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Tioga County PA Birth Records 1893-1901

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Tioga County PA Birth Records
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Transcribed by Kelly WILCOX Kimball
Name of Child Date of Birth Place of Birth Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation Date of Record Page
Wabach, Andrew 11/27/1903 Blossburg M W Alexander Wabach Leona Wabach Blossburg Laborer 6/13/1904 220
Wabch, Helen 2/24/1905 Blossburg F W Alexander Wabch Balvenia Wabch Blossburg Laborer 6/17/1905 237
Wacz, Julia Marchale 12/11/1902 Blossburg F W Frank Wacz Mary Wacz Blossburg Laborer 6/26/1903 201
Waddell, Anna 8/8/1894 Arnot F W Alex Waddell Anna Waddell Arnot Miner 1/17/1895 33
Waddell, Margaret 12/8/1897 Arnot F W Alex Waddell Anna Waddell Arnot Miner 9/8/1898 105
Waddell, Mary 2/1901 Arnot F W Alex Waddell Ann Waddell Arnot Miner 6/6/1901 161
Wagner, ? 11/30/1899 52 Maple St. F W William Wagner Annetta R. Wagner 52 Maple St. Laborer 12/23/1899 131
Wagner, Charles D. 5/14/1905 Wellsboro M W Daniel Wagner Sarah Wagner Mahattan Laborer 5/27/1905 232
Wagner, Edther E. 1/9/1900 Liberty twp. F W Ernest D. Wagner Amanda Wagner Liberty twp. Landlord 6/5/1900 139
Wagner, Julia A. 7/14/1904 Wellsboro F W Lewis Wagner Mary Wagner Manhattan Laborer 11/17/1904 222
Wagner, Lewis P. 11/12/1899 Mill St. M W Lewis F. Wagner Mary B. Wagner Mill St. Laborer 12/23/1899 131
Wagner, Liesle P. 3/24/1898 71 Main St. Hoytville M W M. H. Wagner Matilda Wagner 71 Main St. Hoytville Laborer 6/18/1898 101
Wagner, Maynard Graham 11/30/1904 Liberty twp. M W E. D. Wagner Amanda L. Wagner Liberty twp. H. keeper 11/27/1905 240
Wagner, Willmont L. 5/6/1901 Niles Valley M W Wm. Wagner Nettie Wagner Niles Valley Laborer 12/23/1901 170
Wagoner, Albert A. 9/5/1901 Liberty twp. M W E. D. Wagoner Amanda Wagoner Liberty twp. Hotel keeper 6/4/1902 179
Wainright, Chauncey B. 2/23/1904 Brookfield M W B. S. Wainright Kate Wainright Brookfield Farmer 5/16/1904 211
Wakeley, Marjorie Mae 3/1/1899 First St. F W Oscar Wakeley Cassie Wakeley First St. Agent 12/22/1899 145
Wakley, Carrol Grant 5/29/1894 Austinburg M W J. Moram Wakley Philena Wakley Austinburg Farmer 1/8/1895 28
Walbridge, Gladice 2/19/1900 South Delmar F W L. P. Walbridge Lettie Walbridge Steele Rd. Farmer 5/31/1900 137
Walbridge, Ruth B. 2/29/1898 South Delmar F W Biob Walbridge Elizabeth Walbridge South Delmar Farmer 6/4/1898 98
Walbridge, Walter/Vern 5/10/1902 South Delmar M W L. P. Walbridge Letta Walbridge South Delmar Farmer 5/29/1902 177
Walcoski, Valaria 4/19/1902 Blossburg F W Stanley Walcoski Stella Walcoski Blossburg Miner 6/24/1902 183
Waldron, Charley 10/6/1895 Arnot M W W. H. Waldron Lena Waldron Arnot M 12/31/1895 46
Waldron, Louisa 11/30/1905 Arnot F W Harry Waldron Mary Waldron Arnot Miner 9/7/1905 238
Wales, Leonard B. 7/25/1904 Delmar M W Bradley Wales Mable Wales Delmar Farmer 12/15/1904 228
Walker, ? 11/17/1899 Richmond F W O. W. Walker Betty J. Walker Mansfield Laborer 1/3/1900 134
Walker, Abram 10/31/1895 Charleston twp. M W Chester R. Walker Emma Walker Charleston Farmer 4/30/1896 56
Walker, Ada 7/20/1904 Mansfield F W J. R. Wood Mattie blank Mansfield Laborer 12/6/1904 226
