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Transcribed by Kelly WILCOX Kimball
Name of child Date of Birth Place of birth Sex Color Name of father Name of mother Residence Occupation Date of Record
Forer, Addie M. 12/1/1902 Ogdensburg F -- John Forer Lizzie Forer Ogdensburg Farmer 5/26/1903
Forer, Lee Arnold 7/19/1895 Liberty boro M W Henry Forer Laura Forer Liberty boro Laborer 9/4/1895
Forest, Howard Grant 1/25/1899 Richmond M W Bert Forest Diantha Forest Lambs Creek Farmer 6/4/1900
Forrest, Walter 11/22/1895 Richmond M W E. L. Forrest Diantha Rice Forrest Richmond Farmer 1/21/1896
Forsman, Annie 3/16/1897 Arnot F W Henry Forsman Matilda Forsman Arnot Carpenter 11/20/1897
Forsman, Charles H. 12/5/1899 Arnot M W Hy Forsman Matilda Forsman Arnot Carpenter 6/11/1900
Forsyth, James 1/1/1896 Fall Brook M W Robert Forsyth Mary Forsyth Fall Brook Miner 9/11/1896
Forsyth, Norman William 8/15/1900 Walnut St. Wellsboro M W A. J. Forsyth E. M. Forsyth Walnut St. Wellsboro Carpenter 1/5/1901
Forsyth, Robert 10/8/1897 Fall Brook F W Robert Forsyth Mary Forsyth Fall Brook Miner 10/29/1897
Forsyth, Thomas 11/9/1901 Fall Brook M W Robert Forsyth Mary Forsyth Fall Brook Miner 6/1/1901
Forsythe, Annie 2/27/1903 Fall Brook F W Robert Forsythe Mary Forsythe Fall Brook Miner 12/7/1903
Fortner, Ada Sophia 4/16/1894 Stony Fork F W Aaron Fortner Anna C. Fortner Stony Fork Laborer 1/12/1895
Foster, Charles E. 12/10/1894 Mansfield M W Daniel L. Foster Margaret Foster Mansfield Laborer 1/23/1895
Foster, Fordyce L. 9/8/1900 Mills M W Lawrence Foster Eva B. Foster Westfield Cheesemaker 6/3/1901
Foster, Freeborn D. 7/9/1902 Lincoln St. Westfield M W L. W. Foster Eva Foster Lincoln St. Westfield Laborer 12/29/1902
Fowler, Dorothy M. 3/25/1905 West Branch F W George E. Fowler Lizzie Fowler Gaines Laborer 11/24/1905
Fowler, Ernest 10/10/1904 South Delmar M W Thomas Fowler Emma Fowler South Delmar Farmer 6/2/1905
Fowler, Harriet 11/9/1894 East Hill F W Wm. Fowler Mary Fowler East Hill Farmer 1/12/1895
Fowler, Harriet 11/9/1894 Delmar So. Dist. F W William Fowler Mary Fowler Delmar Farmer 5/25/1895
Fowler, Henry 1/17/1898 Shippen M W B. Fowler Maggie Fowler Shippen Farmer 5/23/1898
Fowler, Howard 11/14/1898 W. Main M W Geo. Fowler Bertha Fowler W. Main Clerk 9/24/1900
Fowler, Marga 1/10/1903 Elk North Dist. F W Benjamin Fowler Mrs. Ben Fowler North Elk Farmer 6/2/1903
Fowler, Margaret Anna 1/20/1903 North Elk F W Benj. Fowler Jennie Fowler North Elk Farmer 11/14/1903
Fowler, Russell 11/11/1902 Delmar twp. M W Thomas Fowler Emma Fowler Delmar twp. Farmer 2/26/1904
Fowler, Thomas C. 3/24/1900 Wellsboro M W Thos. Fowler Emma Fowler Antrim L 6/20/1900
Fowler, Thomas G. 5/24/1900 South Delmar M W Thomas Fowler Emma Fowler East Hill Farmer 5/31/1900
Fowler, Vera B. 9/17/1893 Asaph F W Benjamin M. Fowler Maggie B. Fowler Shippen Farmer 12/24/1893
Fowler, W. Howard 11/16/1897 E. Main St. Knoxville M W George H. Fowler Bertha Angell Fowler E. Main St. Knoxville Clerk 12/21/1897
Fowler, Wellwood G. 11/25/1899 Ansonia M W Ben Fowler Maggie Fowler Ansonia Farmer 12/20/1899
Fox, Naoma 10/30/1893 Liberty F W Joseph B. Fox Emma C. Fox Liberty Ev. Minister 12/28/1893
Framberg, Victor 8/16/1903 Morris M W John Framberg Anna Framberg Hoytville Laborer 12/19/1903
Francis, Anna 1/2/1904 Wellsboro F W B. E. Francis Evva Francis Wellsboro Barber 5/18/1904
