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Granville Township Page
Bradford County Cemetery Addresses
Photos of Granville Center Cemetery 
by Joyce M. Tice October 31, 1999
Name of Cemetery:   GRANVILLE CENTER
Read By: Marcia Martin and Martha Jeane Baxter Wood
Date Read:  2-14-2002
Typed and Audited By:  Elaine Frey
Location: Along Route 514 in Granville Center, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Other comments: Lower Third - below first drive and big pine tree, divided into 2 parts Old Part and New Part.  This is the New Part.
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Kelly Rev. Ronald W. 2-18-1936     Same Marker as Lucille M.
Kelly Lucille M. "Cece" 12-7-1937      
Kelly Rev. Ronald W. 4-20-1915 10-21-1992   Same Marker as Frances K. - Church of the Nazarene
Kelly Frances K. 7-18-1915      
Kelly Howard       No Marker
Kelly Patricia       No Marker
Kelly Ronald Martin       Son of Rev. Ronald M. and Lucille - No Marker
Lindbold John Michael       (Ashes) Father of Doris Tjolsen - No Marker
Liska Nellie Pearl 2-12-1916     Mother of Lucille Kelly - In Loving Memory "Mother" - My Children, Lucille 1937, Donald L. Moore, 1939
Manley Clayton 1875 1947   Same Marker as Myrtle
Manley Myrtle Baxter 1877 1944   Wife of Clayton
Martin Rev. Harry E. 1887 1976   Same Marker as Dorothy
Martin Dorothy Saxton 1902 1994   Wife of Rev. Harry M.
May Earl 1899 1967   Same Marker as Ethel - WW 1917 - 1918
May Ethel Bailey 1902 1947   Wife of Earl
Meacham Paul Lincoln 10-30-1917 6-4-1999   Same Marker as Laura
Meacham Laura Ellen Williams 8-6-1916 11-12-1991   Wife of Paul
Molyneaux J. M.       No Marker
Morrison Ruth E. 1870 1948   Wife of Page M. - Same Footer as Page - Small Marker in Middle "Baby"
Morrison Page M. 1875 1958    
Morrison Frances J. 1900 1958   Same Marker as Bertha E.
Morrison Bertha E. Selleck 1900 1972   Wife of Frances
Morrison Infant       No Marker - Child of Frances J. and Bertha
Pepper Maude M. Morrison 1896 1947   First wife of Harold - Same Marker as Harold U.
Pepper Harold U. 1899 1982   Son of David and Odessa
Pepper Lillian Walborn Ripley 1905 1989   Second wife of Harold
Pepper LaRue 10-17-1920 7-10-1996   WWII Vet US Navy - Son of Harold
Porter Jesse Benj. 1881 1953    
Porter Mattie Severance 1888 1957   Wife of Jesse
Porter Willard L. 1911 1976    
Porter Frances Bauman 1913 1992   Wife of Willard
Post Janet G. 9-17-1896 12-24-1992   Mother of Phil Heinz
Pratt Ethel R. 1885 1974   Wife of Horace
Pratt Horace C. 1886 1969   Same Marker as Ethel
Probst Steve 10-1-1944     Same Marker as Rose - m. 12-23-1965
Probst Rose M. 6-23-1945 8-4-1990   Wife of Steve - Daughter of Thelma Hulslander
Randall Lewis M. 1878 1956   Same Marker as Ettie M.
Randall Ettie M. 1885 1961   Wife of Lewis M.
Randall Emerson 9-5-1909 8-21-1999   No Marker
Randall Stephen H. 7-26-1918 6-23-1991   Son of Lewis & Ettie - Same Marker as Jean
Randall Jean Van Horn 3-11-1927     Daughter of Luther and Leota - Wife of Stephen
Reeves Ronald Jordan "Ronbo" 12-18-1961 6-8-1990   "Ronbo"
Reeves Roger Loren 6-13-1964 3-24-1995   Loving Father - Same Footer as Ronald
Rinebold Francis H. 1868 1953   Same Marker as Myra
Rinebold Myra Walborn 1869 1953   Wife of Francis H.
Rinebold Harold        Lot of Frank Rinebold - No Marker
Rockwell A(Arthur) Dean 11-22-1931     Son of Arthur and Esther - Game Protector 1954 - 89
Rockwell Kathleen P. 8-4-1933     Wife of A. Dean - Same Marker as A. Dean
Rockwell Arthur M. 3-6-1907 3-13-1991    
Rockwell Esther L. Baxter 1904 1953   Wife of Arthur - Daughter of Jesse Baxter
Rockwell Earl Jesse 11-19-1929 4m,19d Son of Arthur M. and Esther 
Rockwell Hether D. 11-19-1957 1-12-1958   Daughter of Arthum M. and Esther
Rohrer Robert R. 12-13-1960 11-11-1992   Same Marker as Gene L. Woodruff
Saxton Luther V. 1900 1988   Same Marker as Florence
Saxton Florence B. 1900 1984   Wife of Luther V.
Saxton Charles H. 1850 1930    
Saxton Emma M. 1853 1937   Wife of Charles H.
Saxton Wayne Ernst 11-4-1930 3-9-1982   Son of Ernest and Lillian - CPL US Army - Korea
Saxton Ada Mae Frailey 5-1-1931     Wife of Wayne - Same Marker as Wayne
Saxton Lillian Hagar 1907 2003   Wife of Ernest - Same Marker as Ernest
Saxton Ernest Elwin 1906 1978   Son of Henry and Cora
Sayles William C. 4-7-1850 12-17-1903   Son of Charles and Olivia
Shedden Harry M. 7-28-1909 5-28-1999   Same Marker as Betty M. - m. 2-16-1944
Shedden Betty M. 11-19-1925 3-26-1991   Wife of Harry
Stanton William R. 1889 1977    
Stanton Mae Augusta 1889 1951   Wife of William R. - Same Marker as William R.
VanNoy Edwin M. 1898 1965   Brother of Lawrence, Charlie, Carole, Earl
VanNoy Eunice O. Morrison 1902 1941   Wife of Edwin M.
Walborn Leon E. 6-27-1912 5-24-1986   WWII Vet - Same Marker as Muril A.
Walborn Muril A. 2-15-1909     Wife of Leon
White Debra Ann        Daughter of Ronald and Lucille Kelly - No Marker
Wilcox Ellsworth 6-19-1905 12-7-1980    
Wilcox Bertha E. Brundidge 6-15-1881 1962    
Wilcox William M. 1-27-1872 1941    
Wilcox Phebe 1889 1919   w/o M. C.
Wilcox M. C.    10-16-1875 55yrs.  
Woodruff Leon 12-6-1929 6-16-1993   Sgt. US Air Force
Woodruff Ruby K. 12-14-1932     Same Marker as Leon - m. 6-5-1950
Woodruff Gene L. 8-8-1954     Same Marker as Robert R. Rohrer
Young Rev. Otto D. 1891 1980   Same Marker as Gertrude
Young Gertrude Grennell 1899 1995    
In a message dated 12/1/2007 2:15:43 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
Dear Joyce,

