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Abel F. Wood born 1907
Son of Edna L. Button & Edgar J. Wood
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Transcribed by Kelly WILCOX Kimball
Name of Child Date of Birth Place of Birth Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation Date of Record
Booth, Ray 11/23/1899 Blossburg M W John Booth, Jr. Julia Booth Blossburg Laborer 6/25/1900
Booth, Tracy L. 1/29/1897 Blossburg M W John Booth Julia Booth Main St. Hotel keeper 9/4/1897
Boothe, Wandah May 12/28/1902 Knoxville F W Delmar H. Boothe Lulu Boothe No. Water Mechanic 4/1/1903
Boothe, Wandhe M. 12/28/1903 Knoxville F W D. H. Boothe Lula Boothe Knoxville Mechanic 8/3/1904
Borack, Staney 6/5/1903 Landrus M W Joseph Borack Mary Borack Landrus Miner 6/1/1904
Borak, Kate 3/8/1902 Landrus F W Geo. Borak Mary Borak Landrus Miner 6/16/1902
Borden, ? 9/13/1897 Delmar F W Julian Borden Ada Borden Delmar Smith 12/20/1897
Borden, ? 4/13/1897 Wellsboro F W William R. Borden Florence Borden Wellsboro Clerk 5/18/1897
Borden, ? 10/24/1898 Delmar F W C. J. Borden Katie Taylor Delmar Farmer 1/11/1899
Borden, Arthur E. 11/12/1902 Richmond M W Wm. Borden Stella Borden Mansfield Mason 1/2/1903
Borden, Arthur J. 2/13/1903 Tioga twp. M W blank Blanch Borden blank blank 5/28/1903
Borden, Arthur Robert 8/1/1899 State St. Wellsboro M W Robt. W. Borden Eva S. Borden State St. Mechanic 12/12/1899
Borden, Charles A. 1/27/1901 South Delmar M W Evern Borden Isabel Borden South Delmar Farmer 6/3/1901
Borden, Clyde 7/11/1896 Delmar M W Walter F. Borden Geraldine Dewey Delmar Laborer 1/20/1897
Borden, Dessa May 3/26/1895 Bodine St. F W J. B. Borden Ida Borden Bodine St. Mechanic 7/1/1895
Borden, Glen E. 12/14/1896 Delmar M W Jervin D. Borden Bell Taylor Delmar Farmer 12/20/1897
Borden, Hilda O. 12/5/1898 South Delmar F W Irvan Borden Venina Borden South Delmar Farmer 6/3/1899
Borden, Homer D. 5/7/1898 South Delmar M W Walter Borden Dean Borden South Delmar Blacksmith 6/4/1898
Borden, Jospeh 10/21/1901 Antrim M W W. W. Borden blank blank L 12/20/1901
Borden, Julia L. 11/25/1893 Antrim F W Wesley Borden Minnie Borden Antrim L 12/26/1893
Borden, Katy B. 2/17/1895 Delmar South District F W C. A. Borden Amelia Borden Delmar Farmer 5/25/1895
Borden, Margaret E. 3/31/1899 Strang Ave. Westfield F W John H. Borden Elizabeth M. Borden Strang Ave. Tel. Operator 5/27/1899
Borden, Sharlot 9/12/1902 Delmar F W Irwin Borden Nina B. Taylor Delmar Farmer 2/7/1903
Borg, Herbert 9/26/1905 Richmond M W August Borg Eduth Borg Canoe Camp Farmer 12/11/1905
Borneck, Mary 2/19/1894 Anthoney St. F W Anthoney Borneck Anna Borneck Nevins St. Miner 7/17/1894
Borocious, Theodore 9/13/1904 Hoytville M W Charles H. Borocious Nellie Borocious Hoytville L 12/1/1904
Borrows, Orin 2/8/1901 Lawrence M W W. B. Burrows Olive Burrows Lawrence Farmer 12/21/1901
Borst, ? 4/2/1896 River St. Elkland M W J. B. Borst Susie Borst Elkland Laborer 1/27/1897
Bosard, Adelaide 2/7/1894 Chatham F W K. A. Bosard Hattie Bosard Chatham Farmer 7/10/1894
Bosawig, Frank 11/5/1898 21 Main St. Hoytville M W John Bosawig Mary Bosawig 21 Main St. Hoytville Laborer 12/29/1898
Boseck, Mary 9/11/1894 15 Main St. Hoytville F -- Jos. Boseck Sophia Boseck 15 Main St. Hoytville Laborer 1/25/1895
