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Tioga County PA Birth Records 1893-1901

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Tioga County PA Birth Records
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Transcribed by Kelly WILCOX Kimball
Name of Child Date of Birth Place of Birth Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation Date of Record Page
Updike, ? 12/10/1900 Roseville M W Joe Updike Minnie Updike Roseville Laborer 1/9/1901 154
Updike, Lillian J. 7/3/1896 Daggett F W Clark Updike Eva Updike Daggett Farmer 1/2/1897 69
Updyke, Anson 10/10/1902 Elk Run M W Foster Updyke Myrtle Updyke Elk Run Farmer 1/2/1903 193
Updyke, Florence L. 12/8/1897 Jackson F W Chas. L. Updyke Eveline Updyke blank Farmer 6/9/1898 100
Updyke, Joseph H. 10/16/1898 Sullivan M W Foster Updyke Myrtle Updyke Sullivan Farmer 1/14/1899 115
Updyke, Mabel D. 12/3/1895 Sullivan F W Elmer Updyke Cora Updyke Sullivan Laborer 1/20/1896 53
Updike, Myrtle Louise 1/25/1895 Ward twp. F W Clark Updike Eva Updike Jackson Farmer 8/5/1895 42
Urbank, Cella 1/15/1898 Blossburg F W Antonie Urbank Annie Urbank Blossburg Laborer 9/8/1898 105
Urell, Catharine Frances 2/10/1900 Broad St. F W Thomas M. Urell Maude P. Urell Broad St. Clerk 6/11/1900 142
Urell, Rowena Louise 5/29/1903 Broad St. F W Thomas M. Urell Maude P. Urell Broad St. Clerk 6/3/1903 199
Utter, Lawrence 7/6/1896 Pattison Ave. Elkland M W Egbert Utter Jennie Utter Pattison Ave. Elkland Laborer 1/27/1897 76
Utter, Mary Marie 9/17/1902 Jackson Summit F W Daniel P. Utter Cora M. Utter Jackson Summit Laborer 12/19/1902 188
Vail, Keneth E. 10/30/1893 Marsh Creek M W Willis Vail Amaoretta Vail Shippen Farmer 12/21/1893 1
Vail, Ruby Loretta 4/3/1903 Delmar F W Willard Vail Matilda Vail Delmar Laborer 6/1/1903 198
Valentine, Francis H. 11/21/1898 Delmar F W W. H. Valentine Hannah Spence Delmar Laborer 1/11/1899 115
Valentine, Robert 5/30/1903 Delmar M W George Valentine Minnie Valentine Delmar Laborer 2/26/1904 210
Valingo, Eliza 8/12/1903 Hoytville F - W Joseph Valingo Mary Valingo Hoytville Laborer 12/19/1903 210
Valings, Victoria 1/12/1903 Hoytville F W Anthony Valings Therisa Valings Hoytville Laborer 6/2/1903 198
Valsovicki, Vern 8/3 20 Main St. Hoytville M W Frank Valsovicki Mary Valsovicki 20 Main St. Hoytville Laborer 6/17/1902 182
Vamilya, Gladys 8/25/1902 Union F W Edgar Vamilya Rachel Vamilya Union Farmer 5/26/1903 196
VanCampen, Gerouldine 11/9/1899 Williamson St. F W Edward VanCampen Christiania VanCampen Williamson St. Laborer 12/14/1899 126
Vance, Amy 8/26/1904 Roseville F W John Vance Emma Vance Roseville Laborer 11/28/1904 223
VanCise Bernice 11/26/1894 Delmar So. Dist. F W J. E. Van Cise Etta Van Cise Delmar So. Dist. Merchant 5/25/1895 36
