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Tioga County PA Birth Records 1893-1901

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Tioga County PA Birth Records
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Transcribed by Kelly WILCOX Kimball
Name of Child Date of Birth Place of Birth Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation Date of Record Page
Robena, Francis J. 9/18/1895 Arnot M W Amos Robena Rose Robena Arnot M 12/31/1895 46
Robert, Margaret 2/5/1902 Richmond F -- Jesse Robert Jessie Robert Mansfield Laborer 6/12/1902 179
Roberts, Arlie A. 2/8/1902 Sabinsville M W Willa A. Roberts Mable C. Roberts Sabinsville Farmer 6/16/1902 182
Roberts, Clark 2/12/1900 Sabinsville M W Wella Roberts Mable Roberts Sabinsville Farmer 6/18/1900 143
Roberts, Edward 12/29/1893 Arnot M W blank Martha Roberts Arnot Miner 6/26/1894 14
Roberts, Esau N. 12/19/1899 Morris M W F. A. Roberts Emma Roberts Morris Merchant 6/8/1900 141
Roberts, George A. 12/14/1899 Chatham M W A. M. Roberts Thankie Roberts Chatham Farmer 12/22/1899 130
Roberts, Kathryn 6/18/1903 Wellsboro F W Frank A. Roberts Bertha L. Roberts Wellsboro Clerk 11/6/1903 204
Roberts, Mary Joyce 8/24/1894 Chatham F W P. J. Roberts Emma ?. Roberts Chatham Farmer 1/8/1895 27
Roberts, Minnie 7/22/1894 Wellsboro F W John Roberts Nancy Roberts Wellsboro Laborer 12/28/1894 23
Roberts, Mira 1/29/1904 Sabinsville F W W. A. Roberts Cassie A. Roberts Sabinsville Farmer 6/3/1904 218
Roberts, Ruth 7/17/1896 Wellsboro F W F. A. Roberts Bertha Roberts Wellsboro Merchant 12/21/1896 64
Roberts, Sol 2/11/1898 Blossburg M W Frank Roberts Mary Roberts Blossburg Store keeper 9/8/1898 105
Robertson, Cameron 11/7/1897 Wellsboro M W G. C. Robertson Anna C. Robertson Wellsboro Teacher 12/17/1897 94
Robertson, Cameron Albro 11/7/1897 Wellsboro M W G. C. Robertson Anna Cameron Wellsboro Professor SNS 9/8/1898 104
Robertson, Coral A. 12/12/1897 Addison M W Arthur A. Robertson Jennie G. Robertson Austinburg School teacher 6/9/1898 100
Robertson, George 3/2/1905 South Delmar M W Leon Robertson Mame Robertson Delmar Farmer 6/2/1905 234
Robertson, Leon 9/4/1902 Lloyd M W Frank Robertson Grace Robertson Lloyd L 1/8/1903 194
Robertson, Lucy May 10/12/1905 Lloyd F W Frank Robertson Grace Robertson Lloyd L 12/18/1905 245
Robertson, Mamy 8/20/1893 Morris F W A. B. Robertson Julia Robertson Hoytville Main St. 66 Laborer 12/28/1893 4
Robertson, Mary 9/27/1905 Antrim F W William Robertson Rachel Robertson Antrim Miner 11/8/1905 239
Robertson, Thomas 9/11/1895 Antrim M W John Robertson Margrett Robertson Antrim Miner 11/8/1905 239
Robeson, Maragret L. 5/29/1903 St. Jenney Mansfield F W Edward Robeson Harriet Robeson St. James Laborer 10/12/1903 202
Robins, Katie 2/13/1900 Marsh Creek F W David Robins Clara Mosier Marsh Creek Fireman 5/31/1900 137
