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Transcribed by Kelly WILCOX Kimball
Name of Child Date of Birth Place of Birth Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation Date of Record Page
Rubicoski, George 4/27/1895 Arnot M W Joseph Rubicoski Maggie Rubicoski Arnot Laborer 6/21/1895 37
Ruda, Albert 8/19/1901 Arnot M W David Ruda Mary Ruda Arnot Miner 12/23/1901 171
Ruda, Anes 8/1/1903 Arnot M W David Ruda Mary Ruda Arnot M 11/30/1903 206
Ruda, Anna 10/22/1894 Arnot F W Carl Ruda Eliza Ruda Arnot Laborer 1/17/1895 32
Rude, Annie 11/5/1895 Arnot F W Carl Rude Luiese Rude Arnot L 9/5/1896 62
Rude, Lewis Dennis 9/23/1897 Brookfied M W Marion Rude Ida Rude Brookfield Farmer 11/22/1897 91
Rudenski, Chas. 7/20/1894 Arnot M W Julis Rudenski Anna Rudenski Arnot Miner 1/17/1895 32
Rudenski, Frank 7/21/1900 Arnot M W Julius Rudenski Anna Rudenski Arnot Miner 11/15/1900 149
Rudenski, Martha 4/8/1898 Arnot F W Julius Rudenski Anna Rudenski Arnot Miner 9/8/1898 104
Rudinski, Frances 8/21/1896 Blossburg F W John Rudinski Mary Rudinski Main St. Blossburg Laborer 1/12/1897 72
Rudinski, George 4/23/1896 Arnot M W Jules Rudinski Annie Rudinski Arnot M 12/31/1896 69
Rudneski, Francis 1/24/1905 Arnot F W Julia Rudneski Anna Rudneski Arnot Miner 9/7/1905 238
Rudneski, John 5/11/1894 Blossburg Main St. M W John Rudneski Margaret Rudneski Main St. Laborer 7/17/1894 19
Rudneski, Mary 4/9/1894 Blossburg Nevins St. F W Frank Rudneski Catharine Rudneski Blossburg Miner 7/17/1894 19
Rudnicki, Bertha 8/17/1903 Blossburg F W John Rudnicki Mary Rudnicki Blossburg Miner 6/13/1904 220
Rudnicki, Stanley 4/13/1901 Blossburg M W Carol Rudnicki Mary Rudnicki Blossburg Laborer 6/17/1901 162
Rudnicki, Stella 7/6/1900 Blossburg F W Carl Rudnicki Mary Rudnicki Blossburg Laborer 6/25/1900 144
Rudnicki, Walter 6/13/1901 Blossburg M W John Rudnicki Julia Rudnicki Blossburg Miner 12/28/1901 174
Rudniski, Frances 1/10/1897 Blossburg F W John Rudniski Mary Rudniski Williamson Rd. Laborer 9/4/1897 84
Rudnski, Clara 7/26/1902 Arnot F W Julus Rudnski Agnes Rudnski Arnot M 12/27/1902 191
Rudwitzki, Mardy 7/2/1896 Tannery Rd. Blossburg F W Karl Rudwitzki Mary Rudwitzki Tannery Rd. Blossburg Laborer 9/5/1896 63
Rugaher, Mary Louise 1/18/1904 22 W. Main St. F W J. F. Rugaher Sophia B. Rugaher 22 W. Main St. Merchant 5/18/1904 212
Rugles, Eva Anettie 11/29/1901 Deerfield F W Artur Ruggles Nellie Ruggles Deerfield Farmer 1/14/1903 194
Ruggles, Earl 5/20/1894 Gaines M W James Ruggles Maud Ruggles Gaines Harness maker 7/3/1894 15
Ruggles, Eva 11/29/1901 Deerfield F -- Arthur Ruggles Nellie Ruggles Deerfield F 5/26/1902 177
Ruggles, Mary Eliza 2/4/1898 Sullivan F W E. F. Ruggles Franc Ruggles Sullivan Farmer 6/4/1898 98
Ruggles, Pearl 10/3/1896 Main St. Mansfield F W O. F. Ruggles Libbie Ruggles Main St. Mechanic 12/30/1896 68
Ruhndorf, Edna 1/12/1895 Arnot F W John Ruhndorf Emma Ruhndorf Arnot L 12/31/1895 46
Rukgaber, Thresa V. 11/13/1893 Westfield boro Main St. F W G. W. Rukgaber Lottie Rukgaber Wellsboro Church St. Merchant 12/29/1893 5
Rumgay, Eva 9/3/1894 Arnot F W And. Rumgay Margaret Rumgay Arnot Miner 1/17/1895 32
Rumola, Patrick 10/27/1893 Morris Run Rukere 10 M W Joseph Rumola Lona Rumola Morris Run Rukere 10 Miner 1/6/1894 7
Rumsey, Alberta 5/3/1905 Marshlands F W Lee Rumsey Ethel Rumsey Marshlands Farmer 5/31/1905 233
