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Tioga County PA Birth Records 1893-1901

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Tioga County PA Birth Records
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Transcribed by Kelly WILCOX Kimball
Name of Child Date of Birth Place of Birth Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation Date of Record Page
Stanard, Lawrence 12/24/1902 Mainesburg M W S. G. Stanard Hattie Stanard Mainesburg Laborer 5/25/1903 196
Stanley, Herbert Lee 7/8/1894 Osceola boro Windfall Rd. M W Sylvester H. Stanley Eliza J. Stanley Osceola boro Windfall Rd. Laborer 12/31/1894 24
Stanley, Lena I. 8/23/1900 Windfall Rd. Osceola F W Sylvester H. Stanley Eliza Tyler Stanley Windfall Rd. Osceola Farmer 11/14/1900 148
Stanley, Lewrolland 3/17/1894 Potterbrook M W Emmet Stanley Anna Stanley Potterbrook Laborer 7/9/1894 18
Stanly, Lee Lavern 11/15/1894 Westfield twp. M W John Stanly Flora Stanly Westfield twp. Mechanic 1/8/1895 27
Stanton, Raymond 6/3/1905 Morris M -- Otis Stanton Carrie Stanton Morris L 12/18/1905 245
Stanton, Sarah Ellen 7/17/1900 Morris F W Otis Stanton Sarah Stanton Morris Laborer 11/19/1900 150
Starkey, John Leroy 6/12/1895 Middlebury M W Gilbert L. Starkey Retta Starkey Middlebury Farmer 1/2/1896 47
Starkey, Morris R. 8/15/1905 Richmond M W T. L. Starkey Allie Starkey Mansfield Farmer 12/11/1905 242
Starkweather, Alvin 10/21/1902 Shippen M W E. D. Starkweather Minnie Starkweather Shippen Laborer 6/10/1903 200
Starkweather, Arnold O. 3/2/1901 Covington twp. M W Elijah Starkweather Minnie Starkweather Covington twp. Laborer 6/7/1901 162
Starkweather, Chester 9/21/1893 Brownlee M W Nelson Starkweather Alice Starkweather Brownlee L 12/26/1893 2
Starkweather, Dorothy 5/20/1905 Marsh Creek F W Elijah Starkweather Minnie Starkweather Marsh Creek Laborer 6/3/1905 235
Starkweather, Dorris Marie 7/10/1899 Mansfield F W Charles H. Starkweather Emma Clark blank Adv. Man 12/27/1899 132
Starkweather, Fred 1/30/1900 Brownlee M W Nelson Starkweather Elva Starkweather Brownlee L 6/20/1900 143
Starkweather, Luther S. 7/12/1899 Covington twp. M W Elijah Starkweather Minnie Starkweather Covington twp. Laborer 12/20/1899 128
Starr, Agnes 7/9/1894 Farmington F -- Charles Starr Elsie Starr Farmington Farmer 1/30/1895 34
Starum, Joseph 2/17/1900 Landrus M W Jack Starum Victoria Starum Landrus Miner 6/9/1900 142
Stats, Dora M. 9/24/1900 Shippen F W Lewis Stats Emma Stats Shippen Operator 5/31/1901 158
Stats, Dora M. 9/24/1900 Pine Valley F W Lue Stats Emma Stats Ansonia Farmer 12/10/1900 152
Statt, Nelson 2/10/1894 Westfield twp. M W Nimrod Statt Hettie Statt Westfield twp. Stone cutter 1/8/1895 27
Statts, Ella May 3/12/1896 John Statts Fisher Rd. F W Wm. Statts Anna Statts John Statts Delmar Farmer 6/6/1905 57
Statts, Elwin C. 9/21/1902 Delmar M W Lewis Statts Emma Statts Delmar Laborer 12/15/1904 228
Statts, Eva Myldred 10/16/1898 Delmar F W George Statts Sarah Hoag Delmar Laborer 1/11/1899 115
Statts, Frank H. 2/20/1898 Fisher Delmar M W William Statts Anna R. Statts Fisher Rd. Farmer 6/6/1898 98
Statts, Helen H. 9/15/1904 Delmar F W Lewis Statts Emma Statts Delmar Laborer 12/15/1904 228
Stauffer, Gilbert C. 8/30/1894 Wellsboro M W A. F. Stauffer Jennie Stauffer Wellsboro Professor at school 12/28/1894 23