Robinson, Albert Willis 6/14/1894 Wellsboro M W J. M. Robinson Hattie M. Robinson Wellsboro Banker 7/12/1894 19
Robinson, Clifford 5/27/1901 State St. M W Fred Robinson Jennie Robinson State St. Laborer 12/23/1901 171
Robinson, Harrison 5/22/1894 Covington boro M W Wayland Robinson Kate Robinson Covington boro Williamson St. Merchant 7/2/1894 14
Robinson, Judson 11/6/1900 Williamson St. M W W. W. Robinson Kate Robinson Williamson St. Merchant 12/31/1903 210
Robinson, Leadora 6/24/1903 No. Main Mansfield F W Grant Robinson Edith Robinson No. Main Laborer 10/12/1903 202
Robinson, Mary 8/11/1903 Covington boro F W Fred Robinson Jennie Robinson Covington boro Laborer 12/21/1903 210
Robison, Harold 4/22/1900 Canoe Camp M W Edward Robison Harriett Robison Canoe Camp Laborer 6/4/1900 139
Roblyer, John H. 7/28/1899 Delmar M W H. Roblyer Lina Wilbur Delmar Farmer 1/10/1900 135
Robson, Fanny M. 2/13/1900 Delmar F W Will Robson Ida Robson Shippen Laborer 6/7/1900 140
Rocinski, Stan 2/26/1895 Antrim M W Stan Rocinski Anna Rocinski blank Miner 6/29/1895 39
Rocks, Edith 8/12/1893 Blossburg Main St. F W Edward Rocks Catherine Rocks Blossburg Roller 1/13/1894 11
Rockwell, Ada May 10/15/1894 Chatham M W Geo. Rockwell Ella Rockwell Chatham L 1/8/1895 27
Rockwell, Alice B. 5/8/1899 Sullivan F W S. R. Rockwell Myrtle Rockwell Sullivan Farmer 6/6/1899 119
Rockwell, Donald B. 6/3/1897 Wellsboro M W Frank H. Rockwell Lucy B. Rockwell Wellsboro Attorney 12/16/1897 93
Rockwell, Dorothy 10/25/1894 Lawrence F W J. W. Rockwell Sarah Rockwell Lawrence Farmer 1/2/1895 25
Rockwell, Eldon Edward 9/11/1899 Lawrence M W C. S. Rockwell Julia Rockwell Lawrence Farmer 12/16/1899 127
Rockwell, Hazel 3/21/1894 Sullivan F W Delos Rockwell Ida Rockwell Sullivan Farmer 5/28/1894 12
Rockwell, Hazel Marie 8/4/1895 Lawrence F W Charles S. Rockwell Julia Rockwell Lawrence Farmer 12/30/1895 46
Rockwell, Jennie L. 11/1/1896 Chatham F W George Rockwell Ella Rockwell Chatham Laborer 1/5/1897 70
Rockwell, John C. 1/8/1899 Blossburg M W Charles S. Rockwell Lucy Rockwell Blossburg Agent RR 6/16/1899 122
Rockwell, Lora M. 1/5/1895 East Ave. Wellsboro F W Frank H. Rockwell Lucy B. Rockwell East Ave. Attorney 7/1/1895 40
Rockwell, Nina Louis 5/17/1902 Sullivan F W W. G. Rockwell Minnie Rockwell Sullivan Farmer 1/2/1903 193
Rockwell, Rexford Mark 3/11/1897 Covington twp. M W Mark L. Rockwell Nettie V. Rockwell Covington twp. Laborer 6/29/1897 80
Rockwell, Rosa J. 9/6/1904 Chatham F W Wm. Rockwell Emma Rockwell Chatham Farmer 5/24/1905 232
Rockwell, Sylvia E. 7/4/1895 Sullivan F W J. B. Rockwell Myrtle E. Rockwell Sullivan Farmer 1/20/1896 53
Rodgers, Frances W. 9/25/1903 Arnot M W George Rodgers Mary Rodgers Arnot Miner 11/30/1903 206
Rodgers, Hellen G. 5/1901 Arnot F W George Rodgers Mary Rodgers Arnot M 12/23/1901 171
