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Tioga County PA Birth Records 1893-1901

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Tioga County PA Birth Records
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Transcribed by Kelly WILCOX Kimball
Name of Child Date of Birth Place of Birth Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation Date of Record Page
Smith, Nevah 3/4/1903 Richmond F W Clarence Smith Mary Smith No.3 Mansfield Farmer 6/8/1903 200
Smith, Nina 5/9/1903 Tioga twp. F W Charles Smith Effie Smith blank Laborer 5/28/1903 196
Smith, Nina E. 5/27/1901 English Hill F W F. D. Smith Fannie Smith English Hill Farmer 9/4/1901 164
Smith, Norman Albert 11/2/1895 Jackson M W Fred Smith Mollie Smith P.O. Jackson Summit Farmer 1/4/1896 48
Smith, Onelee 12/27/1902 Deerfield F W Harry Smith Martha Smith Deerfield F 9/2/1903 202
Smith, Oscar 8/8/1896 Covington twp. M W Phillip Smith Effie M. Smith Covington twp. Farmer 12/23/1896 64
Smith, Ralph A. 5/15/1899 Charleston M W Edwin H. Smith Karrie C. Smith Charleston Farmer 2/2/1900 136
Smith, Ralph F. 5/23/1896 Charleston twp. M W H. Ed Smith Carrie O. Smith Charleston Farmer 9/10/1906 64
Smith, Ray 7/7/1897 Millerton (Jackson) M W Henry Smith Violetta Smith Millerton Farmer 11/15/1897 87
Smith, Raymond 7/12/1901 Jobs Corners M W C. O. Smith blank Jobs Corners Blacksmith 12/28/1901 174
Smith, Raymond 4/14/1898 So. Delmar M W Charles Smith Stella Smith So. Delmar Laborer 6/4/1898 98
Smith, Raymond 7/7/1897 Jackson M W Henry Smith Vielletta Smith blank Farmer 6/9/1898 100
Smith, Raymond R. W. 5/20/1901 Millerton M W Joseph C. Smith Anna Smith Millerton Farmer 12/28/1901 174
Smith, Reuben 8/3/1893 Rutland M W Wm. Smith Minnie Smith Rutland Farmer 1/9/1894 8
Smith, Richard 7/11/1897 Arnot M W Albert Smith Lizzie Smith Arnot M 11/20/1897 90
Smith, Robert 10/20/1893 Keeneyville M W M. J. Smith Maggie Smith Keeneyville Merchant 7/4/1894 16
Smith, Robert 11/1/1904 Knoxville M W Thomas H. Smith Maggie H. Smith Knoxville Dentist 5/1/1906 248
Smith, Roland L. 8/20/1904 Fall Brook M W W. H. Smith Mama Smith Fall Brook Miner 12/20/1904 228
Smith, Ross 10/19/1900 Richmond M W A. B. Smith Cora Smith Mansfield Farmer 1/16/1901 154
Smith, Ruth 9/20/1893 Richmond twp. F W Adam Smith Sarah Smith Richmond twp. Farmer 1/13/1894 11
Smith, Sevellen 4/12/1905 Roaring Branch M W Merton Smith Myrtle Smith Roaring Branch Laborer 6/1/1905 233
Smith, Shurley 2/14/1904 Lawrence M W J. M. Smith Maud Smith Lawrence Farmer 6/13/1904 220
Smith, Sidney H. 6/16/1899 Blossburg M W Henry A. Smith Maggie Smith Blossburg Laborer 12/30/1899 133
Smith, Stanley 11/23/1904 Charleston M W W. J. Smith Adelia E. Smith Charleston Laborer 3/9/1905 230
Smith, Susanah 5/14/1900 Deerfield F W W. D. Smith Agnes Smith Deerfield Farmer 9/15/1900 145
Smith, Susie 8/5/1899 Rutland F W Emmerson Smith Lucy Smith Rutland Farmer 1/23/1900 136
Smith, Thelma L. 8/23/1904 Marshlands F W Charles D. Smith Edith C. Smith Marshlands Laborer 11/17/1904 222
Smith, Tracy W. 3/24/1893 Sullivan M W O. A. Smith Sarah E. Smith Sullivan Farmer 6/15/1897 80
Smith, Vesper A. 12/25/1897 Shippen M W A. F. Smith Lillie Smith Shippen Laborer 5/23/1898 97
Smith, Wallace R. 1/26/1900 Elkland M W Frank E. Smith Ella E. Smith 64 Maple St. Laborer 5/27/1901 156