Stawiski, George 10/5/1900 16 Main St. Hoytville M W John Stawiski Ella Stawiski 16 Main St. Hoytville Laborer 11/19/1900 150
Steadman, ? 4/5/1905 Brookfield F W J. S. Steadman Etta A. Steadman Brookfield Laborer 5/13/1905 231
Steadman, Donald C. 11/7/1903 River St. (Westfield) M W C. B. Steadman Allena Steadman River St. Laborer 5/18/1904 211
Steadman, Gerald 5/3/1901 Chatham M W Clem Steadman Gertrude Steadman Little Marsh Farmer 5/27/1901 157
Steadman, Gorden Eugene 9/7/1902 Chatham M W Clem Steadman Gertrude Steadman Chatham Laborer 5/28/1903 197
Steadman, Ina 11/5/1896 Deerfield F W Carl Steadman Lena R. Steadman blank Laborer 12/28/1896 67
Steadman, Mary 4/5/1905 Brookfield F W Judson Steadman Ester Steadman Brookfield Laborer 12/16/1905 244
Stebbins, ? 12/5/1893 Lawrence F W "no father" Minnie Stebbins Lawrence blank 12/28/1893 4
Stebbins, Beulah 11/30/1894 Clymer twp. F W G. H. Stebbins Anna Stebbins Clymer twp. Agricultural deal 1/31/1895 35
Stebbins, Herald J. 2/12/1897 W. Main St. Knoxville M W John W. Stebbins Nellie Martin Stebbins W. Main St. Knoxville Blacksmith 12/21/1897 95
Stebbins, Howard 6/19/1901 Wellsboro M W M. B. Stebbins Roxy Stebbins Wellsboro Agent 11/23/1901 165
Stebbins, Ira M. 3/30/1905 Wellsboro M W Gerald L. Stebbins Alida Stebbins Wellsboro Agent 5/11/1905 231
Stebbins, Jessie L. 4/3/1898 Chatham F W J. W. Stebbins Nettie Stebbins Chatham Blacksmith 9/8/1898 103
Stebbins, John Russell 5/29/1901 East Main St. M W John W. Stebbins Nettie Stebbins East Main St. Mechanic 12/20/1901 169
Stebbins, Joseph 1/4/1902 Sabinsville M W Geo. A. Stebbins Alta Stebbins Sabinsville Farmer 6/16/1902 182
Stebbins, Liston Kenneth 4/13/1905 E. Main St. M W John W. Stebbins Nettie Stebbins E. Main St. Blacksmith 11/8/1905 239
Stebbins, Mildred M. 3/27/1898 Wellsboro F W Melvin Stebbins Roxy Stebbins Queen St. Agent 5/19/1898 96
Stebbins, Milford H. 3/27/1897 Clymer M W George Stebbins Alta D. Stebbins Clymer Farmer 11/19/1897 89
Stedge, Edward Charles Jr. 11/9/1899 Cowanesque St. M W Edward C. Stedge Anna Stedge Cowanesque St. Laborer 12/26/1899 131
Stedman, George 12/14/1899 Potter Co. M -- J. S. Stedman Ester Stedman Brookfield Farmer 5/28/1901 157
Stedman, Helen Irene 7/29/1902 Brookfield F W Fred Stedman Etta Stedman Brookfield Farmer 12/20/1902 188
Steel, Mariam 10/16/1893 Jackson St. F W Raymond Steel Kittie Steel Jackson St. Agent 12/29/1893 5
Steele, ? 8/11/1901 Lloyds M W U. M. Steele Lavona Steele Lloyds Mason 12/21/1901 169
Steele, ? 12/26/1898 Delmar M W Elwyn Steele Kate Field Delmar Farmer 1/11/1899 115
Steele, Bernice 4/10/1901 South Delmar F W R. Elwin Steele Kate Steele South Delmar Farmer 6/3/1901 160
Steele, Carrie B. 1/19/1895 Delmar So. Dist. F W R. Elwin Steele Kate Steele Delmar Farmer 5/25/1895 35
Steele, Florence M. 8/23/1896 Charleston twp. F W Raymond M. Steele Katie Steele Charleston twp. Teacher 7/8/1897 80
Steele, Fred Elmer 12/8/1893 Blossburg Main St. M W William Steele Mary Jane Steele Blossburg Carpenter 1/13/1894 11
Steele, Hary B. 12/28/1898 South Delmar M W E. R. Steele Katy Steele South Delmar Farmer 6/3/1899 118
Steele, John Hanford 7/13/1897 Wellsboro M W Robert Steele Florence Steele Wellsboro Laborer 12/17/1897 94
