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Mary Estelle Hurd born 1895
Submitted by Clarice STILWELL Evans
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Transcribed by Kelly WILCOX Kimball
Name of child Date of Birth Place of birth Sex Color Name of father Name of mother Residence Occupation Date of Record
Costello, Esther 2/25/1896 Buffalo St. Elkland F W John Costello Maria Costello Buffalo St. Laborer 1/27/1897
Costley, Charles William 8/16/1898 Campbell St. M W Albert Costley Minnie Costello Campbell St. Farmer 12/22/1899
Costley, Clyde 1/19/1902 Keeneyville M W Raymond Costley Helen Costley Keeneyville Fireman 12/17/1902
Costley, Emmet Gorden 9/15/1897 Brookfield M W Uriah Costley Addie Costley Brookfield Farmer 11/22/1897
Costley, Ethel 9/23/1893 Poorhouse F W Ben Costley Mariah Costley Poorhouse Laborer 1/5/1894
Costley, Floyd Edward 2/20/1896 Westfield twp. M W Wilford Costley Hattie Costley Westfield twp. Farmer 1/12/1897
Costley, Marguerite E. 7/13/1904 Knoxville F W Jake Costley Bertie Costley Knoxville Laborer 5/1/1906
Costley, Nina 3/9/1901 Knoxville F W Geo. Costley Rose Costley Knoxville Laborer 1/17/1902
Costley, Rosina B. 12/15/1893 Deerfield twp. F -- George Costley Christina Costley Deerfield twp. Farmer 12/23/1893
Costley, Zoi L. 10/28/1899 Sullivan F W Philo Costley Lillie Costley Sullivan Laborer 1/6/1900
Cottrell, Charles L. 8/13/1900 Sherwood M W Charles S. Cottrell Grace Cottrell Sherwood Salesman 5/24/1901
Cottrell, Charles Leon 8/13/1900 Mansfield M W Chas. Cottrell Grace Westbrook Mansfield Grocer 9/6/1900
Cottrell, Percy 9/25/1901 Sullivan St. Mansfield M W C. S. Cottrell Grace Cottrell Mansfield Salesman 12/19/1901
Coumbe, Frank N. 1/13/1895 Antrim M W John Coumbe Mary Jane Coumbe blank Laborer 6/29/1895
Coumbe, Frank P. 12/13/1894 62 U St. Antrim Duncan twp. M W John Coumbe Mary Jane Coumbe Duncan twp. Laborer 1/14/1895
Coumbe, Mary 7/4/1894 37 U St. F W Geo. Coumbe Mary Coumbe blank Laborer 1/14/1895
Coumbe, William S. 10/12/1902 Antrim M W Edward Coumbe Lottie Coumbe Antrim L 12/13/1902
Coumbe, William Stuart 2/10/1899 Antrim M W Wm. Coumbe Emily Coumbe blank M 6/29/1899
Coupe, Mary 10/6/1901 Antrim F W Edward Coupe blank blank M 12/20/1901
Covart, Demard Ross 4/1/1902 Marsh Creek Rd. M W George S. Covart Mable Covart Marsh Creek Laborer 6/2/1902
Coveney, Bela Thomas 7/25/1896 Covington twp. M W George T. Coveney Addie Coveney Covington twp. Laborer 12/23/1896
Coveney, Floyd Elwin 9/5/1901 Richmond M W Geo. W. Coveney Lelia M. Coveney Mardin Farmer 1/6/1902
Coveney, George W. 10/16/1896 Richmond twp. M W George Coveney Lelia M. Coveney Richmond twp. Farmer 1/25/1897
Coveney, Lawrence 3/11/1898 Richmond M W George Covenet Lelia Coveney Richmond Farmer 6/8/1898
Coveney, Mark E. 7/11/1894 Richmond twp. M W G. W. Coveney Lelia Coveney Richmond twp. Farmer 1/21/1895
Coveney, Mildred 11/22/1893 Covington twp. F W George Coveney Addie Coveney Covington Farmer 1/11/1894
Cover, Bert 3/22/1904 Redhouse Rd. Osceola M W Daniel Cover Ella Cover Redhouse Rd. Osceola Laborer 12/22/1904
Cover, Daniel 8/15/1899 Holden St. Osceola M W Daniel Cover Ella Mead Cover Holden St. Laborer 12/27/1899
Cover, Ruey Jane 3/22/1902 Redhouse Hollow Osceola F W Daniel Cover Ella Cover Redhouse Hollow Osceola Laborer 12/24/1902
Covert, Blanch M. 7/23/1895 Delmar F W William Covert Jennie Covert Delmar Laborer 1/31/1896
Cowan, Anna 9/18/1899 Antrim F W John Cowan Janet Cowan blank blank 1/12/1900
