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Old Athens Cemeetery A.K.A. Riverside Cemetery,  Athens, Bradford County PA 2011
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Name of Cemetery:     Olde Athens Cemetery (Riverside)
Read By:    Lyle Rockwell
Date Read:     17 March 2011
Typed By:     Lyle Rockwell
Location:    Athens,  corner of Main & Edward St.
Other comments:   Major work was done by John Morley during the 1970 & 80s to fix tombstones, order & place military tombstones provided by the VA. Cemetery read from front to back in sequence.
   I did not find tombstones of numerous people listed on the Morley/Saxon list, but did photograph all present day remaining stones.  All photographs are on
Photo by Lyle Rockewell
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Edminster Sarah   Jun 19 1848 33y11m15d "Wife of Nathan Edminster"
Durrant Alice E   Nov 26 1860 6y4m16d "Daughter of William & Anna Durrant"
Carner Jay   Sep 15 1844 6m26d "Son of Jay & Jenett Carner"
Carner Silas   Apr 3 1844 72y  
McKinney Henry   Sep 20 1894 76y  
McKinney Amanda   Jul 20 1883 61y5m14d "Wife of Henry McKinney"
Meeker Helen G   1848 27  
Peters James   Jan 3 1861 49y10m23d  
Brooks Lorin   May 12 1839 8y10m26d  
Brooks Thomas Irvin   Oct 21 1852 52y6m4d  
Brooks Julia Ann 1835 1838 2y8m27d (dates from Sherman Saxon list ) stone broken on dates Dau. of Thomas and Eliza Brooks.
Brooks William   Aug 17 1838 3m "Son of Thomas & Eliza Brooks"
Corby Martha A   Aug 31 1852 10m11d "Dau. of Stephen & Sarah"
Ayers Lucy A   Sep 7 1842 6m "Daug of George & Jane Ayers"
Wheeler Hannah B   Jul 17 1841 24y "Wife of Edmund Wheeler"
Unknown Unknown       (Stone is weathered bad) 3919
W A       Footstone with no dates
Doran Mary   May 7 1874 70y "Wife of John Doran"
Coleman Michael   Mar 14 1864 50y "A Native of the County of Waterford, Ireland"
Coleman Catharine   Jun 17 1882 84y "A Native of the County of Waterford, Ireland" (Wife of Richard on same stone)
Coleman Richard   Jul 22 1890 84y  
Walsh James   Feb 11 1864 78y "Natives of the Parish of Kill Co. of Waterford, Ireland" (Same stone as Richard & Catharine Coleman)
Walsh Johannah   Sep 4 1866 66y "Wife of James Walsh" (Same stone as Richard & Catharine Coleman)
Walsh Edward   Oct 19 1871 35y9m "Died at Florence, Kansas, son of James & Hannah Walsh" "Natives of the Parish of Kill Co. of Waterford, Ireland"
Walsh Mary   Jun 11 1851 9y6m "Daughter of James & Hannah Walsh" "Natives of the Parish of Kill Co. of Waterford, Ireland"
Walsh Michael   Oct 17 1898 65y  
Walsh Ann   Feb 24 1899 58y Wife of Michael Walsh (on same side of stone)
Pain Betsey   Mar 15 1850 53y_m20d  
Temple Archelaus 1764 1832   "Rev War Pvt 1st NH TRPS"
Talladay Solomon Mar 1758 Feb 1839   "Rev War Pvt Continential Line"
Ostrander Alida A 1845 1849 4y "Daughter of William H & Ann Ostrander"
Ostrander William H   Mar 11 1847 30y3m29d (Husband of Ann Ostrander)
Sinsabaugh David H Mar 28 1795 Feb 15 1849   "War of 1812 Pvt NY INF" (Son of Henry and Margaret Brown Sinsabaugh.)
Sinsabaugh Susan   Apr 15 1850 __y8m22d Susan Peck July 25, d. Apr. 15, 1850 age year plastered over 8 mos., 22 das. Married Mar. 21, 1822 Presbyterian Church, Hamptomburg, N.Y. Son, Henry Mar. 5, 1841 - Mar. 19, 1842. ( 1995 B.H.)
