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Transcribed by Kelly WILCOX Kimball
Name of child Date of Birth Place of birth Sex Color Name of father Name of mother Residence Occupation Date of Record
Kilbourn, Mary 10/2/1893 Brookfield F W J. G. Kilbourn Libbie Kilbourn Brookfield Farmer 1/6/1894
Kilbourn, Ruth Evangeline 3/16/1901 Austinburg F W Walter Kilbourn Nellie Kilbourn Austinburg Farmer 5/28/1901
Kilbourne, Lena Ruth 6/22/1900 Westfield F W Will Kilbourne Alice Kilbourne Westfield Farmer 9/6/1901
Kilbourne, Oliviene 7/11/1903 Lawrenceville F W Sherry Kilbourne Kate Kilbourne Lawrenceville Glass cutter 10/23/1903
Kiley, Ellen 7/9/1895 Gaines F W James Kiley Ellen Kiley Gaines Section boss 1/7/1896
Kiley, Ross Clifford 12/30/1894 Covington twp. M W Samuel H. Kiley Amanda A. Kiley Covington twp. Farmer 6/26/1895
Kilgus, Hellen 10/17/1893 Bodine St. F W George Kilgus Hellen R. Kilgus Bodine St. Laborer 12/29/1893
Kilmer, Hugh 4/10/1901 Gaines M W Elba Kilmer Minnie Kilmer Gaines Laborer 6/3/1901
Kilner, Mene 9/30/1893 8 Mill St. Morris Run F W Fred Kilner Mola Kilner 8 Mill St. Morris Run Bsmith 1/6/1894
Kilpatrick, Glenn Williwm 8/22/1901 Liberty twp. M W Vern Kilpatrick Carrie Kilpatrick Liberty twp. Laborer 12/10/1901
Kilpatrick, Jessie Cammeron 4/24/1903 Liberty twp. M W Charles Kilpatrick Olive Langsdorf Liberty twp. Laborer 11/16/1903
Kimball, ? 11/26/1900 Railroad St. M W Orin E. Kimball Edna G. Kimball Railroad St. Photographer 12/17/1900
Kimball, Carlson 6/12/1901 Charleston M W Emerson Kimball Minnie Kimball Wellsboro Laborer 12/16/1901
Kimball, Donald Emerson 3/23/1897 First St. Westfield boro M W O. E. Kimball Edna Grace Kimball First St. Westfield boro Printer 11/22/1897
Kimball, Dorothy Hortense 2/5/1900 Main St. F W Z. Clark Kimball Nellie C. Kimball Lincoln St. Printer 5/31/1900
Kimball, Gladys M. 9/3/1899 Charleston F W Clark T. Kimball Carrie G. Kimball Charleston Farmer 7/26/1901
Kimball, Harlan 2/22/1895 First St. Westfield boro M W Ernest H. Kimball May L. Kimball First St. Artist 7/29/1895
Kimball, Leslie 8/4/1893 Buffalo St. Elkland M W Edward Kimball Mertie Kimball Buffalo St. Elkland Carpenter 1/12/1894
Kimball, Mildred Louise 8/21/1899 Main St. F W Jesse Kimball Fannie R. Kimball Main St. Laborer 12/26/1899
Kimball, Myra Hazel 7/5/1896 Oak St. Tioga boro F W Jesse Kimball Fanny R. Kimball Oak St. Laborer 12/31/1896
Kimble, Eva 5/29/1898 Liberty twp. F W George Kimble Alice Kimble Liberty twp. Blacksmith 6/13/1899
Kimble, Fanny Elizabeth 7/6/1902 Liberty twp. F W Morrell Kimble Mary E. Kimble Liberty twp. Farmer 12/29/1902
Kimble, Harry Edward 7/17/1900 Liberty twp. M W Morrell Kimble Mary E. Kimble Liberty twp. Farmer 5/29/1901
Kimble, Leslie Howard 7/18/1904 Liberty twp. M -- L. M. Kimble M. E. Kimble Liberty twp. Farmer 11/9/1904
Kimble, Nilles Zephaniah 11/7/1895 Liberty twp. M W Warren Kimble Cora Kimble Liberty twp. Blacksmith 1/9/1896
King, ? 5/17/1894 E. River St. F W D. M. King Lella L. King E. River St. Laborer 6/4/1894
King, ? 4/24/1899 Deerfield Rd. Westfield twp. M W Benson W. King Ettie M. King Deerfield Rd. Farmer 12/22/1899