Francis, Donald E./Herbert 12/5/1899 State St. Wellsboro M W Bert E. Francis Eva Francis (East Ave.) State St. Barber 12/12/1899
Francis, Harold Lewis 12/10/1894 State St. Lawrenceville M W William Francis Hattie Francis State St. Lawrenceville Flagman 9/6/1895
Frank, Batula 9//23/1904 Antrim F W Joseph Frank Sophia Frank blank Miner 10/14/1904
Frank, George Leroy 12/29/1901 Arnot M W Charles Frank Maud Frank Arnot Laborer 6/16/1902
Frasier, Ira 5/13/1895 River St. Westfield boro M W Chas. M. Frasier Harriet Frasier River St. Laborer 7/29/1895
Frauley, Nellie 11/22/1895 9 Office Row Morris Run F W Jerry Frauley Mary Ann Frauley 9 Office Row Morris Run Laborer 1/17/1896
Frawley, Anna 6/7/1893 Antrim F W Maurice Frawley Marry Ann Frawley Antrim M 12/26/1893
Frawley, Maggie 5/28/1895 Antrim F W Maurice Frawley Mary Frawley blank Miner 6/29/1895
Frazier, Grace Anna 11/21/1904 Mill St. F W Ray Frazier Mary Frazier Mill St. Laborer 5/24/1905
Frazier, Gurney 5/8/1896 Deerfield M W J. B. Frazier Ina Frazier Deerfield Farmer 12/28/1896
Frazier, Hilda 10/21/1900 Deerfield F -- J. B. Frazier May Frazier Deerfield Farmer 9/4/1901
Frazier, James O. 4/17/1895 Brookfield M W Frank Frazier Hattie M. Frazier Brookfield Farmer 1/28/1896
Frazier, Ray Vernon 6/13/1903 Westfield M -- Ray Frazier Mary Bell Frazier Westfield Laborer 9/5/1903
Freburg, Helen S. 5/11/1902 Coates St. M W Charles Freburg Jeshua Freburg Coates Laborer 12/20/1902
Freburg, Leroy Leonard 12/25/1899 Elkland M W Charles Freburg Justina Freburg Coates Tanner 11/27/1900
Frederick, Andrew 9/26/1894 Arnot M -- Theo Frederick Mary Ann Frederick Arnot Miner 1/17/1895
Frederick, Frances 11/29/1895 Tannery Row Blossburg F W Frank Frederick Catherine Frederick Blossburg Laborer 1/4/1896
Frederick, Francis 3/14/1904 Arnot M W Joseph Frederick Mary Frederick Arnot Miner 6/9/1904
Frederick, Miecrystan 4/20/1902 13 Main St. Hoytville M W John Frederick Mamie Frederick 13 Main St. Hoytville L 6/17/1902
Frederick, Patrick 12/29/1901 Arnot M W Frank Frederick Veronica Frederick Arnot Miner 6/16/1902
Frederick, Verney 9/15/1894 13 Main St. Hoytville M -- John Frederick Martha Ann Frederick 13 Main St. Hoytville Laborer 1/25/1895
Fredericki, Bosunna 3/8/1900 13 Main St. Hoytville M W John Frederiki Margret Fredericki Hoytville Laborer 6/8/1900
Fredrick, John 4/18/1898 Blossburg M W Frank Fredrick Katie Fredrick Blossburg Laborer 9/8/1898
Fredrick, Katie 5/15/1900 Arnot F W Teddy Fredrick Mary Fredrick Arnot Miner 6/11/1900
Fredrick, Leo 5/11/1905 Arnot M W Theo Fredrick Mary Fredrick Arnot Miner 12/28/1905
Fredrick, Stephen 8/1/1903 Blossburg M W Frank Fredrick Katie Fredrick Blossburg Laborer 6/13/1904
Fredrick, Steven 8/1/1903 Blossburg M -- Frank Fredrick Katharine Fredrick Blossburg Laborer 12/11/1903
Freman, Cora 5/2/1901 Mill St. Morris Run F W Walter Freman Cora Freman Mill St. Morris Run Laborer 9/5/1901
Freeberg, Axle Walter 8/1/1893 Coats St Elkland M W Charles Freeberg Ju??a Freeberg Coats St. Laborer 1/12/1894
Freeburg, Elizabeth Esther 8/17/1897 Coates St. F W Charles Freeburg Gustine Freeburg Coates St. Laborer 4/16/1898
Freeburgh, John Harold 7/22/1895 Coates St. Elkland M W Charles O. Freeburgh Gustine Freeburgh Coates St. Laborer 1/29/1896
Freeland, Charles Grant 9/4/1900 Lawrenceville M W Grant Freeland Lottie Freeland Lawrenceville Fireman 10/27/1900
