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Tioga County PA Birth Records 1893-1901

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Tioga County PA Birth Records
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Transcribed by Kelly WILCOX Kimball
Name of Child Date of Birth Place of Birth Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation Date of Record Page
Sherwood, ? 4/4/1903 Prospect M W Hugh Sherwood Tacy Sherwood Prospect Laborer 5/20/1903 195
Sherman, ? 10/26/1894 Westfield twp. M W Lee Sherwood Lettie Sherwood Westfield twp. Farmer 1/8/1895 27
Sherwood, Daniel Albert 12/27/1893 Richmond twp. M W C. B. Sherwood Sarah Sherwood Richmond twp. Farmer 1/13/1894 11
Sherwood, Edward S. 7/21/1899 State St. Wellsboro M W Henry N. Sherwood Anna B. Sherwood State St. Attorney 12/12/1899 125
Sherwood, Glen 7/21/1896 Westfield twp. M W John Sherwood Fannie Sherwood Westfield twp. Farmer 1/12/1897 73
Sherwood, Hannah Grace 12/11/1895 Brookfield F W George Sherwood Annis Sherwood Brookfield Laborer 1/28/1896 54
Sherwood, Lola Margaret 7/14/1899 Austinburg F W George Sherwood Annis Sherwood Austinburg Farmer 12/28/1899 133
Sherwood, Walter 5/8/1894 Westfield twp. M W John Sherwood Frank Sherwood Westfield twp. Farmer 1/8/195 27
Sherwood, Walter Brewster 3/14/1897 Wellsboro 1st Ward M W Henry N. Sherwood Anna B. Sherwood Wellsboro Attorney 5/18/1897 77
Sherwood, Winifred May 8/23/1893 Brookfield F W George W. Sherwood Anice Sherwood Brookfield Farmer 1/6/1894 7
Shewman, Francis 10/27/1899 S. Water F W Omer C. Shewman May Shewman S. Water Operator 1/7/1901 154
Shilen, Anthony 4/16/1905 Antrim M W Anthony Shilen Cecelia Shilen Antrim Miner 5/29/1905 233
Shink, Florence Augusta 6/30/1904 Arnot F W Frank Smith Barbra Smith Arnot Miner 12/1/1904 224
Shinke, Ansty 5/26/1897 Arnot M W Edward Shinke Annie Shinke Arnot L 11/20/1897 90
Shinke, George 1/8/1895 Arnot M W Edward Shinke Annie Shinke Arnot Laborer 6/21/1895 37
Shirk, Addie 5/7/1898 So. Delmar F W James Shirk Elizabeth Shirk So. Delmar Laborer 6/4/1898 98
Shirk, Myrtle Ethel 12/15/1903 Delmar F W Jas. H. Shirk Mary E. Shirk Delmar Farmer 6/6/1904 219
Shirley, John W. 3/17/1898 No. 3 Church St. M W Wm. H. Shirley Eva M. Shirley No. 3 Church St. Merchant 6/1/1898 97
Shirley, Lilla May 3/4/1902 Church St. F W Wm. H. Shirley Eva M. Shirley Church St. Merchant 5/26/1902 177
Shiva, Ula 9/18/1901 Leetonia F W John Shiva Anna Shiva Leetonia Laborer 12/16/1901 167
Shlefstein, Daisy 8/20/1903 Blossburg F W Jacob Shlefstein Dora Shlefstein Blossburg Robbie 12/11/1903 209
Shoemaker, ? 7/4/1894 Lawrence M W Lyman Shoemaker Nellie Shoemaker Lawrence Farmer 1/2/1895 25
Shoemaker, Lyle 1/9/1902 E. Lawrence M W L. E. Shoemaker Nella Shoemaker E. Lawrence Farmer 5/31/1902 178
