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William Henry CARMAN DAVIS
Son of Grace CARMAN and Robert John DAVIS
Born 227 Tyler Street, Athens PA
25 NOV 1896
Died 01 NOV 1972 Easton, Maryland
Buried Ewing, Mercer County NJ
Photo submitted by Virginia DAVIS Gross
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Surname Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ./Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
5/8/1899 Wayman Flossie  F W Moses Eliza Albany Twp Farmer 4/29/1899 Albany Twp
5/9/1899 Wiles Earl I. M W Wm. Carrie Albany Twp Farmer 3/13/1899 Albany Twp
5/1/1899 Woodburn Edward Allen M W John W. Mamie B. Rome Boro B.H. Keeper 4/12/1899 Rome Boro
9/6/1899 White Margeret F W   Mary S. Waverly   5/20/1899 S. Waverly
5/2/1899 Wooster Howard M W J. L. Ella Stone Burlington Boro Labor 9/9/1899 Luthers Mills
5/24/1899 Wrisley Not Named M W Jacob Ophelia Burlington Boro Farmer 3/8/1899 Burlington Twp
5/26/1899 Waters Ethelyn F W J. Morgan Jennie A. Burlington Boro Farmer 11/28/1898 Burlington Twp
5/2/1899 Wright Anna B. F W J. C. Dolphene Granville Farmer 8/23/1898 Granville
May.1899 Wilcox Dorothey E. M W Herbert S. Mertie B. LeRoy Farmer 6/21/1898 LeRoy
May.1899 Wilcox Earl  M W J. Denton Jennie LeRoy Farmer 5/20/1899 LeRoy
5/17/1899 Werkheiser Francis Marion F W Charles  Laura F. Orwell Miller 1/18/1899 Orwell
5/17/1899 Williams Not Named M W P. B. Sarah Ann Orwell Physician 2/21/1899 Orwell
4/29/1899 Webster Josephine E. F W Daniel Margret Barclay Miner 4/29/1899 Barclay
  Ward Elmer O. M W Allen T. Beatrice Canton Farmer 11/13/1895 Canton Boro
12/15/1899 Warner Ruth Elsie F W William Lystra Herrickville Labor 6/17/1899 Herrickville
12/6/1899 Withie Flossie F W Edmon Cora Athens Labor 4/7/1899 Athens Borough
12/6/1899 Whittle John Gurdon M W William H. May C. Sayre Clerk 10/4/1899 Sayre
  William  Keller M W Wm. Keller, Flora River St. Conductor 8/29/1899 Sayre
12/5/1899 Wickhan Margurete F W Daniel Susan S. Waverly Cabinet Maker 8/5/1899 S. Waverly
12/16/1899 Wolf William M W William Mary S. Waverly Labor 12/15/1899 S. Waverly
11/24/1899 Wood Mildred Lilleon F W G. W. Ellen Elizabeth St. Blacksmith 10/2/1899 Towanda
12/13/1899 Wells Earnast M W Elmer Eliza Plank Road 15 Labor 8/21/1899 Towanda
12/12/1899 Waldo Cedric Eugene M W L. J. Waldo Taylor Ave. Clerk 11/2/1899 Wyalusing
5/2/1899 Woodruff Willie Richard M W Calvin Juliette Tuscarora Twp. Labor 12/12/1898 Tuscarora Twp
12/4/1899 Ward Lucy Eliza F W Wellington Carrie M. Powell Labor 10/26/1899 Powell
12/1/1899 Waldron Maud Olive F W E. W. Fannie Smithfield Farmer 10/30/1899 Smithfield
11/22/1899 Wandell Clarence Leon M W Wm. F. Hattie Milan Farmer 12/4/1898 Milan
11/22/1899 Wandell Julia Ann F W Wm. F. Hattie Milan Farmer 9/4/1896 Milan