Roe, Eva M. 5/13/1899 Chatham F W Byron L. Roe Ethel M. Roe Chatham Doctor 12/22/1899 130
Roe, Flora 7/27/1896 Keeneyville F W S. J. Roe Ella Roe Keeneyville Farmer 12/24/1896 66
Roe, Jennie D. 6/10/1903 Keeneyville F -- Byron Roe Mrs. B. Roe Keeneyville Doctor 5/23/1904 212
Roe, Harley 12/14/1900 Chatham M W Dr. B. L. Roe Ethel Roe Little Marsh Doctor 5/27/1901 156
Roe, Katie 9/9/1895 Middlebury F W Henry T. Roe Elmate Roe Middlebury Farmer 1/2/1896 47
Roe, Leon 6/3/1900 Keeneyville M W J. W. Roe Lillian Roe Keeneyville Undertaker 11/24/1900 151
Roe, Lewis H. 12/14/1900 Little Marsh M W Dr. B. L. Roe Ethel Roe Wellsboro Physician 11/23/1901 165
Roe, Preston 3/2/1904 Losey Creek M W Bernard Roe Lottie Roe Losey Creek Farmer 5/23/1904 212
Roff, ? 12/26/1894 Knoxville Alba St. F W Harry E. Roff Addie Meade Roff Knoxville Alba St. Jeweler 1/21/1895 33
Roff, Leon 3/8/1896 Main St. Wellsboro M W Ralph Roff Minnie Roff Main St. Wellsboro Dealer 6/1/1896 56
Rogers, Dell 7/3/1895 Arnot M W Dell Rogers Lena Rogers Maple Hill L 9/5/1896 62
Rogers, Dell Edward 7/3/1895 Bloss Twp. M W Ardell E. Rogers Lena Rogers Bloss twp. Laborer 12/26/1895 45
Rogers, Dorothy Susan J. 8/5/1901 Covington twp. F W Samuel R. Rogers Lizzie Rogers Covington twp. Farmer 12/20/1901 168
Rogers, Edith Crew 8/15/1904 Covington twp. F W Fred E. Rogers Francelia Rogers Covington twp. Farmer 12/14/1905 227
Rogers, Ernest 3/3/1896 Covington twp. M W Fred E. Rogers Francelia Rogers Covington twp. Farmer 6/26/1896 60
Rogers, Francis 9/22/1903 Arnot F W George Rogers Mary Rogers Arnot Miner 6/9/1904 219
Rogers, Iva/Lydia Adelaide 2/26/1901   F W Fred Rogers Francelia Rogers Covington twp. Farmer 6/7/1902 179
Rogers, John 2/4/1897 Charleston twp. M W William J. Rogers Maria Rogers Charleston twp. Farmer 7/8/1897 80
Rogers, Kenneth 8/15/1899 Covington twp. M W Fred E. Rogers Francelia Rogers Covington twp. Farmer 12/20/1899 128
Rogers, Laura A. 4/6/1905 High St. F W Benjamin Rogers Rhoda Rogers High St. Merchant 5/24/1905 232
Rogers, Lena Bell 1/9/1899 Mansfield F W D. M. Rogers Mary J. Ripley blank Laborer 9/6/1900 145
Rogers, Mariah 11/7/1894 Welsh Settlement F W Wm. J. Rogers Mariah Rogers Charleston Farmer 1/9/1895 29
Rogers, Mildred Adelaide 6/9/1896 Covington twp. F W Saml R. Rogers Lizzie R. Rogers Covington twp. Farmer 12/23/1896 64
Rogers, Nina 5/8/1894 Covington twp. F W Fred Rogers Frankie Rogers Covington Farmer 7/14/1894 19
Rogers, Perley 3/24/1904 Charleston M W W. J. Rogers, Jr. Eliza Rogers Charleston Farmer 3/9/1905 230
Rogers, Robert 3/2/1903 Chatham M W Bert Rogers Ada Rogers Chatham Farmer 5/28/1903 196
Rogers, Theodore Roosevelt 8/15/1904 Covington twp. M W Fred E. Rogers Francelia Rogers Covington twp. Farmer 12/14/1905 227
Rogers, William McKinley 4/1/1898 Covington twp. M W Fred E. Rogers Francella Rogers Covington twp. Farmer 6/8/1898 99