Freeland, Dorcas 12/2/1897 blank F W Henry Freeland Lizzie Freeland blank Laborer 12/13/1897
Freeland, Ida V. 4/8/1895 Mill St. Lawrenceville F W Grant Freeland Lottie Freeland Mill St. Lawrenceville Laborer 9/6/1895
Freeland, Myron 9/21/1901 Nelson boro M W Myron Freeland Hettie Freeland Nelson boro Laborer 12/19/1902
Freeman, Addie 10/10/1900 Chatham F W Agustus Freeman Bessie Freeman Chatham Farmer 11/17/1900
Freeman, Claude G. 8/16/1901 Bulk Head, N.Y. M W Horace D. Freeman blank Freeman Daggett Laborer 12/28/1901
Freeman, Frank 4/29/1896 Ward twp. M W Robert Freeman Martha Freeman Ward Laborer 9/4/1896
Freeman, Grace A. 5/24/1896 Chatham F W Augustus Freeman Bessie Freeman Chatham Farmer 1/5/1897
Freeman, Howard A. 2/9/1905 Chatham M W Gus Freeman Bessie Freeman Chatham Farmer 5/24/1905
Freeman, Thelma E. 7/25/1903 Chatham F W Gus Freeman Bessie Freeman Chatham Farmer 5/27/1904
Freeman, William C. 10/11/1898 Chatham M W Augustus Freeman Bessie Freeman Chatham Farmer 12/22/1898
Freer, Eva L. 4/15/1899 Liberty boro F W Charles Freer Etta Freer Liberty boro Railroader 6/5/1899
French, David 9/20/1905 Crooked Creek -- -- Dwight French Mildred French Crooked Creek Farmer 12/13/1905
French, Doris 4/3/1902 Sabinsville F W John J. French Grace French Sabinsville Laborer 6/16/1902
French, Fred 5/9/1898 Jackson M W Chas. H. French Anna French blank Farmer 6/9/1898
French, Henry J. 11/2/1902 Rutland M W Henry J. French Martha E. French Rutland Farmer 12/26/1902
French, Madge I. 7/7/1904 Sabinsville F W Fay French Lulu French Sabinsville Laborer 11/28/1904
French, Margaret 6/25/1898 Buffalo St. F W Eugene French Nellie French Buffalo St. Laborer 12/20/1899
French, William Joseph 3/16/1894 Buffalo St. M W John French Charlotte French Buffalo St. Laborer 6/4/1894
Frey, Martin 9/8/1897 Union twp. M W Frank Frey Alice Frey Union Laborer 11/22/1897
Frick, Dorris 11/26/1903 Landrus F W W. Chas. Frick Lulu Frick Landrus Merchant 6/1/1904
Frick, Kenneth 9/17/1902 Landrus M W Charles Frick Louis Frick Landrus Merchant 12/27/1902
Friday, Mathew 10/18/1902 Midale Row Morris Run M W Frank Friday Josephine Friday Middle Row Morris Run Miner 12/24/1902
Friday, Sophia 12/5/1898 24 Dutchtown Morris Run F W Frank Friday Jessie Friday 24 Dutchtown Morris Run Miner 12/31/1898
Friday, Walter 2/18/1901 41 Front St. Morris Run M W Frank Friday Josey Friday 41 Front St. Morris Run Miner 9/5/1901
Friends, Avis 9/6/1904 Jackson F W J. W. Friends Inez Friends Jackson Butcher 12/1/1904
Friends, Ellen 9/30/1895 Jackson F W Jay Friends Jerusha Friends P.O. Jackson Summit Farmer 1/4/1896
Friends, Ellen Myrtle 1/11/1896 Trowbridge F W Henry Friends Ettie Friends Trowbridge Farmer 9/7/1896
Friends, Everett Porter 1/31/1897 Trowbridge M W M. M. Friends Minnie Friends Trowbridge Farmer 11/15/1897
Friends, Francis 4/20/1899 Jackson M W Jay Friends Ruea Friends Jackson Farmer 6/9/1899
Friends, Hattie 6/24/1899 Jackson F W J. W. Friends Inez Friends Jackson Farmer 12/29/1899
Friends, J. Stanley 9/24/1899 Lawrence M W S. R. Friends Julia Friends Lawrence Farmer 12/16/1899
Friends, Leonard L. 2/10/1894 Jackson M W M. M. Friends M. D. Friends Jackson Farmer 1/11/1895
Friends, Polly Marie 2/9/1904 Jackson F W M. M. Friends Minnie D. Friends Jackson Farmer 5/28/1904
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