11/25/1899 Wolffradt Ada Von F W Herman Von Stella Milan Farmer 9/13/1899 Milan
11/15/1899 Watkins Vera Grace F W Isaac L. Gertrude Sheshequin Farmer 8/6/1899 Sheshequin
11/27/1899 Wigins Fredrick F. M W George, Jr. Mary Windham Farmer 11/14/1899 Windham
11/27/1899 Waterman Casper M W Edd J. Fanny Windham Labor 7/30/1899 Windham
11/18/1899 Wright Philemon J. M W R. J. Cora Granville Mechanic 9/26/1899 Granville
11/18/1899 Wood Lynn M W G. S. May C. South Creek Farmer 4/24/1899 Fassetts
11/13/1899 Whitaker Raymond H. M W Ruel Addie Warren Center Farmer 7/21/1899 Warren Centre
  Wood Foster M W Clinton   R. R. St. Labor 10/28/1898 Troy 
  Wood Harold Eugene M W Daniel   R. R. St. Labor 3/9/1899 Troy
11/14/1899 Williams Daisy M. F W Geo. F. Susan Sayre Machinist 6/3/1899 Elmira
11/15/1899 Wendel Marvin M W Bennie C. Harriet Sayre Fireman 6/18/1899 Sayre
12/11/1899 Whiules Charles henry M W Ames Rose Sugar Run Farmer 8/23/1899  
12/13/1899 Wandell David Jare M W Burley Clara Hollenback Farmer 11/3/1899  
12/17/1899 Wheeler Olive May F W Andrew Anna M. Wilmot Farmer 11/14/1899  
12/18/1899 Wheeler Harriet F W William Ada Wilmot Farmer 7/31/1899  
5/10/1900 Wilcox Frederica E. F W Sherman L. Ella E. Wysox Labor 7/17/1898 Wysox
5/10/1900 Walker Charles Raymond M W Ira L. Regina Windham Labor 1/19/1900 Windham
12/7/1900 Wilcox Florence E. F W Fred Minnie Grover Farmer 7/13/1899 Grover
  Wildrick George  M W I. S. Flora N. Spring Hill Farmer 12/20/1899 N. Spring Hill
6/14/1900 Waldo Cedric E. M W Lucus Josephine Wyalusing Bookkeeper 11/2/1900 Wyalusing
5/10/1900 Wood Aurelia Lousia F W Charles H. Magdelena Tanwalt No. 11 Mechanic Tailor 3/13/1900 Towanda
5/7/1900 Wolfe Charles M W William Ellen Sayre Labor 12/16/1899 S. Waverly
5/7/1900 Wright James M W John M. Mary A. Sayre Fireman 1/30/1899 Sayre
5/15/1900 Williams Loyd S. M W Fred Maggie Sayre Clerk 2/20/1900 Sayre
5/11/1900 Wanamaker Vera Alberta F W Correll Addie Sayre Fireman 1/8/1900 Sayre
5/16/1900 Wiles Edna Vivian F W F. Burr Harriet A. Mae Victor, N.Y. Operator 2/20/1900 Sayre
5/19/1900 Winlack Not Named M W Frank Gertrude Sayre Fireman 3/22/1900 Sayre
5/16/1900 Weaver Lydia F W C. M. Lydia Albany Twp Farmer 4/16/1900 Albany Twp
5/10/1900 Wildrick Martha F W Joseph Annie Homets Ferry Farmer 2/15/1900 Homets Ferry
May.1900 Williams Ora B. M W Sidney Harriet LeRoy Carpenter 10/28/1899 LeRoy
May.1900 Williams Jennie L. F W Sidney Harriet LeRoy Carpenter 10/28/1899 LeRoy
May.1900 Wilcox Earl M W J. Derrister (?) Jennie LeRoy Farmer 5/20/1899 LeRoy
May.1900 Williams Thomas W. M W Earl Frances LeRoy Farmer 11/1/1899 LeRoy
May.1900 Wilcox Florence M. F W Emmet E. Elsie F. LeRoy Farmer 6/28/1899 LeRoy
5/7/1900 Wakley Not Named F W Fred Lucy Smithfield Farmer 4/9/1900 Smithfield
