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Tioga County PA Birth Records 1893-1901

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Tioga County PA Birth Records
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Transcribed by Kelly WILCOX Kimball
Name of Child Date of Birth Place of Birth Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation Date of Record Page
Pechenski, Stanislaus 10/5/1903 1 Mill St. Morris Run M W Joseph Pechenski Victoria Pechenski 1 Mill St. Morris Run Miner 12/7/1903 207
Peck, Clement 10/24/1899 Arnot M W Stanley Peck Mary Peck Arnot Miner 12/21/1899 129
Peck, Fanny 1/4/1904 Landrus F W Staney Peck Mary Peck Landrus Miner 6/1/1904 215
Peck, Oliver A. Lewis 9/25/1901 Tioga twp. M W Ansel Peck Lena Peck Tioga twp. Laborer 6/23/1901 172
Peck, Stev 12/10/1901 Landrus M W Starry Peck Mary Peck Landrus Miner 6/16/1902 181
Peck, Thomas 9/3/1904 Landrus M W Frank Peck Katrina Peck Landrus Miner 11/28/1904 223
Peck, Van Buren 6/22/1902 Lambs Creek M W Elmer E. Peck Mollie A. Peck Fourth St. Agent 12/12/1902 186
Peck, Viorene H. 12/11/1900 Fourth St. F W Elmer Peck Miollie Peck Fourth St. Laborer 5/24/1901 156
Peckham, Martha M. 10/5/1903 Holiday F W William L. Peckham Kittie P. Peckham Holiday Farmer 5/23/1904 213
Pecynski, John 6/14/1905 Morris Run M W Joe Pecynski Victoria Pecynski Morris Run Miner 12/11/1905 242
Pedro, Carmela 5/18/1904 Asaph F W Nick Pedro Minnie Pedro Asaph Laborer 6/1/1904 214
Pedro, Josie 2/4/1903 Shippen F W Tony Pedro Rosie Pedro Shippen Laborer 6/10/1903 200
Peer, Eva 11/20/1895 Antrim F W Marinus Peer blank blank L 1/13/1896 51
Peer, Lawrence 6/28/1901 Wellsboro M W Charles Peer Laura Peer Wellsboro Brakeman 11/23/1901 165
Peet, Lyle H. 3/14/1898 Wellsboro M W Charles Peer Lora Peer Railroad St. Brakeman 5/19/1898 96
Peet, Eldred L. 12/20/1901 Knoxville M W Chas. Peet Edna Peet Knoxville Clk 1/17/1902 175
Peet, Glaydes/Gladys Naomi 3/11/1904//3/22/1904 Knoxville F W Charles Peet Edna Peet Knoxville Laborer 5/1/1906 248
Peet, Glenn 11/8/1899 Cor. Case and Martin M W Charles Peet Edna Peet Cor. Case and Martin Laborer 9/24/1900 146
Peirce, Martha 6/21/1905 Hoytville F W Harry Peirce Emma Peirce Hoytville L 12/18/1905 245
Pelchy, George 10/3/1897 Nauvoo Liberty twp. M W Frederick Pelchy Nettie Pelchy Liberty twp. Laborer 6/8/1898 99
Pelschy, George 10/3/1897 Liberty twp. M W Fred Pelchy Nettie Pelchy Liberty twp. Laborer 11/9/1897 86
Pelchy, Rosie E. 10/7 Hoytville F W Alex Pelchy Arlette Pelchy Hoytville L 12/1/1904 224
Pelchy, William Arthur 10/21/1901 Hoytville M W Alex Pelchy Ettie Pelchy Hoytville Laborer 12/21/1901 169
Pelcuh, Walter 5/6/1903 Hoytville M W Clement Pelcuh Anna Pelcuh Hoytville Laborer 12/19/1903 210
Pelton, Wesley Hugh 11/7/1903 Acid Factory M W John Pelton Edith Pelton Acid Factory Laborer 12/7/1903 207
Pencer, Helen 10/5/1904 Antrim F W John Pencer Helen Pencer Amtrim Miner 5/29/1905 233
Pendergast, Irenea 10/22/1901 18 Summit St. Morris Run F W Richard Pendergast Janie Pendergast 18 Summit St. Morris Run Miner 12/25/1901 172
Pendergast, James 3/4/1894 Morris Run Main St. 11 M W Richard Pendergast Jennie Pendergast Morris Run Main St. 11 Miner 9/5/1894 21
Pendergast, Loretta 8/2/1896 18 Summit St. Morris Run F W Richard Pendergast Janey Pendergast 18 Summit St. Morris Run Miner 1/19/1897 73
Pendleton, Violet Mable 10/1/1893 Brownlee F W Melvin Pendleton Alice Pendleton Brownlee L 12/26/1893 2
Penquiski, Elsie 1/23/1900 Arnot F W Jno. Penquiski Fanny Penquiski Arnot Laborer 6/11/1900 142