Rohazan, John 4/13/1897 8 Blox Morris Run M W William Rohazan Mar Rohazan 8 Blox Morris Run Miner 9/2/1897 82
Rohrbach, Nellie M. 2/16/1901 Blossburg F W John Rohrbach Anna Rohrbach Blossburg Laborer 6/17/1901 162
Rolison, Bessie Amelia 8/2/1895 Westfield twp. F W Perry V. Rolison Julia Rolison Westfield twp. Farmer 1/4/1896 48
Rolison, Rosie 7/30/1902 Blossburg M W Martin Rolison Mary Rolison Blossburg Laborer 12/31/1902 192
Rolston, Fenton 9/18/1898 Sullivan M W Charley Rolston Lurancy Rolston Sullivan Farmer 1/14/1899 115
Romela, Martha 4/29/1898 10 Carnew St. Morris Run F W Joseph Romela Minnie Romela 10 Carnew St. Morris Run Miner 12/31/1898 113
Romiel, Joseph 3/20/1904 Morris Run M W Joseph Romiel Minnie Romiel Morris Run Miner 6/1/1904 216
Rood, Clare May 6/14/1905 Potterbrook F W Enos Rood Maggie Rood Potterbrook Laborer 9/7/1905 238
Rood, Harry E. 7/23/1895 Morris M W Mortimer Rood Alice Rood Morris Farmer 1/10/1896 50
Roomski, Joseph 9/13/1904 Landrus M W Michael Roomski Katrina Roomski Landrus Miner 11/28/1904 223
Root, Carl 5/6/1896 Liberty -- W Quintillus Root Flora Root Liberty twp. Laborer 9/3/1896 61
Root, Earl 2/4/1897 Crooked Creek Middlebury M W Geo. Root Susie Root Crooked Creek Farmer 5/25/1897 78
Root, Florence 11/25/1904 South Delmar F W Fred Root Nettie Root South Delmar Laborer 6/2/1905 234
Root, Geo 9/5/1901 Delmar M W Oscar J. Root Laura Hastings Delmar Farmer 3/7/1902 175
Root, Ida 8/2/1897 Crooked Creek Middlebury F W Geo. W. Root Susan Root Crooked Creek Farmer 12/15/1897 93
Root, Ira 12/28/1894 Delmar So. Dist. M W Oscar Root Flora Root Delmar Farmer 5/25/1895 35
Root, Kenneth C. 4/14/1905 Gaines M W Harry H. Root Hazel Root Gaines Clerk 5/31/1905 233
Root, Lester Chas. 10/16/1901 Liberty twp. M W Juintillis Root Flora Root Liberty twp. Farmer 12/10/1901 166
Root, Ruth M/F 3/28/1905//3/30/1905 South Delmar F W Oscar Root Lottie Root South Delmar Farmer 6/2/1905 234
Root, Susie 11/23/1893 Holidaytown F W Geo W. Root Susie Root Holidaytown Farmer 1/4/1893 6
Rorabaugh, Ernest C. 2/18/1897 Leetonia M W Harry Rorabaugh Hettie Rorabaugh blank Laborer 9/6/1897 84
Rorabaugh, Otto Blair 7/30/1896 Delmar Tiadaghton M W William G. Rorabaugh Alice Dunning Delmar Farmer 1/20/1897 74
Rorabaugh, Verna 4/16/1904 Leetonia F W Frank Rorabaugh Satie Rorabaugh Leetonia Conductor 3/16/1905 230
Rorbach, Vera 2/9/1902 Indiana Co. F W Frank Rorbach Sadie Rorbach Leetonia Laborer 12/18/1902 187
Rorhbach, Verna 4/10/1904 Leetonia F W Frank Rorhbach Sarah Rorhbach Leetonia Laborer 12/1/1904 224
Roscoski, Anthony 1/15/1901 Blossburg M W Joseph Roscoski Agnus Roscoski Blossburg Laborer 6/17/1901 163
Roscoski, Bruno 5/10/1898 Blossburg M W Valentine Roscoski Francis Roscoski Blossburg Laborer 12/27/1898 110
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