King, Bert 11/29/1904 Gaines M W William King Cora King Gaines Laborer 5/31/1905
King, Bessie 3/23/1894 Gaines F -- Wm. M. King Ora King Gaines Laborer 7/3/1894
King, Bessie 1/12/1896 Shippen F W Lewis King Lena King Shippen Laborer 6/29/1896
King, Cecil Randolph 5/25/1904 blank M W Darius M. King Delia King blank Laborer 11/28/1904
King, Chancy 10/24/1900 Chatham M W Myron King Marilla King Chatham Farrmer 5/31/1900
King, Charles Emery 10/6/1898 Liberty twp. M W M. M. King Anna King Liberty twp. Farmer 6/13/1899
King, Charley 4/2/1901 Deerfield M -- Emmett King Jessie King Deerfield Farmer 9/4/1901
King, Clifford F. 3/29/1896 Chatham M W Edd King Dell King Chatham Farmer 9/3/1896
King, Cressa 4/19/1895 Westfield twp. F W Benson King Etta King Westfield twp. Farmer 6/10/1895
King, Earl 2/26/1896 Niles Valley Middlebury M W Lyman H. King Mary King Niles Valley Laborer 6/1/1896
King, Eldred T. 4/24/1899 Westfield M W Benson W. King Ella King Westfield twp. Farmer 1/13/1900
King, Ellen 9/8/1903 Delmar F W Winfield King Hattie King Delmar Laborer 2/26/1904
King, Emily Albertine 2/23/1900 blank F W J. D. King Olga Morton King Wellsboro Laborer 5/26/1900
King, Esther 6/11/1901 Chatham F W Myron King Orella King Chatham Farmer 12/9/1901
King, Flossie A. 1/24/1901 Sabinsville F W Thomas L. King Annie E. King Sabinsville Farmer 5/31/1901
King, George Henry 1/7/1894 Covington M W Frank King Mary King Covington twp. Laborer 12/26/1894
King, Glen Cyril 9/21/1898 Jock Brook Rd. M W Ural King Ella King Jock Brook Rd. Farmer 12/22/1899
King, Harold J. 5/9/1897 Deerfield M W Myron King Rilla King Deerfield Farmer 11/12/1897
King, Hattie 1/12/1899 Shippen F W Lewis King Lena King Delmar Farmer 5/27/1899
King, Henry 8/18/1901 Gaines M W Wm. King Ora King Gaines Laborer 12/4/1901
King, Howard A. 9/29/1896 Westfield M W Alfred King Mary King Chatham Farmer 1/5/1897
King, Howland 11/23/1898 Jemison Jct. M W E. A. King Dora King Jemison Jct. Farmer 12/22/1899
King, Iven Rexford 10/4/1901 Westfield twp. M W Ward King Lorena King Westfield twp. Farmer 1/31/1903
King, James Rex 3/21/1896 Cowanesque St. Westfield twp. M W Lorenzo K. King Ada E. King Cowanesque Jemison Westfield twp. Farmer and contractor 9/28/1896
King, John Garrison 7/18/1904 Westfield M W Aaron Partello King Nellie King Westfield Farmer 12/8/1904
King, Kenneth Guy 1/4/1903 Sabinsville M W Bert King Iva King Sabinsville Farmer 6/3/1903
King, Laura 8/5/1902 Gaines F W William King Ora King Gaines Laborer 6/1/1903
King, Leslie 11/22/1897 Watrous M W W. H. King Ora King Watrous Blacksmith 6/1/1898
King, Letah 9/18/1896 Westfield twp. F W Willard H. King Lillian King Westfield twp. Farmer 1/12/1897
King, Lewis 3/3/1900 Delmar M -- Lewis King Lena King Shippen Farmer 6/7/1900
King, Madeline Ernestine/Magdeliene 1/11/1903//1/10/1903 Roaring Branch F W John F. King Ada King Roaring Branch Laborer 6/12/1903
King, Maggie 5/11/1896 Gaines F W W. K. King Ora King Gaines Laborer 1/5/1897
King, Mariel Close 12/5/1893 Church St. Westfield boro F W Galusha A. King Mari King Church St. Westfield boro Mechanic 12/31/1894
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