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Granville Township Page
Bradford County Cemetery Addresses
Photos of Granville Center Cemetery 
by Joyce M. Tice October 31, 1999
Name of Cemetery:   GRANVILLE CENTER
Read By: Marcia Martin and Martha Jeane Baxter Wood
Date Read:  2-14-2002
Typed and Audited By:  Elaine Frey
Location: Along Route 514 in Granville Center, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Other comments: Lower Third - below first drive and big pine tree, divided into 2 parts Old Part and New Part.  This is the Old Part.
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Andrews Asa 8-25-1829 3-16-1907   Same Marker as Dorliska, Julia, Shirley, Emery & Dr. Bertha
Andrews Dorliska O. 8-15-1833 9-21-1921   Wife of Asa
Andrews Julia M 8-25-1863 1-1-1867   Daughter of Asa
Andrews Shirley H. 2-2-1874 2-6-1899   Wife of Hiram Kenyon - Son of Asa
Andrews Emery 1870 1948   Same Marker as Tucker Family
Andrews Dr. Bertha F. Johnson 1880 1958   Wife of Emery
Andrews Little Mary A.   6-5-1859 2y,10m Daughter of Lathan and Urania
Annable John 5-6-1829 7-31-1865   Same Marker as Hezekia Bailey
Annable Amanda 6-27-1832 2-19-1912   Wife of John - Same Marker as Hezekia Bailey
Annable Burdell H.   8-24-1871 9y,4m,15d Son of John and Amanda
Annable Emma Adele   8-4-1858 2y,7m,18d Daughter of John and Amanda
Bailey Ezra   4-22-1820 40y,9m,12d Rev. Vet
Bailey Lydia   7-9-1847 20 years Wife of Ezra - Broken Marker
Bailey Festus   7-5-1849 14y,5m Son of Harry and Amanda?
Bailey Oliver       Rev. War - CT Regt.
Bailey Hannah        
Bailey William S   2-1820   Son of Scofield and Jerusha
Bailey Hezekia   8-7-1864 57y Same Marker as Catherine
Bailey Catherine   3-17-1871 71y,3m Wife of Hezekia
Bailey Percival S. 8-5-1834 12-16-1897   Same Marker as Celestia, Lotta and Sarah
Bailey Celestia B. 7-29-1836 1-27-1916   Wife of Percival
Bailey Lotta 7-23-1857 4-25-1858   Infant of Percival
Bailey Sarah 11-23-1861 6-28-1868 7y, 7m, 5d  Daughter of Percival
Bailey  Scovil 1776 5-14-1843 67y,7m,5d  
Bailey Jerusha Hale   10-19-1857 81y,6m,23d Wife of Scovil
Baxter Amanda 12-8-1851 3m Daughter of Chauncey and Nancy 
Baxter Darius 8-31-1831     Son of Chauncey and Nancy - No Marker
Baxter Myria (infant) 9-27-1878   2y,4m,18d Daughter of Chauncey and Nancy
Baxter Uriah D. 8-19-1828 10-24-1909   Son of Oliver - Civil War Co. I 15th Regt. NY Eng. - enlisted 8-29-1864, served 11 m. - honorable discarge
Baxter Mary E. Packard 8-24-1830 3-15-1906   Wife of Uriah D. -Same Marker as Uriah
Baxter Silas 8-18-1851   7m,21d Son of Uriah D. and Mary
Baxter Oliver 1805 1870   Son of Uriah and Keturah - Same Marker as Uriah D.
Baxter Ruth Ross 1804 1889   Wife of Oliver - Same Marker as Uriah D.
Baxter Uriah  1766 1852   First Settlers, Hebron Ct. in Granville - Same Marker as Uriah D.
Baxter Keturah Bailey 1763 1852   Wife of Uriah - Same Marker as Uriah D.
Baxter Lyanda   12-8-1851 3m,16d Son of Harmon & Maria
Baxter Harriett   1881 2y,1m,1d  
Brigham Timothy   8-29-1829 43y,6m,21d  
Bryan Rev. J. C. 1861 1930   Same Marker as Jennie
Bryan Jennie C. 1864 4-7-1926   Wife of Rev. J. C.
Bush Heman     30y GAR - Marker Broken
Bush Isaac V. 1849 1896   No Marker
Bush Asa 1887 1888   Son of Isaac V. - No Marker
Bush Anita B. 1884 1886   Daughter of Isaac V. - No Marker
Bush Joseph   8-1-1845 49y,24d  
Bush Lucrecia   5-26-1842 46y,7m,2d Wife of Joseph
Bush Could not read   5-23-1845 1y,6m,6d  
Bush  Elijah??   2-6-1853 2y,10m,15d Son of John and Emily
Clark Jane Baxter   7-22-1851 20y Daughter of Oliver and Ruth - First wife of Noah W.