Cowan, Bertha Viola 6/13/1898 Covington twp. F W Edgar B. Cowan Emma Cowan Covington twp. Farmer 12/22/1898
Cowan, Charles 10/4/1899 Arnot M W Robt. Cowan Mary Cowan Arnot Miner 9/7/1899
Cowan, Daisy 2/13/1894 Covington F W Edgar Cowan Emma Cowan Covington twp. Farmer 12/26/1894
Cowan, Frank 11/22/1898 Arnot M W John Cowan Jane Cowan Arnot Miner 12/27/1898
Cowan, Ida May 5/15/1896 Arnot F W John Cowan Jennie Cowan Arnot M 12/31/1896
Cowan, John 2/1/1896 Antrim M W John Cowan Jannet J. Cowan blank Miner 6/17/1896
Cowan, Lizzie 2/12/1898 Arnot F W Robert Cowan Mary Cowan Arnot Miner 9/8/1898
Cowan, Mary/Agnes 4/27/1894//4/26/1894 Antrim F W John Cowan Jennette Cowan Antrim M 7/5/1894
Cowan, Rachael 1/12/1898 Antrim F W John Cowan Janet Cowan Antrim M 7/15/1898
Cowan, Samuel 5/5/1904 Blossburg M W Willard Cowan Jane Cowan Blossburg Miner 6/1/1904
Cowan, Willard 2/1/1899 Commings Mill M W Willard Cowan Janw Cowan on farm Morris Run Laborer 6/9/1899
Cox, Anna E. 3/20/1896 Covington twp. F W Thos. A. Cox Dellphine Cox New York Railroading 6/26/1896
Craig, Harold 2/26/1901 Bonghamton, N.Y. M W Andrew Craig Bessie Craig Westfield Farmer 9/6/1901
Craig, John Dexter 2/1/1899 Westfield F W Andrew Craig Bessie Craig Westfield Farmer 9/8/1900
Crandall, Mary Elizabeth 2/1/1901 Holden St. Osceola F W G. B. Crandall Edith May Crandall Holden St. Osceola Merchant 12/20/1901
Crane, ? 12/20/1896 Lawrenceville F W Lewis Crane Mrs. May Crane Lawrenceville Clerk 12/24/1896
Crane, ? 4/7/1902 Lawrenceville F W Lewis Crane Blanche Crane Lawrenceville Clerk 5/27/1902
Crane, Charles E. 9/22/1903 Shippen M W Wm. G. Crane Helen D. Crane Shippen Laborer 11/2/1903
Crane, Dorris Fay 2/1/1905 Lawrenceville F W Louis Crane Blanche Crane Mill St. Clerk 5/17/1905
Crane, George W. 10/17/1905 Marsh Creek M W William Crane Helen Crane Marsh Creek Farmer 12/11/1905
Crane, Margueretta 7/3/1898 Lawrenceville F W L. E. Crane May Crane Lawrenceville Clerk 12/22/1898
Crans, Kaye 1/29/1896 Shippen M W Wilber Crans Minerva Crans Shippen Laborer 6/29/1896
Crans, Laura Emily 3/30/1898 Shippen F W Wilber Crans Mernia Crans Shippen Laborer 5/23/1898
Cravath, Tracy Lewis 8/16/1896 Buffalo St. Elkland M W E. A. Cravath Dorat Cravath Buffalo St. Elkland Bookkeeper 1/27/1897
Crawford, ? 7/25/1900 North Water F W Geo. Crawford Florence Crawford North Water Mechanic 1/7/1901
Crawford, Campbell 4/4/1897 Landrus M W David Crawford Annie Crawford Landrus Miner 8/25/1897
Crawford, David 4/7/1898 Blossburg M W James Crawford Sarah Crawford Blossburg Stone mason 9/8/1898
Crawford, Ethel 9/24/1900 Blossburg F W James Crawford, Jr. Gwinnie Crawford Blossburg Mason 11/21/1900
Crawford, Florence 11/13/1893 North St. Westfield boro F W T. L. Crawford C. B. Crawford North St. Westfield boro Mechanic 11/30/1893
Crawford, Grace 12/11/1900 Landrus F W David Crawford Annie Crawford Landrus Miner 5/21/1901
Crawford, Margeret 5/28/1899 Landrus F W David Crawford Annie Crawford Landrus Miner 6/9/1900
Crawford, Thos. Clydesdale 8/24/1894 Parkhurst St. Blossburg M W James Crawford Sarah Crawford Parkhurst St. Blossburg Miner 12/31/1894
Crediford, Ralph Orgin 1/27/1895 Antrim M W Origen Crediford Addie Crediford Antrim R. R. agt. 6/29/1895
Creeley, Gertrude 2/17/1896 Parkhurst St. Elkland F W Wm. Creeley L. M. Creeley Parkhurst St. Laborer 1/27/1897
Creeley, Harold Solomon 6/2/1897 Parkhurst St. M W W. Creeley L. A. Creeley Parkhurst St. Laborer 6/13/1899