I've written you before and thanked and complimented you for your incredible work you have made so readily available for so many people. It cannot be overstated!

I have some corrections for the Granville Center Cemetery page in PA and some more information. I pray you are the right one to contact lest I bother you unnecessarily. This is the page:

First of all, all the Kelly names are spelled wrong. They are spelled Kelley on the page and they should be spelled Kelly. Kelly is also included in the information for Liska, Nellie Pearl. Nellie Pearl's birthdate is listed wrong also, which I've corected below. Her stone has it right.

Our daughter's name is also spelled wrong. She's listed under White, Deborah M. I have no idea how the M. got in there. Her name should be spelled White, Debra Ann. Kelly is spelled wrong there, too.

These are some dates I can give you which I don't know if you want to use them or not. But, since there are so many mistakes on markers I thought it would be a good idea if you had them and that they were posted on your site. That way there is sure to be a correct record somewhere.

The information under Kelley, Ronald Martin shoud be Kelly, Ronald Martin of course, but also it says he is the son of Rev. Ronald M. and Lucille. That should be son of Rev. Ronald W. Jr. and Lucille.

My name should be listed as Kelly, Rev. Ronald W. Jr. or at least have the Jr. stuck in there somewhere.

I've listed dates in the d-m-y format.
Birthdate for Kelly, Howard is 15-02-1941.
Birthdate for Kelly, Patricia (his wife) is 27-05-1940.
Birthdate for Kelly, Ronald Martin is 08-02-1956.
Birthdate for White, Debra Ann is 14-06-1960.
Birthdate for Liska, Nellie Pearl is 02-12-1916, not 06-12-1916.

Thank you again for your endless and immense contribution to so many families.

Ron Kelly, Jr.

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 6/26/2003
By Joyce M. Tice