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Maude Adelle Baity 1881 - 1962
Daughter of Alice Adelle Whittaker and Elias Baity
Buried Prospect Cemetery
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Transcribed by Kelly WILCOX Kimball
Name of Child Date of Birth Place of Birth Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation Date of Record
Buhr, Dorothy 5/6/1895 Mill St. Westfield boro F W Emile Buhr Ilva L. Buhr Mill St. Tinner & Slater 7/29/1895
Buhr, Francis E. 5/6/1895 Mill St. Westfield boro M W Emile Buhr Ilva L. Buhr Mill St. Tinner & Slater 7/29/1895
Bulkley, Lanore Marie 5/13/1903 Lincoln St. F W C. E. Bulkley Minnie Bulkley Lincoln St. Tel. operator 5/26/1903
Bulkley, Reah Lucy 12/14/1894 Galeton F W Geo. H. Bulkley Rachael Bulkley Railroad St. Tel. operator 2/6/1897
Bull, Louise 6/10/1897 Mansfield F W B. Bull Anna Judge Mansfield High Constable 9/8/1898
Bull, Susan L. 2/17/1901 East Main F W W. S. Bull Adeline W. Bull East Main Baker 5/24/1901
Bullard, Ellen 5/8/1902 Wellsboro F -- Frank Bullard Ellen Bullard Wellsboro Traveling salesman 5/24/1902
Bullard, Frank L. 4/11/1899 Wellsboro M W Frank J. Bullard Ellen Bullard Wellsboro Merchant 8/2/1899
Bulsh, Anna 5/26/1901 Main St. Hoytville F W John Bulsh Minnie Bulsh Hoytville Laborer 6/15/1901
Buman, ? 9/25/1897 Morris F W Lewis Buman Julia Buman Morris Laborer 11/10/1897
Bumbaski, Mary 11/6/1898 23 Garvey St. Morris Run F W Michael Bumbaski Catherine Bumbaski 23 Garvey St. Morris Run Miner 12/31/1898
Bumbaski, Stan L. 3/17/1897 23 Rookery Morris Run M W Michael Bumbaski Kate Bumbaski 23 Rookery Morris Run Miner 9/2/1897
Bumbaski, Stella 10/1/1896 4 Garvey St. Morris Run F W Michael Bumbaski Catharine Bymbaski 4 Garvey St. Morris Run Miner 1/19/1897
Bunel, Loren 4/15/1894 Clymer M W Lewis Bunel Bella Bunel Clymer Laborer 8/21/1894
Bunker, Ray 8/15/1898 Manhattan Gaines M W Geo. Bunker Elvira Bunker Manhattan Laborer 12/12/1898
Bunn, Earl J. 1/19/1901 Ogdensburg M W Jackson Bunn Emma Bunn Ogdensburg Farmer 9/20/1901
Bunn, Sadie 2/17/1895 Ogdensburg F W Jackson Bunn Sadie Bunn Ogdensburg Farmer 8/7/1895
Bunn, Vera 11/28/1895 Morris St. Blossburg F W Abner Bunn Mary Bunnell Blossburg Brakeman 1/4/1896
Bunnell, Arthur 12/12/1894 Gaines M W D. Bunnell Mary Bunnell Gaines Laborer 1/8/1895
Bunnell, Edna M. 6/3/1898 Arnot F W Jas. Bunnell Mary J. Bunnell Arnot Miner 9/7/1899
Burak, Zofei 2/21/1905 Landrus F W Joe Burak Mary Burak Landrus Miner 8/17/1905
Burch, Harry 7/15/1898 North Main M W John Burch Mary Burch W. Main Miller 9/24/1900
Burck, Stanley 5/9/1903 Landrus M W Joseph Burck Kate Burck Landrus M 6/3/1903
Burd, Ethel 7/11/1897 Liberty twp. F W Wm. Burd Catherine Burd Liberty twp. Farmer 11/9/1897
Burd, Ruth Catherine 9/11/1903 Liberty twp. F W William Burd Catharine Burd Liberty twp. Farmer 11/16/1903
Burdett, ? 11/3/1894 Lawrence M W G. Burdett Nettie Burdett Lawrence Laborer 1/2/1895
Burdic, Gaden 11/20/1902 Tioga twp. M W Frank Burdic Hattie Burdic Tioga twp. Laborer 12/24/1902
Burdic, May E. 5/16/1901 Clymer F W Frank S. Burdic Stella Burdic Clymer Farmer 5/31/1901
Burdick, Arthur 9/3/1899 Manhattan M W Henry Burdick Mary Burdick Manhattan Laborer 12/13/1899
Burdick, Chloe May 5/20/1895 Westfield twp. F W Marcus Burdick Mary Burdick Westfield twp. Farmer 1/4/1896