Walker, Annie Lewis 6/9/1894 Canton St. Fallbrook F W Thos. Walker Mary A. Walker Canton St. Fallbrook Miner 6/22/1894 13
Walker, Bessie 4/8/1904 Arnot F W Robert C. Walker Jennie Walker Arnot Miner 6/9/1904 219
Walker, Carol Louisa 4/21/1897 Blossburg F W Houston F. Walker Louisa K. Walker Main St. Teacher 9/4/1897 84
Walker, Charles Dyo 12/2/1895 St. James St. Mansfield M W Warren S. Walker Addie Walker St. James St. Mansfield Farmer 1/3/1896 47
Walker, Dazie B. 2/23/1900 Chatham F W Fred Walker Tina Walker Chatham Farmer 5/31/1900 138
Walker, Delana 3/3/1896 Rutland F W Saml Walker Sarah Walker Daggett Laborer 9/7/1896 63
Walker, Dora Ruth 3/26/1902 Morris F W James Walker Laura Walker Morris Laborer 6/17/1902 182
Walker, Edna 8/23/1904 Asaph F W Bert Walker Hattie Walker Asaph Farmer 12/1/1904 224
Walker, Estella G. 8/15/1894 Lawrence F W Frank Walker Emma Walker Lawrence Farmer 1/2/1895 25
Walker, Esther 6/16/1897 Lawrence F W Frank Walker Emma Walker Lawrence Farmer 11/17/1897 88
Walker, Ethel Bell 1/28/1904 Arnot F W Leonard Walker Artie May Walker Arnot L 6/9/1904 219
Walker, Eva M. 4/9/1897 Shippen F W Bert Walker Hattie B. Walker blank Laborer 6/14/1897 79
Walker, Genevieve 6/5/1899 Arnot F W Leonard Walker Artie Walker Arnot Laborer 6/11/1900 142
Walker, Hattie M. 1/27/1903 Blossburg F W George Walker Annie Walker Blossburg Miner 6/26/1903 201
Walker, Henry 8/6/1893 Rutland M W Hugh Walker Caroline Walker Rutland Farmer 1/9/1894 8
Walker, Henry J. McNaughton 4/24/1896 Arnot M W Henry McNaughton Mary Walker Arnot L 9/5/1896 62
Walker, James R. 2/17/1901 Blossburg M W George Walker Annie Walker Blossburg Miner 6/17/1901 163
Walker, Lulu M. 8/14/1893 Roundtop F W C. R. Walker Emma Walker Charleston Farmer 1/8/1894 8
Walker, Margaret 10/24/1898 Arnot F W John Walker Lilly Walker Arnot Miner 12/27/1898 110
Walker, Margaret A. 3/19/1903 Philadelphia F W Fred Walker Paulina Walker 48 Water St. Morris Run Carpenter 12/7/1903 208
Walker, Maud Leuella 1/5/1902 Richmond St. F W J. R. Walker Mattie Walker Wellsboro Laborer 5/21/1902 176
Walker, Mildred May 10/12/1895 Chatham F W Fred Walker Tyna Walker Chatham Farmer 1/15/1896 52
Walker, Myron 2/2/1900 Wellsboro M W Jas. Walker Laura Walker Antrim L 6/20/1900 143
Walker, Randall 11/29/1893 Covington twp. M W L. R. Walker C. L. Walker Covington Farmer 1/11/1894 9
Walker, Ray Homer 11/12/1893 Roundtop M W E. J. Walker Ida Walker Charleston Farmer 1/8/1894 8
Walker, Thomas 6/27/1897 Landrus M W James Walker Nellie Walker Landrus Miner 8/25/1897 81
Walker, Tina B. 1/2/1905 Chatham F W Charles Walker Leata Walker Chatham Laborer 5/24/1905 231
Wall, Lettie May 1/13/1897 Erie Co., Pa. F W M. W. Wall Lettie May Wall Erie Co., Pa. Laborer 4/4/1898 96
Walsh, Agnes 9/22/1903 11 Pleasant Hill Morris Run F W William Walsh Margaret Walsh 11 Pleasant Hill Morris Run Glove maker 12/7/1903 207
Walsh, Rue Boman 10/27/1896 Lawrenceville F W Wm. Walsh Mrs. Mary Walsh Lawrenceville Laborer 12/24/1896 65
Walter, Carl 8/19/1902 Arnot M W Victor Johnson Jula Johnson Arnot Miner 12/27/1902 191
Walters, ? 5/8/1901 Jobs Corners M W Orson Walters Elnora Walters Jobs Corners Farmer 6/3/1901 160
Walters, Harold E. 7/14/1905 Westfield M W Gordon Walters Clara Walters Westfield Farmer 12/20/1905 245
