Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
The Henry B. Card Letter and Document Files
Letter 1867. Jerome Potter to Henry B. Card
Township: Middlebury and Sullivan in Tioga County PA
Transcribed by Joyce M. Tice 
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Introduction by Joyce M. Tice
Following is the first of what will be many transcribed letters from the files of Henry B. Card of Sullivan township. H. B. held offices in Sullivan Township and also served as Tioga county treasurer during the Civil War 1864-1865. He was what we would call "a mover and a shaker" in the world of local politics in his era. Politics, at least at the local level, was very different in those days. No massive marketing budgets, no staff of promotional consultants, politicing was done face to face by the good old boys who then went out and "talked it about'' among their neighbors. This letter, like so many other scraps in the Card files, gives us a little insight into a past era.

Mid. Center, May 9, 67

H. B. Card, Esq.


Dear Sir

I presume that you have heard ere this that I am a candidate for the office of sheriff as it has been talked some for the past few weeks.

At the present stage of the contest it would seem that J. M. Phelps would be my chief competition. I have heard that Isaac Squires and Lafayette Gray are both talking of being candidates. Is there anything in it? Do you understand that either of them will come up? If not I would like very much to know how you would stand as between Phelps and myself - if you do not deem the question impertinent - and as to what could be my prospects in your town.

Of course I would expect him to carry it as he is much better known probably than I am in his own part of the county.

Our mutual political friend Donaldson will oppose me, but I offset Shff Tabor against him. The Shff will help me all he can. Don. Will no doubt go in for Phelps.

The soldiers generally are my friends. We will be over to court I presume - then I will see you. But I shall hope to hear from you by letter as soon as convenient.

Truly yours, J B. Potter

My address is Middlebury Centre.

Jerome B. Potter did indeed win in the election of 1867 and became Tioga County Sherriff serving from 1867 until 1870 when he was replaced by E. A. Fsh of Sullivan Township. - See Officer Listing 1877 or Officer Listing 1897
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