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Transcribed by Kelly WILCOX Kimball
Name of child Date of Birth Place of birth Sex Color Name of father Name of mother Residence Occupation Date of Record
Hacket, Lee 4/9/1905 Roaring Branch M W Albert Hacket Della Hacket Roaring Branch Laborer 6/1/1905
Hacket, Lema 12/21/1903 Roaring Branch Union twp. F W Jos. Hacket Lema Hacket Roaring Branch Laborer 6/2/1904
Hacket, Lilly 5/13/1897 Union F W Edward Hacket Anna Mary Hacket Union Laborer 9/2/1897
Hacket, Rossel Elmar 8/26/1903 Chatham M W Clarence Hacket Mary Hacket Chatham Laborer 11/16/1903
Hacket, William 1/3/1896 English Hill M W Joseph Hacket Celia Hacket English Hill Farmer 8/29/1896
Hackett, Celia 9/22/1901 Union F W Joseph Hackett Celia Hackett blank blank 12/19/1901
Hackett, Charlotte 4/13/1894 Union twp. F W Joe Hackett blank Smith Union twp. Farmer 8/7/1894
Hackett, Fanny 3/9/1899 Tioga F W Avery Hackett Mary Hackett Lawrence Laborer 12/16/1899
Hackett, Flora I. 9/28/1905 Niles Valley F W Fred Hackett Leah Hackett Niles Valley Laborer 12/13/1905
Hackett, Lydia M. 9/4/1901 Azelta F W John B. Hackett Hattie Hackett Azelta Laborer 12/23/1901
Hackett, Ritner A. 3/17/1901 Chatham M W Clarence A. Hackett Mary Hackett Chatham Laborer 5/30/1902
Haddon, Jennet Pearl 4/17/1894 10 Front St. Morris Run F W Elick Haddon Bella Haddon 10 Front St. Morris Run Miner 9/5/1894
Haddow, Campbell 3/4/1896 21 Front St. Morris Run M W Alex Haddow Bella Haddow 21 Front St. Morris Run Miner 6/19/1896
Haddow, Raymond 4/22/1898 2 Main St. Morris Run M W Alexander Haddow Bella Haddow 2 Main St. Morris Run Miner 12/31/1898
Hadley, Agness R. 10/19/1905 Arnot F W Benjamin Hadley Agness Hadley Tylar Electrician 12/28/1905
Hadley, Elizabeth 1/8/1893 Water St. Fall Brook F W Isaac Hadley Eliza Hadley Water St. Fall Brook Miner 6/22/1894
Hadley, Genet 2/10/1901 Front St. Morris Run F W Isaac Hadley Elizabeth Hadley Front St. Morris Run Miner 9/5/1901
Hadley, Isaac 3/28/1896 Fall Brook M W Isaac Hadley Eliza Hadley Fall Brook Miner 9/11/1896
Hadow, Milerd 12/5/1902 12 Pleasant Hill Morris Run F W W. S. Hadow Eadth Hadow Pleasant Hill Morris Run Laborer 12/24/1902
Hagadorn, Ivan 4/9/1897 Maple St. Westfield boro M W Hans Hagadorn Louise Hagadorn Maple St. Westfield boro Music teacher 11/22/1897
Hagar, ? 2/22/1898 Palo M W Charles Hagar Edith Hagar Palo Laborer 8/12/1898
Hagar, ? 1/26/1899 Richmond -- W Fred Hager Edith Hager Canoe Camp Laborer 6/9/1899
Hagar, ? 11/16/1900 Paisley M W Afton Hagar blank Smith Paisley Laborer 5/24/1900
Hagar, Fred D. 6/6/1897 Richmond twp. M W Fred D. Hagar Edith Wilson Hagar Richmond twp. Blacksmith 9/3/1897
Hagar, Julia Mary 12/22/1895 Richmond F W F. D. Hagar Edith Wilson Hagar Richmond Blacksmith 1/21/1896
Hagar, Lola 4/10/1896 Roaring Branch F W Charley Hagar Bernice Hagar Roaring Branch Laborer 8/29/1896
Hagelqust, Gertrude/Hazelquist, Gerda 5/1/1902 42 Water St. Morris Run F W Charles Hagelqust/Hazelquist Minnie Hagelqust/Hazelquist Water St. Morris Run Miner 6/23/1902
Hager, Nellie 6/15/1903 Richmond F W E. E. Hager Mary Hager blank Farmer 11/14/1903
Haggerty, Flora B. 1/13/1898 Nauvoo Liberty twp. F W John Haggerty Edith Haggerty Liberty twp. Farmer 6/8/1898
Hagquist, Milder 8/16/1905 Morris Run F W Chas. Hagquist Minnie Hagquist Morris Miner 12/11/1905
Haight, Frank 1/15/1903 Rutland M W blank Hattie Haight Rutland blank 12/8/1903
Haight, Lottie 5/16/1900 Gaines F W Fred Haight Blanch Haight Gaines Laborer 10/30/1900