Burdick, Ernest 7/15/1903 Gaines M W Ranta Burdick Addie Burdick Gaines Laborer 10/16/1903
Burdick, Leona 5/16/1902 Gaines F W Ranta Burdick Addie Burdick Gaines Laborer 10/16/1903
Burdick, Levi Elijah 9/15/1894 Westfield twp. M W Merritt Burdick Dora Burdick Westfield twp. Farmer 1/8/1895
Burdick, Roy 3/29/1899 Tioga twp. M W Frank Burdick Hattie Burdick Tioga twp. Laborer 5/27/1899
Burell, Morris H. 10/5/1902 Richmond M W Bert Burell Dora H. Burell Mansfield Laborer 1/2/1903
Burg, Algot 4/13/1897 Park Hill M W August Burg Augusta Burg Park Hill Farmer 11/22/1897
Burgen, Roy 5/4/1901 Sullivan M W Miles Burgen Carrie Burgen Sullivan Farmer 5/24/1901
Burger, Viva 9/3/1895 Sabinsville F W Adam Burger Lunetta Burger Sabinsville Stone cutter 1/30/1896
Burges, Clarence 2/7/1901 Ward M W John Burges Gertrude Burges Ward Farmer 6/1/1901
Burgess, Hazel 11/6/1903 Arnot F W George Burgess Mary Burgess Arnot Miner 6/9/1904
Burgess, Ira Richard 8/19/1895 Sullivan M W John Burgess Gertie Burgess Sullivan Laborer 1/20/1896
Burgess, Merritt Ross 11/8/1902 Pipe Line M W C. L. Burgess Cora L. Burgess Pipe Line Laborer 12/19/1902
Burgess, Matilda 7/12/1899 Ward F W John Burgess Gertrude Burgess Ward Farmer 12/13/1899
Burgess, Matilda 7/15/1900 Arnot F W George Burgess Mary Burgess Arnot Miner 11/15/1900
Burgess, Thomas 6/24/1897 Sullivan M W John Burgess Gertrude Burgess Sullivan Laborer 12/11/1897
Burgess, Violet 10/26/1899 Sullivan F W Miles Burgess Carrie Burgess Sullivan Farmer 1/6/1900
Burget, Florence E. 1/7/1896 Lawrence F W Peter Burget Lucy Burget Lawrence Laborer 12/26/1896
Burgett, George Earl 7/4/1904 Lawrenceville M W Benjamin Burgett Rachel Burgett blank Drayman 10/22/1904
Burgis, Ellenor 11/2/1903 Ward F W John Burgis blank Ward Farmer 12/7/1903
Burgison, Albert 11/3/1898 Landrus Bloss twp. M W Burt Burgison Elma Burgison Landrus Bloss twp. Miner 12/27/1898
Burgison, Albert 11/3/1898 Landrus M W Burt Burgison Elma Burgison Landrus Laborer 6/8/1899
Burgman, Annie 1/14/1899 2 Mill St. Morris Run F W Peter Burgman Augusta Burgman 2 Mill St. Morris Run Laborer 12/26/1899
Burgman, Olga M. 7/27/1905 Antrim F W Erick Burgman Alma Burgman Antrim Miner 11/8/1905
Burguers, Johnny 12/1/1904 Ward M W John Burguers Gerty Burguers Ward Farmer 12/19/1905
Burk, Daniel 8/22/1896 Arnot M W William Burk Rhoda Burk Arnot Office clerk 12/31/1896
Burk, William S. 12/31/1897 Arnot M W Wm. Burk Rhoda Burk Arnot Clerk 9/8/1898
Burke, John J. 3/8/1894 Arnot M W W. S. Burke Rhoda Burke Arnot Clerk 6/26/1894
Burke, Mary M. 2/18/1903 Blossburg F W Wm. S. Burke Rhoda Burke Blossburg Merchant 6/26/1903
Burke, Theresa 3/4/1897 Tioga twp. F W Jerome Burke Mrs. Lucy Burke Brooklyn Farmer 11/22/1897
Burkquist, Esta 7/21/1897 Arnot F W John Burkquist Matilda Burkquist Arnot M 11/20/1897
Burkqust, Daniel 10/13/1894 Arnot M W John Burkqust Matilda Burkqust Arnot Miner 6/21/1895
Burley, Lena May 4/16/1895 Deerfield F W E. R. Burley, Jr. May Burley Deerfield F 12/23/1895
Burley, Marion 2/20/1898 Clymer F W Emmett Burley A. Burley blank Farmer 6/27/1898
Burlingame, Ancel 5/7/1895 Deerfield M W Anson Burlingame Bell Burlingame Deerfield F 12/23/1895
Burlingame, C. M. 4/10/1896 Gaines M W H. M. Burlingame Cora Burlingame Gaines Farmer 6/1/1896
Burlingame, Ida M. 4/25/1904 Wellsboro F W Harry Burlingame Cora Burlingame Wellsboro Laborer 6/23/1904
