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Tioga County PA Birth Records 1893-1901

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Tioga County PA Birth Records
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Transcribed by Kelly WILCOX Kimball
Name of Child Date of Birth Place of Birth Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation Date of Record Page
Mooers, Lullu 7/7/1896 Blossburg F W Samuel Mooers Emma Mooers Main St. Blossburg Moulder 1/12/1897 72
Mooers, Sarah L. 3/25/1898 Blossburg F W Samuel Mooers Emma Mooers Blossburg Moulder 9/8/1898 105
Moon, Fred 3/16/1898 Clymer M W Fred Moon Cora Moon blank Laborer 6/27/1898 102
Moon, Jennie 2/27/1899 No. East St. F W A. J. Moon Helen Moon No. East St. Laborer 9/24/1900 146
Moon, Kenneth R. 11/1/1903 RFD 1 Lansing M W Fred Moon Cora Bell Moon RFD 1 Lansing Laborer 6/3/1904 218
Moon, Martie/Moore, Myrtle 6/26/1901 Lansing Clymer twp. F W William Moon/Moore Bessie Hulbert Moon/Moore Lansing Clymer twp. Laborer 6/23/1901 172
Moon, Ray 5/3/1903 Lansing M W William Moon Bessie Moon Lansing Laborer 6/3/1903 199
Mooney, ? 5/29/1899 Buffalo St. M W Kern Mooney Anna Mooney Buffalo Laborer 12/22/1899 145
Mooney, Francis K. 9/13/1896 Pattison Ave. Elkland M W Kern Mooney A. E. Mooney Pattison Ave. Elkland Laborer 1/27/1897 76
Mooney, Herbert 3/31/1900 Elkland M W John Mooney Diantha Mooney Buffalo Tanner 11/27/1900 152
Moore, ? 11/9/1896 Delmar F W W. T. Moore Huldah Devoll Delmar Farmer 1/20/1897 74
Moore, Amy Y. 3/26/1896 Covington twp. F W Sylvester Moore Sarah A. Moore Covington twp. Farmer 6/26/1896 59
Moore, Bertha 4/6/1900 North Elk F W J. R. Moore, Jr. Minnie Moore North Elk Laborer 9/6/1900 145
Moore, Burt J. 5/26/1897 Charleston M W Albert Moore Ella Moore Charleston Mechanic 9/14/1898 106
Moore, Callie 4/15/1903 South Delmar F W William Moore blank South Delmar Farmer 5/29/1903 197
Moore, Charley 7/24/1905 Tioga twp. M W James Moore Martha Moore Tioga twp. Laborer 11/22/1905 240
Moore, Clifford 10/20/1905 North Elk M W Jake Moore Minnie Moore North Elk Laborer 12/27/1905 247
Moore, David M. 12/14/1897 Antrim M W John Moore Myrtle Moore Antrim L 7/15/1898 102
Moore, Edith 1/11/1895//1896 Brookfield F W Mike Moore Elizabeth Moore Brookfield Farmer 2/4/1897 76
Moore, Edward 1/16/1903 Elk North District M W Jacob Moore Minnie Moore North Elk Laborer 6/2/1903 199
Moore, Edward 1/16/1903 North Elk M W Jacob Moore Minnie Moore North Elk Laborer 11/14/1903 204
Moore, Elias 7/13/1897 Gaines M W Williard Moore Hattie Moore Gaines Laborer 11/20/1897 89
Moore, Florence 3/20/1894 Catlin Hollow F W F. C. Moore Lizzie Ann Moore Charleston Farmer 7/7/1894 18
Moore, Franklin 9/4/1895 East Ave. Wellsboro M W Leroy Moore Minnie B. Moore East Ave. Compositor 1/3/1896 47
Moore, Glenn 12/31/1895 Brookfield M W John D. Moore Eunice Moore Brookfield Farmer 2/4/1897 76
Moore, Harry 12/25/1899 Delmar M W W. T. Moore Hulda Devahld Delmar Farmer 1/10/1900 135
Moore, Harry 3/24/1898 Roaring Branch M W Edward Moore Maud Moore So. Union Laborer 8/12/1898 103
Moore, Irvin 8/14/1896 Antrim M W Alanson Moore Ida Moore blank L 12/24/1896 65
Moore, Isabella 3/28/1895 Delmar So. Dist. F W W. T. Moore Huldah Moore Delmar Farmer 5/25/1895 35
Moore, Jessie 2/14/1904 Leetonia F W Ray Moore Luella Moore Leetonia Laborer 12/1/1904 224