Sinsabaugh Henry   Mar 19 1842 1714d "Son of David & Susan Sinsabaugh"
Reeve Mary B   Mar 18 1857 28y11m21d "Wife of Joseph B Reeve"
Smith Harry 1835 1876   "Civil War Pvt Co F 15th PA REGT"
Hoose Jacob B 1787 1866    
Curtis Sarah 1790 1866   "Wife of Jacob B Hoose"
Vargason Joseph S   Mar 2 1886 85y7m10d  
Vargason Jane 1814 1898   (stone illegible, used Sherman Saxon dates) 
Bartran James   Dec 28 1858 74y6m15d VA records spells his last name as Barthan)
Frederick Mary C   Apr 27 1861 25y4m12d "Wife of Menzo Frederick"
Benson Leander D   Feb 21 1856 10y_m6d "Son of B.W. & Mary Benson"
Wilson Gilbert   Aug 8 1849 1y10m3d "Son of J.W. & Sarah W. Wilson"
Underwood James 1796 1851   (They had three children: William, Ellen Liza, and Judson Underwood.) (they had three children: William, Ellen Liza, and Judson Underwood. (They had three children: William, ellen Liza, & Judson Underwood)
Underwood Deliah 1808 1892   (Delilah Crum Underwood was the daughter of William and Lucinda Hubbard Crum.)
VanWoeart Nicholas       (Weather stone)(Census of 1850 & 1860 has him b. abt 1798 in NY)
VanWoeart Maria   Aug 1 1879   "Wife of Nicholas VanWoeart" (bottom 1/2 buried in concrete where age would be)
VanWoert Jacob Jr.   Aug 25 1849 24y2m20d  
VanWoert Albert Nov 20 1835 Jan 16 1897    
VanWoert Nellie M Jan 30 1869 Dec 15 1883   Dau of A & M VanWoert
Dixon     Mar 24 18__ 176m2d "Son of V B & Harriet Dixon" (Can't make out the first name)
Brown Harriet B   Jul 30 1858 43y "Wife of Samuel H Brown"
Greene Henry H 1787 1855   (Dates from old listing - not on tombstone)
White John 1826 Jul 25 1848   "Son of Nathaniel & Delitte White" (age is below the concrete holding the stone upright)(Age is from Sherman Saxon list) 
Hayes Willie H 1869 Oct 19 1869   (birth date from John Morley list)
Lyon Mary H   Apr 25 1853 34y "Wife of F N Lyon"
Drake Charles L   Mar 16 1852 8y9m11d "Adopted son of Isaac & Mary H Drake"
Drake Ida P   Sep 14 1861 7y6m "Dau of Edwin & A E Drake"
Fagins Ann 1839 Aug 21 1850   (birth date from John Morley list)
Simmons Nancy A   Apr 16 1855 30y10m "Wife of S H Simmons"
Macafee Samuel H Dec 10 1796 May 28 1882    
Riggs Hannah Apr 2 1794 Mar 4 1870   "Wife of Samuel H Macafee"
Macafee Julia Ann   Apr 25 1852 22y26d "Daughter of S H & Hannah Macafee"
Macafee Charles R   Aug 14 1852 5y4m6d "Son of Joel & Sibyl Macafee"
Monroe Jefferson   Sep 7 1852 7y6m10d "Son of William & Mary Monroe"
Monroe David A   Sep 2 1852 1y1m7d "Son of William & Mary Monroe"
Monroe Mary   Aug 16 1854 25y8m17d "Wife of William Monroe"
Cox Charles D   Mar 23 1853 10m3d "Infant son of __ay & Ann Cox"
VanWert Isrella   Sep 29 1873 21y1m11d "Wife of Samuel VanWert"
Vanwoert Samuel   May 4 1899 62y  
McCutcheon Charles H   May 21 1884 32y9m "Killed by cars in Waverly, NY"
Sternberch Almira   Mar 1858 3y10m "Dau. of Jacob & Lydia Stermberch"
Jones Rebecca   Mar 9 1854 31y1m2d "Wife of Jacob Jones"
Lawrence Unknown       (Stolitary memorial with surname only)
Lawrence Charles R 1846 1931   "CSA 179th REGT NY Vols Civil War"
Ross Catharine H   Oct 18 1856 23d "Child of William & Maria Ross"
Ross Charles henry   Sep 1 1858 7m15d "Child of William & Maria Ross"
Ross Maria Elizabeth   Jul 3 1859 3m3d "Child of William & Maria Ross"
Weller George S   Jun 12 1866 38y1m17d  
Weller Georga A   Mar 4 1870 24y11d "Daughter of George S & Mahala Weller"
Harder John   Jul 13 1855 61y1m13d (War of 1812 Veteran)
Wallace Cornelia 1842 1898   "Wife of James Wallace" (2nd wife)
Wallace James W 1830 1911   "2nd Lieut Co C 187th NY Vol Inf" Civil War (One new military stone and one old stone with only "Wallace" and dates)