Vancise, Charles 10/5/1899 Niles Valley Middlebury M W Irvine Vancise Hattie Vancise Niles Valley Laborer 12/28/1899 133
Vancise, Emma 3/28/1896 River St. Elkland F W A. J. Vancise Hattie Vancise Elkland Laborer 1/27/1897 75
Vancise, Lillin/Van Cise Leland Ellsworth 12/17/1902//12/17/1901 Delmar M W David Vancise/Van Cise Bessie Vancise/Van Cise Delmar Laborer 12/15/1904 228
Vancise, Margaret E. 10/27/1904 S. Buffalo St. Elkland F W Earvine Vancise Hattie Vancise S. Buffalo St. Laborer 12/23/1904 229
Van Cise, Margaret E. 12/6/1901 N. Main St. F W J. E. Van Cise Etta Van Cise N. Main St.  Laborer 5/21/1902 176
Vancise, Nora 6/16/1904 Delmar F W David Vancise Bessie Vancise Delmar Laborer 12/15/1904 228
VanCise, Richard John 1/24/1904 Covington twp. M W Ulysses VanCise Lena VanCise Covington Laborer 6/9/1904 219
Vancise, Ruth 12/9/1900 Duncan F W Joseph Vancise Etta Vancise Richmond Laborer 6/3/1901 159
Vandel, Auther W. 1/7/1899 41 Water St. Morris Run M W Charles Vandel Alma Peterson 41 Water St. Morris Run Laborer 6/9/1899 121
Vandergrift, Edward J. 8/28/1894 Delmar So. Dist. M W William Vandergrift Janett Vandergrift Delmar So. Dist. Farmer 5/25/1895 36
Vandergrift, Florence 6/29/1896 Delmar F W J. A. Vandergrift Mary Walbridge Delmar Farmer 1/20/1897 74
Vandergrift, Mildred 2/24/1902 Antrim F -- William Vandergrift blank Antrim L 12/13/1902 186
Vandergrift, Verne T. 4/17/1898 Antrim M W Joe Vandergrift Jane Vandergrift Antrim L 7/15/1898 102
Vanderhoff, Aaron 5/9/1897 Tioga twp. M W Aaron Vanderhoff Emma Vanderhoff Main Hill Farmer 11/12/1897 90
Vanderhoof, Eddie 3/21/1895 Mann Hill M W Aaron Vanderhoof Emma Vanderhoof Mann Hill Farmer 1/6/1897 71
Vanderhoof, Martha J. 2/4/1896 Keeneyville F W Geo. Vanderhoof Delena Vanderhoof Keeneyville Farmer 12/24/1896 66
Vanderhough, Maggie M. 4/28/1894 Gaines F W A. Vanderhough Jennie Vanderhough Gaines Laborer 7/3/1894 15
Vandike, Bert 5/6/1904 Cowanesque St. Osceola M W Bert Vandike Maud Vandike Cowanesque St. Osceola Laborer 12/20/1904 228
VanDusen, Bernice L. 11/6/1903 Maple St. F W John T. VanDusen Nellie C. VanDusen Maple St. Undertaker 5/18/1904 212
VanDusen, Clarence 10/4/1899 Lawrence M W Henry VanDusen Lena VanDusen Lawrence Laborer 12/16/1899 127
VanDusen, Clifford 4/25/1898 Farmington M W Fred VanDusen Hattie VanDusen Farmington Farmer 1/19/1899 116
Vandusen, Daniel 6/6/1903 Windfall Rd. Osceola M W Daniel Herbert Vandusen Ida Ardell Vandusen Windfall Rd. Osceola Farmer 12/21/1903 210
Van Dusen, Harold James 7/15/1902 98 W. Main St. Westfield M W Leroy D. Van Dusen Catharine Van Dusen 98 W. Main St. Westfield Marble dealer 12/29/1902 192
Van Dusen, Kathrine L. 2/6/1905 Deerfield F W Deven Van Dusen Daisy D. Van Dusen Deerfield Farmer 11/8/1905 239
VanDusen, Lawrence Herbert 1/9/1899 78 Maple St. Westfield M W John T. VanDusen Nellie C. VanDusen 78 Maple St. Westfield Undertaker 5/27/1899 116