Rumsey, Clayton E. 3/22/1896 Gaines M W Leigh Rumsey Ethel Rumsey Gaines Farmer 6/1/1896 57
Rumsey, Donovan Ward 3/17/1895 Mainesburg boro M W D. F. Rumsey Helen R, Rumsey Mainesburg boro Farmer 6/15/1895 36
Rumsey, Edith 8/23/1901 Gaines twp. F W Lee Rumsey Ethel Rumsey Marshlands Woodsman 6/4/1902 179
Rumsey, Fay 10/26/1894 Bache St. Wellsboro F W Nelson Rumsey Rose Rumsey Bache St. Wellsboro Laborer 12/18/1894 22
Rumsey, Gertrude Helen 2/5/1895 Mainesburg boro F W Ellis D. Rumsey Myrtilla C. Rumsey Mainesburg boro Laborer 6/15/1895 36
Rumsey, Helen 5/3/1897 Daggett F W Albert Rumsey Cora Rumsey Daggett Farmer 9/2/1897 82
Rumsey, Hellen M. 11/30/1898 Sullivan F W Clarence Rumsey Mertie Rumsey Sullivan Laborer 1/14/1899 115
Rumsey, Manly 4/15/1895 Jackson M W Ripley Rumsey Edith Rumsey Jackson Farmer 8/5/1895 42
Rumsey, Marinda A. 11/29/1893 Sullivan F W D. C. Rumsey Darsey E. Rumsey Sullivan Farmer 1/8/1894 8
Rumsey, Maude 1/27/1894 Jackson F W A. L. Rumsey Cora Rumsey Jackson Farmer 1/11/1895 29
Rumsey, Mildred Bessie 11/14/1898 Elk F W L. D. Rumsey J. E. Rumsey Elk Laborer 12/13/1898 107
Rumsey, Ross M. 7/10/1903 Wellsboro M W Nelson Rumsey Rose Rumsey Wellsboro Mechanic 5/18/1904 212
Rundel, Helena M. 1/27/1898 Cummings Mill Hamilton F W B. J. Rundel Annie Rundel Cummings Mill Laborer 12/31/1898 112
Rundell, Bertram Taylor 4/11/1897 Wellsboro St. Tioga boro M W Edward A. Rundell Emily C. Rundell Wellsboro St. Bookkeeper 7/20/1897 81
Rundell, Raymond 9/13/1893 Cummings Mills M W J. O. Rundell Julia Rundell Cummings Mill Laborer 1/6/1894 7
Runyon, Richard D. 10/19/1902 Addison Rd. M W J. W. Runyon Agatha Runyon Addison Rd. Laborer 12/30/1902 192
Rusavish, Martha 5/26/1894 Morris Run High St. 27 F W George Rusavish Lena Rusavish Morris Run High St. 27 Miner 9/5/1894 21
Rushmore, Alice May 5/28/1900 E. Main St. F W William S. Rushmore Lora C. Rushmore E. Main St. Laborer 5/27/1901 156
Rushmore, Dell 7/20/1897 Westfield twp. M W W. S. Rushmore Lora Rushmore Westfield twp. Farmer 11/24/1897 92
Rushmore, Edna 10/15/1895 Westfield twp. F W Frank Rushmore Lilian Rushmore Westfield twp. Farmer 1/4/1896 48
Rushmore, Harry B. 6/25/1894 Westfield twp. M W Wm. M. Rushmore Lora Rushmore Westfield twp. Farmer 1/8/1895 27
Ruski, Catharine 8/24/1895 26 Mill St. Morris Run F W Charles Ruski Mary Ruski 26 Mill St. Morris Run Miner 1/17/1896 52
Ruski, Kate 9/5/1894 Morris Run Mill St. 24 F W Jacob Ruski Mary Ruski Morris Run Mill St. 24 Miner 1/14/1895 31
Russel, Charles D. 1/9/1895 Westfield twp. M W C. D. Russel Phoebe Russel Westfield twp. Laborer 6/10/1895 36
Russel, Paul Everet 4/27/1900 Main St. M W George M. Russell Carrie E. Russell Main St. Clerk 6/11/1900 142
Russell, Annie 6/6/1893 23 Main St. Fallbrook F W John Russell Agnes Russell 23 Main St. Fallbrook Miner 12/21/1893 1
Russell, Ernest 6/2/1894 Rutland M W Charles Russell Nett Russell Rutland Farmer 7/19/1894 19
Russell, Glenn Pheonix 8/1/1900 Tioga twp. M -- Grant Russell Nellie Russell Tioga twp. Farmer 11/13/1900 148
Russell, Maud 7/29/1893 No. Delmar F W Lewis/Lucius Russell Annie/Dora Russell No. Delmar Farmer 7/4/1894 16
Russell, Robert 12/8/1896 Canton St. Fall Brook M W Jno. Russell Agnes Russell Canton St. Fall Brook Miner 12/26/1896 66
Russell, Robert 12/8/1896 Fall Brook M W John Russell Agnes Russell Fall Brook Miner 10/29/1897 85