Haight, Mort W. 5/15/1897 Charleston twp. M W Fred D. Haight Wealthy Haight Charleston twp. Laborer 7/8/1897
Haily, Charles 8/19/1896 Morris M W John Haily Bridget Haily Morris twp. Farmer 1/5/1897
Haily, John 5/16/1894 Morris M W John Haily Bridget Haily Morris twp. Farmer 8/7/1894
Hair, Audrey 9/14/1898 Manhattan Gaines F W James Hair Blanch Hair Manhattan Laborer 12/12/1898
Hakes, Clarence 10/25/1903 Richmond M -- Willis Hakes Bertha Hakes blank Farmer 11/14/1903
Hakes, Ella E. 5/10/1897 Delmar F W Edgar Hakes Julia Hakes Delmar Farmer 12/20/1897
Hakes, Evelyn 2/27/1904 Lambs Creek F W Fred L. Hakes Sarah Hakes Mardin Farmer 6/2/1904
Hakes, Fred 5/12/1898 Mansfield M W Fred Hakes Sarah Ingalls Mansfield Farmer 9/8/1898
Hakes, Fred W. 7/11/1895 Baldwin Rd. Delmar M W Ed Hakes Julia Hakes Delmar Farmer 1/31/1896
Hakes, Howard Cole 9/4/1893 Main St. Tioga boro M W Solomon Philo Hakes Addie May Hakes Main St. Tioga boro Physician 1/10/1894
Hakes, Lena T. 2/10/1899 Delmar F W George Hakes Julia Hakes Baldwin Run Farmer 6/7/1899
Hakes, May 5/4/1896 Stony Fork Rd. Delmar F W George Hakes Almira Hakes Stony Fork Rd. Delmar Farmer 6/6/1896
Hakes, Minnie 10/13/1900 Tioga twp. F W Jacob Hakes Amelia Hakes Tioga twp. Laborer 11/13/1900
Hakes, Richard Frederick 5/12/1897 Richmond M W L. Hakes Sarah Hakes Richmond Farmer 6/8/1898
Haley, Dorothy 10/9/1899 Blossburg F W E. M. Haley Tinnie Haley Blossburg Physician 12/30/1899
Hall, ? 4/30/1901 Stokesdale M W Jacob Hall Mary Hall Stokesdale Farmer 6/3/1901
Hall, Archie 6/5/1897 Case St. Knoxville M W Fay Hall Minnie Matteson Hall Case St. Knoxville Laborer 12/21/1897
Hall, Bertha 5/7/1896 Millerton F W Ed Hall Jennie Hall Millerton Laborer 9/7/1896
Hall, Burdett 4/25/1897 Shippen M W George Hall Martha Hall blank Farmer 6/14/1897
Hall, Burdett A. 4/25/1898 Shippen M W G. E. Hall Martha Hall Shippen Farmer 5/23/1898
Hall, Charles 9/5/1902 21 Front St. Morris Run M W W. C. Hall Emily Hall 21 Front St. Morris Run Minister 12/24/1902
Hall, Daniel W. 1/1897 Plank Rd. M W Jacob Hall Mary Hall Plank Rd. Farmer 5/26/1897
Hall, Doris 2/15/1899 Nelson boro F W Lyman Hall Kate Hall Nelson boro Blacksmith 12/16/1899
Hall, Earnest Judson 6/16/1898 Mansfield M W Amos D. Hall Nellie Kniffin Mansfield Tanner 9/8/1898
Hall, Erna Raymond 11/8/1903 Lawrenceville M W B. H. Hall Cora Hall Tioga Farmer 5/21/1904
Hall, Eveline B. 1/5/1895 Mansfield F W blank Hall blank Mansfield blank 1/23/1895
Hall, Florence 7/25/1903 Delmar F W Otis Hall Maud Hall Delmar Laborer 2/26/1904
Hall, Frances Katherine 8/12/1898 Lawrenceville F W Frank Hall Julia Hall Lawrenceville Laborer 12/22/1898
Hall, Geo. Winford 8/20/1905 Rutland M W George Hall Mary Hall Rutland twp. Farmer 12/27/1905
Hall, George 2/27/1893 Jackson Summit M W George Hall C. Hall Jackson Laborer 1/8/1894
Hall, George M. 1/9/1905 South Delmar M W Otis Hall Maud Hall South Delmar Laborer 6/2/1905
Hall, George Merritt 4/21/1895 Farmington M W Edwin J. Hall Mary A. Hall Farmington Farmer 8/13/1895
Hall, Gertrude 2/22/1896 Lawrenceville F W Frank Hall Mrs. Julia Hall Lawrenceville Laborer 12/24/1896
Hall, Gertrude 12/14/1900 Lawrenceville M W Frank Hall Julia Hall Cherry St. Laborer 6/3/1901
Hall, Henry R. 7/21/1898 South East M W Ray Hall Florence Hall South East Laborer 9/24/1900
Hall, Jacob 2/6/1895 North Delmar M W Jacob Hall Mary Hall North Delmar Farmer 7/3/1895
Hall, Jennie Murle 10/1/1893 Arnot F -- Wm. Hall Emma B. Hall Arnot Miner 1/12/1894
Hall, John 6/12/1899 Stokesdale M W Jacob Hall Mary Hall Plank Stokesdale Farmer 5/31/1900
