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Tioga County PA Birth Records 1893-1901

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Tioga County PA Birth Records
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Transcribed by Kelly WILCOX Kimball
Name of Child Date of Birth Place of Birth Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation Date of Record Page
Plumbly, Kathern 5/23/1904 Antrim F W George Plumbly Mary Plumbly blank Laborer 10/14/1904 222
Plumley, ? 10/3/1896 Delmar Tiadaghton M W George Plumley Mary Yessa Delmar Laborer 1/20/1897 74
Plumley, Cora 1/24/1901 Morris F W H. I. Plumley Cora Plumley Morris Farmer 6/15/1901 162
Plumley, Edwin D./G. 11/5/1900 Shippen M W D. L. Plumley Nettie Plumley Delmar Farmer 12/26/1901 173
Plumley, Frederick 2/24/1894 Delmar So. Dist. M W George Plumley Mary Plumley Delmar Laborer 5/25/1895 36
Plumley, Jenette 4/4/1903 Shippen F W D. L. Plumley Mittie Plumley Shippen Farmer 6/10/1903 201
Plumley, Lewis Ivan 8/11/1894 Shippen twp. M W Daniel Plumley Nettie L. Plumley Shippen twp. Farmer 12/21/1894 23
Plumley, Mazie I 6/29/1894 Shippen twp. F W A. D. Plumley Frankie E. Plumley Shippen twp. Farmer 12/21/1894 23
Plumley, Roy 7/29/1896 Shippen M W D. L. Plumley Nett Plumley Shippen Farmer 1/4/1897 70
Plumly, Ray 4/27/1905 Shippen M W Elihu Plumly Myrtle Plumly Shippen Laborer 12/11/1905 242
Poggendoff, Gladys 8/27/1894 Tioga twp. F W John Poggendoff Kate Poggendoff Tioga twp. Laborer 1/7/1895 26
Polcen, Frank 2/3/1894 Morris Run High St. 25 M W Martin Polcen Mary Polcen Morris Run High St. 25 Laborer 9/5/1894 21
Polcyn, Mary 9/7/1905 Morris Run F W Anthony Polcyn Julia Polcyn Morris Run Miner 12/11/1905 243
Poliski, Eliza 3/2/1902 Arnot F W Alex Poliski Mary Poliski Arnot Miner 6/16/1902 180
Poliski, Frank 10/13/1893 Antrim M W Joseph Poliski Alice Poliski Antrim L 12/26/1893 3
Polison, Anthony 6/26/1904 Blossburg M W Martin Polison Delia Polison Blossburg Laborer 12/10/1904 227
Pollack, Anna 7/4/1897 Gaines F W Andrew Pollack Mary Pollack Gaines Laborer 11/20/1897 89
Pollock, John 12/16/1898 Manhattan M -- Androw Pollock Marry Pollock Manhattan Laborer 5/31/1899 117
Polock/Pollack, George 5/26/1902 Manhattan M W Andrew Polock/Pollack Mary Polock/Pollack Manhattan Laborer 11/28/1902 185
Polock, Maggie 11/10/1900 Manhattan F W Andrew Polock Mary Polock Manhattan Laborer 6/3/1901 159
Polsey, Frances 10/13/1893 Morris Run High St. 26 M W Martin Polsey Mary Polsey Morris Run High St. 26 Miner 1/6/1894 7
Polson, Steen 4/30/1898 Blossburg M W Martin Polson Mary Polson Blossburg Laborer 9/8/1898 105
Polvina, Mary 1/29/1896 Carpenter F W Michael Polvina Jennie C. Polvina Carpenter Laborer 8/29/1896 61
Pokoski, Agness 11/10/1893 Hoytville Main St. 12 F W Martin Pokoski Anna Pokoski Hoytville Main St. 12 Laborer 12/28/1893 4
Pope, Howard 8/25/1899 Alba St. M W Dryden Pope Mary Pope Alba St. Laborer 9/24/1900 146
Pope, Lucy N. 11/8/1896 Charleston F W Fletcher Pope Velma Pope Charleston Farmer 2/27/1897 77
Pope, Neva May 4/13/1905 Delmar F W Francis M. Pope Helen K. Pope RFD10 Wellsboro Farmer 6/3/1905 234
