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Bradford County Cemetery Addresses
Photos of Granville Center Cemetery 
by Joyce M. Tice October 31, 1999
Name of Cemetery:   GRANVILLE CENTER
Read By: Marcia Martin and Martha Jeane Baxter Wood
Date Read:  2-14-2002
Typed and Audited By:  Elaine Frey
Location: Along Route 514 in Granville Center, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Other comments: Lower Third - below first drive and big pine tree, divided into 2 parts Old Part and New Part.  This is the New Part.
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Adams John Michael 7-7-1937     Same Marker as Peggy Ann - Our daughter, Susan G. Adams - Our Grandchildren Laura A. Levan, Brandon M. Adams
Adams Peggy Ann 10-9-1942     Wife of John
Allyn Mary E. Pepper 1889 1963   Wife of Hugh E.
Allyn Hugh E. 1886 1957   Same Marker as Mary E.
Ammerman Millard Johnson 4-14-1908 3-15-1993   Same Marker as Anna F.
Ammerman Anna F. 4-9-1913 3-26-1992   Wife of Millard I.
Andrus Bertha L. Johnson 12-19-1903 6-28-1997   Wife of Donald
Andrus Donald B. 7-30-1907 1-5-1982   Same Marker as Bertha L.
Arnold Emma Baxter 1869 1954   Daughter of Uriah D., Wife of Willard
Arnold Willard 1870 1853   Same Marker as Emma
Ashton Edith Crayton 1870 1947   Wife of B. Frank
Ashton B. Frank 1859 1936   Same Marker as Edith
Bailey Dorr 1868 1958   Same Marker as Myrtie
Bailey Myrtie  1872 1963   Wife of Dorr
Baxter Almon 2-17-1841 7-21-1898   Cor. Co. B. 207 Reg. PA Vol.
Baxter Candace E. McKean 3-30-1845 10-6-1916   Wife of Almon - Same Marker as Almon
Baxter Laurence O. 1903 1962   Only son of Archie & Zoa
Baxter Philip U. Sr. 11-13-1924 12-18-1989   WWII - Son of Laurence - PFC US Army
Baxter Ronald L. 8-21-1926 5-25-1977   WWII - Son of Laurence - AS US Navy
Baxter Roger       No Marker - with father and 2 brothers
Baxter Archie 1880 1967   Third Son of Orceleus & Martha
Baxter Zoa Perry 1882 1970   Wife of Archie - Same Marker as Archie
Baxter Jesse Ezra 1880 1925   Same Marker as Emma
Baxter Emma Adelle 1882 1965   Wife of Jesse
Baxter Almon Randall 1908 1983   Son of Sollie - Same Marker as Marian
Baxter Marian Ballard 1911     Wife of Almon
Baxter Sollie S. 1877 1957   Same Marker as Mary E.
Baxter Mary E.  1875 1962   Wife of Sollie
Baxter Muriel E. 1904 1954   Daughter of Sollie and Mary
Baxter Dr. Max 1889 1985   Son of Fred and Anna
Baxter Maude Clark 1890 1963   Wife of Max - Same Marker as Max
Baxter Clark W. 1923 1998   Son of Max and Maude - Same Marker as Elinor R.
Baxter Elinor K. 1925     Third wife of Clark
Baxter Fred 1862 1936   Son of Uriah D.
Baxter Anna Haight 1866 1952   Wife of Fred - Same Marker as Fred
Baxter Harmon 1831 1892   Son of Ezra and Charity - GAR
Baxter Maria Perry       No Marker 
Baxter Evanda 9-1851 12-8-1851   Daughter of Harman - No Marker
Baxter Ezra 1801 1878    
Baxter Charity 1810 1870   Wife of Ezra
Baxter Franklin 1850 1944    
Baxter Mertie Spencer 1860 1933   Wife of Franklin
Bedosian Paul   1946   No Marker
Boyce Archie Aaron 8-27-1918     Same Marker as Joann - Our Son and Daughter-In-Law David Aaron 1954 & Lorraine Papazian 1955
Boyce Joann McClellan 9-18-1925     Wife of Archie Aaron
Butcher James A. 3-28-1944 5-11-2000   m. 3-31-1962
Butcher Marika       No Marker
Butcher Beatrice       No Marker
Butcher Brad C. 12-20-1967     Same Marker as Joshua H.
Butcher Joshua H. 10-14-1988 12-23-1995   Son of Brad
Byrne Kate       Mother of Carolyn Byrne Gee - No Marker
Cole Genevieve D. 12-26-1913 5-4-2002   Loving Mother of M. Dean, Elizabeth, William, Barbara, Virginia
Corbin  Walter Harry 1906 1974   Mason - Same Marker as Esther M.
Corbin  Esther M. Ashton 1907 1991   Wife of Harry OES
Crane Robert E. 2-5-1909 12-30-1993   Same Marker as Jean
Crane  Jean Baxter 12-4-1911     Daughter of Wilber Baxter - Wife of Robert Crane
Evans Mary E. Smith 1896 1933   First Wife of Leon
Evans Leon K. 1894 1964    
Evans Mabel E. Riley 1893 1984   Second Wife of Leon
Fairbanks Mell 4-22-1891 24y,4m,21d Killed by lightning
Fraser Della 1875 1943   Wife of George
Fraser George M. 1880 9-27-1932    
Gee Carolyn N. 4-15-1947     Same Marker as Robert W. - m. 3-25-1975
Gee Robert W. 10-9-1932 3-20-1996   AB US Air Force - Korea - 10-9-1932 - 3-20-1996
Grenell Volney 6-1-1897 5-6-1956   WWI Sgt. Medical - Brother of Gertreude Young
Heines William G. 9-6-1918 8-25-1987   2 Tim 1 - 12 - S Sgt US Army - WWII
Heines  Madeline M. 7-28-1920     Same Marker as William G.
Holmes Henry L. 7-12-1860 4-1-1928   No Marker
Hulslander Thelma R. 4-28-1928 11-13-1985   Wife of George - Same Marker as George
Hulslander George M. 12-11-1920 11-1-1997   WWII Army - PFC US Army - WWII
Johnston Loren William "Bill" 5-19-1909 10-24-1981   Same Marker as Elsie
Johnston Elsie Morrison 7-14-1909     Wife of Bill
Johnston Earl       No Marker
Johnston Bonnie Shedden 7-29-1947 2-7-2002    
Johnston Glenn O. 3-23-1943     Same Marker as Bonnie

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 6/26/2003
By Joyce M. Tice