Moore, Lewis D. 11/29/1905 Charleston M W Owen I. Moore Nina Moore Charleston Farmer 2/17/1906 248
Moore, Rachel E. 4/25/1897 Wellsboro F W Leroy E. Moore Minnie Moore Wellsboro Compositor 5/18/1897 77
Moore, Ruth L. 11/4/1901 Maple St. F W Bert L. Moore Lizzie E. Moore Maple St. Laborer 12/20/1901 169
Moore, Sarah 1/16/1897 Marshfield F W J. R. Moore, Jr. Minnie Moore Marshfield Laborer 8/21/1897 81
Moorse, Delbert B. 5/3/1904 Antrim M W Delbert B. Moorse Nora Moorse Antrim Laborer 6/3/1904 217
Moran, Francis H. 11/4/1902 Wellsboro M W Thos. Moran Lulu Moran Wellsboro Laborer 12/23/1902 189
Moran, Thomas 10/25/1904 Wellsboro M W Thomas Moran Lula Moran Wellsboro Butcher 11/29/1904 223
Morchiski, Maggie 4/21/1895 Arnot F W George Morchiski Annie Morchiski Arnot Miner 6/21/1895 37
More, Helena 12/25/1899 South Delmar F W Wm. More Hulda More Ridge Road Farmer 5/31/1900 137
More, Lula 9/23/1895 Gaines F W Williard More Hattie More Gaines Farmer 1/7/1896 49
More, Willis 2/5/1894 Elk M W Jerry More Minnie More Gaines Farmer 7/3/1894 15
Moreno, Sarah 2/22/1896 Stokesdale Delmar F W Bernard Moreno Dumna Moreno Stokesdale Laborer 6/6/1896 57
Morey, Willis 3/20/1898 Stokesdale M W John Morey Anna Morey Stokesdale Laborer 6/6/1898 98
Morey, Winifred 9/25/1899 Delmar M W Ira Morey Tina Craig Delmar Farmer 1/10/1900 135
Morgan, Anna 7/21/1904 Delmar F W William Morgan Nettie Morgan Delmar Farmer 12/15/1905 227
Morgan, Clifford 8/8/1901 Union M W Elsworth Morgan Dell Morgan blank blank 12/19/1901 167
Morgan, Edna A. 4/11/1903 Blake Rd. F W Edward Morgan Minerva Morgan Blake Rd. Miner 12/7/1903 208
Morgan, Guy 10/18/1901 Wellsboro M W Wm. Morgan Annetta Morgan Wellsboro Laborer 12/16/1901 167
Morgan, Harry A. 8/6/1896 Osceola M W Chas. Edwin Morgan Marie Morgan Osceola Laborer 6/9/1897 79
Morgan, Hazel D. 5/31/1899 Union twp. F W Elsworth Morgan C. Adel Morgan Union twp. Farmer 8/12/1899 123
Morgan, Jesse V. 1/4/1901 Wellsboro M W Pearley V. Morgan Maude Morgan Wellsboro Laborer 5/22/1901 155
Morgan, Mary Annette 5/18/1899 Pearl St. Wellsboro F W W. H. Morgan Annette Morgan Pearl St. Farmer 12/21/1899 128
Moris, Dorothy 9/12/1902 Lawrence F W George Moris Nettie Moris Lawrence Laborer 12/29/1902 192
Morly, ? 5/18/1904 Niles Valley M W Fred Morly Iva Morly Niles Valley Farmer 5/23/1904 212
Morrell, Rexford Jennings 11/28/1904 Jackson M W T. D. Morrell Frances Morrell Jackson Farmer 5/25/1905 232
Morrill, Joanna Adelaide 3/25/1903 Broad St. F W Howard C. Morrill Fanny L. Morrill Broad St. Salesman 11/13/1903 204
Morris, Adelia Francis 1/22/1903 Liberty twp. F W Archer Morris Elizabeth Morris Liberty twp. Laborer 11/16/1903 205
Morris, Eva 7/14/1899 Brownlee Duncan F W James Morris Bertha Morris blank L 1/12/1900 135
Morris, Fred 3/7/1898 Brownlee M W John Morris Ella Morris Brownlee L 7/15/1898 102
Morris, Mabel 5/30/1897 Lawrence F W Wm. Morris Jennie Morris Lawrence Laborer 11/17/1897 88
Morris, Mildred 8/28/1902 Brownlee F W John Morris blank Brownlee F 12/13/1902 186
Morris Ray 8/13/1899 Bulkley Brook Rd. Osceola M W Wm. H. Morris Jennie Morris Osceola St. Laborer 12/27/1899 133
Morris, Rose 9/18/1894 Lawrence F W William Morris Jennie Morris Lawrence Laborer 1/2/1895 25
Morrow, ? 10/29/1897 Shippen M W John Morrow Alice Morrow Shippen Farmer 11/13/1897 87