Smith, Walter L. 6/21/1894 Charleston M W C. E. Smith Anna M. Smith Charleston Laborer 1/9/1895 29
Smith, William Charles 5/22/1905 Arnot M W A. J. Smith Lizzie Smith Arnot Miner 12/28/1905 248
Smith, William L. 4/3/1901 Sullivan M W O. W. Smith Alice Smith Sullivan Farmer 5/24/1901 155
Smith, Wm. T. 6/3/1901 Rutland M W Bert Smith Rose Smith Rutland Farmer 6/25/1901 163
Smith, William T. 11/17/1903 Sullivan M W D. T. Smith Ella Smith Sullivan Farmer 11/23/1903 206
Smith, Wilma R. 6/18/1903 Knoxville F W C. A. Smith Maggie L. Smith Brace Hollow Farmer 5/16/1904 211
Smolie, John 12/8/1903 Blossburg M W Simon Smolie Julie Smolie Blossburg Laborer 6/13/1904 220
Snars, Harry N. 8/4/1900 Union twp. M W J. W. Snars Ellen Snars Roaring Branch Laborer 11/13/1900 148
Snitchler, Clarence 8/9/1903 North Elk M W Silas Snitchler Stella Snitchler North Elk Carpenter 11/14/1903 204
Snitchler, Reo Arthur 4/29/1896 Marshfield M W Silas Snitchler Estella Snitchler Marshfield Farmer 9/3/1896 61
Snitchler, Viola 3/24/1899 Elk twp. F W Silas Snitchler Estella Snitchler Marshfield Laborer 5/31/1899 117
Snyder, Alice Isabella 12/27/1903 Blossburg F W Charles Snyder Marion Snyder Blossburg Laborer 6/14/1904 221
Snyder, Annie Jane 8/19/1893 Brig Spring, Pa. F W Robert Snyder Mary Violet Snyder Big Spring, Pa Farmer 12/21/1893 1
Snyder, Carl 5/8/1904 Marshlands M W W. R. Snyder Luella Snyder Marshlands Farmer 11/17/1904 222
Snyder, Charles A. 12/25/1898 Leetonia -- -- J. L. Snyder Cora E. Snyder Leetonia Supt. 12/12/1899 126
Snyder, Iva A. 3/13/1903 Marshlands F W W. R. Snyder Luella Snyder Marshlands Farmer 10/16/1903 203
Snyder, Rowland J. 7/5/1902 Bangor M W Jacob L. Snyder Gertrude Snyder Leetonia Bookkeeper 12/18/1902 187
Snyder, Rowland J. 7/5/1902 Bangor M W Jacob L. Snyder Gertrude Snyder Leetonia Bookkeeper 12/10/1902 185
Soap, Jack Mary 4/4/1894 Antrim F W Joe Soap Maggie Soap Antrim L 7/5/1894 17
Sobazinski, Adam 11/25/1893 Antrim M W Joe Sobazinski Lenora Sobazinski Antrim M 12/26/1893 3
Soderman, Edith 8/14/1895 Antrim F W John Soderman Anna Soderman blank M 1/13/1896 51
Soderman, Hulma Marea 12/30/1902 Arnot F W John Soderman Marea Soderman Arnot L 6/6/1903 200
Soderquish, Albert 10/15/1893 Willson Creek Rd. M W Fred Soderquish Marie Soderquish Bab's Creek Rd. Miner 1/12/1895 30
Soderquist, Alexandra 10/1/1901 Delmar M W F. J. Soderquist Marry Sundquist Delmar Owner of mine 3/7/1902 175
Soderquist, Carl 10/15/1893 Antrim M W Fred Soderquist Maria Soderquist Antrim M 12/26/1893 2
Soerencncki, Stanley 1/5/1898 Arnot M W Anthony Soerencncki Kate Soerencncki Arnot Miner 9/8/1898 104
Somers, Julia Edna 4/21/1904 Delmar F W Geo H. Somers Leah K. Somers Delmar Farmer 6/6/1904 219
Somerville, Emory M. 9/24/1898 Canton St. M W D. C. Somerville Lizzie M. Somerville Canton St. Miner 12/21/1898 108
Somerville, Robert 10/10/1894 Fall Brook Canton St. M W Robt Somerville Ellen Somerville Fall Brook Canton St. Miner 1/1/1895 24
Sommers, Mildred May 3/8/1903 Delmar F W Geo. H. Sommers Leah Sommers Delmar Laborer 6/1/1903 198
Soper, Adaline 2/25/1901 Joe Hill Union F W Ira Soper Lucretia Soper So. Union Farmer 9/4/1901 164
Soper, Clara M. 4/4/1903 Rutland F W Nelson J. Soper Sophronia Soper Rutland Laborer 12/8/1903 208