Rutitski, Stena 4/30/1905 Hoytville M W Frances Rutitski Frances Rutitski Hoytville Laborer 6/3/1905 235
Rutkowski, Louisa 11/20/1896 Blossburg F W Mike Rutkowski Julia Rutkowski Tannery Row Laborer 1/12/1897 72
Rutski, Rosie 9/12/1894 Arnot F W John Rutski Katie Rutski Arnot Laborer 1/17/1895 32
Rutty, Jackson 4/25/1903 Union M W Jackson Rutty Ida Rutty Union Farmer 5/26/1903 196
Rutty, Koaka 8/5/1905 Spencertown F W J. D. Rutty Ida Rutty blank blank 11/27/1905 240
Rutty, Mary M. 2/5/1901 Liberty F W Jack Rutty Ida Rutty Spencertown Farmer 9/20/1901 165
Rutuski, Josie 7/18/1902 Hoytville F W Stana Rutuski Frances Rutuski Hoytville Laborer 6/2/1903 198
Ryan, Alma E. 2/9/1897 Charleston twp. F W William B. Ryan Emma Ryan Charleston twp. Laborer 7/8/1897 80
Ryan, Avery 5/24/1894 Lawrence M W William Ryan Emma Ryan Lawrence Laborer 1/2/1895 25
Ryan, Bernard 3/16/1905 Arnot M W Michael Ryan Margget Ryan Arnot Laborer 9/7/1905 238
Ryan, Edward 5/1900 Arnot M W Edward Ryan Maggie Ryan Arnot Miner 6/6/1901 161
Ryan, Ellen 10/21/1896 Arnot F W M. H. Ryan Margret Ryan Arnot L 12/31/1896 68
Ryan, Francis 3/24/1899 Arnot M -- E. P. Ryan Maggie Ryan Arnot Laborer 9/7/1899 124
Ryan, James 12/3/1893 Arnot M W Edwd Ryan Maggie Ryan Arnot Laborer 1/12/1894 9
Ryan, John 6/1900 Arnot M W Michael Ryan Maggie Ryan Arnot Miner 6/6/1901 161
Ryan, Joseph W. 7/31/1894 Osceola boro Seely Rd. M W John A. Ryan Jennie S. Ryan Osceola boro Seely Rd. Laborer 12/31/1894 24
Ryan, Katie 9/18/1898 Arnot Bloss twp. F W M. H. Ryan Maggie Ryan Arnot Laborer 12/27/1898 111
Ryan, Mabel 9/21/1897 blank F W John Ryan Jennie Ryan blank Laborer 12/13/1897 93
Ryan, Michael 6/1901 Arnot M W Michael Ryan Maggie Ryan Arnot Miner 6/6/1901 161
Ryan, Onlea 10/17/1899 Charleston F W William E. Ryan Emma G. Ryan Charleston Farmer 2/2/1900 137
Ryan, Orville 7/17/1903 Asaph M W W. E. Ryan Emma Ryan Asaph Laborer 6/1/1904 214
Ryan, Rose 3/16/1902 Arnot F W Michiel Ryan Margaret Ryan Arnot Laborer 6/16/1902 181
Ryngwolski, Joseph 11/13/1897 9 Carnew St. Morris Run M W Theodore Ryngwolski Catharine Ryngwolski 9 Carnew St.Morris Run Laborer 11/29/1897 93
Ryngwolski, Leo 6/27/1903 9 Dowling St. Morris Run M W Theodore Ryngwolski Katie Ryngwolski 9 Dowling St. Miner 12/7/1903 207
Ryon, Emily 5/17/1901 Farmington F W John A. Ryon Jennie S. Ryon Farmington L 12/18/1901 167
Ryon, Geo L. 7/1/1893 Lawrence M W D. H. Ryon blank blank blank 12/28/1893 4
Ryon, Gertrude H. 7/26/1895 Buffalo St. Elkland F W J. W. Ryon, Jr. Alic L. H. Ryon Buffalo St. Miller 1/29/1896 54
Ryon, John 11/4/1899 51 Back St. Hoytville M W Frank Ryon Maud Ryon Back St. Hoytville Laborer 12/22/1899 130
Ryon, Joseph 8/23/1894 Arnot F W Edwin Ryon Margaret Ryon Arnot Laborer 1/17/1895 33
Ryon, Lena R. 9/4/1903 Holiday F W Walter N. Ryon Lora J. R. Ryon Holiday Laborer 5/23/1904 213
Ryon, Lucile 2/5/1898 Tuscarora St. F W John W. Ryon, Jr. Alice Heggie Ryon Dealer Dealer 12/31/1898 114
Ryon, Marguerite 6/16/1893 Wellsboro East Ave. F W Frank W. Ryon Hattie Ryon Wellsboro Charleston St. Collector 12/19/1893 1
Ryon, Mary J. 8/15/1905 Wellsboro F W Thomas Ryon Mary Ryon Wellsboro Foreman 12/2/1905 241
Ryon, May 5/10/1905 Middlebury F W Walter Ryon blank Middlebury Laborer 6/8/1905 236
Ryon, Pauline 4/19/1898 Manhattan F -- Chas. Ryon Edna Ryon Manhattan Laborer 6/1/1898 97
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