Pepper, Frances Winnie 3/1/1897 Fall Brook F W Wm. Pepper Anna May Pepper Fall Brook Laborer 10/29/1897 85
Pequignot, Eve Louise 6/5/1897 Liberty twp. F W John Pequignot Martha Pequignot Liberty twp. Farmer 11/9/1897 86
Pequignot, Julia E. 10/21/1899 Liberty twp. F W John Pequignot Martha Pequignot Liberty twp. Farmer 6/5/1900 139
Pequinot, Julia 8/19/1901 Liberty twp. F W Jno. Pequinot Martha PeQuinot Liberty twp. Farmer 12/10/1901 166
Percowfski, Bernice 2/1/1898 Antrim F W Jacob Percowfski Mary Percowfski Antrim M 7/15/1898 102
Perigo, Jesse Glenn 8/11/1900 River St. M W Porter Perigo Frances Perigo River St. Laborer 12/17/1900 153
Perkins, Eloise 6/20/1895 Delmar F W John Perkins Jennie Perkins Delmar Gardner 1/31/1896 55
Perkins, Gilbert L. 6/28/1893 Delmar M W John Perkins Jennie Perkins Delmar Farmer 1/3/1894 5
Perrick, John 6/1/1895 Antrim M W Ignus Perrick Mary Perrick blank Laborer 6/29/1895 39
Perrigo, Minnie Bell 7/8/1905 Manhattan F W Walter Perrigo Maud Perrigo Brookfield Laborer 12/16/1905 244
Perrigo, Stella 11/6/1894 (?) Westfield boro First St. F W Porter Perrigo Frances Perrigo Westfield boro First St. Laborer 1/31/1894 (?) 24
Perry, Arnold 12/9/1894 Tiadaghton M W O. Perry Ella N. Perry Tiadaghton Laborer 1/12/1895 30
Perry, Arthur H. 9/27/1897 Gaines M W William Perry Ella Perry Gaines Laborer 11/20/1897 89
Perry, Callie 9/5/1904 Potterbrook M W Oliver Perry, Jr. Ettie Perry Potterbrook Laborer 12/8/1904 226
Perry, Elner 2/3/1905 Potterbrook F W A. J. Perry Ellen Perry Potterbrook Farmer 9/7/1905 238
Perry, Fay 3/12/1898 Manhattan F -- D. Perry Adelia Perry Manhattan Laborer 6/1/1898 97
Perry, Fred L. 7/25/1904 Antrim M W Warren Perry Lida Perry blank Laborer 10/14/1904 221
Perry, George C. 12/18/1899 Elkland M W W. S. Perry Nancy Perry Pattison St. Laborer 11/27/1900 152
Perry, Henry J. 5/22/1904 Fall Brook M W Harry Perry Elizabeth Perry Fall Brook Miner 12/20/1904 228
Perry, Hetta Helen 8/1/1893 Westfield twp. F W E. D. Perry Florence Perry Westfield twp. Farmer 1/8/1895 27
Perry, Hettie L. 2/17/1895 German Ontario Co., NY F W C. E. Perry Mary A. Perry Westfield twp. Farmer 1/4/1896 48
Perry, Inez Virginia 5/14/1901 Cowanesque St. Osceola F W Earl H. Perry Harriet L. Perry Cowanesque St. Osceola Merchant 12/20/1901 169
Perry, Jno. W. 3/15/1899 Arnot M W Jos. Perry Emma Perry Arnot Miner 9/7/1899 123
Perry, Kate 1/20/1900 Westfield twp. F W David Edgar Perry Florence A. Perry Main St. Laborer 12/17/1900 153
Perry, Louise 3/16/1902 Westfield F W Edgar Perry Florence Perry Westfield Farmer 9/5/1902 184
Perry, Mary Louisa 7/22/1905 Arnot F W Enoch Perry Elsey Mase Perry Arnot blank 12/25/1905 248
Perry, Nellie May 11/24/1901 Charleston twp. F W John Perry Mary Ann Perry Covington twp. Mechanic 6/7/1901 162
Perry, Phebe Elois 8/30/1901 Westfield twp. F W C. E. Perry Mary Perry Westfield twp. Farmer 1/31/1903 194
Perry, Rena/Irene 4/9/1900 Sabinsville F W Chas. Perry Bertha Perry Sabinsville Farmer 6/18/1900 143
Perry, Ruth 7/11/1896 Water St. Fall Brook F W H. P. Perry Lizzie Perry Water St. Fall Brook Miner 12/26/1896 66
Persing, Alvin A. 11/4/1894 Farmington M -- Alphonso Persing Carrie Persing Farmington Farmer 1/30/1895 35
Persing, Ariva B. 12/20/1894 Westfield twp. M W George Persing Izora Persing Westfield twp. Farmer 6/10/1895 36
Persing, Benjamin M. 3/18/1905 Gaines M W W. G. Persing Martha Persing Gaines Laborer 11/24/1905 240
Persing, Daisy Jane 9/28/1899 Farmington F W George W. Persing Emma Persing Farmington Farmer 12/21/1899 129