Steele, John Lewis 7/30/1903 Delmar M W R. Elwin Steele Katie Steele Delmar Farmer 2/26/1904 210
Steele, Kathern 8/22/1905 Delmar F W R. Elwin Steele Kathern Steele Delmar Farmer 12/30/1905 248
Steele, Margaret 9/18/1894 Middlebury F W Frank Steele Emma Steele Middlebury Carpenter 1/2/1895 25
Steele, Ruth 3/12/1895 Charleston twp. F W Raymond Steele Katie Steele Charleston Teacher 4/30/1896 55
Steele, Ruth C. 1/4/1897 Delmar F W Elwyn Steele Katie Field Delmar Farmer 1/20/1897 74
Steele, Sidney B. 12/14/1897 Lawrence M W Frank O. Steele Hattie Steele Lawrence Farmer 12/5/1898 106
Steele, William 5/2/1899 Blossburg M W Wm. B. Steele Mary Steele Blossburg Carpenter 6/16/1899 122
Stempek, Frank 2/3/1903 Landrus M W Jacob Stempek Victoria Stempek Landrus M 6/6/1903 199
Stempeck, John 3/16/1905 Landrus M W Antony Stempeck Mary Stempeck Landrus Miner 8/17/1905 237
Stempeck, John 9/10/1904 Landrus M W Jacob Stempeck Victor Stempeck Landrus Miner 11/28/1904 223
Stempeck, Joseph 8/14/1903 Landrus M W Jacob Stempeck Victoria Stempeck Landrus Miner 11/30/1903 206
Stempeck, Victoria 1/25/1903 Landrus F W Anthony Stempeck Mary Stempeck Landrus M 6/6/1903 198
Stenpeck, Antony 12/15/1899 Landrus M W Antony Stenpeck Mary Stenpeck Landrus Miner 6/9/1900 142
Stenpeck, Joe 7/14/1901 Landrus M W Jacob Stenpeck Victoria Stenpeck Landrus Miner 6/16/1902 181
Stepanski, Florence 5/4/1897 Antrim F W Joe Stepanski Josie Stepanski Antrim Laborer 6/5/1897 79
Stepanski, Leo 7/20/1894 Antrim M W Joe Stepanski Josephine Stepanski blank Miner 1/14/1895 31
Stepanski, Walter 5/28/1900 Antrim M W Joe Stepanski Josie Stepanski Antrim L 6/20/1900 143
Stephanski, Walter 5/28/1900 Antrim F W Joe Stephanski Josie Stephanski blank blank 10/13/1900 146
Stephens, Baby 5/3/1899 Jackson F W Emmet Stephens Lillan Stephens Jackson Farmer 6/8/1899 120
Stephens, May 2/13/1899 Maple Ave. F W Wallace Stevens Louise T. Stevens Maple Ave. Merchant 9/24/1900 146
Stephens, Wm. Fredrick 9/24/1894 Westfield twp. M W Albert Stephens Bertha Stephens Westfield twp. Laborer 1/8/1895 27
Stephenson, Cassia A. 12/6/1895 Chatham F W Arch Stephenson Lewella Stephenson Chatham Farmer 9/3/1896 61
Stephenson, Charles Leon 8/11/1896 Westfield twp. M W Matthew M. Stephenson Abba Stephenson Westfield twp. Farmer 1/12/1897 73
Stephenson, Edna 6/3/1900 Alba St. F W Jerry Stephenson Hattie Stephenson Alba St. Mechanic 1/7/1901 154
Stephenson, Frank 5/30/1899 Westfield M W Match M. Stephenson Abba Stephenson Cowanesque Laborer 6/3/1901 160
Stephenson, Gladdis G. 1/13/1899 Chatham F W Arch Stephenson Lou Stephenson Philips Farmer 5/20/1899 116
Stephenson, Verl 6/8/1897 Deerfield M W W. D. Stephenson Ella Stephenson Deerfield Farmer 11/12/1897 87
Sterling, Fredrick 11/16/1893 Morris Run Middle Row 38 M W James Sterling Lizzie Sterling Morris Run Middle Row 38 Miner 1/6/1894 7
Sterling, Grace 7/4/1899 4 Middle Row Morris Run F W John Sterling Mary Sterling 4 Middle Row Morris Run Miner 12/26/1899 132
Stermer, Ethel May 3/23/1900 Tioga twp. F W Joseph Stermer Caroline Stermer Tioga twp. Laborer 6/7/1900 140
Sterzensk, Max 5/6/1903 43 Water St. Morris Run M W John Sterzensk Lena Sterzensk 43 Water St. Morris Run Miner 10/10/1903 202
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