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Tioga County PA Birth Records 1893-1901

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Tioga County PA Birth Records
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Transcribed by Kelly WILCOX Kimball
Name of Child Date of Birth Place of Birth Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation Date of Record Page
VanNess, Preston O. 6/23/1895 Richmond M W Henry P. VanNess Wrexie Sweet VanNess Richmond Farmer 1/21/1896 53
Van Nocken, Hazel Maree 5/5/1904 Roseville boro F W N. B. Van Nocken Linda Van Nocken Roseville Laborer 5/25/1904 213
VanOrder, Alfred 3/2/1900 Brownlee F W Thos. VanOrder Lucy VanOrder Brownlee L 6/20/1900 143
VanOrder, Bessie 1/15/1896 Brownlee F W Thomas VanOrder Lucy VanOrder blank Laborer 6/17/1896 57
VanOrder, Dewit 11/15/1894 Block 2 House 2 M W John VanOrder Mary VanOrder blank Miner 1/14/1895 31
Vanorder, Dora 2/20/1902 Brownlee F W John Vanorder, Jr. blank Brownlee M 12/13/1892 186
Vanorder, Elmer 5/14/1902 Brownlee M W Tom Vanorder blank Brownlee M 12/13/1902 186
Vanorder, Flora 8/21/1903 Wellsboro F W Fred Vanorder Stella Vanorder Wellsboro Laborer 9/26/1903 202
VanOrder, Irene 2/24/1905 Antrim F W Thomas VanOrder Lucy VanOrder Antrim Miner 5/29/1905 233
VanOrder, Leon E. 9/14/1896 Antrim M W John VanOrder Mary Vanorder blank M 12/24/1896 65
Vanorder, Leonard 5/18/1900 Delmar Rd. M W Henry Vanorder Mary Vanorder Delmar Rd. Laborer 5/31/1900 137
VanOrder, Marguerite 8/8/1905 Wellsboro F W Dewey VanOrder Nora VanOrder Wellsboro Laborer 9/26/1905 238
VanOrder, MaryAnn/Mae Katherine 12/5/1895 East Ave. Wellsboro F W Dewitt VanOrder Ann VanOrder East Ave. Laborer 1/3/1896 47
VanOrder, Thos. 2/11/1898 Brownlee M W Thos. VanOrder Lucy VanOrder Brownlee L 7/15/1898 102
VanOrder, William 8/23/1897 Delmar M W Henry Vanorder Mary Vanorder Delmar Laborer 12/20/1897 94
Vansontch,c Joseph 7/4/1896 20 Main St. Hoytville M W Frank Vansontch Mary Vansontch 20 Main St. Laborer 1/5/1897 71
Vanvalcanear, Muril L. 8/24/1894 Sullivan F W E. E. Vanvalcanear Grace Vanvalcanear Sullivan Farmer 1/25/1895 34
Vanvecton, Robert A. 3/9/1895 No. Union twp. M W John Vanvecton Lizzie Vanvecton No. Union Farmer 8/7/1895 42
Van Vechten, Winifred R. 8/7/1902 North Union -- -- J. C. Van Vechten Lizzie Van Vechten blank blank 12/23/1902 188
Van Vectan, Winifred R. 8/7/1902 Union M W John Van Vectan Lizzie Van Vectan Union Farmer 5/26/1903 196
Vanvleat, Nancy J. 7/1/1900 Delmar F W John Vanvleat Mildred Vanvleat Delmar Farmer 12/10/1900 152
VanVleet, John 4/15/1904 South Delmar M W John VanVleet Mildred VanVleet South Delmar Laborer 6/3/1904 218
Vanvlete, Rhoda 3/11/1902 Delmar F W John Vanvlete Mill Heise Delmar Farmer 2/7/1903 194