Burlingame, Martha Elizabeth 1/14/1901 Ward F W Orin Burlingame Ida Burlingame Ward Laborer 6/1/1901
Burlingame, Olive 8/6/1898 Watrous Gaines F W Merrick Burlingame Cora Burlingame Watrous Laborer 12/12/1898
Burlingame, Sarah 1/14/1901 Deerfield F -- Anson Burlingame Bell Burlingame Deerfield Farmer 9/4/1901
Burmingham, Joseph Patrick 4/4/1897 Morris M W Patrick Burmingham Fannie Burmingham Morris Section boss 5/24/1897
Burneck, Michael 9/6/1896 12 High St. Morris Run M W Anthony Burneck Margaret Burneck 12 High St. Morris Run Miner 1/19/1897
Burnham, Frederick Dewitt 11/1/1898 Mansfield N W Dewitt C. Burnham Addie E. Curtis blank Druggist 12/28/1898
Burns, Emma 9/24/1897 Brookfield F W G. H. Burns Lavina Burns Brookfield Laborer 11/22/1897
Burns, Iown 12/29/1899 Brookfield F W G. H. Burns Lavina Burns Brookfield Farmer 6/9/1900
Burnside, Elmer 7/18/1903 Blossburg M W Elmer Burnside Luna Burnside Blossburg Miner 12/11/1903
Burnside, Leon 12/14/1898 Covington twp. M W Elmer Burnside Luna Burnside Covington twp. Laborer 6/7/1899
Burrell, B. P. 12/2/1904 Williamson St. M W E. W. Burrell Mattie Burrell Williamson St. Clergyman 5/17/1905
Burrell, Edward L. 9/26/1896 Parkhurst St. Elkland M W Kirt Burrell Estella Burrell Parkhurst St. Elkland Laborer 1/27/1897
Burrell, Lewis 9/18/1900 Manhattan M W Andrew Burrell Mary Burrell Manhattan Laborer 10/30/1900
Burrell, Olive Adelia 2/25/1901 Chatham F W Wallis Burrell Hattie Burrell Chatham Farmer 5/30/1902
Burrow, Allen 3/24/1904 Morris Run M W Joseph Burrow Albertina Burrow Morris Run Miner 6/1/1904
Burrows, Elmer %/11/1905 Lawrence M W Biglo Burrows Olive Burrows Lawrence Farmer 6/8/1905
Burrows, Julia May 1/14/1895 Jackson F W Bigelow Burrows Olive Burrows E. Lawrence Farmer 12/30/1895
Burrows, Manuel 2/12/1903 Lawrence M W Biglo Burrows Olive Burrows Lawrence Farmer 6/6/1903
Burtch, Clive 2/2/1896 Farmington M W Charles Burtch Lucy Burtch Farmington Farmer 6/19/1896
Burtin, Leura B. 12/27/1902 Arnot F W John Burtin Martha Burtin Arnot L 6/6/1903
Burton, ? 1/29/1898 Richmond M W James Burton Anna J. Burton Richmond Farmer 6/8/1898
Burton, Arthur S. 2/6/1904 South Delmar M W Johnes Burton Nina Burton South Delmar Farmer 6/3/1904
Burton, Hazel 4/15/1896 Covington boro F W Leonard Burton Mrs. Burton Covington boro Laborer 6/26/1896
Burton, James 5/9/1896 Richmond twp. M W M. W. Burton Adesta Burton Richmond twp. Farmer 1/25/1897
Burton, Lynn 7/12/1894 Mardin M W E. L. Burton Maud Burton Mansfield Carpenter 1/23/1895
Burton, Rossena 5/1901 Arnot F W John Burton Martha Burton Arnot Miner 6/6/1901
Busack, Helena 2/22/1894 18 Middle Row Morris Row F W John Busack Mary Busack 18 Middle Row Morris Row Miner 9/5/1894
Bush, Ardel Agnes 4/7/1903 Brookfield F W Nate Bush Anna Bush Brookfield Farmer 5/29/1903
Bush, Arthur Joseph 1/7/1905 Blossburg M W M. L. Bush Florence Bush Blossburg Laborer 6/17/1905
Bush, Bernice N. 6/3/1899 Covington twp. F W Corbin Bush Carrie Bush Covington twp. Laborer 12/20/1899
Bush, Dorothy Ruth 8/20/1905 Brookfield F W John M. Bush Neva Bush Brookfield Laborer 12/16/1905
Bush, George 12/4/1895 Arnot M W Henry Bush Susan Bush Arnot M 9/5/1896
Bush, Gladys 4/1/1902 Westfield F W John Bush Neva Bush Westfield Farmer 9/5/1902
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