Walters, John Henry 8/23/1893 Sears St. M W James Walters Lizie Walters Sears St. Laborer 12/29/1893 5
Walters, May 12/27/1894 Jackson F W O. E. Walters Nora Walters P.O. Job's Corners Farmer 1/4/1896 48
Walters, Mildred C. 9/7/1894 Blackwells F W William A. Walters Gertrude Walters Blackwells Laborer 1/25/1895 34
Walters, Nellie 6/16/1897 Jackson F W O. E. Walters Nora Walters blank Farmer 6/9/1898 100
Walters, Orson E., Jr. blank Jobs Corners M W Orson E. Walters blank Jobs Corners Farmer 12/28/1901 174
Waltz, Ernest W. 5/15/1896 Mill Creek M W Jacob Waltz Sophia Waltz Mill Creek Farmer 1/6/1897 71
Waltz, Fred C. 12/19/1901 Tioga twp. M W Jacob Waltz Sophia Waltz Tioga twp. Farmer 6/14/1902 180
Ward, Clara L. 1/21/1897 15 Mill St. Morris Run F W John Ward Lena Ward 15 Mill St. Morris Run Laborer 9/2/1897 82
Ward, Delores 2/19 Roaring Branch F W Thomas Ward Cora Ward Roaring Branch Supt. Of M. 9/25/1899 124
Ward, Frank Jr. 6/20/1902 Blossburg M W Frank Ward Emma Ward Blossburg Laborer 12/31/1902 193
Ward, Fredrick C. 12/30/1898 Blossburg M W James Ward Hulda Ward Blossburg Carpenter 6/16/1899 122
Ward, Lawrence 12/29/1900 Blossburg M W Frank Ward Emma Ward Blossburg Laborer 6/17/1901 163
Ward, Lennie J. 3/10/1894 Morris Run F W John Ward Jennet Ward Morris Run Water St. 14 Laborer 9/5/1894 22
Ward, Marion 7/11/1902 English Hill -- -- Frank Ward Kate Ward blank blank 12/23/1902 188
Ward, Mary 2/24/1898 20 Mill St. Morris Run F W Horace Ward Clara Ward 20 Mill St. Morris Run Laborer 12/31/1898 113
Ward, Robert 3/1/1897 Roaring Branch M W Thomas G. Ward Carrie Ward Roaring Branch Farmer 9/15/1897 84
Ward, Ruth 9/11/1901 Roaring Branch F W Thomas Ward Cora Ward blank blank 12/19/1901 167
Ward, Viola 1/23/1905 Morris Run F W Frank Ward Martha Ward Morris Run Laborer 2/27/1905 229
Waren, Dean 12/4/1903 Middlebury M W Lew W. Waren Grace W. Waren Middlebury Center Laborer 5/23/1904 213
Warren, ? 12/1/1904 Leetonia F W George Warren May Warren Leetonia Laborer 3/16/1905 230
Warren, Archa E. 8/25/1894 Chatham M W Sherman Warren Dell Warren Chatham F 1/8/1895 27
Warren, Clare 4/25/1899 Chatham M W Tone Warren Jennie Warren Little Marsh Farmer 5/20/1899 116
Warren, Gladys J. 12/1/1905 Leetonia F W G. W. Warren Mary Warren Leetonia Laborer 12/27/1905 247
Warren, Henry Freeman 2/26/1898 Lawrenceville M W Freeman Warren Hettie B. Warren Lawrenceville Fireman 12/22/1898 109
Warren, Keith M. 6/30/1897 Charleston M W David H. Warren Alice M. Warren Charleston Farmer 9/14/1898 106
Warren, Lylse L. 10/7/1896 Westfield M W Ira Warren Jennie Warren Westfield Farmer 4/4/1898 96
Warren, Mable 8/14/1902 Middlebury F -- Louis Warren Rilla Warren Middlebury Laborer 12/17/1902 187
Warren, Mildred 5/23/1897 Delmar M W George Warren Mary Warren Delmar Laborer 12/20/1897 94
Warriner, Bula 10/23/1901 Delmar F W Burt Warriner Alice Townsend Delmar Farmer 3/7/1902 175
Warriner, Callie M. 4/30/1901 South Delmar F W Steven Warriner Nettie Warriner South Delmar Farmer 6/3/1901 160
Warriner, Esther 5/29/1904 Wellsboro F W Walter Warriner Helen Warriner Wellsboro Glass blower 10/12/1904 221
Warriner, Lynn 9/26/1895 Delmar M W O. N. Warriner Laura Warriner Delmar Laborer 1/31/1896 55
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