1841 65y,3m,8d Wife of John
Putnam Philander 1-5-1831 11-26-1904   Civil War Vet. - 3rd 152nd Regt. PA Vol.
Putnam Mary M. Spencer 8-5-1834 10-13-1906   Wife of Philander - Same Marker as Philander
Putnam Lucretta   4-15-1820 1y,6m,2d Lyman
Putnam Infant Daughter   1824   Lyman
Putnam John ?   1832 21d Lyman
Rachel Daniel Manro   3-4-1873 72y,5m,3d No Marker
Raymond Adelaide   5-20-1874 23y,7m,15d Wife of J. W. S. Raymond
Raymond Malory C.   3-4-1873 1y,27d Son of Adelaide and J. W. S.
Reske Oriole 1908 1974   Daughter of Pearl Johnson Taylor - No Marker
Rinebold Baby 1897 1897   Son of Francis and Myra
Rinebold Harry 1899 1900   Son of Francis and Myra
Rockwell Hannah   10-16-1847 27y,1m,14d Wife of William
Rockwell William       No Marker
Rockwell J. C.   2-19-1870 76y,5m,5d  
Rockwell Harriet   3-9-1865 65y,1m,6d Wife of J. C.
Rockwell Samuel 8-22-1825 10-22-1908   Same Marker as Hannah
Rockwell Hannah 10-3-1832 3-28-1921   Same Marker as Samuel
Ross Achsah   9-10-1858 52y,5m,14d Daughter of William and M.
Ross Autie       Name only on Marker
Ross David 2-25-1772 7-15-1841 79y,1m,10d  
Ross Phebe Hamilton 8-6-1773 6-15-1857   Wife of David
Ross Benjamin   9-23-1851   Marker hard to read - Looks like John & Phebe Ross - Brother John Ross - Springfield, Ill.
Ross Lillis A---   8-22-1849   Wife of Durham Ross - No Marker
Ross James P. 3-5-1796 1-11-1846 10m,12d Son of David and Phebe
Ross James H.   10-11-1879 84y  
Ross Sarah   7-15-1852 23y,3m,20d  
Ross Allen       No Marker
Ross Rachel R.   6-9-1850 23y,2?d  
Ross Waldo   11-28-1847 8m,18d Son of C. D. and Lydia Ross
Ross Sarah   5-29-1842 46y,6m,25d Wife of J. H.
Ross David H.   5-6-1859? 27y,1m,23d  
Runals Cassandra 11-15-1798 6-16-1852 54y  
Saxton Benjamin I   5-10-1842 69y "Sen"
Saxton Delight Spalding   12-3-1870 64y,10m,3d  
Saxton Mahalon   8-16-1840 1y Son of Benjamin and Delight
Saxton Benjamin II   9-24-1862 62y Broken Marker
Saxton Susanna   5-13-1878   Broken Marker
Saxton Henry   5-15-1852 44y,7m,25d  
Saxton Julia A.   5-25-1853 41y,5m,21d Wife of Henry
Saxton Henry   9-17-1849 1y,11m,11d First son of Henry and Julia
Saxton Henry L.   6-10-1853 6m,6d Second son of Henry and Julia
Saxton Lemira   5-11-1855 14y,3m,9d Daughter of Henry and Julia
Saxton Solomon       Civil War Died prisoner of war at Thomasville, Georgia - Sgt. Co P. 11 Pa Cav
Saxton Valentine 11-30-1827 5-23-1909   Same Marker as Polly and Selenda
Saxton Polly Ann Manley 5-4-1838 9-7-1920   Second wife of Valentine
Saxton Selenda Putnam 1-10-1830 1-11-1852   First wife of Valentin
Sayles Betsy Simkins 1-27-1817 9-8-1866   Wife of C. N.
Shepard T or I or E   5-1-1832 51  
Shepard, Rosina   9-1-1854 11m,1d Daughter of S. W. & Amanda
Simkins Joshua       Same Marker as Mercy
Simkins Mercy Merritt       Same Marker as Joshua
Smith Emily M. 3-5-1832 11-7-1912   No Marker - Wife of Elias
Smith Elias       No Marker
Smith Mehitable 4-7-1856   Daughter of Elias and Emily
Spencer Amborse   5-14-1834 26y,2m,6d Brother of Sally Spencer Bailey - Marker Broken
Streeter Orlando L. 1822 1880   Same Marker as Rachel E. & Rachel M.
Streeter Rachel E. 1826 1865   First wife of Orlando L.
Streeter Rachel M. 1841 1904   Second wife of Orlando L.
Streeter Sarah E.   9-5-1865 2y,6m,12d Daughter of Orlando and Rachel E.