VanDusen, Marion D. 2/16/1905 Deerfield F W Devere VanDusen Daisy VanDusen Deerfield F 5/22/1905 231
VanDusen, Ruth Evelyn 6/5/1894 Farmington F -- Frank VanDusen G. Adelle VanDusen Farmington Farmer 1/30/1895 34
VanDusen, William 10/16/1900 Farmington M W Frank VanDusen G. Adella VanDusen Farmington Farmer 12/8/1900 152
VanDyke, ? 11/2/1898 Wellsboro Rd. M W John VanDyke Bertha VanDyke Wellsboro Rd. Farmer 6/3/1898 97
Vandyke, Arthur 4/20/1895 Chatham M W Henry Vandyke Lou Vandyke Chatham Farmer 1/15/1896 52
VanDyke, Bertha May 10/26/1898 Tioga twp. F W John VanDyke Berth VanDyke Tioga twp. Farmer 1/11/1899 115
Van Dyke, Blanch 8/20/1894 Tioga twp. F W John Van Dyke, Jr. Bertha Van Dyke Tioga twp. Laborer 1/7/1895 26
Van Dyke, Clara 12/8/1901 Chatham F W Henry Van Dyke Lua Van Dyke Chatham Farmer 5/30/1902 178
VanDyke, Edna Flora 6/12/1897 Covington twp. F W John VanDyke Sarah VanDyke Covington twp. Farmer 11/16/1897 88
Vandyke, Margy 5/12/1894 Blossburg Main St. F W John VanDyke Sarah VanDyke Blossburg Laborer 7/17/1894 19
Van Dyne, Walter Carpenter 3/22/1902 Lambs Creek M W Isaac Van Dyne Anna Van Dyne Lambs Creek Laborer 6/12/1902 179
VanFleet, L. W. 10/24/1899 North District M W S. W. VanFleet Charlotte VanFleet North Union Farmer 12/13/1899 126
VanGilder, Dortha 2/7/1905 Lawrence F W Ray Vanglider Inis Vangilder Lawrence Laborer 6/8/1905 236
Vangorden, Harold H. 10/31/1905 Chatham M W C. E. Vangorden Amy Vangorden Chatham Farmer 12/12/1905 243
Van Gorden, Pearl 9/23/1901 blank -- -- blank blank blank blank 5/31/1902 178
VanGorder, Archie A. 10/21/1895 East St. Knoxville M W Charles E. VanGorder Amy Cornell VanGorder Knoxville Laborer 1/7/1896 49
VanGorder, Kenneth D. 1/3/1900 Lincoln St. M W Thomas H. Van Gorder Jennie L. VanGorder Lincoln St. Clerk 5/31/1900 138
Vangorder, Louis L. 10/3/1898 Shippen twp. M W Leonard Vangorder Iga/Iza M. Vangorder Shippen twp. Laborer 12/31/1898 114
Vanhart, Harold 7/6/1894 Mansfield M W Charles A. Vanhart Lizzie Vanhart Mansfield Farmer 1/23/1895 34
VanHorn, Alice R. 8/25/1904 Manhattan F W Harry VanHorn Cora VanHorn Manhattan Laborer 11/17/1904 222
Van Horn, Dwight 4/26/1903 Wellsboro M W W. D. Van Horn Carrie Van Horn Wellsboro Bank president 5/28/1903 196
VanHorn, Fay Kenneth 10/22/1900 Waln St. Wellsboro M W Wm. D. VanHorn Carrie A. VanHorn Waln St. Wellsboro Bank pres. 1/5/1901 154
Van Horn, Howard 8/5/1894 Wellsboro M W William D. Van Horn Carrie Van Horn Wellsboro Cashier bank 12/28/1894 23
VanHorn, Ruth Amanda 12/10/1895 Charleston twp. F W Perrin C. VanHorn Susie VanHorn Charleston Farmer 4/30/1896 56
VanHorn, Ruth B. 5/16/1896 Water St. Wellsboro F W Lewis R. VanHorn Lola E. VanHorn Water St. Wellsboro Merchant 6/19/1896 59
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