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Tioga County PA Birth Records 1893-1901

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Tioga County PA Birth Records
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Transcribed by Kelly WILCOX Kimball
Name of Child Date of Birth Place of Birth Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation Date of Record Page
Qimberg, Edna 4/18/1900 Arnot F W Gust Qimberg Joanna Qimberg Arnot Miner 6/11/1900 143
Quackenbush, Blanche 3/20/1894 Lawrence F W Ben Quackenbush Laura Quackenbush Lawrence Laborer 1/2/1895 25
Quackenbush, Charles 3/9/1895 Lawrence M W Lue Quackenbush Emma Quackenbush Lawrence Farmer 12/30/1895 46
Quackenbush, Maggie 1/10/1895 Lawrence F W Ben Quackenbush Louise Quackenbush Lawrence R. R. 12/30/1895 45
Quackenbush, Myrtle 11/20/1896 Lawrenceville F W Lewis Quackenbush Emma Quackenbush Lawrenceville Laborer 12/26/1896 66
Quackenbush, Norman R. 5/21/1905 Lawrence M W Ben Quackenbush Elsie Quackenbush Lawrence Farmer 12/29/1905 248
Quackinbush, Keneth B. 1/12/1903 Lawrence M W Benjamin Quackinbush Elsie Quackenbush Lawrence Laborer 6/6/1903 200
Quick, Leon 12/24/1898 Leetonia South Elk M W S. E. Quick Alice Quick Leetonia South Elk Woodsman 12/12/1899 125
Quimby, Clara Lena 3/13/1901 Delmar Rd. Delmar F W Wm. Quimby Eva Quimby Delmar Rd. Delmar Laborer 6/3/1901 160
Quimby, John 4/11/1894 Blossburg Main St. M W James Quimby Lucy Quimby Blossburg Laborer 7/17/1894 19
Quimby, John Joseph 4/11/1894 Mill St. Fallbrook M W James F. Quimby Lucy Quimby Blossburg Laborer 6/22/1894 13
Quimby, Keneth R. 5/17/1905 Delmar M W Wm. Quimby Eva Quimby Delmar Laborer 12/30/1905 248
Quimby, Margaret 4/11/1894 Blossburg Main St. F W James Quimby Lucy Quimby Blossburg Laborer 7/17/1894 19
Quimby, Margaret C. 4/11/1894 Mill St. Fallbrook F W James F. Quimby Lucy Quimby Blossburg Laborer 6/22/1894 13
Quinlin, Mary 7/8/1904 Arnot F W James Quinlin Margaret Quinlin Arnot Miner 12/1/1904 223
Raff, Helen 4/10/1903 Elmira, N.Y. F W W. A. Raff Amelia Raff Marshlands Clergyman 6/1/1903 197
Rahlick, Margret 2/23/1899 Midel Row Morris Run F W Michael Rahlick Mary Rahlick Midel Row Morris Run Miner 6/9/1899 121
Rainey, John 5/1901 Arnot M W William Rainey Margaret Rainey Arnot Miner 6/6/1901 162
Rairack, Dora [Rarick] 9/16/1899 Tioga twp. F W Sturgiss Rairack Clara Rairack Tioga twp. Farmer 6/7/1900 140
Raish, Leon 6/19/1894 Delmar So. Dist. M W George Raish Emma Raish Delmar Farmer 5/25/1895 36
Raish, Violetta O. 6/19/1895 Stony Fork Rd. Delmar F W George Raish Amelia Raish Stony Fork Rd. Delmar Farmer 1/31/1896 55
Raker, Eva Rebecca 11/15/1894 Liberty twp. F W George Raker Sarah Raker Liberty twp. Farmer 1/9/1895 28
Randall, ? 12/11/1896 Union twp. M W Charles Randall Belle Randall Union Farmer 12/28/1896 67
Randall, Chas. E. 4/12/1903 North Union M W Chas. Randall Sarah Randall blank blank 11/4/1903 203
Randall, Edgaar 9/12/1903 North Union M W Chas. Randall Sarrah Bell Randall Roaring Branch Farmer 5/31/1904 214
Randall, George Waine 3/11/1896 Union M W Danl W. Randall Kate Randall Union Farmer 12/28/1896 67
