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Robert Kenneth CAMPBELL and Ruth Kathleen CAMPBELL
Born 19 SEP 1910 in Ralston, Lycoming, PA
Twins of Nellie Catherine BARNES and John Newton CAMPBELL
Following Nellie's 1912 death, Robert was fostered by Ada COVERT & Seward NASH of Troy and Sullivan Township. He and was known as Bob NASH.
Ruth was adopted by Lillian and Lewis SMITH and lived inCanada.
Bob died 1966 in West Virginia, and Ruth died 1990
Photo submitted by Joan NASH O'Dell
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Surname Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ./Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
12/15/1893 Youmans Effie F W Arthur Francis Armenia Farmer 8/3/1893 Armenia Twp
12/8/1893 Youmans Ruth W(?) F W John H. Martie Troy Twp 2nd Dis. Blacksmith 7/3/1893 Turner Dupage Co., Ill.
12/15/1893 Yates Not Named F W George N. Margette Smithfield Farmer 12/11/1893 Smithfield
12/6/1893 York Floyd M W James Julia Rushville Laborer 8/2/1893 Rushville
5/8/1894 Young S. A. M W Seth Mary Marshview Farmer 4/28/1894 Marshview
5/6/1895 Youty (?) Donald M W Martin Nellie Sayre Operator 11/18/1894 Sayre
5/6/1895 Young Myron I. M W B. F. Grace Ghent Farmer 3/30/1895 Ghent
5/6/1895 Youty (?) Not Named M W Wurner (?) Nora Smithfield ?? 2/25/1896 Smithfield
11/12/1895 Yontz Donald M W Martin Nellie Sayre Operator 4/16/1895 Sayre
12/19/1895 Youmans Esther L. F W J. H. Martie Troy Twp 2nd Dis. Laborer 8/13/1895 Troy
6/26/1896 Young Ruth A. F W D. J. Carrie Springfield Farmer 5/23/1896 Springfield
11/24/1896 Young Charlie M W Seth Mary Asylum Farmer 5/22/1896 Asylum
11/20/1896 Young Daisy Emily F W J. S. Jessie Springfield Farmer 11/15/1896 Springfield
12/7/1896 Young Not Named M W Reuben L. Frances Wysox 2nd Dist. Farmer 9/13/1896 Wysox 2nd Dist
4/4/1898 Young Edward F., Jr. M W Edward F. Cecil Monroe Boro Clerk 12/30/1897 Monroe Boro
5/10/1898 Yontz Lillian F W M. B. Nellie Cayuta St. Operator 2/2/1898 Sayre
5/10/1898 Yontz Harry H. M W Harry Albertha Sayre Machinist 4/19/1898 Sayre
11/16/1898 Young Sterling McKinley M W Edward Farnham Cecil Miller Monroe Boro Clerk 11/5/1898 Monroe Boro
Nov. 1898 Young R. Brooke M W D. J. Carrie Springfield Farmer 10/4/1898 Springfield
Nov. 1898 Yard Helen F W Arthur Alice Orchard St. Brake 9/7/1899 Sayre
5/12/1900 Yorke Dorothy Maude F W David Lizzie Colombia Farmer 3/17/1900 Colombia
  Yaples Fred M W Arthur Mable Cayuta St. Laborer 11/14/1900 Sayre
  Yates Edna F W John  Roseanna Cayuta St. Laborer 8/4/1900 Sayre
12/18/1900 York Raymond James M W   Miss Jessie York Stevensville   10/24/1900 Stevensville
4/26/1901 Young Miriam G. F W Edward F. Cecil Monroe Boro Painter 2/4/1900 Monroe Boro
11/8/1894 Zaner Harold M W Nelson H. Ida M. LeRoy Laborer    
5/6/1895 Zaruer Ernest M W Nelson H. Ida M. LeRoy Laborer 1/12/1895 Dushore
5/7/1895 Zeller Lizzie Aline(?) F W Alfred Hallie Sayre Foreman 2/8/1895 Sayre
5/7/1895 Zeller Alnill M. (?) M W Alfred Hallie Sayre Fireman 3/12/1893 Sayre
8/9/1895 Zaltaski Gerold M W Antonio Debria S. Waverly Shoemaker 7/29/1895 S. Waverly
12/10/1895 Zenitec Frank M W Joseph Debria Unknown Laborer 11/28/1895 Wilbur House
12/5/1895 Zoltuskie Harold M W Anthony Mary Chemung St. Shoemaker 8/30/1895 S. Waverly
5/21/1896 Zeller Kate Agnes F W Alfred Hattie  Sayre Foreman 5/5/1896 Sayre
9/2/1896 Zurn Manuel M W William Jane Towanda Farmer 7/16/1896 S. Towanda
9/2/1896 Zurn Manuel M W William Jane Towanda Farmer 7/16/1896 S. Towanda
  Zurn Joan F W Michael Joan Wm. Street Laborer 8/22/1897 Towanda
6/1/1898 Zoder Melvin M W Edwin Nettie LeRoy Jeweler 4/23/1898 LeRoy
12/6/1898 Zeller Almet L. M W Alfred Hattie A. Sayre Blacksmith 11/7/1898 Sayre
5/4/1899 Zurn Mary F W Michael Johanna Towanda Shoemaker 10/14/1898 Towanda
12/8/1899 Zurn Agnes F W Michael Johanna Towanda Shoemaker 7/29/1899 Towanda
May.1900 Zacharias Lucretia F W Harry Clara Tuscarora Twp Day Laborer 8/21/1899 Lacey St. Wyoming Co.
5/18/1900 Zeller Margaret E. F W Jacob Mary Sayre Laborer 4/6/1900 Sayre
Zellar Harold M W Frank Adella Sheshequin Farmer 1/29/1900  
12/3/1900 Zeller Arthur C. M W Alfred Hattie A. Sayre Blacksmith 8/7/1900 Sayre
5/9/1901 Zurn Sebastian Edward M W Edwin Minnie Main St. Shoemaker 4/21/1901 Towanda
5/14/1901 Zurn Charles M W Wm. Sarah J. 4th St. Laborer 3/8/1901 Pike Twp
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