5/7/1900 Wood Vera F W H. O. Eda Stevens Smithfield Farmer 4/18/1900 Smithfield
5/8/1900 White Blanche F W Edward Emma Pike Farmer 9/17/1899 Pike
5/9/1900 Warner George  M W Lewis Millie Birney Farmer 1/28/1900 Birney
5/10/1900 Wells Edward Fredrick M W Edward Mildred Pike Farmer 3/25/1900 Pike
5/12/1900 White Amelia Hellen F W Leroy Dora Pike Farmer 1/26/1900 Pike
5/16/1900 Wiles Gore F W Annias Rosa Hollenback Labor 3/5/1900 Hollenback
5/21/1900 Wheeler Olive May F W Andrew Anna M. Wilmot Farmer 11/14/1899 Wilmot
5/15/1900 Wood Clarence T. M W Nate A. Julia M. E. Athens Day Laborer 9/19/1899 E. Athens
8/15/1900 Wheeler Albert Jay M W Sylvester Jennie Athens Labor 7/10/1900 Athens 
5/10/1900 Wheaton Harry M W Clarence Maggie Vawter Farmer 5/4/1900 Vawter
6/19/1900 Wood Lillian F W Myron Rachel Lenora Orwell Blacksmith 4/25/1900 Orwell
  Widenhamer Frankie Edward M W C. A. Lucetta Herrickville Farmer 11/13/1898 Herrickville
5/12/1900 Welsh Agustus M W Frank Hellena Asylum Farmer 3/7/1900 Asylum
5/23/1900 Wheeler Susie L. F W Enrign (?) Hattie A. Burlington Twp. Farmer 2/18/1900 Burlington Twp
5/25/1900 Weed Mary F W Nile O. Alice Burlington Twp. Farmer 4/30/1900 Burlington Twp
5/19/1900 Webster Azor M W Azor Nora Troy Twp Farmer 9/1/1899 Jackson, Tioga Co.
5/8/1900 Walburn Hellen P. F W James Lew H. L. Scott Est. Farmer 1/14/1900 Towanda Twp
5/10/1900 Walburn William M W Frank Adeline Homestead Farmer 2/23/1900 Towanda Twp
5/11/1900 Walburn Hellen P. F W James Lois  H. L. Scott Est. Farmer 1/13/1900 Towanda Twp
9/3/1900 Wheat Lewis M W Theodore Marion L. Canton Labor 8/4/1900 Canton 
  Westbrook Eldora M W Charles Minnie Holly St. Labor 12/12/1899  
9/7/1900 Watkins Sharlotte F W Herbert S. Effa Cayuta St. Labor 1/11/1900  
7/10/1900 Webster Daniel Francis M W Daniel Margret Long Valley Miner 7/1/1900 Long Valley
11/14/1900 Woodworth Mildred Lilleon F W G. H. Blanch Springfield Teacher 8/26/1900 Springfield
9/26/1900 Watson Lucy N. F W David Francis Wells Farmer 5/21/1900 Wells
12/5/1900 Wood Lawrence T. M W Frank Augusta Washington St. Labor 10/10/1900 Towanda
12/11/1900 Whitehead Myrtle F W Fred Mary Powell Labor 7/19/1900 Powell
12/6/1900 Ward William M W Thomas J. Katie Albany Twp Farmer 7/23/1900 Albany Twp
12/15/1900 Wickizer Leonard H. M W Fred Georgia LeRaysville Farmer 6/17/1900 LeRaysville
12/6/1900 Wood Magdlena D. F W Auston Smith, Lilian 26 Mechanic St. Delivery man 11/2/1900 Towanda
12/10/1900 White Francis G. F W Bartholomay Margaret Athens Labor 9/5/1900 Athens
11/3/1900 Woodward Ernest M W Wm. Edith South Creek Labor 11/7/1900 Gilletts
12/19/1900 Wells Sibyl L. F W S. . Effie Terrytown Farmer 10/15/1900 Terrytown
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