Boser, James T. D. 7/30/1903 Roaring Branch M W Wm. D. Boser Sarah Boser Roaring Branch blank 11/4/1903
Bosick, Frank 9/23/1901 15 Main St. Hoytville M W Jos. Bosick Sophia Bosick Hoytville Laborer 12/21/1901
Bosick, Frank 1/17/1904 Landrus M W Joseph Bosick Hattie Bosick Landrus Miner 6/1/1904
Bosick, John 3/8/1896 15 Main St. Hoytville M W John Bosick Josephine Bosick 15 Main St. Hoytville Laborer 6/8/1896
Bosick, Lula 7/26/1901 10 Main St. Hoytville F W John Bosick Mamie Bosick Hoytville Laborer 12/21/1901
Bosicki, Rosa/Bozek, Rozalie 6/25/1893 Hoytville F W Joseph Bosicki/Bozek Soffia/Sophie Gubala Bozek Hoytville Laborer 12/19/1903
Bossicka, Stan 7/14/1899 15 Main St. Hoytville M W Joseph Bossicka Sofia Bossicka 15 Main St. Hoytville Laborer 12/22/1899
Bostwick, ? 4/24/1899 Jemison Rd. M W W. C. Bostwick Vina Bostwick Jemison Rd. Farmer 12/22/1899
Bostwick, Clark Dewitt 2/17/1900 Lawrenceville M W E. D. Bostwick Etta Bostwick Lawrenceville Merchant 10/27/1900
Bostwick, Floyd 4/10/1896 Lawrence M W Wm. Bostwick, Jr. Mary Bostwick Lawrence Farmer 12/26/1896
Bostwick, Gladis May 6/10/1902 Main St. Lawrenceville F W E. D. Bostwick Etta May Bostwick Lawrenceville Merchant 11/29/1902
Bostwick, Leah Francis 11/7/1893 Main St. Lawrenceville F W E. D. Bostwick E. M. Bostwick Lawrenceville Merchant 12/21/1893
Bosworth, Urbane A. 5/11/1904 Cowanesque St. Osceola M W Henry L. Bosworth Myra Bosworth Cowanesque St. Osceola Farmer 12/22/1904
Botcher, Mary 8/7/1901 Manhattan F W George Botcher Mary Botcher Manhattan Laborer 12/4/1901
Botkoski, Antony 1/2/1898 Landrus M W Louis Botkoski Victoria Botkoski Landrus Miner 6/22/1898
Bottom, Helen G. 5/15/1900 Nelson boro F W Fred Bottom May Bottom Nelson boro Farmer 12/19/1900
Bottom, Leon Jerome 5/29/1894 Farmington M -- Fred Bottom Mary Bottom Farmington Farmer 1/30/1895
Boucer, John 10/25/1903 Arnot M W Thos. Boucer Margaret Boucer Arnot Miner 11/30/1903
Boucer, Merrill ?/2/1901 Arnot M W James Boucer Emma Boucer Arnot Miner 6/6/1901
Boughton, ? 7/30/1895 Water St. Wellsboro M W E. M. Boughton Hannah Boughton Water St. B. smith 12/31/1895
Boulie, Cleo M. 12/11/1895 Brookfield F W Reuben Bouile Ida Boulie Brookfield Farmer 1/28/1896
Boulio, Daisy M. 5/28/1904 Brookfield F W Ruben Boulio Ida Boulio Brookfield Farmer 12/2/1904
Bouman, Arnold Edward 11/10/1898 Leetonia M W John Bouman Louisa Bouman Leetonia Laborer 12/13/1898
Bouman, Lewis 9/28/1898 Arnot M W Benjamin Bouman Tena Bouman Arnot Miner 12/27/1898
Bouncer, Flossie May 7/19/1898 Arnot F W James Bouncer Emma Bouncer Arnot Miner 12/27/1898
Bourne, Gladys Francelia 6/22/1901 Liberty twp. F W Wm. Bert Bourne Laura Maneval Liberty twp. Miner 12/10/1901
Bowen, Carie 1/18/1902 Delmar F -- L. A. Bowen Mary Balfour Delmar Farmer 2/7/1903
Bowen, Edith D. 1/4/1894 Charleston twp. F W T. L. Bowen Diana A. Bowen Round Top Farmer 7/7/1894
Bowen, Ethel M. 7/22/1897 Charleston F W Isaac R. Bowen Mary E. Bowen Charleston Farmer 9/14/1898
Bowen, Gladynes A. 5/21/1898 Charleston F W William J. Bowen, Jr. Ella M. Bowen Charleston Farmer 9/14/1898
Bowen, Harold 3/23/1902 Wellsboro M W John Bowen Mary Bowen Wellsboro Laborer 5/19/1902
Bowen, John A. 5/7/1898 South Delmar M W L. A. Bowen Anna M. Bowen South Delmar Farmer 6/4/1898
Bowen, Llewellyn A. 12/12/1901 Charleston M W David M. Bowen Leah Bowen Charleston Farmer 9/10/1902