Clark Marilla J.   8-16-1851 3m,29d Daughter of Noah W. and Jane
Clifton Jefferson   9-20-1862 42y,8m,8d  
Clifton George W.   10-22-1862 3y,5m,22d Son of Jefferson and Rebecca
Clifton Laura V.   6-2-1862 8y,5m Daughter of Jefferson and Rebecca
Cole Caroline L. Cole   6-25-1886 51y,9m,18d  
Curtis Matilda Taylor   7-2-1856 21y,7m,2d Wife of Theodore
Dickinson Benjamin       No Marker
Dickinson Christian       Wife of Benjamin - Broken Marker almost buried in weeds
Dickinson Abel       Husband of Eliza Ann Baxter (Daughter of Nathan and Amelia Decker Baxter) - No Marker
Finch Joseph   3-10-1861 65y  
Finch Esther M. Asth   11-24-1954 63y,5m,24d Wife of Joseph
Foster Lillis A.   11-22-1849 27y, Wife of Philander
Gilbert Susan Baxter 5-14-1820 2-27-1841 20y,9m,13d Daughter of Chauncey Baxter - Wife of Josiah Gilbert
Gilbert  Calista Baxter       Sister of Susan - Wife of Josiah Gilbert - No Marker
Gleocker         No Marker - Son of Adam Gleocker
Graham William    4-17-1891 45y Son of William and Jane
Graham Jane Baxter 12-28-1807 1-6-1899   Wife of William
Graham Rebecca   7-27-1871 20y,2m,8d Broken Marker
Griffin Benjamin Darius   3-16-1891 61y,1m,8d  
Griffin Caroline L. Cole 6-25-1886   51y,9m,18d No Marker
Griffin Lucinda   4-9-1856 2y,6m,5d Daughter of Benjamin
Hagar Richard   6-16-1871 67y,4m,13d  
Hagar Melinda   3-22-1841 30y,4m,15d Wife of Richard
Hartman David   1948   Same Marker as Elizabeth
Hartman Elizabeth Bryan   1934   Wife of David, Daughter of J. C. and Jennie
Headley Jacob 2-17-? 6-24-1844   Rev. War Vet - Government Stone - N.J. Mil. 
Hewitt Little Willie 10-17-1858   2y,8m,20d Son of Horace and H. A.
Kenyon Clark   1899   No Marker
Kenyon Betsey   circa 1904   Wife of Clark - No Marker
Kenyon Lucelia   12-14-1849 8y,1m Daughter of Clark and Betsey
Kenyon Hiram 5-22-1800 10-9-1865   Same Stone as Julia - Shirley - Eleanor Andrews
Kenyon Eleanor 2-7-1806 1-24-1884   Same Stone as Julia - Shirley - His Wife
Lee Esther   7-23-1861 71y,5m,14d Wife of Joseph
Leonard Marvin H.   3-26-1865 27y,5m,8d Civil War - Co. K 2nd Regt.NY Cavalry - stone fallen & broken
Leonard Arlette 7-11-1838 3-2-1880   Wife of Marvin H.
Leonard William H. 10-22-1864 11-20-1880   Same Marker as Arlette
Lewis Alma   8-3-1849 1y,9m,28d Daughter of John and Adeline Lewis
Manroe Daniel M.   7-26-1852?    
Manroe Rachel   5-4-1873 72y,5m,3d Wife of Daniel M.
Manroe Lurinda   7-13-1850 16y,8m,11d Daughter of Daniel M. & Rachel
Manroe Daniel    12-24-1849 19y,11m Son of Daniel & Rachel
Martin C. J. E. 2-12-1817 11-14-1862   Born in Blenheim, N.Y. - Same Marker as Rebecca
Martin Rebecca M. Becker 7-4-1821 9-27-1883   Wife of C. J.
Martin Infant Son   6-22-1861    
Miles Ritner 2-4-1833 1-29-1914   Same Marker as Jennie
Miles Jennie C. 6-9-1836 5-9-1911   Wife of Ritner
Miles Emma O.    5-20-1864 7y,23d Our Littla Emma - Daughter of Ritner and Desdemona
Miles John   3-10-1811 50y,9m  
Miles John   9-18-1850 28y,1m,11d Son of John and Polly
Miles Polly   9-19-1881 84y,2m Wife of John
Miles John F.   5-1-1848   Son of John S. & Margaret
Miller Julia M.   9-11-1816 9y,4m,15d Daughter of John
Morrison James B.   2-24-1873 77y Born in Ireland - Broken Marker
Morrison John   5-4-1850 75y Born in Ireland
Morrison         No Marker - Wife of John or James
Morrison William       Son of John & Orlina - Dates unreadable
Morrison John       Son of John & Orlina - Dates unreadable
Mott John V. 6-18-1826 2-10-1865   Same Marker as Amanda
Mott Amanda P. 6-11-1833 11-5-1907   Wife of John V.
Mott Milton   10-11-1863 6y,8m,23d Son of A. M. & Cynthia
Mott Abram   3-3-1850   Son of A. M. & Cynthia
In a message dated 10/19/2010 10:52:15 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
On Granvelle Center Cemetery page;
Calista Baxter is listed;
Gilbert    Susan Baxter    5-14-1820    2-27-1841    20y,9m,13d    Daughter of Chauncey Baxter - Wife of Josiah Gilbert
Gilbert     Calista Baxter                Sister of Susan - Wife of Josiah Gilbert - NoMarker
I have no quarrel with the information; but I don't believe Calista is buried there since she died in Waukesha Co., Wisconsin 7 May 1904. According
to the Wisconsin genealogy index. I also have seperately the information that she died in Oconoomowoc, from Lora Vrooman Randall's book. She also says Calista was born Dec 1825 which sounds like Census info, but I have not confirmed that nor found where she or Josiah are buried; yet.
I don't know if you have any use for this information, but thought I would pass it on.
Leslie Chapman

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 6/26/2003
By Joyce M. Tice