Soper, Francis E. 12/12/1899 Covington twp. M W William Soper Ella Soper Covington twp. Farmer 6/4/1900 139
Soper, J. Soper (?) 9/2/1893 Rutland ? ? W. J. Soper May Soper Rutland Farmer 1/9/1894 8
Soper, Leona L. 4/22/1904 Corning, N.Y. F W Clinton Soper Ada Soper No.3 Mansfield Farmer 12/2/1904 225
Soper, Leroy 9/23/1895 Rutland twp. M W Wm. Soper Mary Soper Rutland Farmer 1/18/1896 52
Soper, Mabel 8/25/1899 Richmond F W Clinton Soper Ada Soper Mansfield Laborer 1/3/1900 134
Soper, Pearl 8/28/1905 Rutland twp. F W Will Soper May Soper Rutland twp. Farmer 12/27/1905 247
Soper, Viola Gertrude 11/1/1904 Covington twp. F W William L. Soper Ella Soper Covington twp. Farmer 12/14/1904 227
Soules, Adaline M. 6/4/1901 Farmington F W J. F. Soules Mary J. Soules Farmington Farmer 6/9/1902 179
Souls, William Leroy 3/22/1899 Farmington M W Julian Souls Mary Souls Farmington Farmer 5/25/1899 116
Sours, ? blank blank -- -- Wm. Sours blank blank blank 8/24/1895 43
Sours, Charley 9/14/1900 Richmond M W Claude Sours Retta Sours Lambs Creek Laborer 1/16/1901 154
Sours, Hazel 5/28/1895 Richmond F W Wm. H. Sours Maggie Williamson Sours Richmond Farmer 1/21/1896 53
Sours, Mable 11/4/1900 Richmond F W Clyde Sours Grace Sours Mansfield Laborer 1/16/1901 154
Southworth, Charles Squire 2/5/1903 Chatham M W L. D. Southworth Lena Southworth Chatham Farmer 5/28/1903 196
Southworth, Joseph Wesley 5/9/1896 Sabinsville M W E. W. Southworth Ella Southworth Clymer Merchant 1/22/1897 74
Sowers, Ross W. 7/7/1896 North Main St. Mansfield M W Wesley Sowers Grace Sowers North Main St. Laborer 12/30/1896 67
Spain, Valentine 6/30/1896 Tannery Rd. Blossburg M W Andrew Spain Katie Spain Tannery Rd. Blossburg Laborer 9/5/1896 63
Spalding, Merl Briggs 12/1/1903 Hammond M W S. B. Spalding Mabel Spalding Hammond Farmer 5/23/1904 212
Sparling, Hazel 5/14/1895 Covington twp. F W Stephen A. Spaling Ellena Sparling Covington twp. Laborer 6/26/1895 39
Sparling, Hugh 10/18/1896 Covington twp. M W Stephen Sparling Ellen L. Sparling Covington twp. Farmer 12/23/1896 65
Sparling, Leonard 12/8/1898 Covington twp. M W Stephen Sparling Ellena Sparling Covington twp. Farmer 6/7/1899 119
Sparling, Raymond T. 9/20/1893 Arnot M W Isaac Sparling Martha J. Sparling Arnot Miner 1/12/1894 10
Sparling, Russell 4/13/1900 Arnot M W Isaac Sparling Martha Sparling Arnot Laborer 11/15/1900 149
Spaulding, ? 6/22/1898 Roaring Branch F W John Spaulding Grace Spaulding Roaring Branch Station agent 8/12/1898 103
Spaulding, Cameron 9/20/1901 Roaring Branch M W John Spaulding Grace Spaulding blank blank 12/19/1901 167
Spaulding, Florence M. 9/9/1905 Hammond -- W Griggs Spaulding Mable Spaulding Hammond Laborer 12/13/1905 244
Spaulding, John E. 8/13/1899 Roaring Branch M W John Spaulding Grace Spaulding Roaring Branch Sta. Agent 12/13/1899 126
Spaulding, Nellie C. 12/22/1895 Hammonds Middlebury F W S. B. Spaulding Anna Spaulding Hammond Farmer 6/1/1896 56
Spaulding, Neva 10/22/1895 Chatham F W Charles Spaulding Bertha Spaulding Chatham Farmer 1/15/1896 52
Spear, Cora 1/26/1894 Antrim F W Fred Spear Mollie Spear Antrim L 7/5/1894 17
Spear, Henry 5/19/1905 Antrim Main M W Henry Spear Annie May Spear Antrim Miner 5/29/1905 233
Spear, Maggie 1/8/1897 Antrim F W Fred Spear Mollie Spear Antrim L 6/5/1897 79
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