VanWinkle, Leafa Gertrude 10/12/1898 Farmington F W Charles VanWinkle Dollie VanWinkle Farmington Laborer 1/19/1899 116
Vanzile, ? 10/1/1899 Jackson F W Wm. Vanzile Flora Vanzile Jackson Farmer 12/29/1899 133
Vanzile, Bennie 12/30/1900 Nelson boro M W Joseph Vanzile Clara Vanzile Nelson boro Laborer 12/27/1901 173
VanZile, Bertha Adelaide 7/10/1899 Farmington F W Charles VanZile Carrie Vanzile Farmington Farmer 12/21/1899 129
Vanzile, Claten Leroy 2/6/1901 Middlebury twp. M W Chas. Vanzile Carrie Vanzile Farmington Farmer 12/18/1901 167
VanZile, Clifford 9/16/1905 Nelson boro M W Stephen VanZile Grace VanZile Nelson boro Laborer 12/14/1905 244
VanZile, Earl 12/22/1898 Farmington M W Henderson VanZile Myrtle VanZile Farmington Laborer 5/25/1899 116
VanZile, Edith 11/11/1896 Coates St. Elkland F W Frank VanZile Anna VanZile Coates St. Elkland Laborer 1/27/1897 76
VanZile, Emmajean 5/6/1905 Tuscarora St. Osceola F W Elmer VanZile Minnie May VanZile Tuscarora St. Osceola Laborer 12/21/1905 246
VanZile, Florence Jane 6/14/1903 Buffalo St. F W blank Lucinda V. VanZile Buffalo St. blank 11/10/1903 204
Vanzile, Frank 12/21/1897 Nelson boro M W Joseph Vanzile Clara Vanzile Nelson Laborer 12/23/1898 109
Vanzile, Harold 5/18/1905 Farmington M W Walter Vanzile Delia Persing Farmington Laborer 6/1/1905 233
VanZile, Henry L. 4/15/1905 Nelson M -- Henry VanZile Serah VanZile Nelson Farmer 12/14/1905 244
Vanzile, Marguette E. 2/2/1901 Nelson boro F W Henry Vanzile Sarah Vanzile Nelson boro Farmer 12/27/1901 173
VanZile, Rena Eva 10/12/1898 Parkhurst St. F W James VanZile Mary VanZile Parkhurst St. Tanner 12/22/1899 131
Van Zile, Thom C. 6/22/1902 Second St. M W Frank Van Zile Annie Van Zile Coates St. Laborer 12/30/1902 192
Vanzile, Walter 3/23/1895 Nelson M W Charles VanZile Carrie Vanzile Nelson Laborer 6/22/1895 38
Varner, G. C. 6/10/1902 Wellsboro M W Geo. Varner Clara B. Varner Wellsboro Laborer 12/23/1902 189
Varner, Isadore 8/25/1904 Wellsboro F W Geo. Varner Clarabelle Varner Wellsboro Laborer 11/29/1904 223
Vaughn, Annie F. 8/10/1901 Fall Brook F W Wm. Vaughn Sarah Vaughn Fall Brook Miner 12/26/1901 173
Vaughn, George Curtis 4/20/1896 Fall Brook M W Wm. L. Vaughn Sarah Vaughn Fall Brook Laborer 9/11/1896 64
Vedder, Charles A. 3/20/1900 Roseville M W L. D. Vedder Anna Vedder Roseville Blacksmith 6/20/1900 143
Vedder, Sanford Elihu 8/19/1895 Main St. Mansfield M W Wentworth D. Vedder Cora Vedder Main St. Mansfield Physician 1/3/1896 47
Vedder, Wentworth Dorcey 12/31/1897 Mansfield M W W. D. Vedder Cora Mahala Strait Mansfield Physician 9/8/1898 104
Veith, Freddie 1/1/1901 Blossburg M W Fred Veith Lizzie Veith Blossburg Laborer 6/17/1901 162
Veith, Osmund L. 8/15/1898 Blossburg M W Fred Veith Louizia Veith Blossburg Laborer 12/27/1898 110
Velesky, Lewis 8/4/1901 Landrus M W Lewis Velesky Rosey Velesky Landrus Miner 12/23/1901 171