Morrow, Alfred H. 8/25/1905 Shippen M W John Morrow Alta Morrow Shippen Farmer 12/11/1905 242
Morrow, Callie 4/27/1902 South Delmar F W William Morrow Anna Morrow South Delmar Farmer 5/29/1902 177
Morrow, Glenn C. 5/1/1894 Chatham M W C. R. Morrow Olive Morrow Chatham Minister 7/10/1894 19
Morrow, Mary 4/27/1902 Delmar F W W. E. Morrow Anna Putman Delmar Farmer 2/7/1903 195
Morrow, Mildred 3/23/1895 Shippen F W John Morrow Alta Morrow Shippen Farmer 7/16/1895 41
Morrow, Mildred 11/18/1895 Delmar F W Wm. E. Morrow Ann M. Morrow Delmar Farmer 1/31/1896 55
Morrow, Myldred 8/24/1904 Delmar F W William Morrow Anna Morrow Delmar Farmer 12/15/1905 227
Morse, ? 5/20/1900 Roaring Branch M W blank blank blank blank 11/2/1900 147
Morse, ? 7/9/1896 Pattison Ave. Elkland F W D. B. Morse Nora Morse Pattison Ave. Laborer 1/27/1897 75
Morse, Curtis 5/23/1902 Niles Valley M W Wm. Morse Clara Morse Niles Valley Laborer 12/17/1902 187
Morse, Laura P. 5/3/1896 Chatham F W Hermie Morse Emma J. Morse Chatham Farmer 1/5/1897 70
Morse, Leon H. 8/8/1898 Chatham M W Herman Morse Emma Morse Chatham Farmer 12/22/1898 108
Morse, Lillian M. 1/16/1900 Niles Valley F W Wm. Morse Clara Morse Niles Valley Laborer 6/12/1900 143
Morse, Mabel 12/13/1897 Jackson F W C. W. Morse Ida Morse blank Huxter 6/9/1898 100
Morse, Margery 9/13/1893 Union twp. F W Milton Morse Fannie Morse Roaring Branch Laborer 12/27/1893 3
Morse, Mary M. 6/4/1894 Chatham F W Herman S. Morse Emma J. Morse Chatham Farmer 1/8/1895 27
Morse, Merit H. 8/5/1893 Middlebury F W Wm. Morse Clara Morse Gaines Laborer 12/23/1893 2
Morse, Nellie 3/4/1896 Middlebury F W Wm. Morse Clara Morse Middlebury Laborer 12/24/1896 66
Morse, Ralph 1/24/1901 Leetonia M W D. B. Morse Nora Morse Leetonia Laborer 12/20/1901 168
Morse, Royal 9/27/1900 Chatham M W Herman Morse Emma J. Morse Chatham Valley Farmer 5/27/1901 157
Morse, Warren Collins 7/17/1905 Jackson M W Chas. Morse Idam Morse Jackson Farmer 12/2/1905 241
Morseman, Earl 8/22/1901 Brownlee M W Edison Morseman blank blank L 12/20/1901 168
Morseman, Harrold 6/23/1902 Brownlee M W Charles Morseman blank Brownlee L 12/13/1902 186
Morseman, Ida 6/5/1895 Brownlee F W Wm. Morseman Phoebe Morseman blank Laborer 6/29/1895 39
Morseman, Maggie 2/9/1897 Delmar F W George Morseman Anna Morseman Watrous Laborer 5/24/1897 78
Morsman, ??ra Belle 5/6/1894 No. Delmar F W William Morsman Alice Morsman No. Delmar Laborer 7/4/1894 15
Morsman, Arthur 3/13/1894 Brownlee M W Clinton Copp Blanche Morsman Brownlee M 7/5/1894 16
Morsman, Claude 11/9/1896 Brownlee M W Wm. Morsman Pheobe Morsman blank L 12/24/1896 65
Morsman, Minnie 11/21/1893 Brownlee F W William Morsman Phoebe Morseman Brownlee L 12/26/1893 2
Morsman, Willie 4/30/1900 Wellsboro M W Wm. Morsman Phoeba Morsman Antrim L 6/20/1900 143
Morten, Max 5/20/1900 Keeneyville F W Geo. Morten Edith Morten Keeneyville Farmer 11/24/1900 151
Morton, Joseph 1/20/1904 RFD 1 Lansing M W Bert Morton Nellie Morton RFD 1 Lansing Laborer 6/3/1904 218
Morton, Marian 8/12/1897 Keeneyville F W Geo. Morton Edith Morton Keeneyville Farmer 12/15/1897 93
Moses, Annie 11/21/1901 9 Dutchtown Morris Run F W John Moses Gusta Moses 9 Dutchtown Morris Run Miner 12/24/1901 172
Moses, Ethel 11/27/1903 Morris Run F W John Moses blank Morris Run Miner 6/1/1904 215
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