Creeley, Henry M. 12/13/1905 Campbell St. Elkland M W Henry Creeley Lucy Creeley Campbell St. Elkland Laborer 12/21/1905
Creeley, Solomon H. 6/2/1897 Gaines M W Wm. Creeley Lucy Creeley Gaines Laborer 11/20/1897
Creely, Inez Maud 5/17/1894 Tioga twp. F W Charles Creely Josephine Creely Tioga twp. Laborer 1/7/1895
Creely, Laura 11/21/1899 Tioga twp. F W Wm. Creely Lucy Creely Tioga Laborer 12/19/1899
Creely, Lillie Edna 11/3/1893 Coates St. Elkland F W Wm. Creely Lena A. Creely Coates St. Laborer 1/12/1894
Creighton, Francis 11/28/1896 Arnot Bloss 1st M W James Creighton Laura Creighton Arnot Miner 9/4/1897
Creighton, Gorden 2/?/1901 Arnot M W James Creighton Laura Creighton Arnot M 12/23/1901
Creighton, Walter 4/9/1899 Arnot -- Jas. Creighton Laura Creighton Arnot Miner 9/7/1899
Crighton, Frederick 5/7/1904 Arnot M W James Crighton Laura Crighton Arnot Miner 6/9/1904
Crippen, George 2/5/1895 Second St. Mansfield boro M W A. M. Crippen Eda Crippen Second St.  Laborer 7/20/1895
Criss, Leo W. 9/11/1894 Jackson M W Burt Criss Edith Criss Jackson Farmer 1/11/1895
Crist, Irvin L. 10/3/1894 Liberty twp. M W Thomas Crist Nettie Crist Liberty twp. Laborer 1/9/1895
Crist, Yephaniah M. 7/10/1898 Liberty twp. M W Thomas Crist Nettie Crist Liberty twp. Laborer 6/13/1899
Croffut, Irus F. 9/20/1904 Nelson F W C. B. Crofutt Maude Croffut Nelson Laborer 12/23/1904
Croffut, Lucy R. 7/9/1899 Lawrence F W Frank Croffut Jane Croffut Lawrence Farmer 12/16/1899
Croft, Ernest 6/26/1896 Keeneyville M W Wayne M. Croft Louisa Croft Keeneyville Laborer 5/25/1897
Crofutt, George C. 12/28/1901 Nelson boro M W C. B. Crofutt Maud Crofutt Nelson Laborer 12/19/1902
Crofutt, Lawrence D. 2/15/1903 Lawrence M W Walter Crofutt Mary Crofutt Lawrence Laborer 6/6/1903
Crofutt, Percy Johnson 2/11/1903 Corning M W Edgar Croffut Mary Crofutt Lawrence Laborer 6/6/1903
Cronener, Helena 2/11/1894 Tioga twp. F W Anthony Cronener Anna Cronener Tioga twp. Laborer 1/7/1895
Crooker, Elizabeth Seely 6/8/1898 Lawrenceville F W J. H. Crooker Mabel Crooker Lawrenceville Blacksmith 12/22/1898
Crooks, ? 5/5/1896 Antrim -- -- John Crooks Sarah Crooks blank Miner 6/17/1896
Crooks, Constance H. 7/9/1898 Antrim Duncan F W Thomas Crooks Nina Crooks Antrim Miner 12/17/1898
Crooks, Emily 5/5/1896 Antrim F W John Crooks Sarah Crooks blank Miner 6/17/1896
Crooks, Gertrude 3/22/1904 Blossburg F W Thomas Crooks Carrie L. Crooks Blossburg Miner 6/14/1904
Crooks, Hazel M. 12/18/1898 Blossburg F W Thomas Crooks Carrie Crooks Blossburg Miner 6/16/1899
Crooks, James 5/30/1895 Antrim M W George Crooks Ceolia Crooks Antrim Miner 11/8/1905
Crooks, Maria 4/29/1897 Blossburg F W Thomas J. Crooks Margaret Crooks Parkhurst St. Miner 9/4/1897
Crooks, Marvin J. 3/17/1900 Blossburg M W Thomas Crooks, Jr. Carrie Crooks Blossburg Miner 6/25/1900
Crooks, Philip 12/24/1895 Antrim M W Thos. Crooks Nina Crooks Antrim M 1/13/1896
Crooks, Philip Gilbert 1/24/1896 Antrim M W Thomas Crooks Nina Crooks blank Miner 6/17/1896
Crooks, Sarah 1/17/1902 Antrim F -- John Crooks Sarah Crooks Antrim M 12/13/1902
Crooks, Willie 7/13/1895 Antrim M W Joseph Crooks Carrie Crooks Antrim M 1/13/1896
Crosetto, Edward F. 2/6/1897 Wellsboro M W John B. Crosetto Kate Crosetto Wellsboro Tailor 12/17/1897
Crosetto, John R. 9/11/1903 Wellsboro M W John Crosetto Catherine Crosetto Wellsboro Tailor 11/6/1903
Crosetto, Martha R. 6/8/1900 Walnut St. Wellsboro F W Jno. B. Crosetto Kate Crosetto Walnut St. Wellsboro Tailor 1/1/1901
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