Shoemaker, Stanley 9/11/1895 Lawrence M W Lyman Shoemaker Nellie Shoemaker Lawrence Farmer 12/30/1895 45
Shomonski, Jacphes 3/4/1905 Ward M W Chas. Shomonski Mary Shomonski Ward Laborer 12/19/1905 245
Shoner, Henry 3/30/1895 Antrim M W John Shoner Mary Shoner blank Laborer 6/29/1895 39
Short, Ashley C. 10/7/1900 Azelta M W Curry L. Short Mary A. Short Azelta Farmer 5/31/1901 158
Short, Cecil 6/12/1896 Chatham F W Asa D. Short Lottie Short Chatham Laborer 1/5/1897 70
Short, Clarence Alford 8/14/1899 Farmington M W Reuben Short Jessie Short Farmington Laborer 12/21/1899 129
Short, Eddie K. 6/13/1897 Westfield twp. M W D. S. Short Electa Short Westfield twp. Farmer 5/9/1898 101
Short, Elenor 9/6/1900 Chatham F W R. H. Short Lillian Short Chatham Farmer 11/17/1900 149
Short, George R. 6/28/1900 Chatham M W Lovie Short May Short Chatham Farmer 11/17/1900 149
Short, Harold J. 8/1/1903 Chatham M W Joe Short Lillie Short Chatham Farmer 11/16/1903 205
Short, Lawrence 9/19/1902 Chatham M W Ellis Short Nettie Short Chatham Valley Farmer 12/9/1902 185
Short, Lloyd 10/2/1901 Chatham M W R. H. Short Lillian Short Chatham Farmer 12/9/1901 166
Short, Mabel 2/25/1897 Keeneyville F W Elias Short Nettie Short Keeneyville Laborer 5/25/1897 78
Short, May 4/22/1902 Niles Valley F W Perry Short Nina Short Niles Valley Laborer 6/26/1902 184
Short, Mildred M. 12/19/1897 Chatham F W Lovell Short May Short Chatham Farmer 9/8/1898 103
Shot, Steven 3/6/1895 9 Log St. Morris Run M W Joseph Shot Polly Shot 9 Log St. Morris Run Miner 9/3/1895 44
Shramm, Jennie 7/5/1902 Leetonia F W Bartley Shramm Nettie Shramm Leetonia Laborer 12/18/1902 187
Shrent, Joseph 6/29/1904 Landrus M W John Shrent Katie Shrent Landrus Miner 6/1/1904 215
Shrunt, Mary 12/30/1900 Landrus F W Walter Shrunt Katie Shrunt Landrus Miner 5/21/1901 154
Shucker, Elizabeth 1/22/1899 Sullivan F W Adam Schucker Clarra Schucker Sullivan Farmer 6/6/1899 119
Shulenburg, Benjamin B. 6/19/1904 Lawrence M W Chas. Shulenburg Minnie Shulenburg Lawrence Farmer 12/30/1904 229
Shultz, Cora M. 8/4/1899 Liberty twp. F W Not known Mary Schultz Liberty twp. Not known 6/5/1900 139
Shuman, William T. 11/20/1901 Buffalo M W C. H. Sullivan Magdalena Sullovan N. Buffalo Laborer 12/20/1901 169
Shumway, Peter A. 11/26/1896 Marsh Creek M W S. D. Shumway Ada Shumway Marsh Creek Farmer 5/26/1897 78
Shumway, Ruth Ada 4/17/1904 Charleston F W Luther Shumway Anna Shumway Charleston Farmer 3/9/1905 230
Shumway, William Palmer 6/9/1894 Wellsboro M W Porter Shumway Bell Shumway Wellsboro Clerk 7/12/1894 19
Shunpf, Fred H. 4/22/1900 Charleston M W C. Albert Stunpf Ella Shunpf Charleston Farmer 7/26/1901 163
Shutter, Ruby Grace 2/9/1897 Dark Hollow F W Reuben Shutter Angie Shutter Dark Hollow Farmer 11/22/1897 91
Shutter, Thomas H. 11/18/1900 Tioga twp. M -- Reuben Shutter Angie Shutter Tioga twp. Laborer 6/6/1901 162