Wallace Thirza 1819 1879   "Wife of James Wallace" (1st wife)
Stephens Caroline B May 11 1821 May 17 1881   "Erected in her memory by a friend" (Dau. of Chester S. & Lucinda Stephens. )
Stephens Clara   1860   "There is light - beyond"
Stephens Chester   Jun 3 1874 89y2m21d  
Stephens Lucinda   Oct 11 1870 76y6m28d "Wife of Chester Stephens"
King Sarah O   Aug 31 1849   Photo 3994
Unknown Unknown   Apr 12 1855 6y5m5d (No name on this stone)
VanGorder Titus May 1799 Apr 1864   "Rev War Continential Line"
W J A       (Footstone with no name, perhaps for Jane A Williston)
Williston Jane A   Aug 29 18__ 23y "Wife of H Williston" (Can't read the year inscription)
Morris William   Jan 19 1861 50y9m4d "Born in Carnarvonshire, North Wales"
Myer Harvey Sep 28 1856 Jul 25 1858    
Stone Jabez 1803 1868   (No dates on stone - dates entered are from
Adams Zilpha 1806 1864   "His Wife" (Same stone as Jabez Stone)(No dates on stone - dates entered are from
Stone Sarah J 1840     "Wife of A Little" (Same stone as Jabez & Zilpha Stone)
VanGorder Hannah   Feb 9 1873 68y9m12d "Wife of Tunis VanGorder"
Diedrich Frederick May 25 1858 May 27 1858   "Child of William & Mary Diedrich"
Diedrich Caroline B Jun 13 1863 Jun 24 1863   "Child of William & Mary Diedrich"
Diedrich John Dec 31 1861 Oct 25 1863   "Child of William & Mary Diedrich"
Canfield Fanny G 1855 1863   "Dau of J E & F E Canfield" 
Canfield John J J 1857 1863   "Son of J E & F E Canfield" 
Canfield Alice A   Nov 28 1860 9y1m5d "Dau of John E & Fanny E Canfield"
Canfield Fanny E 1823 1911    
Canfield John E   Feb 23 1860 40y8m28d  
Canfield Clarence W Jul 2 1848 Jul 30 1898    
Brown Bessie E   Oct 28 1881 24y2m "Wife of Wm A Brown"
Canfield Joseph 1798 1869    
Lowe Isaac   May 16 1863 81y (Large plot with concrete pillars and metal pipes between pillars)
Lowe Catharine   Jun 25 1872 83y  
Lowe Myron   Sep 17 1862 23y6m "Killed at the Battle of Antietam"
Lowe Polly Oct 16 1814 Jul 22 1909   "Daughter of Isaac & Catharine Lowe, In whose memory she erected this monument, Asleep in Jesus"
Roberts Lilly L   Dec 25 1861 4y9m14d "Dau of O D & S I Roberts"
Roberts Fleming   Jan 6 1837 37y4m2d  
Roberts Sarah J   Mar 30 1894 85y "Wife of O D Roberts"
Roberts Margaret   Mar 10 1864 65y "Wife of J F Roberts"
Roberts Oren D 1827 1896    
Stevens Arthur Melvill   Apr 15 1849 7y "Only child of Almon P & Violetta Stevens"
Wilkinson Charles I       (Baby marker next to Henry Wilkinson memorial)
Wilkinson Henry Nov 14 1832 Apr 26 1870    
Wilkinson Clarissa A Dec 1 1832 May 24 1896   "Wife of H Wilkinson"
Albinson William F   Aug 28 1863 1y "Son of James H. & Jane S. Albinson"
Keeler Barrett B   Aug 14 1882 74y "Our Father"
Snell L O   Oct 4 1862 56y8m "Died at Philadelphia" "Co H 57th Regt PA VOL" (L O is for Lord Orville Snell)
Snell Ruth E   Feb 22 1863 16y  
Snell Ida L 1853 1863    
Snell Kate G   Mar 3 1863 6y  
Snell Frank A 1851 1863    
Lamberson Isaac Feb 1798 Nov 1866   "War of 1812 Pvt PA Militia"
Lamberson Rebecca   Sep 20 1864 65y1m22d "Wife of Isaac Lamberson"
Unknown Hannah       (Only Hannah appears on stone)
Grippin Ira Jan 12 1805 Mar 29 1888    
Grippin Sarah Dec 20 1810 May 22 1891    
Miller David Apr 7 1826 Jan 16 1895    
Miller Hannah Oct 16 1836 May 20 1894   "Wife of A H Miller"
Grippen John 1845 1917   "Pvt Co L 238 Vet Res Corps" (VA records has Co H 57th Regt & 1st NY Calv)
Thompson Rachel   May 2 1861 44y "Wife of Frank Murray"
Our Babes       (This memorial has only the words "Our Babes")

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