Hall, Kenneth 9/19/1904 Knoxville M W Ray Hall Florence Hall Knoxville Laborer 5/1/1906
Hall, Leah 8/13/1895 Extension St. Mansfield F W W. A. Hall Mary Hall Extension St. Mansfield Mechanic 1/3/1896
Hall, Leland 4/3/1898 Whiteville, N.Y. M W Arthur Hall Daisy Hall Austinburg Farmer 6/12/1899
Hall, Leon W. 9/22/1896 Roseville M W Frank Hall Helen Hall blank Carpenter 12/21/1896
Hall, Mabel 10/16/1894 Jackson F W Edgar Hall Jennie Hall Jackson Laborer 1/11/1895
Hall, Mary 4/12/1898 Lawrence F W Edgar Hall Jennie Hall Lawrence Laborer 12/5/1898
Hall, Mary R. 8/22/1901 Shippen F W George E. Hall Martha L. Hall Ansonia Farmer 12/26/1901
Hall, May 7/1/1893 Mansfield F W Amos D. Hall Nella A. Hall Mansfield Farmer 1/23/1894
Hall, Mildred Iola 7/7/1899 Roseville F W Frank Hall Helen Hall Roseville Laborer 9/11/1899
Hall, Nina Mary 7/31/1903 Delmar F W Jacob Hall Mary Hall Delmar Farmer 6/1/1903
Hall, Philip 8/16/1895 Nelson M W Lyman Hall Kate Hall Nelson Blacksmith 1/9/1897
Hall, Thomas 8/18/1893 Delmar M W Jacob Hall Mary Hall Delmar Laborer 1/3/1894
Hall, Wilber 5/29/1898 Town of Tioga M W Charles Hall Stella Hall Shippen twp. Laborer 12/31/1898
Hallet, Gertrude E. 9/4/1898 Liberty twp. F W William Hallet Susan Hallet Liberty twp. Laborer 6/13/1899
Hallet, Hattie K. 6/30/1903 Farmington F W James Hallet Ora Hallet Farmington L 6/2/1904
Hallett, Arthur Levi 2/23/1896 Liberty M W William Hallett Susan Hallett Liberty Laborer 9/3/1896
Hallett, Hazte 8/17/1901 Liberty twp. F W William Hallett Susan Hallett Liberty twp. Laborer 6/4/1902
Ham, Chauncey 5/24/1902 Stokesdale M W Oscar Ham Sarah Ham Stokesdale Laborer 6/2/1902
Haman, Edith 11/9/1893 Antrim F W John Haman Anna Haman Antrim M 12/26/1893
Haman, Emma 8/21/1895 Antrim F W John Haman Minnie Haman Antrim M 1/13/1896
Hamel, William 11/5/1900 55 Water St. Morris Run M W John Hamel Verea Hamel 55 Water St. Morris Run Miner 9/5/1901
Hamelton, Stanley J. 3/1/1900 Chatham M W F. B. Hamelton Estella Hamelton Chatham Farmer 5/31/1900
Hamilton, ? 4/29/1905 Delmar F W David A. Hamilton Ida M. Hamilton R.F.D. 11 Wellsboro Farmer 6/3/1905
Hamilton, Maggie 9/20/1898 Shippen twp. F W Frank Hamilton Jennie Hamilton Shippen twp. Lumberman 12/31/1898
Hamilton, Rob Henry 11/22/1904 Wellsboro M W A. G. Hamilton Helen Hamilton Wellsboro Dentist 5/27/1905
Hamlin, Glenn Melrose 7/4/1903 Lawrenceville M W Hilton Hamlin Anna Hamlin Lawrenceville Painter 10/23/1903
Hamlin, Harry 1/10/1897 Lawrenceville M W H. M. Hamlin Anna Hamlin Lawrenceville Painter 10/27/1897
Hamlin, Hugh Horace 12/14/1896 Lawrenceville M W A. D. Hamlin Mrs. Jessie Hamlin Lawrenceville Merchant 12/24/1896
From: Mark R Sunday
    Sent: 08/10/2005 11:56 AM
    To: JoyceTice@aolmcom
    Subject: Correction to birth record

I have a correction to the birth record listed under Tioga County, PA as "Minnie Hakes". My research (Amelia is my Great Grandmother via her marriage to Henry Sunday subsequent to her marriage to Jacob Haker) has determined that the correct spelling should be "Mina Haker". Evidence supporting this is the 1908 directory for Liberty Township (via your website) showing Jacob C. and Amelia A. Haker. Also in the Beuter school record from 1913 (via your website) Mina Haker is listed as a student. In addition I have correspondence from Henrietta Gifford (Yaudes), half sister to Mina, confirming the spelling as Mina.

Very much appreciate your efforts in assisting genealogy research and truly enjoy your website.
Mark Sunday

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