Siemens, Elmer 6/21/1902 Wellsboro M W Robert Siemens Frances Siemens Wellsboro Clerk 12/10/1902 186
Siemens, Henrietta 1/30/1898 Wellsboro F W R. W. Siemens Frances Siemens State St. Clerk 5/19/1898 96
Siemens, Rachael 4/28/1899 State St. Wellsboro F W Robt. C. Siemens Frances Siemens State St. Clerk 12/12/1899 125
Siglin, Everett E. 8/15/1894 Buffalo St. Elkland M W E. E. Siglin Mary Siglin Buffalo St. Laborer 2/7/1895 35
Signo, Branes Tonee 2/12/1902 Landrus F -- John Signo Mary Signo Landrus Miner 6/16/1902 181
Signor, Lawrence 5/26/1894 Parkhurst St. M W Fred Signor Anna Green Sipperly Parkhurst St. Bartender 6/4/1894 13
Signor, Lawrence 5/26/1894 Parkhurst St. M W Fred Signor Anna Signor Parkhurst St. Bartender 2/7/1895 35
Signor, Sylvia 9/6/1904 Landrus F W Joseph Signor Mary Signor Landrus Miner 6/1/1904 215
Siklinski, Stanley 6/3/1898 Blossburg M W Frank Siklinski Martha Siklinski Blossburg Miner 12/27/1898 110
Sill, Martin 10/25/1905 Morris Run M W Joseph Sill Josephine Sill Morris Run Miner 12/11/1905 243
Sill, Veronica 1/15/1903 9 Blocks Morris Run F W Joseph Sill Johana Sill 9 Blocks Morris Run Miner 12/7/1903 207
Silver, Ida 8/19/1899 Blossburg F W Louis A. Silver Rachel Silver Blossburg Merchant 12/30/1899 134
Simerson, Emery J. 7/7/1904 Charleston twp. M W J. T. Simerson Lavina Simerson Charleston twp. Laborer 12/15/1904 228
Simerson, Florence Genevieve 9/23/1905 Covington twp. F W Fred Simerson Nettie Simerson Covington twp. Farmer 12/9/1905 242
Simerson, Lloyd Banard 8/21/1897 Covington twp. M W Lafayette Simerson Lora Simerson Covington twp. Farmer 11/16/1897 88
Simmons, Cash E. 11/9/1894 Draper M W Chester Simmons Minnie V. Brown Simmons Draper Laborer 1/12/1895 30
Simmons, Cassius 11/9/1894 Delmar So. Dist. M W Chester Simmons Vina Simmons Delmar Farmer 5/25/1895 35
Simmons, Edwin Joseph 3/24/1904 39 Maple St. M W George H. Simmons Angelina N. Simmons 39 Maple St. Liveryman 5/18/1904 212
Simmons, Henry 9/2/1898 Delmar M -- C. R. Simmons Lovina Brown Delmar Farmer 1/11/1899 115
Simmons, Perley L. 11/14/1892 Draper M W Chester Simmons Minnie V. Brown Simmons Draper Laborer 1/12/1895 30
Simmons, Walter L. 9/23/1900 Brookfield M W F. C. Simmons Emma Simmons Brookfield Farmer 5/28/1901 157
Simonds, ? 6/17/1896 Buffalo St. Elkland M W Eugene Simonds Eliza Simonds Elkland Laborer 1/27/1897 75
Simonds, Clara 2/22/1904 Manhattan F W Adelbert Simonds Cora Simonds Manhattan Laborer 6/3/1904 217
Simonds, Daniel 4/17/1898 Middlebury M W Harry B. Simonds Blanche Simonds Middlebury Laborer 6/9/1898 100
Simonds, Edna 7/11/1897 Potterbrook F W George Simonds Minnie Simonds Potterbrook Farmer 9/8/1898 103
Simon, Polly 10/6/1895 Antrim F W John Simon Jessie Simon Antrim L 1/13/1896 51
Simon, Willie 12/23/1893 Antrim M W John Simon Jessie Simon Antrim L 7/5/194 16