Randall, Wilson J. 8/9/1894 Union twp. M W Chas. Randall Belle Randall blank blank 1/15/1895 32
Rannie, William 9/19/1894 Arnot M W Hugh Rannie Mary Rannie Arnot Miner 1/17/1895 33
Ransom, Edward 1/12/1896 Chatham M W George Ransom Ella Ransom Chatham Farmer 9/3/1896 61
Ransom, Robert J. 12/27/1904 Chatham M W George Ransom Ella Ransom Chatham Farmer 5/24/1905 232
Rapples, Delos W. 1/9/1902 10 Blox Morris Run M W Leroy Rapples Effie Rapples 10 Blox Morris Run Laborer 6/23/1902 183
Rappleye, Kaleda 8/8/1904 Marsh Creek F W Adelbert Rappleye Ida Rappleye Marsh Creek Laborer 12/1/1904 224
Rapplye, Neva May 5/1/1903 Shippen F W Delbert Rapplye Ida Rapplye Shippen Laborer 6/10/1903 200
Rarick, ? 9/30/1896 Richmond twp. F W Adam Rarick Sarah Rarick Richmond twp. Laborer 1/25/1897 75
Rarick, Cornelia M. 9/11/1896 Painter Run F W Sturges Rarick Clara Rarick Painter Run Farmer 1/6/1897 71
Rarick, Edith L. 12/22/1895 Richmond F W Wm. Rarick Virginia Stephens Rarick Richmond Farmer 1/21/1896 53
Rarick, Ethel M. 6/2/1893 Hyndman, Bradford Co. F W Frank Rarick Elizabeth Rarick Mann Hill Laborer 1/15/1894 11
Rathbone, Cora M. 7/19/1902 Nelson boro F -- D. B. Rathbone Marguaret Rathbone Nelson boro Farmer 12/19/1902 187
Rathbone, Marian 11/13/1899 Nelson F W G. D. Rathbone Margaret Rathbone Nelson Laborer 12/16/1899 127
Rathbun, ? 2/1/1899 Jackson M W Burt Rathbun Josie Rathbun Jackson Laborer 6/9/1899 120
Raucher, Clarence 11/23/1901 East Point M W H. S. Raucher Sarah E. Raucher East Point Farmer 6/18/1902 182
Raucher, Iva 8/24/1895 Roaring Branch F W Geo. Raucher Anna Raucher Roaring Branch Laborer 1/9/1896 49
Raucher, Robt. 10/13/1897 Union twp. M W Henry Raucher Sarah Raucher Union Farmer 11/22/1897 92
Raunsher, Maynard C. 10/22/1904 Blossburg M W Charles E. Raunsher Carrie Raunsher Blossburg Laborer 12/10/1904 226
Rausher, Florence E. 10/6/1899 Blossburg F W William Rausher Julia Rausher Blossburg Laborer 12/30/1899 134
Rawson, Lena Isabelle 9/12/1896 Crooked Creek F W E. D. Rawson Isabelle Rawson Crooked Creek Farmer 12/24/1896 66
Ray, Frank 5/10/1897 Watrous M W Chas. Haynes Rachel Haynes Watrous Laborer 5/24/1897 78
Raynolds, Lyme B. 6/15/1898 Chatham M W Myron Reynolds Carrie Reynolds Little Marsh Farmer 5/20/1899 116
Rea, Daryl Eberle 6/16/1897 Church St. Westfield boro M W H. P. Rea Mary Rea Church St. Westfield boro Law student 11/22/1897 92
Reay, Herbert 1/5/1901 Blossburg M W John Reay Lizzie Reay Blossburg Tinsmith 6/17/1901 163
Reber, Harvey N. 10/23/1895 Osceola M W Wilson Reber Emma Reber Osceola Laborer 4/10/1896 55
Reddington, Willard E. 8/7/1902 Williamson St. M W Ewel Reddington Leah Reddington Williamson St. Laborer 12/11/1902 186
Redfield, Mark 3/3/1898 Farmington M W Joseph Redfield Emma Redfield Farmington Farmer 6/24/1898 102
Redfield, Mortimer 7/26/1897 Covington boro M W Charles Redfield Susie Redfield blank Editor 12/8/1897 93
Redington, Frank Earl 9/19/1898 Covington boro M W Edgar Redington Leah Redington Williamson St. Laborer 12/15/1898 107
Redner, Alta 7/22/1898 Tioga twp. F W Willis Redner Ada L. Redner Tioga twp. Laborer 1/11/1899 115