Vene, Clemons 8/4/1895 Antrim M W Anton Vene Anna Vene Antrim L 1/13/1896 51
Vene, Mary 12/29/1893 Antrim F W Anton Vene Anna Vene Antrim L 7/5/1894 16
Veness, Hazel 12/28/1903 Blossburg F W Bernard Veness Clara Veness Blossburg Miner 6/14/1904 221
Vermilia, J. W. 12/21/1894 Union twp. M W Edgar Vermilia Rachel Vermilia blank Farmer 1/15/1895 32
Vermilyea, Edgar Fay 10/1904 Spencertown M W Edgar Vermilyea Rachel Vermilyea Spencertown Farmer 11/9/1904 222
Vickery, Donald 5/16/1894 Union twp. M W Wm. Vickery Carrie Jones Vickery Union twp. Operator 8/7/1894 20
Vickery, Emerson 9/18/1902 Roaring Branch -- -- Frank Vickery Katharine Vickery blank blank 12/23/1902 189
Vickery, Maxwell 9/19/1904 Roaring Branch M W Frank Vickery Katharine Vickery Roaring Branch Operator 11/9/1904 222
Vickland, Paul 9/30/1895 Main St. Elkland M W Nelson Vickland Mary Vickland Main St. Laborer 1/29/1896 54
Vicory, Frank 3/19/1900 Roaring Branch M W Carmi Vickery Harriet Vickery Roaring Branch Farmer 11/2/1900 147
Victor, Joseph 7/10/1901 Manhattan M W Frank Victor Mary Victor Manhattan Laborer 12/4/1901 166
Victor, Louise 10/10/1900 Mansfield F W Soback Victor Tecla Victor Mansfield Laborer 10/30/1900 147
Victor, Mattie 9/4/1898 Manhattan F W Sobec, Victor Teckla Victor Manhattan Laborer 12/12/1898 107
Victor, Mike 8/8/1897 Gaines M W Frank Victor Josie Victor Gaines Laborer 11/20/1897 89
Victor, Sternislonis 2/27/1897 Manhattan M W Seleburstian Feklor Victor Manhattan Laborer 5/24/1897 78
Voorhess, Ira Gorden 11/24/1898 Jackson M W Jesse Voorhess Lena Voorhess Jackson Farmer 12/22/1898 108
Voorhess, Manley 1/7/1896 Daggett M W Ellis Voorhess Hattie Voorhess Daggett Farmer 1/2/1897 69
Voorhess, Milford 6/16/1900 Jackson M W Floyd A. Voorhess Zela Voorhess Jackson Farmer 11/21/1900 150
Voorhess, Ronald 9/28 Richmond M W F. A. Voorhess Myra Voorhess Richmond Painter 1/3/1900 134
Vorhess, Manda 6/16/1905 Jackson F W Ellis Vorhess Mattie Vorhess Jackson Farmer 12/2/1905 241
Vosburgh, Katherine 1/20/1898 Lawrenceville F W W. H. Vosburgh Minnie Vosburgh Lawrenceville B master 12/22/1898 109
Vosburgh, Mildred May 2/5/1895 Stevenson St. Westfield boro F W William L. Vosburgh Susie Vosburgh Stevenson St. Merchant 7/29/1895 41
Vreeland, Jennie M. 8/16/1893 Campbell St. Elkland F W John Vreeland Eva Vreeland Campbell St. Painter 1/12/1894 10
Vroman, Edna 7/4/1896 Ogdensburg F W G. A. Vroman Lena Vroman Ogdensburg Laborer 12/28/1896 67
Vroman, Howard 2/21/1899 Ward M W Grant Vroman Dora Vroman Ward Teamster 6/2/1899 117
Vroman, Russel 9/12/1903 Ogdensburg M W P. G. Vroman Lena Vroman Ogdensburg Farmer 5/31/1904 214
Vronan, Russel 9/12/1893 Ogdensburg M W P.G. Vronan Lena Vronan blank blank 11/4/1903 203
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