Porter, Annie 2/24/1894 Morris Run F W Robert Porter Isabel Porter Morris Run Duchton 5 Miner 9/5/1894 22
Porter, Burdette 9/16/1896 Union twp. M W Grant Porter Fannie Porter Union twp. Farmer 12/28/1896 67
Porter, Elwin E. 6/3 No. District M W Ezra Porter Etta Porter Union Farmer 11/9/1904 222
Porter, Eva May 1/16/1898 Elmira, N.Y. F W Walter B. Porter Louisa Porter Steuben, N.Y. Laborer 7/16/1898 103
Porter, Florence M. 2/6/1900 Union twp. F W Ezra Porter Etta Porter Gleason Farmer 8/30/1900 144
Porter, Jay E. 12/24/1894 Union twp. M W Ezra Porter Etta Porter blank blank 1/15/1895 32
Porter, Lloyd 1/10/1898 No. Union M W Ezra Porter Etta Porter No. Union Farmer 7/16/1898 103
Porter, Lorrine I. 1/5/1902 Union F W Ezra Porter Etta Porter Union Farmer 6/5/1902 179
Porter, Lynn 5/27/1898 No. Union M W Grant Porter Fanny Porter No. Union Farmer 7/16/1898 103
Posinzki, Katherine 2/1/1895 Blossburg F W Stanis Posinzki Anastazia Posinzki Davis St. Blossburg Miner 8/31/1895 43
Posten, Hazel 3/4/1898 Jackson F W B. M. Posten Anna Posten Jackson Minister 6/9/1898 100
Potreboski, Sallie 1/21/1904 Morris Run F W Joseph Kalinski Kate Kalinski Morris Run Miner 6/1/1904 216
Potter, Archie L. 3/31/1900 Dibble Hill M W James Potter Cora Potter Dibble Hill Farmer 6/9/1900 141
Potter, Clarence Wm. 4/7/1896 Farmington M W D?iel Potter Mary Potter Farmington Laborer 6/19/1896 58
Potter, Fred Daniel 6/15/1894 Farmington M -- Daniel Potter Mary L. Potter Farmington Laborer 1/30/1895 35
Potter, Grace 8/20/1899 Keeneyville F W Louis Potter Bertha V. Potter Keeneyville Merchant 12/28/1899 133
Potter, Howard 7/7/1902 Fall Brook M W F. W. Potter Guily Potter Fall Brook Miner 12/22/1902 188
Potter, Irene May 11/30/1904 Cowanesque St. Osceola F W J. L. Potter Anne Potter Cowanesque St. Osceola Horse trainer 12/22/1904 229
Potter, James Carol 12/2/1895 Brookfield M W Wesley Potter Sarah Potter Brookfield Farmer 1/28/1896 54
Potter, Leon 8/241901 Hector, Potter Co. M W Charles Potter Minna Potter Westfield twp. Farmer 1/31/1903 194
Potter, Lotta Frances 1/7/1896 Clymer F W James Potter Cora V. Potter Clymer Laborer 1/30/1896 37
Potter, May E. 1/16/1896 Sunderville F W Newell J. Potter Emeretta Potter North St. Machinist 2/6/1897 76
Potter, Minnie 4/30/1901 Mill St. F W Charles Potter Minnie A. Potter Mill St. Carpenter 5/27/1901 156
Potter, Ollie M. 8/14/1893 Clymer F W George Potter Hester Potter Clymer Laborer 1/26/1894 12
Potter, Otto E. 6/6/1899 Harrison twp. M W M. J. Potter Emeretta Potter Potterbrook Laborer 9/8/1900 145
Potter, Vera A. 7/4/1901 Charleston F W Talmag D. Potter Lula M. Potter Charleston Farmer 9/10/1902 184
Potter, Vivian 8/20/1899 Charleston F W Talmage D. Potter Lula M. Potter Charleston Farmer 2/2/1900 136
Poukoski, Stella 3/24/1896 30 Main St. Hoytville F W Martin Poukoski Stella Poukoski 30 Main St. Hoytville Laborer 6/8/1896 57
Poulack, Kate 7/12/1894 Castle Garden 12 F W Frank Poulack Martha Poulack Castle Garden 12 Miner 1/14/1895 31
Poulack, Stella 12/8/1896 23 Middle Row Morris Run F W John Poulack Annie Poulack 23 Middle Row Morris Run Laborer 1/19/1897 73