Redner, Arthur Lee 11/12/1894 Shippen twp. M W Willis Redner blank Elk Horn Laborer 1/6/1897 71
Redner, Pansy 2/13/1902 Potterbrook F W Robert Redner Frances Redner Potterbrook Laborer 9/5/1902 184
Redner, Pansy 2/19/1901 Elmer Potter Co. F W R. Redner Francis Redner Westfield twp. Laborer 12/21/1901 170
Redner, William I. 3/20/1896 Tioga twp. M W Willard Redner Ada Redner Tioga twp. Farmer 1/6/1897 71
Redner, William P. 9/23/1901 Shippen M W Harry O. Redner Alena Redner Marsh Creek Fireman 12/26/1901 173
Reeber, Alice Mary 12/23/1897 Tuscarora St. F W Wilson Reeber Emma Reeber Mill St. Laborer 12/31/1898 114
Reece, Arthur J. 1/22/1903 Sabinsville M W Fred C. Reece Gertrude Reece Sabinsville Farmer 6/3/1903 199
Reed, Allen C. 12/18/1897 Wellsboro Rd. M W Curtis Reed Emma Reed Mill Creek Laborer 6/3/1898 97
Reed, Charles Robert 10/8/1900 Water St. Liberty boro M W Robert Reed Sarah A. Reed Water St. Liberty boro Wagon maker 11/2/1900 147
Reed, Eva 10/26/1901 Blossburg F W J. E. Reed Mandie Reed Blossburg Painter 6/24/1902 183
Reed, Freddie Wesley 1/16/1894 Liberty M W Wesley Reed Harriet Reed Liberty Farmer 7/6/1894 17
Reed, Hazel 4/3/1895 Tioga twp. F W Curtis Reed Emma Reed Tioga twp. Laborer 1/13/1896 52
Reed, Jessie L. 3/31/1897 Westfield F W Platt Reed Rosa Reed Westfield Laborer 9/8/1898 103
Reed, Lula May 12/5/1898 Liberty twp. F W Wesley Reed Hattie Reed Liberty twp. Laborer 6/13/1899 121
Reed, Mary M. 4/25/1896 First St. F W E. G. Reed Grace Reed First St. Mansfield Mechanic 6/24/1896 59
Reed, Walter 9/1/1901 Richmond M W Curtis Reed Emma Reed No. 3 Mansfield Laborer 1/6/1902 175
Reed, Walter/Luther 9/1/1902/
Mansfield/Richmond twp. M W Curtis Reed Emma Reed Mansfield/Richmond twp. Laborer 6/12/1902//6/12/1903 179
Reeder, Sophia 8/7/1904 Antrim F W Floria Reeder Annie Reeder Antrim Miner 10/14/1904 221
Reenie, Agnes 8/16/1896 Arnot F W William Reenie Kate Reenie Arnot M 12/31/1896 68
Reenie, Elizabeth Sanders 10/22/1897 Arnot F W William Reenie Catherine Reenie Arnot M 11/20/1897 90
Reenie, James 10/4/1896 Arnot M W Hugh Reenie Mary Reenie Arnot M 12/31/1896 68
Reenie, Mary 4/24/1896 Arnot F W John J. Reenie Ellen Reenie Arnot M 9/5/1896 62
Reep, Bessie M. 6/26/1897 Richmond F W Frank Reep Nellie Sweet Reep Richmond Laborer 12/31/1897 95
Reep, Edward 12/6/1896 Lawrenceville M W M. W. Reep Mrs. Nellie Reep Lawrenceville Brakeman 12/24/1896 65
Reep, Elmer 5/25/1895 East Lawrence M W W. F. Reep Edna Reep East Lawrence Farmer 12/30/1895 45
Reep, Emma P. 2/3/1895 Richmond F W Frank W. Reep Nellie Reep Richmond Laborer 1/21/1896 53
Reep, Frederick Eli 2/20/1903 Cayton/Lawrence twp. M W W. S. Reep Rena Reep Lawrence Laborer 6/6/1903 200
Reep, James William 5/28/1899 Lawrence M W M. S. Reep Lena Reep Lawrence Laborer 12/16/1899 127
Reep, Leora 8/14/1897 Lawrence F W W. S. Reep Lena Reep Lawrence Laborer 11/17/1897 88
Reep, Mary 1/13/1895 Lawrence F W W. S. Reep Lena Reep Lawrence R. R. 12/30/1895 45
Reep, Mary 3/4/1899 Lawrence F W M. F. Reep Edna Reep Lawrence Farmer 12/16/1899 127
Reep, Vida May 11/4/1903 Lawrence F W Willis F. Reep Edna Reep Lawrence Farmer 11/21/1903 206
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