Streeter William H.   10-26-1892 17y,4m,11d Son of Orlando and Rachel M.
Taylor     2-11-1887   Infant Son of Jermiah and Mary
Taylor John T.   7-20-1844 68y  
Taylor Milan   11-21-1864   152nd Regt. PA Vol - Civil War Vet - No Marker
Taylor Orlando L. 4-13-1832 12-1-1895 63y,7m,21d Father of Emerson
Taylor Emerson   9-11-1851 7m,21d Son of Orlando
Taylor Esther M. 12-9-1833 12-15-1891 57y,11m,26d Wife of Orlando - Same Marker as Emerson
Taylor Sylvester 10-15-1803 1-19-1881 77y,3m,4d Same Marker as Emerson
Taylor Susannah 5-7-1808 12-1-1894 80y,6m,29d Wife of Sylvester
Taylor Sarah 9-3-1815 6-27-1885   Same Marker as Levi, Louisa and Mary
Taylor Levi 9-17-1797 4-25-1890   Same Marker as Sarah, Louisa and Mary
Taylor Louisa 10-18-1802 10-25-1838 36y,25d Wife of Levi - Same Marker as Sarah, Levi and Mary
Taylor Mary S. 4-16-1822 9-26-1841   Wife of Levi - Same Marker as Sarah, Levi and Louisa
Taylor Sterling (S.T.) 11-23-1824 11-26-1864  
Taylor M. T. (Milan) 1814 11-21-1864  
Taylor Mary   2-15-1889 92y11m Wife of Jeremiah
Taylor Jeremiah   9-4-1848 53y,5m,20d Same Marker as Mary
Taylor Infant son   2-11-1817   Of Jeremiah & Mary
Taylor Jeremiah   9-17-1827 54y,11m,9d Same Marker as Martha
Taylor Martha   3-4-1857 88y,10m  
Taylor Celinda I.   7-24-187? 25y,1m,29dWife of Franklin ?  
Taylor Eliza   12-15-1866 62y Wife of John T.
Tucker Pearl Johnson 1879 1948   Sister of Dr. Bertha Johnson Andrews - Same Marker as Asa Andrews
Tucker-Riche Oriole Johnson 1908 1974   Daughter of Pearl
Turk Jefferson M.   4-26-1849 1y,1m,1d Son of John and Ann Turk
Vroman Amasa O.   10-22-1849 8m,3d Son of Julia and Edward
Vroman     7-11-1846   Son of Julia and Edward - No Marker
Vroman Wealthy Ann Ballard 12-12-1808 12-19-1830 24y,7d Wife of John
Vroman Josiah   10-15-1853   No Marker - Son of John and Wealthy
Vroman Almon 4-13-1834 7-31-1834 4m Son of John and Wealthy
Vroman Orinda 1840 10-21-1841 1y,11m Daughter of Barnabus and Nancy
Vroman Infant Son   7-17-1846   Same Marker as Amasa O.
Walborn George   3-16-1862 65y,3m,14d Marker Broken
Walborn Sarah   4-30-1862 63y,1m,20d Wife of George - Marker Broken
Walborn William   7-28-1862 30y,11m,12d Killed in Civil War in Virginia - Corporal Co. E. 52th Regt. PA Vol. - Gunshot Wound Rec. 5-1
Walborn Sarah O.   11-10-1862 2y,5m,25d Daughter of Samuel & Emily
Westgate Wanton W. 10-15-1789 3-13-1839 49y,4m,29d  
Westgate Betsey 11-20-18-- 5-27-1873   Daughter of James Headley - No Marker
Westgate Samuel H.   9-22-1846 14y,6m,5d Son of Wanton and Betsey
White Caleb   6-25-1840 80y Rev. War Vet
White Chloe   3-15-1843 76y Wife of Caleb
White Rufus 8-1-1799 11-21-1857   Marker Tipped
White Susannah R.   10-17-1886 86y,11m,3d Wife of Rufus
White Aaron   5-8-1865 23y,8m,23d Son of Rufus and Susannah
White Lucien   2-26-1865 38y,8m,22d Civil War Vet - Co. K. 2nd NY Cavalry - shot and killed at Winchester, VA
Wilcox Sarah A.   3-4-1871 2y Daughter of Martin and Phoebe
Wilcox Thaueus B.   2-16-1871 4y,4m Son of Martin and Phoebe
Wilcox Elmer E.   9-22-1861    
Wilcox Martin   6-29-1865 55y No Marker
Wilcox Daniel   5-3-1858   Broken Marker
Wilcox Jane   4-27-1858 22y,8m,18d Wife of Daniel - Broken Marker

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 6/26/2003
By Joyce M. Tice