Persing, Lessley 5/7/1902 Farmington F W A. D. Persing Carrie Persing Farmington Farmer 12/20/1902 188
Persing, Wallace 5/8/1905 Farmington M W A. D. Persing Carrie Persing Farmington Farmer 6/1/1905 233
Person, Emma 3/18/1895 Antrim F W Carl Person Pottie Person blank Miner 6/29/1895 39
Person, Gertrude V. 6/18/1893 Cogan House Lycoming Co. F W Elwood M. Person Emma J. Person Wellsboro Farmer 12/19/1893 1
Person, Hayes 3/31/1894 Liberty boro M W E. S. Person Irena Person Liberty boro Mail carrier 7/7/1894 18
Persun, ? 2/24/1905 Leetonia F W Casper Persun Cora Persun Leetonia Laborer 5/16/1905 231
Pervesso, Mary 11/20/1899 Delmar F W John Pervesso Mary Romano Delmar Laborer 1/10/1900 135
Petalty, Thomas 11/8/1905 Morris Run M W Joseph Petalty Alda Petalty Morris Run Miner 12/11/1905 243
Peters, ? 4/13/1899 Aseph M W Lee Peters Anna Peters Aseph Laborer 5/27/1899 117
Peters, Dorothy L. 2/23/1898 Crooked Creek F W L. J. Peters Anna Peters Crooked Creek Laborer 6/9/1898 101
Peters, Eugene 4/13/1899 Asaph M W Lee Peters Anna Peters Asaph Laborer 12/20/1899 128
Peters, Florence 9/28/1898 Blossburg F W Patrick Peters Katie Peters Blossburg Miner 12/27/1898 110
Peters, James E. 8/6/1901 Cowanesque St. Osceola M W Earl Joseph Peters Nina Ray Peters Holden St. Osceola Farmer 12/20/1901 169
Peters, Katharine Cilley 3/18/1905 Holden St. Osceola F W Earl J. Peters Nina Cilley Peters Holden St. Osceola Farmer 12/21/1905 246
Peters, Vivian 4/22/1897 Watrous F W Sherman Peters Emma Peters Watrous Laborer 5/24/1897 77
Peterson, Anna 8/1/1894 Antrim F W Andrew Peterson Mary Peterson blank Miner 1/14/1895 32
Peterson, Anna Cecelia 11/30/1894 Antrim F W Andrew John Peterson Christina Erickson Peterson Antrim Miner 1/14/1895 32
Peterson, Arther 8/20/1900 Morris M W John Peterson Matilda Peterson Morris Laborer 11/19/1900 150
Peterson, Chas. 12/6/1896 Antrim M W Chas. Peterson Matilda Peterson blank M 12/24/1896 65
Peterson, Clarence 8/12/1905 Morris M W John Peterson Anna Peterson Morris L 12/18/1905 245
Peterson, Eda 9/4/1902 Delmar F W Charles Peterson Matilda Peterson Delmar Farmer 2/7/1903 194
Peterson, Edith 3/14/1896 Antrim F W Andrew Peterson Sophia Peterson blank Laborer 6/17/1896 58
Peterson, Elmer 5/10/1897 South Delmar M W Axel Peterson Mary Peterson Delmar Miner 5/26/1897 78
Peterson, Erick G. 1/16/1903 Charleston M W Chas. Peterson Susie Peterson Wellsboro Laborer 5/28/1903 196
Peterson, Esther 1/30/1896 Antrim F W Gust Peterson Bridget Peterson blank Laborer 6/17/1896 58
Peterson, Gust 5/7/1896 Antrim M W Andrew Peterson Christena Peterson blank Miner 6/17/1896 58
Peterson, Leefa Anna May 10/19/1895 Gaines F W S. Peterson Anna Peterson Gaines Laborer 1/7/1896 49
Peterson, Margaret Helen 10/30/1899 Mansfield F W Harry Peterson Jessie Sheffield blank Barber 12/27/1899 132
Peterson, Mildred Lorina 2/16/1899 Richmond twp. F W Charles Peterson Johanna Peterson Covington twp. Farmer 6/7/1899 119
Peterson, Ralph Curtis Garfield 4/26/1904 Arnot M W John Peterson Hilda Peterson Arnot Miner 12/1/1904 224
Peterson, Thelma 5/8/1897 Delmar F W Axle Peterson Martha Peterson Delmar Miner 12/20/1897 94
Peterson, Victor 10/12/1899 Landrus M W Andrew Peterson Emma C. Peterson Landrus Miner 6/9/1900 141
Peterson, Walter 2/8/1903 Morris M W John Peterson Matilda Peterson Morris Laborer 6/2/1903 198
Peterson, Walter 11/16/1903 Blossburg M W Chris Peterson Lizzie H. Peterson Blossburg Traveling salesman 6/14/1904 211

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