Poulack, Tressa 12/10/1894 Morris Run Hugh St. 1 F W John Poulack Anne Poulack Morris Run High St. 1 Laborer 1/14/1895 30
Poulock, Josephine 4/2/1894 Morris Run Middle Row 17 F W Jacob Poulock Helena Poulock Morris Run Middle Row 17 Miner 9/5/1894 21
Pound, Frank 6/20/1893 Buffalo St. M W D. Pound Hannah Pound Buffalo St. Laborer 1/12/1894 11
Povlack, Louieza 11/22/1902 6 Middle Row Morris Run F W Jacob Povlack Josephine Povlack Middle Row Morris Run Miner 12/24/1902 189
Powell, Anna Elizabeth 11/7/1895 Morris F W David Powell Maggie Powell Morris Farmer 1/10/1896 50
Powell, Barbra Evaline 4/18/1900 Morris twp. F W David Powell Maggie Powell Morris Farmer 6/8/1900 141
Powell, David Earl 7/11/1893 Morris M W David Powell Maggie Powell Morris Miner 12/28/1893 4
Powell, Ellen 1/22/1895 Williamson Rd. Blossburg F W William Powell, Jr. Mary A. Powell Williamson Rd. Blossburg Miner 8/31/1895 43
Powell, Eva 4/19/1897 Blossburg F W William Powell Mary Powell Main St. Miner 9/4/1897 84
Powell, Fred 5/16/1905 Blossburg M W Selah Powell Nellie Powell Blossburg Fireman 6/17/1905 237
Powell, Genevieve 8/18/1903 Blossburg M W William Powell Mar Powell Blossburg Miner 12/11/1903 209
Powell, James Henry 2/22/1904 Morris M W David Powell Maggie Powell Morris Laborer 5/27/1904 213
Powers, ? 2/18/1900 Richmond M W Read A. Powers Della Powers Canoe Camp Farmer 6/4/1900 139
Powers, ? 5/28/1897 Richmond twp. F W Reed A. Powers Della Powers Richmond twp. Laborer 9/3/1897 83
Powers, Bernita H. 8/27/1905 Sherwood St. F W N. D. Powers Jennie Powers Sherwood St. Laborer 12/8/1905 242
Powers, Lynn 2/14/1904 Richmond M W Reed A. Powers Dell Powers No.3 Mansfield Farmer 12/2/1904 225
Powers, Margaret 6/5/1895 Stony Fork Rd. Delmar F W O. F. Powers Margaret Powers Stony Fork Cooper 1/31/1896 55
Pozeboski, Annie 6/18/1905 Morris Run F W Joseph Pozeboski Kathran Pozeboski Morris Run Miner 12/11/1905 242
Pratt, Elda Levira 2/23/1904 Leetonia F W John Pratt Vollie Pratt Leetonia Laborer 12/1/1904 224
Pratt, Harland A. 4/23/1896 Charleston twp. M W Arthur S. Pratt Clara E. Pratt Charleston Farmer 9/10/1896 63
Pratt, Myraetta 3/31/1901 Leetonia F W John D. Pratt Valletta Pratt Leetonia Laborer 12/20/1901 168
Pratt, Roland E. 4/23/1896 Charleston twp. M W Arthur S. Pratt Clara E. Pratt Charleston Farmer 9/10/1896 63
Precept, Freida May 10/20/1902 State St. Lawrenceville F W Charles Precept Nora Precept Lawrenceville Laborer 11/29/1902 185
Precit, Claribel Hildreth 9/25/1901 Schodac Richmond twp. F W Edward T. Precit Lydia Precit R.R. St. Mansfield Laborer 12/19/1901 167
Precit, Roy W. 10/26/1901 Blossburg M W William Precit Blanch Precit Blossburg Laborer 12/28/1901 174
Precit, Willie C. 1/28/1901 Paisley M W Charles Precit Nora Precit Paisley Laborer 5/24/1901 156
Preger, Samuel 6/18/1899 Blossburg M W Lonie Preger Sarah Preger Blossburg Merchant 12/30/1899 134
Preset, Mable May 3/6/1905 Tioga twp. F W Charles Preset Nora Preset Tioga twp. Laborer 11/22/1905 240
Presit, Ernest H. 5/9/1903 River St. Mansfield M W Edward T. Presit Lydia A. Presit River Laborer 10/12/1903 202
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