Simoon, Tessie 9/27/1897 Antrim (Duncan) F W John Simon Josie Simon blank L 11/3/1897 85
Simons, Ben F. 6/11/1905 Delmar M W Lorry Simons Amand Simons Delmar Farmer 12/30/1905 248
Simons, Clive 3/25/1900 Tioga twp. M W Harry Simons Blanch Simons Tioga twp. Laborer 6/7/1900 140
Simons, Lelia May 4/19/1900 Elkland F W Eugene Simons Eliza Simons Buffalo Laborer 11/27/1900 152
Simons, May 11/5/1902 Lawrence F W blank Rose Simons Lawrence blank 11/21/1903 206
Simpson, Howard B. 1/13/1900 Brockwayville M W Alex Simpson Maggie Simpson Arnot Foreman 6/11/1900 143
Simpson, Richard 4/26/1902 Arnot M W Wm. B. Simpson Nellie Auld Arnot Miner 6/16/1902 181
Sindlinger, Orpha May 1/19/1902 Liberty twp. F W Simeon Sindlinger Cristina Sindlinger Liberty twp. Farmer 12/29/1902 192
Sindlinger, Gladys 10/25/1893 Blossburg Davis St. F W Benjamin Sindlinger Sarah Sindlinger Blossburg Davis St. Brakeman 7/17/1894 19
Sindlinger, Stacia 3/19/1904 Liberty twp. F W William Sindlinger Nettie Sindlinger Liberty twp. Farmer 5/28/1904 214
Sipa, Valentine 8/16/1903 Hoytville M W George Sipa Katie Sipa Hoytville L 5/27/1904 213
Sipi, Frank 11/18/1893 Hoytville Main St. 14 M W George Sipi Katrina Sipi Hoytville Main St. 14 Laborer 12/28/1893 4
Sipi, Mary 1/28/1897 6 Main St. Hoytville F W George Sipi Kate Sipi 6 Main Hoytville Laborer 5/24/1897 77
Sipperly, Leonard H./Sipperley, Leonard Green 9/26/1898 Main St. Wellsboro M W Frank S. Sipperly/Sipperley Anna C. Sipperly/Sipperley Wellsboro Merchant 12/31/1898 114
Sipperly, Marion E. 9/26/1900 Main St. Wellsboro F W Frank S. Sipperly Anna Sipperly Main St. Wellsboro Merchant 1/5/1901 154
Sipperly, Wm. A. 3/17/1894 Tioga St. M W Frank S. Sipperly Anna C. Sipperly Tioga St. Clerk 6/9/1894 13
Sisson, Everest 2/15/1898 Jackson M W Putnam Sisson Carrie Sisson Jackson Farmer 6/9/1898 100
Skba, Bernice 2/6/1902 Arnot F W Frank Skba Maggie Skba Arnot Miner 6/16/1902 180
Skebe, Sarah 10/4/1894 Arnot F W Frank Skebe Stella Skebe Arnot Miner 1/17/1895 32
Skeebe, Ellen 5/18/1900 Arnot F W Frank Skeebe Stella Skeebe Arnot Miner 6/11/1900 142
Skelley, ? 7/28/1899 Clymer M W Dillie Skelley Nellie Skelley Clymer Laborer 1/5/1900 134
Skelley, Hearld 3/1/1902 Roaring Branch M W Peter Skelley Stella Skelley Roaring Branch Farmer 6/18/1902 182
Skelley, Joseph 2/6/1900 Roaring Branch M W Peter Skelley Estella Skelley Roaring Branch Farmer 11/2/1900 147
Skelly, Clyde 5/5/1895 Morris twp. M W George Skelly Mattie Skelly Morris Farmer 6/24/1895 38
Skelly, Robert 9/16/1904 Ogdensburg M W Peter Skelly Stella Skelly blank Farmer 11/9/1904 222
Skelton, George W. 4/8/1901 Nelson boro M W Fred W. Skelton Naomi Skelton Nelson boro Teacher 12/27/1901 173
Skelton, Vivian L. 6/6/1899 Nelson F W F. W. Skelton Leona Skelton Nelson Teacher 12/16/1899 127
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