Bowen, Mary 9/6/1893 Charleston F W Thomas E. Bowen Mary J. Bowen Charleston Farmer 1/8/1894
Bowen, Neva Gladys 2/22/1895 Covington twp. F W Isaac R. Bowen Mary E. Bowen Charleston Farmer 4/30/1896
Bowen, Olive G. 10/3/1901 Charleston F W Isaac R. Bowen Mary E. Bowen Charleston Laborer 9/10/1902
Bowen, Phyllis E. 12/15/1895 Charleston twp. F W Wm. J. Bowen, Jr. Ella M. Bowen Charleston Laborer 9/10/1896
Bowen, Rachel M. 1/28/1899 Charleston F W David M. Bowen Leah Bowen Charleston Farmer 10/28/1899
Bowen, Roy S. 3/12/1898 Charleston M W Wm. J. Bowen Sarah A. Bowen Charleston Farmer 9/14/1898
Bower, James D. 9/27/1900 Arnot M W Robert Bower Hannah Bower Arnot Merchant 11/15/1900
Bower, Ruth 5/15/1902 Arnot F W Robt. H. Bower Hannah Bower Arnot Merchant 6/16/1902
Bowers, Andrew Russell 12/13/1896 Liberty St. Blossburg M W John Bowers Mary Bowers Charleston Laborer 1/12/1897
Bowers, Anna L. 12/31/1901 Antrim F -- Henry Bowers Emma Bowers Antrim M 12/13/1902
Bowers, Betres 9/3/1899 Delmar F W Henry Bowers Emma Whitman Delmar Farmer 1/10/1900
Bowers, Clara 5/14/1897 Antrim F W Harry Bowers Emma Bowers Antrim Miner 6/5/1892
Bowers, Emma D. 8/28/1899 Jackson F W George Bowers Katie Bowers Jackson Laborer 12/29/1899
Bowers, Grace 5/31/1898 Arnot F W Robert Bowers Hannah Bowers Arnot Merchant 9/8/1898
Bowers, John A. 1/16/1897 Roaring Branch M W O. H. Bowers Maggie May Bowers Roaring Branch Laborer 9/15/1897
Bowers, Newell 2/14/1895 Antrim M W Henry Bowers Emma Bowers blank Miner 6/29/1895
Bowman, ? 4/23/1899 Jackson M W H. D. Bowman Adda Bowman Jackson Blacksmith 6/9/1899
Bowman, David 4/10/1897 Millerton M W H. D. Bowman Edna Bowman Millerton Mechanic 9/2/1897
Bowman, Edna May 6/21/1902 Wellsboro F W O. E. Bowman Mary Bowman Wellsboro Blacksmith 12/23/1902
Bowman, Glades 7/2/1900 Arnot F W Benj. Bowman Tenney Bowman Arnot Plasterer 6/6/1901
Bowman, Laurence 2/21/1905 Shippen M W Roy Bowman May Bowman Shippen Farmer 6/3/1905
Bowman, Margaret 2/10/1903 Arnot F W Ben Bowman Tena Bowman Arnot L 6/6/1903
Bowman, Margaretta 2/10/1903 Arnot F W Ben Bowman Tena Bowman Arnot L 6/6/1903
Bowman, Mary 11/10/1894 Arnot F -- Ben Bowman blank blank blank 1/17/1895
Boyce, Alice 11/30/1893 Charleston twp. F W George Boyce Rhode Boyce Cherry Flats Laborer 7/7/1894
Boyce, Burd 5/5/1897 South Delmar M W Burd Boyce Margaret Boyce Delmar Farmer 5/26/1897
Boyce, Caroline S. 4/21/1902 Clinton St. F W C. E. Boyce Lora Boyce Clinton Barber 5/21/1902
Boyce, Carrie B. 5/18/1899 Delmar F W B. D. Boyce Maggie Yessie Delmar Farmer 1/10/1900
Boyce, Clista M. 3/13/1895 Delmar South District F W David B. Boyce Maggie Boyce Delmar Laborer 5/25/1895
Boyce, Edwin A. 12/5/1901 Chatham M W Earl Boyce May Boyce Chatham Laborer 5/30/1902
Boyce, Howard 10/31/1905 Chatham M W Earl Boyce May Boyce Chatham Laborer 12/12/1905
Boyce, John 11/18/1896 Union twp. M W John C. Boyce Emma Boyce Union twp. Farmer 12/28/1896
Boyce, John 4/2/1901 South Delmar M W D. R. Boyce Margaret Boyce South Delmar Farmer 6/3/1901
Boyce, Johnny 4/26/1901 Delmar M W D. B. Boyce Margret Yesse Delmar Laborer 3/7/1902
Boyce, Joseph Reed 9/25/1904 Richmond M W C. E. Boyce Lettie Boyce No. 3 Mansfield Farmer 12/2/1904
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